The Stig isn't your average racer. Actually, the character is. Hidden behind the same black visor that prevents us from knowing who is behind the wheel of any racecar before their helmet comes off, the character is both no racer and every racer at once. What does this matter? It doesn't, really. Here's what does - despite its name, Top Gear: Race The Stig isn't actually a racing game. Instead, it's a pretty straightforward endless runner driver.

TopGear2 TopGear3 TopGear4

The game is more adorable than you would expect given the subject matter, but that's predictable for the genre. Race the Stig isn't completely neutered though, as it does let you take control of several vehicles from the series and speed them through familiar locales.

That said, it's still an endless runner where your primary task is collecting golden nuts. That means one thing - IAPs. How bad are they? See for yourself.

TopGear6 TopGear7

Twenty bucks? Let me tell you where you can put those nuts.

If you want a Top Gear experience that feels a bit more like a racing game (though, technically, it's all about pulling off stunts), you might want to consider checking out Top Gear: Stunt School instead.

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  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

    I really hate that the BBC whores out the Top Gear brand to market awful IAP timer bullshit mobile games designed solely to bleed money from fans of the show. It borders on despicable.

    Make a game that isn't insulting to anyone who has actually played a decent mobile game and we'll talk, BBC.

    • Cheeseball

      What makes it worse is that the game doesn't resemble anything like Top Gear, aside from having a super deformed version of The Stig.

      This looks like a crappy endless runner spin-off of Car Town or something.

    • Mac

      Despicable as in Minion Rush or just despicable?

    • Chris

      Man, Forza 5 was all about bleeding money from fans... I've had a lot of fun bleeding though....

  • Jephri

    Some say that that this isn't a game made by The BBC at all, and that it is actually fundraising app built by Botswanan eco-terrorists. All we know is that it's called a called Race the Stig.

  • Key_Largo

    The BBC let TinyRebelGames do up Doctor Who {Doctor Who: Legacy}, and it's very far from insulting -- they are constantly improving, adding, adjusting what few minor bugs they've had, adding platforms {it is currently on android, ios, and just went live on kindle, and is coming to facebook} -- and they have done it all without pushing the buy this/that/theother on anyone {and if you just 'have' to get members area, it's all of 4.99usd to buy the crystals that unlocks it, permanently, with a few extras/levels as well} but it's not a necessity to have just to play the game. They also routinely spend time on fb, TheAdiposeTV {Twitch}, twitter, reddit, and other places talking, listening, answering....

    • Doctor Who Legacy

      Thank you :) Doctor Who: Legacy has been a real treat to create and to support --- while its an indie game, self funded, BBC Worldwide have been a tremendous supporter of our efforts and have gone to extreme lengths to help us get the word out and be successful. Not to mention how much work we've put on them in clearing rights for the game. We couldn't ask for a better partner.

  • DD0011

    lol. It's kinda funny that they used a Mustang for the logo when they always bash American cars.

  • primalxconvoy

    Top Gear: Stunt School was an awful, turgid excuse for a game. This, seems as unrelated to Top Gear as that game was and as bad to boot.

    Are the marketing bods at the BBC on crack?

  • pope

    Nahh, I'll pass. Thanks for the article though.

  • Golden Balls

    "your primary task is collecting golden nuts"

    Hmmm.....no, thanks.