Quick: what do a magical novelty fortune-telling arcade machine and a device-focused online media store have in common? That's right: absolutely nothing. Which is exactly what we came up with when we asked ourselves why Google would give away the 1988 comedy Big staring Tom Hanks. Honestly, we're drawing a huge blank here.

But hey, we're not complaining. If you'd like a free digital copy of Big, head to this link and click "free." (Note: this alternate link seems to lead to a listing available in Europe in case the first link doesn't work for you.) You'll go through the purchase dialog, but the cost will be $0.00. If you're on your Android device, open up Google Play and search for the movie manually. Unlike the free copy of Elf that Google gave away last year, you can get this movie in high definition without spending a dime.


Google isn't saying how long the movie will remain free, but through the weekend is a good bet. Once you "buy" Big, you won't have to pay to download or stream it again, even after it goes paid once more. It looks like this offer may only be valid in the United States - lots of international replies to the Google Play Twitter post indicate that it's still paid in some countries.

Google Play - Big (Europe)

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • http://k3rnel.net Juan Rodriguez

    Paid in some countries, entirely unavailable in Mexico :P

  • jaduncan

    Free in the UK.

  • Ajb.esquire


  • Shaques

    I purchased it in "HD." But it's max res is 480p. That's not HD in my book. Or I think anyone else's. Is that standard for Google Play HD?

    • kh5

      Might be that your monitor isn't connected via a connection that supports HDCP. Seems like some streaming services limit the resolution to SD if that's the case. (Probably a contractual thing.)

    • mduran1023

      Per their docs, it's only available in HD on the following:
      Supported Android devices via the Play Movies and TV app
      Google TV via the Play Movies and TV app
      So, if you try to watch it through YouTube or something you might not get HD. I know I just tried it casting it to my TV and it looked pretty HD to me.

    • Gus70

      It played HD on my Nexus 10. The HD indicator lights up and it definitely looks HD.

    • green

      It's definitely 480p. A very good 480p encode though. Not HD by a long shot.

  • Paolo

    Free in Germany

    • BillygotTalent

      I can't get it at all here in Germany. Or did you try directly from your device?

      • Paolo

        got it from my device

      • Mick Collingwood

        Try searching for it, it's how I got it in the UK.

      • Vardan Nazaretyan

        Try directly from your phone. Worked for me here in Germany.

  • ProtoKun7

    Not just the US; I've got it in the UK too.

  • Chris

    Free in Canada too.

  • Stanley Chan

    Lol downloading now blurayrip 720p not from u google, from torrent. here in Brazil 10 usd for a standart def. and bad quality image. No tanks.

    • Mick Collingwood

      Piracy just harms the production of new movies.

      • Gabernasher

        I'm not exactly a fan of piracy, but I highly doubt piracy of a 26 year old movie harms the production of new movies.

        • Mick Collingwood

          I agree but from the tone of the original comment do you think this is the only pirated thing he is downloading?

      • BehelitOutlaw

        I download stuff i would never buy and many are doing so. In fact i discovered many great artists because i downloaded their CD and ended up buying all the collection. And about video games it helps to see if it's worth spending 50 bucks on it because having a demo these days is rare.

        • Mick Collingwood

          You've got some valid points there and I have done the same myself. I just got the feeling from the tone of the original comment that he doesn't 'try before he buys'

    • David Margolin

      *no hanks :)

      • Guest

        no hanks

  • Carlos Kazam

    not for Mexico

  • Mick Collingwood

    Not available in UK

  • Darkice83

    Free in Canada

  • Alex Luckett

    Working in the UK. You've got to search for the movie (in the Play Store) manually, rather than follow the link.

  • abobobilly

    Damn it. I tried to improvise but failed.

    Used a US VPN to get access to "Play Movies" and it asked me to setup a Wallet Account. Aarh. Google! Y U DO DIS? <_<

    • My1

      the account is needed, but no credit card. giftcards are enough...

