We're getting closer and closer to a stable KitKat release of the popular aftermarket Android ROM, CyanogenMod. The "M" snapshot releases are more stable than a nightly, but not quite as final as a release candidate. The fourth M build for CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4) includes a wide range of updates that hadn't yet made it to the KitKat builds, according to the official CyanogenMod blog.


Most of these revolve around the custom applications that the CyanogenMod team adds to Android, though a few are more essential. Some of the more notable changes include a left-handed navigation bar for smartphones, accelerometer support for some devices, new fixes and tiles for the Quick Settings menu, and a transparency setting for the volume panel. Most are smaller changes that won't be apparent from a user perspective.

The M4 builds have been rolling out from the CyanogenMod build boxes for the last few hours. Builds are created in alphabetical order by device code name. Some of the more notable devices with builds available at the time of writing are the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and N7 2013, Nexus 10, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III international, HTC One, LG G2 (international, T-Mo, AT&T), and the LG G Pad. It looks like they're about 70-80% through the CM11 support list. As always, the CyanogenMod team may add more devices at any time.

If you're already on a CyanogenMod 11 ROM, you should be able to flash it over your current ROM with no trouble. If you're on anything else, you should do a full wipe and flash over your phone, adding Gapps if you want. In all cases, a Nandroid backup from your custom recovery is recommended. Happy flashing.

Update: At least some users are having issues with the initial release. Again, remember to make backups before flashing new software.

Another update: the CyanogenMod team has posted an in-depth explanation of the rationale behind the M snapshot builds. It's an interesting read, but the gist is this: the code in the M builds my be behind the latest nightlies, so don't try flashing one if you've already flashed a nightly build that's newer. Check it all out on the official CyanogenMod blog.

Source: CyanogenMod blog, CM download page

Michael Crider
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  • Daniel Traynor

    Switched to Paranoid Android 4.1 beta today from CM. I find PA much more stable. Won't be switching back until CM get there sh*t together. The Nexus 5 nightlies are still riddled with bugs!

    • mesmorino

      What's it like so far? I've been considering it, as CM is quite buggy for me, even the supposedly stable release

      • Daniel Traynor

        I love PA so far! Yes, I agree it's very bare and maybe boring but I find the performance and battery great!
        I haven't found any lag or bugs yet. CM is not worth it currently. It's a right mess! Nexus 5 is continuously rebooting on CM... Google Play Services crashes 10/15 times a day, camera will not focus, overall performance of the rom is just awful. I do really like CM but the bugs lately have drove me away!

        • mesmorino

          Yeah, google play services is always crashing on my s3 too. I'm gonna try PA tomorrow!

        • Christian Koch

          weird, I had CM 11 on my Nexus 5 since it was released, and most of the time with nightlies (currently on M4) and I never had problems (okay, a reboot once in a while and some app crashes, but nothing frequent) .
          I am actually really happy with CM right now

    • djakdekiel

      I came from PA to CM nightly. PA is very boring :(

    • Danish Prakash

      no one's talking about Omni ? weird

    • William Jonathan Brasky

      Really? A nightly is buggy? Ya don't say... Didn't you catch that nightlies are for beta testers, developers, and bleeding edge addicts? No nightly is stable. They are worse than beta builds.

  • Varun

    None of the custom rom are able to fix the bugs in the camera department.

    • mesmorino


  • lnfected

    CM has lots of bugs on Nexus 5. Weird huh? Because it is not AOSP anymore! It now uses closed sourced codes from CAF

    • DaveNull

      CAF is open source, that's the whole point and also why Qualcomm is superior in their platform support. How could they use anything if it was closed source?

  • Prezes Dyrektor

    did they sort out the IR blaster issue?

  • David VanHouse

    Latest CM nightlies have been working flawlessly on my N5

  • http://knodderdachs.de/ Torsten Meyer

    Does anybody know if system encryption works on the galaxy s3?

  • Mark Luna

    Still waiting for it on d2lte. A new nightly was just pushed out but not an M4.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Don't cross the streams, folks, or things may break: http://www.cyanogenmod.org/blog/cm-11-m4-post-release-items.

