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One of the biggest advantages of Motorola's latest phones is that they've been rapidly updated to Android 4.4. But at least some owners of the low-cost Moto G are having serious issues after updating to 4.4.2. Many posters on the official Motorola support forums are saying that their phones are intermittently dropping all cell signals, and in some cases even losing connection with the phone's SIM card. These issues were not reported before the Android 4.4 update. At least one user with the Verizon CDMA version is reporting the problem as well.

Screenshot_2014-01-20-17-38-49 Screenshot_2014-01-20-17-46-48

The connection issue apparently isn't permanent - turning the phone on and off again will set it back in working order, at least temporarily. Sometimes the signal is restored by itself, sometimes it isn't. Phones that are actively receiving the error have no access to the data network and send or receive calls or texts, as you would expect. Strangely, attempting to make a call sometimes results in an error instructing the user to "turn off airplane mode," despite the fact that it wasn't initiated. The effects seem to happen to a wide number of users on different networks and in different physical locations, with no established pattern as to when or why the problem occurs.

The fact that only phones that have been updated to 4.4 indicates an error in the software, possibly with the radio baseband or SIM card authentication. The connection can cut out in safe made as well, ruling out possible problems with third-party apps. Motorola is aware of the issue, and based on feedback from an official representative in the forum thread, Moto engineers are indeed working to solve it based on feedback and error reports from the users. The last update for the Moto G, version 174.44.1, was intended to address at least some of these issues. Some users are reporting success after the update, others are not.

I know this must be a frustrating problem for those affected - over 400 posts in the Motorola thread testify to that. But it's encouraging to see that Motorola has both acknowledged the problem and appears to be taking steps to rectify it. That said, it could still be several weeks or longer before another software update finally solves the problem.

Source: Motorola Support Forum - thanks, Toby Rhind-Tutt!

Michael Crider
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  • Phantom Pt. II

    No problems here. I had it once that it couldn't find the SIM, but that was probably some dust.

  • SimMac

    I have this problem with my Nexus 4...

    • A Griffith

      So did I... One of the reasons I was happy to switch off the Nexus platform back to a Galaxy device. The Google pushed Nexus releases have steadily increased on the number of inexcusable software bugs since the Nexus S days. I was happy to no longer put up with it after selling my Nexus 4.

      All the Nexus advocates forget to mention these issues when they're making fun of more stable OEM releases from Samsung, LG, etc etc that are a few point releases behind.

  • Derail Doax

    I have an unlocked 16GB Moto G the one with US Bands. I've noticed about 5 times since the update that I've had to toggle Airplane mode to get a connection. I didn't realize it was a problem that effected more than just me. It hasn't been too bad to deal with though because that equated to maybe one restart a every couple weeks.

  • Juan Carlos González

    After the last ota they fix it

    • jeff

      Since im on verizon and still on 4.3 matbe they can get the bugs out and issue a clean update!!! Dreaming ?

  • Guest

    Does anyone know if there's a fix for the Moto G Google Play Edition in the works? I bought my friend one and the day before the update came out she had the same issue. It started off with intermittent signal dropping throughout the day to major signal loss in the evening to outright no signal all night long and early into the next morning. At which point it started working fine.

    That's when news of the update (to fix the issue) broke. I mean she's on 4.4.2, but since it isn't a "stock" Moto G I'm wondering if this is just her or affecting all Moto Gs regardless of being "stock" or GPe devices.

  • http://www.bitdefender.com.br/ Felipe Mafra

    I've been having this problem with my Nexus 5 for a while :(

    • Serge Cebrian

      me too.. like once every couple of weeks
      some times twice. :/

      • http://plus.google.com/bgruber17 Barrett Gruber

        mine is far more often. If I am connected to LTE, or have LTE set as preferred, then while on a call, it will go up and down. I am told that this is a 4.4.2 issue. But I never experienced 4.4.1 or 4.4. So I don't know that it didn't happen before. But I can acknowledge that it does happen now, while on the sprint LTE, if on a phone call, I can watch the bars go up and down, and then finally the phone just drops the call.

  • RenatoFontesTapia

    I thought it was only me. I don't lose connection completely, but I lose 3g...

  • Humberto Hernandez

    Yep, my dad's is having that issue.

  • Adv Garvit Vinayak

    I have some different issues. Like once or twice when I try to launch camera app it fails to initiate and shows one camera error. It happened twice in a period of 4 days, but it gets right after a restart. And once I connected it vi USB to my laptop and its battery dropped to 1℅ abruptly from 65 ℅. Its KitKat for 11 days. Hope its not serious

    • kekes

      I have the same problem with the camera, its super annoying.

      • siva

        i am also getting the same error.please let me know if your issue is resolved..

        mail:[email protected]

        • phani kumar

          Hi garvit
          New update is released for the motog camera app and skype U can update it from playstore.,even I had the same problem before but working fine after the update.

