For Pebble owners, getting good apps and watchfaces has been akin to settling down in the Wild West. There are a handful of websites that do a good job of organizing content and making it easy to install via QR codes, and there's no way we can overlook the immensely useful Pebble apps app available in the Play Store, but these made things no less exciting when, back at this year's CES, the Pebble folks announced that a centralized app store was finally on its way.

Unsurprisingly, version 2.0 came to iOS first, but I'm happy to say that Android's time has come. The Pebble Android app is now receiving an update that introduces the new app store, along with a complete redesign and plenty of new features.

Pebble6 Pebble9

The new app is drastically different from the previous version, including the setup process. Now Pebble will prompt you to create a new account, connect to your watch, and then update it to firmware version 2.0. It will then guide you through updating your pre-installed apps, point you towards some new ones, and run you through the same steps it did before.

Pebble1 Pebble2 Pebble4


Once things are up in running, the entire interface is leagues better than it was before. Not only do you have a place to look for new apps and watchfaces, you have a drastically improved space for managing what's on your Pebble. And if you find more than eight apps or faces you like (the maximum number the watch can save), there is now a locker where you can store the others for later. Good stuff.

Pebble8 Pebble7 Pebble10

I haven't had time yet to play around with any of the new apps, but you can check them out for yourself by hitting up the widget below.

What's new:

  • Pebble watchapp directory: browse, find and install the latest watchapps for Pebble.
  • List of prior notifications now stored on your Pebble.
  • Watchapp locker: keep track of your favorite apps and manage the apps on your Pebble.
  • Completely revamped and improved user interface design.

Update: The Pebble team has made a blog post announcing the update, and while it doesn't contain much in the way of new details, it does highlight several of the apps you can find in the new app store.

  • Glance lets you customize your Pebble with weather, calendar, and stocks and send pre-configured SMS messages.
  • Canvas lets you design watchfaces on your smartphone and publish them instantly to your Pebble.
  • PebbleCam turns your Pebble into a remote viewfinder and control for your smartphone camera.
  • Music Boss lets you to launch and control any music app on your smartphone from your wrist, with volume control included.
  • Sleep as Android is a smart alarm clock and sleep-cycle tracker that integrates with Pebble and wakes you up gently.

You can also find eBay, Evernote, Foursquare, and Yelp apps, along with other established brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Time Warner Cable.

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Finally ... !


    I just updated to beta 11 (?) last night. I wonder if this is the same build.

    • Grayson

      I never tried the betas, but judging by the quality, yes. The app is complete crap. I recommend staying on the old version of the app and the old Pebble firmware. So glad I only bought an original Pebble for $120 and not a $250 Pebble Steel. Won't be investing more with Pebble unless they learn how to make a non-terrible Android app.

      • Giampaolo

        Using Pebble in version 1 means not using the full potential of the watch. Ok, Android application can be done much better but you use the Pebble for its Pebble applications and not with the Android Application that is only needed for managing it.

        • jim lewis

          yes, but 'using' Pebble version 2 means not having your phone connected via bluetooth to your watch. I mean the most basic functionality doesn't work any more. This app is an utter fail.
          On my S4 Zoom running the new pebble app disconnects my wifi then stops as for some reason it needs this. I just want to connect BT to my watch fer chrissakes.
          Really, the Android community was the one that was going to create apps and improve the functionality and usefulness of the pebble and instead they seem to have decided to properly support Apple users...
          Bizarre and wrong-headed decision. Very sadly dsappointed after some happy months with kickstarter pebble and pebble app 1. Buying metal pebble and suffering pebble app 2 is making me feel like a right sucker.

