Competition is a wonderful thing. As the market continues to react to a push for lower prices from T-Mobile and other cellular service companies, customers are getting more and more economical options. AT&T's latest reactionary price change to its Mobile Share Value plans drops the base price by $15 for single-user plans and family plans with up to two smartphones. That makes the price $65 a month and $90 a month for one and two people, respectively.


The price breakdown goes like this: the base price for one phone with unlimited talk and text is $40. Add in 2GB of data for $25 (which was previously $40) and it comes to $65. You can add $25 to share all the voice minutes, texts, and data with one family member, bringing the total price for two smartphone plans to $90. These new, cheaper plans will open up to all AT&T customers tomorrow on March 9th, including those who are still under contract or who've purchased a phone with the AT&T Next installment plan.

Naturally these prices don't include the additional cost of a Next plan if you're going without a contract, and overage charges are a hefty $15 per gigabyte. According to the press release, the new prices for three smartphones or more on the same shared account will start at $145, but that extra cash will get you 10GB of data to share between all lines. AT&T says they'll offer bigger tiers of data for 1- or 2-phone plans, but at the moment, the Mobile Share Value Plan page shows the old prices, starting at $40 for 2GB and going up quickly.

The new plans go into effect tomorrow. If you use only one or two phones on your AT&T account and low amounts of mobile data, you can switch over then.

Source: AT&T

DALLAS, Texas, March 8, 2014 — Last month, AT&T1 (NYSE:T) announced its best-ever pricing plans for families and small businesses and great international offers.Beginning Sunday, AT&T will extend savings to customers with one and two lines with the introduction of a new lower priced 2GB Mobile Share Value plan starting at $65 a month, which is $15 off the current 2GB plan for one smartphone with no annual service contract.

New and existing AT&T consumer and business customers will see great value in this plan, which includes domestic unlimited talk and text, as well as unlimited international messaging from the U.S. to select countries2– all on AT&T’s award-winning 4G LTE network. AT&T customers with a compatible device may also sign up for 50GB of cloud storage at no additional charge.4

Here’s how it works for plans with smartphone lines on an installment agreement or with no annual service contract.  Device costs and other fees also apply:  


Additionally, AT&T recently added unlimited international messaging (text, picture and video) to all Mobile Share Value plans for no additional cost. Unlimited international messaging includes messages sent from the U.S., Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands to more than 190 countries for text messages and 120 countries for picture & video messages.

With Mobile Share Value plans, eligible customers can choose to purchase a phone with an AT&T NextSM installment agreement with no annual service contract and no down payment.  And with AT&T NextSM,qualified customers can get a new smartphone every year. Visit a store or att.com/next for plan details and conditions. Mobile Share Value plan customers can additionally bring their own device or purchase a phone at full retail price. Customers may also choose from a larger amount of data if needed.

“We’re continuing the trend of offering more value to our new and existing customers. Not only are families and small businesses able to save more on their monthly data plans, we’re now delivering that same great value to individual customers on the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility. “We’re delivering more savings for customers across the board - backed by award-winning customer service - with AT&T the value keeps getting better.”

With 50GB of cloud storage from AT&T Locker, customers can keep more than 30,000 pictures safe and secure in the network and access them across multiple connected devices. With AT&T Locker’s cloud storage, customers can store photos, videos, music and documents.

And, for a limited time, all new and existing AT&T customers receive a $100 bill credit for each new qualified line of postpaid wireless service added – whether a smartphone, tablet, feature phone, mobile hotspot or AT&T Wireless Home Phone.5

To complement these great new plans, AT&T offers customers award-winning customer service. The company recently outperformed competitors for the second time in a row in studies measuring customer service and the wireless purchase experience. J.D. Power awarded AT&T the “Highest Ranked Customer Service Performance Among Full-Service Wireless Providers” and “Highest Satisfaction with the Purchase Experience among Full-Service Wireless Providers” in their 2014, Volume 1 studies.6

Customers can learn more about the new plans and determine which plan is best for them from their myAT&T mobile application or by visiting www.att.com/moremobilesharesavings, or, for small businesses at att.com/bizmobileshare.

- See more at: http://about.att.com/story/att_offers_its_best_ever_pricing_for_individual_and_two_line_accounts_on_nations_most_reliable_4g_lte_network.html#sthash.DWmJRdl7.dpuf

Michael Crider
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  • andi

    my 5 gb data plan costs just 12 bucks. its unlimited though. so why should i pay 65$ for only 2 gb?

    • David Li

      5gb and unlimited? $12? How

      • Robert F

        It's probably throttled to 2g after 5gb. As for the $12 I'm guessing its similar to T-Mobile pricing scheme. Technically I pay $20 for unlimited data. The other 50 is from having a line, unlimited calling, and texting.

        • andi

          right. it's throttled after 5 gb. and the 12 bucks includes everything. mobile tv like syfy and other channels are also included. no LTE though

  • Remington Jackson

    Since this is only for unsubsidized plans its $5 more than the 2GB plan from AT&T Go. I think this is a bad joke since most should know this.

    • Erica Thomas

      exactly which is why I will go prepaid att over this junk

      • mcnegro

        prepaid ATT is pretty good. They don't throttle the LTE and it uses the same APN as postpay. For android devices that's not a major hurdle; but for iPhones it's a big deal because apple so kindly decided to hide the APN menu.

        Unfortunately I have family members that love their iDevices so I've had to deal with this.