      • abobobilly

        Play Movies, Music, Books .... basically ALL the services (:p) aren't available in our country, Pakistan. That "could" be the reason that i can't get it for free, since i've set "Pakistan" in my Google Account's country settings.

        • yurisapii

          Yes, there are export laws and sanctions that prevent a lot of software and media from being distributed there. Make a US account and it should work with minimal effort.

  • DoubleP90

    Free in Italy, but not at the link provided in the article

  • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

    I got it free in the UK on my device - it was listed on the Main Play Store page, before you choose a category. http://i.imgur.com/BcU0UQo.jpg

  • kellett23

    Worked for me in the UK thanks Google

  • Leonardo Baez

    Thumbs ups to google for give it free (best movie of my childhood)
    Thumbs down because in latin america is still paid

  • Zomby2D

    Free in Canada, but not with the link provided

  • Aravind J Nampoothiry

    Not free in India

    • Hrishikesh Bisen

      Free in India with US Google account

  • artsr2002

    Can't argue with free.

  • Inderpreet Kang


    Don't click the link. Go to movies in google play store. It's free

  • Sergio

    Any thought about the reason they're giving it for free? If Google I/O wasn't 3 months away, I would bet for a BIG Android reason...

  • MasterJam

    Free in Germany. Nice!

  • Régis Knechtel

    I can't even find it to BUY in Brazil! Play movies is crap here :/

  • Alexandru Diaconu

    not free in Romania

  • Cer

    It works, but jesus christ google, it feels ridicolous to wirelessly buy and stream films on my phone in HD and sync 'em across devices and yadda yadda yadda BUT it's frickin' dubbed. It took the technology of 2014 to finally regress back to the standards of 1995.

    How do they not see that you need original language tracks, at this day and age?

  • NimeshT

    Is it because it's Google Play's 2nd Birthday? I got this on Google Play home page for offers on Games but not the movie BIG :( https://play.google.com/store/apps/collection/promotion_3000667_play2ndbday_in

  • Moeen Ahmed

    Managed to get it through second link. thanks! though not sure ill watch but free is free!

  • Kasha

    So a movie can become 'Paid' to 'Free' and than again 'Paid' but not an app? Wow Google, enlighten me.

    • Cheeseball

      Unfortunately, lenient price control is one of the advantages Apple's App Store has over the Play Store.

  • HenryO

    This is a very good movie. Enjoyed it.

  • ncc1701dee

    Free in Australia ! :) Great film !

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/77537273@N03/ Herman

    Ah, that's right.
    Movies on Google Play are not even available in my country yet.

    I should've known. The Netherlands are so small we easily get overlooked...

    • Matt Dowdy

      Create yourself a new gmail account from your computer and select USA as the country you are in then sign into it on your phone and download an app called tunnel bear from the playstore and you'll then have access to the USA market. I'm in the UK and I use this method for when I get the "this item is not available in your country" message and works like a charm

  • Emil Svensson

    To bad Google can't seem to understand that not everyone wants to watch dubbed movies or read translated books... Living in Spain it's impossible to buy a movie in it's original language or read a book written by an English/American author in English. "Bought" Big just to try, and was met with the regular dubbed crap when I hit play.
    This is why they will never get any money from me, and why I will continue downloading from "other" sources...

    • mateor

      That would frustrate the hell out of me.

  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

    Why do I have to go through payment processing for a $0 item, Google...? Aside from having to deal with the "Invoice in mail" for "purchasing" the content, I now also have that content listed in My Order section. There I want to see only stuff I've paid real $$s for. These are little inconveniences I can live without.

  • Matt Dowdy

    Maybe Google compare their heads office to tom hanks playing with the toys etc in his office and can relate. I've seen somewhere before that working at Google is like a big adventure park with swimming pool and games room for staff. Maybe that's the connection or maybe I'm Just making it up.....

  • Gordon

    B.I.G = 3 letter
    After G, its H


  • Jon

    Not available in HK either. And comparatively the average prices in google store are way higher than the movie rental next to my apartment.

  • ricardo gonzalez

    Free in Mexico