          • jim lewis

            OK. If you unpair everything in BT on your device, apart from whichever watch you're going to wear, then run the pebble app it should connect OK. This really should not be necessary. I mean i had to unpair my metal watch and polar heart rate monitor just so this crappy software will work. Thanks pebble, seamless, NOT.
            I now have to unpair and repair every damn device I connect to my phone every time. Why not just put a menu prior to the connection attempt where I select which watch to connect to? (if the app really can't detect which watch is currently sending BT)

  • SEJ326

    It's supposed to guide you through updating existing apps? It wiped all the apps/watchfaces I had on my watch other than the three stock watchfaces that come preinstalled. I never installed any of the betas so I would think the installation would have gone smoothly coming from the latest stable build.

    • Chapa

      It automatically checks your current apps and searches for v2.0 variants. If they're there, you must press UPLOAD at the onboarding stage. Else they will show up at the bottom in your locker.

      • SEJ326

        Nope. When the watch was connected to my phone, the only app in my locker was Yelp, which I tried to add just to try out the app store. It wiped the apps I had. And now I can't even get the watch to connect again. Not a good job by Pebble on this release.

  • Jorge Lopez

    Is anyone else having trouble getting the app to recognize/connect to their watch with this new update? Mine just keeps detecting my Pebble but fails to connect. I even did a factory reset and it's still not connecting.

    • Grayson

      Yup, I had to unpair from Android settings, factory reset the watch, and then clear data for the app. Then I was able to get it to work.

    • SEJ326

      I was able to connect initially but was having some problems so I did a factory reset and, like you, now it detects the watch but won't connect.

    • Chapa

      While at the beta stages, they said to us that we should eliminate the previous app in order to make this one work... maybe there's some code incompatibility there.

    • Gerjannn

      This fixed it for me in Beta 11: Go into Bluetooth settings on your phone > unpair the Pebble > search again and pair Pebble via phone Bluetooth settings > yay it works!

      • RebelliousUno

        Fixed it for me too. Didn't need the factory reset (thankfully)

      • Jonathan Leslie Franklin

        Great tip! Thanks for that, was freaking out slightly here too =)

    • http://tamcore.eu/ Philipp B.

      I got it fixed by doing a Factory Reset on my Pebble, deleting Pebble's App Data AND unpairing my pebble.

  • George Abitbol

    Is it just me or the app is very very slow ?

    • Grayson

      Oh, it's not just you. The app is a pile of hot, steaming garbage. It even freezes and runs extremely slow on my Nexus 5.

      • SEJ326

        Agree. It seems like they just ported the iOS app to Android. It is locked to portrait orientation, which is fine for the iPhone screen ratio but not most Android screens, and the menu and back buttons are non-functional, which again is fine for Apple devices since they don't have those buttons.

        • Grayson

          Actually the back button does work for me... it just takes like 10 seconds sometimes haha.

          • SEJ326

            Yep, I uninstalled and re-installed the app and it's working better now, including the menu and back buttons. I'll have to try it out more when I get out of work.

  • Gerjannn

    Ah man, it looked so good, but it sucks so hard.. Things I hate:

    1: The "hamburger" menu is not the Google Hamburger menu
    2: It lags everywhere
    3: Loading watchfaces and apps takes a looooong time
    4: You can't even search when the watchfaces/apps aren't loaded.

    For me, it looks more like a weird combination of a web app and some holo app. Please fix this Pebble, I can't live with it this way :(

  • youareme7

    It does look worlds better, and it sorta functions, but it is unbearably slow and janky. Seriously, for something as simple as menus, it shouldn't be that damn hard to make an app responsive. lazy lazy

  • Brian Utne

    Pebble 2.0 is garbage. Stop trying to make your own app store and bring back the old functionality.

    • nxtiak

      Huh? Before 2.0, the only way to get watch faces was searching for it on the internet, other websites, etc. Then manually loading it via .pbw files.
      This method is how it should have been in the first place, through its own app, no need to go elsewhere.

  • Charles f

    I'm sorry but is it just me or is the pebble a 1980s looking ugly watch? The gear looks 1000 times better than this. I just can't do black and white along with 8 bit graphics.

    • Cody Dean

      I have a Pebble and love it. I replaced the band with a more elegent one and bought a brushed black steel skin for it, looks great.