The folks at game developer Mediocre have given us such classics as Sprinkle and Granny Smith, but now it's time to break some stuff. Smash Hit has come to Android with neat physics and compelling gameplay. It's a good opportunity to get some of that aggression out too.

Smash Hit is equal parts on-rails shooter and physics simulation. You coast along, approaching various glass barriers. You have to tap to launch balls that break the glass to clear your path. If you run into something, you lose some ammo, but you can pick more up by breaking special glass cones throughout the game.

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The graphics seem simple at first glance, but the rendering of the glass and the way it breaks is actually very detailed and cool. You can play Smash Hit for free, but it won't save your progress until you buy the full version for $1.99.

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    Weird concept... free but it won't save your progress until you buy it. I kind of like it, in the sense of it being a paid game for free.

    • Par

      It still can be abused too.
      I'm sure sooner or later nasty developer will exploit this kind of IAP.

      Maybe IAP that allow you to save a limited number of times. For example, $0.99 allow you to save up to 5 times.

      Or, different IAP to save on each level. For example, IAP #1 allow you to save up to level 3, IAP #2 allow saving up to level 8, and so on.

  • Harsha

    Okay.. This game is so beautiful I felt like going for premium on first play. And also yet another game that implemented the IAP properly.

    • h4rr4r

      Properly would be to just have the premium version in the market.

      • RyanWhitwam

        I don't think that's any more proper. I can see not wanting to maintain two listings when one works fine. You can install this one app on all your devices and the IAP carries over. It's fine.

        • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

          I had heard over and over that sometimes IAPs don't get restored on new devices or after a new ROM flash. Is that true?

          • RyanWhitwam

            Only in-game currencies don't carry over. Levels and full version licenses should be fine. If not, the dev can fix it.

      • Cheeseball

        No, this reduces repeated app entries on the store (easier to search for, less clutter), encourages permanent (non-consumable, unlockable) IAP and reduces piracy (e.g. simply ripping the APK and distributing it).

        • h4rr4r

          You say reduces piracy, I say now I can't put it on my devices that lack play store access. See how that works?

          • Cheeseball

            So ask the developer to give you a DRM-free APK instead of ripping it from the store.

          • John Smith

            Why buy a device that doesn't have Google Play access ?
            Any such device is pretty much useless.

          • h4rr4r

            How so?
            Besides you can always flash gapps if you really want.

      • Gabernasher

        Shame they don't make it easier to pirate, these greedy devs and wanting to eat. How dare they!?

        • h4rr4r

          I have no interest in pirating anything.
          I do however prefer convenience. Just let me buy it in the market without any IAP. Very simple.

    • Pratik Holla

      Not really cheating. They say there are 50 levels. If they made you start all the way from the first stage when you die at stage 49, that would be annoying. So everytime you clear a stage, that is saved as a checkpoint.

      It also allows them to implement IAP properly too. Try it as long as you want but progress levels without dying.

  • SmithCommaJohn

    Well...there goes my productivity today.

    • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

      I was also on the same boat. But then found out that QuizUp has "Android" as a topic now. Spent at least 3 hours on it.

  • TY

    Yay, levels! Not the endless games. Sold.

  • michael

    I've bought sprinkle and granny smith for my kids, this will be another one for them to enjoy.
    mediocre is a top developer

  • Étoile

    I love Mediocre's Granny Smith game. I'll give this Smash Hit a try.

  • Vine News Now

    Damn, really sick feel to this game. Awesome lighting!

  • Roh_Mish

    Great game but you can't resume from the checkpoint in free version and I can't justify the price just for the checkpoint.

    • Scott Miller

      It's well worth it to support a great developer.

      • Roh_Mish

        Its good to support such great developers. I am a bit addicted to game. But I can't justify it. This thing should be available for free. And if they are asking me to play, paying just for this and to view your stats? If it was to remove ads or add some more features, it was completely fine. But playing from a checkpoint?

        • Scott Miller

          "This thing should be available for free." So Developers don't have a right to get paid for their work? What do you do for a living? Should you have to do that for free?

          The developers are being awesome enough not to put ads in the free version, and you are saying that that means you don't have any incentive to pay less than the cost of a cup of coffee?

          By not putting ads in the free version, and making a game that is actually playable without spending money, while still providing benefits for premium, Mediocre Games is providing exactly the type of product that we want to have in the play store. I encourage everyone to purchase the premium version of this game, even if you don't need the extra features, to encourage the right kind of content in the Play Store.

          Vote with your wallet people. If the only time you pay for a game is when the game is basically unplayable without paying, then you are encouraging developers to keep ripping us off. If you pay for games like Smash Hit that earn our money on actual merit, then those are the games that developers will spend their time on.

          • Roh_Mish

            They deserve it very well but The cost is too much for such a small feature. And a cup of coffee? Here in India you get 2-3 cups of coffee in that price normally. And even 4 at places.
            And I would pay for it at some point. But not just now... Although it is a small amount, that amount is what my mobile bill is. So I have to think at least a few times before paying...

          • Scott Miller

            It can be hard to price things for a global marketplace. In the US a couple candy bars costs more than the premium version of this game.

          • AGD ZT

            You're not paying the dev for checkpoints. You're paying the dev for the game, and the dev is providing checkpoints as a thank you.

  • martin

    hey! anyone who knows how to get past level 4, the pink protective grating ? just before it starts i get a pink watch, that slow down my speed, but what do i have to do to get past the pink grating without loosing 10 balls?

    • closetgeek

      I'm wondering the same thing! What gives?

      • Pinkgratesftl

        Stuck on same part..

    • ananymous

      just smash the left side, to break the pink laser generators

  • Aurora

    How the frick do you get past the pink lasers?!!!?

  • anita

    How do I pass the pink lasers?!

  • dev

    Is there anything past level infinity on smash hit or nah? I just need an answer here. I'm addicted. ..