AllCast developer Koushik Dutta has added DLNA server support to his media Chromecasting app. Now anyone with AllCast installed can stream media straight from their DLNA servers to a Chromecast device with minimal effort.

AllCast1 AllCast2 AllCast3

A competing app, LocalCast, recently added the ability to cast network storage files via Samba. The catch was that you had to stream files to your Android device first before sending them out to a Chromecast. That isn't the case here. AllCast will let you send files straight to a Chromecast without any intermediate transfers.

Anyone who downloads this app may also notice a new icon sitting in their app drawer. The original was a blue version of the Chromecast icon that briefly turned white in the last update - which made it invisible against white wallpapers and certain launchers. Now AllCast has a custom icon of its own. Apps, they grow up so fast.

Source: Google+

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Beavis

    Avia already does this, and at a cheaper price than this app. I connected my Plex account and have been streaming movies for months already.

    Let me know when Koush starts focusing on quality.

    • unsivilaudio

      You have to give the guy credit, this is probably his most veraciously updated app he's ever released. And its not's just bug fixes, he's actually expanding the usability of the app.

      • epsiblivion

        and prepare for it to be abandoned in a few months as he moves onto a new project.

    • S_Dot

      Avia is mediocre in every regard.

  • Ed Chen

    Solid Explorer also does this.

  • darkdude1

    Is that icon based on an iPad? :P

    • giannisgx89

      I just send him a new icon, hope he'll use it :)

      • darkdude1

        I like it actually :)

      • Guest

        oi, i see myself here ! :) and the icon is nice.

  • Alberto

    Why does he got to make another app for the license not just in-purchase app?

    • guest

      I think one of the big reasons for this is so that you can get a refund from the play store listing in case you don't like the premium version. In app purchases can't be refunded in the same way.

      • Alberto

        In-app can't be refund but I hate downloading two app. I prefer have one free or paid

        • Henrique Persechini

          The refund process for in-app purchases is not automatic as app purchases are. I do agree thou, that the app+license app method is a non-ideal solution

  • bozs13

    OH NOES! Another app already does this and does that. Did Bertel say that it was the first app to do so?

    • melitagnm105

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  • Drooooid

    Will this stream MKV files? This is what I am waiting for.

    • S_Dot

      Tested it with Plex Media Server which transcodes the mkv on my computer. Bye bye Plex Pass.

      • gmaninvan

        Until that feature comes out of Plex Pass. Should be soon.

        • S_Dot

          They've been saying soon for months now. While it would be nice, I wont wait and pay a subscription, when others are doing it for free/one-time-fee.

          • http://google.com/+derekross Derek Ross

            That's how Plex Pass has always worked. Plex Pass has always been a pay for beta features service. The fee gets you access to features months ahead of the standard channel. Nothing is new here. Chromecast didn't change anything. Plex is still refining it.

          • gmaninvan

            Ya I just payed the one time plexpass lifetime membership last year . Plexpass is basically free for me now

  • unsivilaudio

    Finally! It gains the functionality that makes BubbleUPnP so useful.

    I own both paid versions of this and Bubble, but I felt pretty silly being an early adopter without realizing the (since reduced) limitations of AllCast.

  • KrackerDog

    My question is when will they allow Google AllPlay Music to Chromecast to my Roku?

  • gmaninvan

    You are better off using Plex for this

  • KingRando

    I'm not sure why anyone is using Plex when you can use BubbleUPnP. It's a one time app purchase and does everything a subscription Plex Pass does. Now I can use my BubbleUPnP DLNA server to cast to AllCast if I choose.

    • jddd

      Plex is more stable, easier to set up, Looks a hell of a lot nicer, Has cloudsync, Way more streaming quality options, Can share server, Has multiple plex channels, PLex bookmarklets, subtitle selection, etc etc. Although i do agree BubbleUPnP.is a great product, it is hard to even compare these two.

      • MJG

        Also Plex has Roku, NAS, Pex Home Theatre (PC) IOS apps. And is just and all around more user friendly app. You can share a plex server with anyone non technical and they will be able to set up the app in seconds. You can not even share out your BubbleUPnP server without everyone using the same password. BubbleUPNP is a great app but you can't even compare it to Plex.

      • KingRando

        Yet it still doesn't stream from your PC using your phone which is the main requirement for a centralized media solution. I don't want media on my phone as storage is a huge factor.

  • Cory_S

    Wonder if it will work with "PS3 Media Server" it is the only transcoding app I've found they maintains 5.1 sound.

  • hoosiercub88

    This app just gets more and more amazing!

  • D.I.

    I can't seem to find the Exit Program button. Having three devices trying to alternate casting to a Lollipop rk2928 using DLNA is a problem. AllCast will not exit without stopping the app in the SettingsApps location and will not relinquish the Lollipop for other device's use without rebooting the Lollipop. The three Android devices: Asus MemoPadHD7, Gnex, and iMuzQ8 are taxed to their limit with 1080p video and the Lollipop rk2928 is taxed to it's limit also with dropped frames. The technology and devices will only improve from this point in time.

  • Mike Luck

    Please try out NAS Cast to play films on your Chromecast: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yellowdogapps.nascast

  • probman

    How do u rotate pitures