Samsung's previously announced TabPRO 12.2 finally has a release date – March 9th. The giant tablet will cost $649.99 through retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Newegg, and direct from Samsung. This device is basically the new NotePRO without the stylus, but you don't really have many choices in huge tablets. Samsung is the only game in town.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12 Pic

The TabPRO will run Android 4.4.2 with Samsung's new magazine UX interface. Inside is a Samsung Exynos 5 Octa processor, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. The 2560x1600 LCD makes it a fair bit larger than competing tablets.

$650 seems like a substantial sum of cash, but Samsung is also throwing in $800 in bundled content through its Galaxy Perks program, assuming of course you care about any of that in the first place. You get $25 in Google Play credit, 3 months of Hulu Plus, 3 Audible books, 50GB of Dropbox, and a few other things.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • RockAndRock

    Not expensive at all !

  • Hugh Johnson

    Because I really want to spend almost 700$ on a tablet...

  • Wyatt Neal

    And ... NOPE. The $800 of extra stuff is costing them likely close to $0 and to pay a "premium" price for Samsung's twisted (albeit improving) skin on Android is a big fat no. Where's my damn Nexus 10 2??? :)

  • qu4ttro

    how is this more expensive than the new chromebook theyre releasing?

    • hot_spare

      Google subsidies, Wacom, display, miniaturization costs etc.,

  • Infinitebl

    How about they keep the "premium" content and give us the tablet and $150!

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Actually 650$ is pretty good. I like this price.

    • Some dude

      But ipad air has a better ecosystem

      The App Store is better, and ipad doesn't have lag like the note. I am very clear about this: normal tablets for fun and regular works, ipad air, for professional and hardcore work, surface pro 2.

      Samsung has nothing to do there...

      • anti-fanism

        Fanbois are the shit of the world no matter what they're a fan of.

  • C64

    To big, to expensive, to much Samsung

    • brewmaster

      Too few o's, too many times.

      • C64

        Sorry i'm TOO wasted from the weed

  • RTWright

    You know, $650 for a 12" tablet is NOT that bad. If I had wanted to pay full price for my 32GB GS3 when it first came out, it was over $800 for it and it's MUCH smaller. Not saying this isn't expensive, it is, but it's a 12" tablet, not a 7" or 10.2" it's a 12" this is the cost of bigger screens. That software that comes with it doesn't cost them anything if they're the ones making it.

  • Bob Hart

    In this region the Note Pro 12.2 price that includes a VAT has dropped 14% since availability on Feb 3rd from online resellers.

    So a full price Tab Pro 12.2 would probably be close to the same price.the first few days.

    Right now the Note Pro 12.2 is about $100 more than the Note 10.1 2014