Big news down under – Australia has become only the fourth country to get access to TV shows through the Play Store. This will give you Australian folks one more thing to do instead of going outside. Really, why would you want to go out there? The country seems to be crawling with poisonous... umm... everything. I kid (mostly).


Our Australian friends will get a selection of international and local content, all priced in Aussie-bucks. Videos can be watched on a computer or via your Android device, where you can also pin for offline viewing.

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[Google Play Support]

Ryan Whitwam
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He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Please, Google, launch play Devices in more countries! I'm willing to give you my money, but it seems you just don't wanna shut up and take them...

    • KojiroAK

      My guess is, they are as eager as you are.
      The problem is, the content owner for sure know this too as well, as they know that Google is sitting on billions.
      If you know what I mean.

      • SSDROiD

        "They are as eager as you are"
        That may be absolutely true, but speaking as someone who has read absolutely nothing about Google even knowing that my country even exists when it comes to the Play Store categories, I would love it if they could at least drop tidbits of information that such categories like Play Devices are coming our way. At this point in time, not only do I not know when it's going to happen, I don't even know if it's even remotely a plan. Even a "Launching in 2050" post by Google would be better than absolutely no information :(

        • Roger Siegenthaler

          They probably don't want to put a post out saying "our lawyers are currently in communicationg EVERYWHERE"...

    • SSDROiD

      Please Google, launch more Play Store categories in more countries!
      Fixed :)
      I live in Norway, and I am theoretically throwing my money at Google as I am actively trying to get Google Play Music All Access, Google Play Movies & TV and Google Play Devices launched here too!

  • whispy_snippet

    This is HUGE! Can't wait to get home and fire up my imported Chromecast!

    • http://alan.cramer.id.au/ Alan Cramer

      I'm hearing you. Doing the same when I get home.

  • Matthew Gardner

    You may make disparaging remarks about Australia, but we're the best prison the UK has.

    • whispy_snippet


  • Jack

    As an Australian, I'm pretty dissapointed with the limited content range. Sure its got all of the big HBO dramas and hit shows from the USA, but completely lacks any BBC or ABC (australian) content. I hope they can work on this and expand it in the future.

    • Alexei Watson
      • Jack

        It's weird, none of these are really ABC shows... at least not like MIss fisher or the Chris Lilly shows are; and the IT crowd is definately not.

        • whispy_snippet

          Yeah as far as I can see there's no Australian produced content. I'll have a good look through tonight when I get home.

    • whispy_snippet

      I'm sure they will. This is just day one after all.

    • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

      ABC already has iView, so I'm guessing they didn't want to come to the party on this. Hopefully Google can sway them because iView has nowhere near the reach of Google Play.

  • Alexei Watson

    This really awesome, I really hope season 4 of game of thrones is available right away... that's how you battle piracy.

    Now, the list of G services we don't have in australia goes down by one.

    * Wallet (hopefully negated by tap & pay)
    * Locale in stock android (nexus) including OK google.
    * Google Voice
    * Offers

    is that it?

    • whispy_snippet

      If Game of Thrones becomes available day one it will be a huge coup for Google. I'll be surprised if it happens though.

      • Alexei Watson

        Yeah i think you're right, but wishful thinking. The price Foxtel asks is absurd, especially when i'm only interested in one show.

  • Luke

    I find it hilarious that we get it before Canada. You Americans must really hate Canada.

  • Deeco

    Please Chromecast for UK, today! Pretty please :'¬|!!