    M release is behind nightlies, so if a nightly makes a big change and then you "downgrade" to M, you may have boot loops.

    • Crispin Swickard

      Yes. I got a bootloop on my '13 N7, but the nightly for the same day was fine.

  • Leonardo Baez

    using cm10.2 and will waut till final relase to update to cm11
    (ASUS TF300 tablet)

  • Android Developer

    Does anybody know where I can see all of the cool features CM has?
    Also, I noticed it has a "full screen" mode which hides the navigation buttons. What will it do for devices that have physical navigation buttons?

    • Memphis May [S]unjay

      You see it on their website.
      The mode is called "immersive mode" and it was introduced with Kit Kat, not CM. You can add onscreen buttons to a device with physical buttons, it can easily be done by editing the build.prop. Immersive mode only works with apps that were updated to support it.

      • Android Developer

        Their website actually almost doesn't mention their killer features.
        My question was about what happens when you enable this mode and have just the physical buttons. does it block them? if so, that's a good thing.

        • Memphis May [S]unjay

          You're right, the website doesn't mention any of their killer features. Nothing happens if you enable this mode with physical buttons because it only works with on-screen buttons. It's also enabled by default. It only works if you enable on-screen buttons with the build.prop.

  • Tired, need to sleep dawg

    What happened to Note 3 man? They're not updating it anymore :(

  • giant22000

    Cyanogenmod is done. Back in the day it was a fantastic project that has contributed a lot of what we know today but unfortunately they've gone the way of the dark side...

    BTW PurityROM FTW on the Nexus 5! It is the most feature packed stable ROM I've used and I've tried them all on the Nexus 5!

    • Memphis May [S]unjay

      How have they gone the way of the dark?

      • giant22000

        Seriously.... Do you really have to ask? I think you probably already know my answers and are just going to defend CM on anything I say...

        • Memphis May [S]unjay

          I don't know the answer but I may defend them or agree with you. Has stock Android caught up to CM in functionality? Is it buggy?

        • squiddy20

          If he "already knows [your] answers", would he really ask?

        • Chris Ware

          I do. I don't know what you're talking about, and as little as I know about CM I always thought they were supposed to be pretty good.

    • squiddy20

      Meanwhile, quite a few "mainstream" ROMs are "based on CM", which to me means that CM does most of the work, and the other ROM makers then have the luxury of throwing their stuff on top, making sure everything works, then roll it out as a more feature filled product than CM.
      Even some parts of PurityROM have a few cherry picked features of CM. Don't believe me? Do a search of "CM" on the Maguro XDA PurityROM page. Even the Nexus 5 build has a few features from CM: http://androidsfinest.org/purity-rom-nexus-5-hammerhead/
      Also, based solely on the fact that CM still has over 6 million official installs, and over 5 million unofficial installs (which can be checked at any time via the CM statistics webpage), CM isn't going anywhere.

      • ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

        Just because a rom has cherry picked features from CM, it doesn't mean the rom is based on CM. The one rom I know off the top of my head that is based on CM is Euroskank. Other than that most are just AOSP builds with features cherry picked from various devs.

  • bat0nas

    Just wondering is atest CM11 snapshot faster on Galaxy Nexus comparing to CM10.2?


  • V2THE1

    Where did you see galaxy s4 builds? I can't find them.

  • jules

    CM is the base of many custom roms and I am very gratefull for that. However I have mainly bad experience with CM. And I try every stable. In comparance to others it is slow and battery draining every time in comparance to many other custom roms. CM only becomes acceptable in my experience with an other kernel. And then still it becomes slow after a few weeks of use. I think it is too bloated.

    That's why my favorite is Slim. It keeps on flying. Very stable and much better battery life than CM with all trief stables so far

    But again I am very grategull to the CM team for their work.

  • millersnmeva

    Switched back to stock.. I love Cyanogenmod but PRL sucks for sprint. I have no connection most the time yet my wife with stock has 3g with full bars.