        • Erica Thomas

          Thanks for the feedback. I am going with prepaid att.. I have an iPhone but love android as well. It's about saving money. Had tmobile before and they suck for voice

          • wvcadle

            Once you go to AT&T, try Straight Talk for a month. Your phone number will port back and forth between AT&T and ST easily. If you don't like ST, you can go back to AT&T the following month. Plus ST gives you 2.5GB unthrottled on AT&T's LTE network for $45/mo. Hard to beat it.

          • Erica Thomas

            Thanks. I was told that ST only used Tmobile for GSM coverage now. Glad to here that was incorrect

          • Jovi

            Actually, most representatives will not attempt to port from ST to AT&T if you are choosing GoPhone(Prepaid service). It is possible, but time-consuming to have ST port your number out to AT&T post-paid. I was told they could only port from ST if I was going to a post-paid line (and signing a contract). After some arguing and speaking to a manager they agreed they could port to a post-paid line (no contract). It took me 2 hours and two trips to the store. I figured the reps were being difficult (some were, because it is a hassle and they make little money with BYOD -- but as if I cared). StraightTalk is very reluctant to let you go, I had to speak to four representatives to have my number ported because it was "stuck" in the system and it was pushed through.

            Just fair warning, in my experience, everyone says it's not possible, but it is -- it's just difficult sometimes.
            On ST's service. I found their ping times to be terrible which all but negated the actual LTE speeds (and APN configurations were equally finicky for sending MMS).
            All of this on an unlocked T-Mo moto X.

            Good luck!

          • wvcadle

            I've never had any problems. I've moved back and forth between AT&T and ST, and, other than AT&T usually having to call ST to get them to release my number (2 minutes on the phone), there were never any issues. I'm not neurotic about checking ping times and speed tests all of the time, but even with AT&T LTE, ST is a 'tad' bit slower... but not much. It's worth the $45 for sure, especially getting 1/2 a GB more data than AT&T.

          • wvcadle

            I've never had any problems. I've moved back and forth between AT&T and ST, and, other than AT&T usually having to call ST to get them to release my number (2 minutes on the phone), there were never any issues. I'm not neurotic about checking ping times and speed tests all of the time, but even with AT&T LTE, ST is a 'tad' bit slower... but not much. It's worth the $45 for sure, especially getting 1/2 a GB more data than AT&T.

          • jovi

            Oh cool. In my experience, it took two hours and some gas money.
            Also, my neurosis is usually not the issue. It's having 2 hours delays in my push notifications that made me switch :p (South LA)
            It isn't worth the $45 for that reason.
            Speed tests don't accurately reflect my actual experience, it's the speed plus the ping.


          • viv

            St piggbacks on Verizon lines, which is not very good phone service. Dropped calls, bad reception.

  • Jephri

    Yah, I still don't trust them.

  • topgun966

    They still don't get it. We don't give a shit about unlimted min. Even texts. Its all about data now. They are still going to stick to this 2gb thing ... eff them. They can stick to 2010 while Tmo blows by them. (Used 26gb last month on my tmo 70$ never heard a peep from them)

    • blumpkinator

      But did your data speed throttle during that 26GB?

      • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

        The $70/mo (changing to $80/mo soon) TMo plan doesn't throttle you.

  • Casey Mills

    I think this is going to be about as good as it gets from AT&T in the short term. With AIO I could get two phones with 2.5 gigabytes each for $90. This includes taxes.

    • blumpkinator

      the irony being that AIO IS at&t! it's a wholly owned subsidiary brand.

  • boballistic

    I actually like att they have always given me great customer service, and i have two lines unlimited talk text and 10 gb of data for 130

    • blumpkinator

      you're wording suggests each phone gets 10GB but I doubt that to be the case. 10GB shared between two devices is worth much less than two devices with 10GB each.

      I don't see this deal as being particularly interesting. AT&T's GoPhone prepaid service offers the exact same package [unlimited and 2GB] for $60/mo. With additional GB being $10 each.

  • br_hermon

    Either I'm not seeing it or AT&T's website sucks... Where on their site can I go to find out more on pricing for this deal? I'm interested in the 2 lines for 90 but want to see how much it could cost for more data and factor in BYOD.

    So if I understand this correctly, I could pay Straight Talk 90/month for 2 phones each with throttled 2.5gb of data, without tethering. Or I could pay AT&T 90/month (+ extra data fee) for 2 phones without throttled data and tethering is included? No extra charge if I BYOD?

    • blumpkinator

      BYOD reduces the price. So no there is no extra charge for byod.

      The extra charges are for the people who can't budget their own money and choose to have ATT finance them a device via contract or next.

    • Erica Thomas


    • wvcadle

      ST doesn't throttle unless you're constantly streaming something. I stream Pandora or ESPN radio almost every time I'm in the car, and have never been throttled.

      • br_hermon

        I've had ST for 2 months now and the first month I had it, I streamed some Play Music and got throttled down. 30 Minutes max, maybe. Sounds like we've had diff experiences, hopefully it gets better for me. Baseball season is rolling around and I'm going to want to listen / watch the games.

  • wvcadle

    I never use even close to 2GB. But here's my gripe... why would anyone pay for this plan when you get the same exact plan with AT&T Go Phone service for $60/mo... or $45/mo. with Straight Talk, which now includes AT&T LTE?

    • Christina Jane Wilson

      Cause straight talk sux

      • wvcadle

        Now that Straight Talk uses AT&T LTE, it's perfectly suitable for me. But even so, why would one pay the extra $5 for this instead of AT&T prepaid for $5 less? Makes no sense.

  • Joe

    Buyer beware!!! Switching to the plan with all the perks they are blowing up has serious hidden consequences. AT&T is now making you go to the ATT next payment plan for all new phones on this plan! The cheaper up front will come back to bite you hard in the next 2 years!!