      • Garvit Vinayak

        Annoying very much. Motorola must send an update soon :/

      • bosajoc

        I have the same problem. It's so frustrating!

    • kekes

      I solved the problem. Make a factory restore 2 days ago and now it's much smoother, No camera error nor network lost. Give it a try.

      • Adv Garvit Vinayak

        That means I will loose all the data. Including downloaded apps ??

        • kekes

          Unless you backup yes, apps will automatically reinstall after rebooting but game saves, and apps settings are gone... Unless you make a backup

          • Dilip

            I got the same problem. Can you please tell me how to backup my apps and data before factory reset?

      • Chris Hakim

        I tried that and still no dice with mine I think maybe my phone just has a glitch in it

    • Tj

      same error with the usb.

    • Tj

      same error with the usb.

    • Tj

      same error with the usb.

  • Roger Leitch

    My wife's phone had this problem. Motorola pushed an update last week which has fixed it.

  • Scott

    Yeah I believe the last OTA fixed this issue... along with the OTG support.

    • Vedran Rodic

      The bad reception/signal loss problem has NOT been fixed with that update. I've switched my network in Croatia, and it seems a bit better but the issue still happens and makes the phone unusable for minutes when it does.

  • Andrew Donica

    that's kinda last month, moto has since released an update. never had an issue with my moto g , it's just that great!

  • http://plus.google.com/bgruber17 Barrett Gruber

    I appreciate the fact that Motorola has (at least) acknowledged this issue. What I would like to see is LG now acknowledge the same issue on the Nexus 5.

  • Andre

    I have no signal issues. The only bug that I found with 4.4.2 on the moto G so far is the inability to update google cloud print app from the play store. It gives me an invalid signature error and asks me to uninstall the previous version. Since it's a system app that's impossible.

  • kier

    Old news,moto updated last week to fix this bug

    • marc

      still have the problem with my moto x.... so not old news

  • Craig Stewart-Thomson

    I had this problem on a brand new Moto G when they first came out (prior to the 4.4 update). I now have 2 Moto Gs, and I still get the problem on the most recent update from last week.

  • Tim

    I got this problem on my LG G2 D802, running 4.4.2

  • Pratik Deokar

    I m also experiencing the same problem and most of the time the 3G data connection option does not work after selection

  • asd

    i have 4.4.2 in my moto g and work fine

  • anuj gada

    I been using moto g past 20days with 2working sims . with 3g internet on one. Have not encoutered any problem with network of both the sims till date.

  • kirty

    I am having Camera Error Issue for my Camera in MOTO G after I updated it to Kitkat. What Shall I do??

    • Torben

      I have the same problem after updating to KitKat. And I don't have Skype or anything else. Sometimes the Camera works fine for a day or so, but then again it says: Camera error.

  • Michael Brookes

    Mine is losing WiFi connection at times and sometimes when scrolling through my app screens all app and widget icons vanish from the screen, this is all after KitKat update

  • pdrito picapiedra

    I was having the network problem, but it's fixed now by the latest update (176.44.1 as of time of writing)

    • Garvit Vinayak

      Still waiting for this update in india :/

  • Fitzelgard Allan Gerard

    It's not just Moto G, Nexus 5 suffers the same.

  • Pranav Bablani

    Getting Camera error and signal loss, also the battery drops drastically during standby (the phone is not being used at all during that time)

  • Francies

    Yes I have this issues as well. Connection issue and week signal issue

  • wave rider

    Accidently i updated my moto g( asian version -dual sim) to 4.4.2 on 08th march 2014. Now many a times my device doesn't receive or send any voice during call on 2g network (I did not test it on 3g network). I am forced to restart the device for fixing this problem. System version on my device is :71.44.31.falcon_umtsds.AsiaRetail.en.03.
    After this update i again tried to update my device looking for a fix but it always shows " device is updated to latest software version".
    I hope it will help developers make out better fix.

    • aks

      exactly same is happening with my moto g

      • Rudra

        Same thinh :(

    • Vin

      Same issue with my Moto G as well....called Moto care but havent received any resolution....have u got any resolution apart from restarting???

    • john

      same with me...whats the solution?

    • Amitesh Purohit

      How did you get rid of the problem?? Or still facing the same?

  • Tarun Dewangan

    There is same problem with my cellphone but the problem was before updateed to 4.4 and still it is here after update.
    And one more problem is there and that is when data is enabled it does not get internet connection immediately and for getting connection i used to call customer care of sim operator then only it gets net connection.

  • Ashish Chopra

    Serious battery problem..Connected charger and battery dropped off to 1% from almost 40%. Same occured when i connected it via USB. On restart it wont resolve the issue.

  • d,nez

    I own both the Play Edition and the normal unlocked version of the Moto G. Updated both yesterday; suprisingly, OTG on the non-Play Edition works fine, but the Play Edition doesn't even recognize the USB. Any fixes?

  • unni

    apart from all these I have a diff problem ...some times when making a call or attending a call

    i am not able to hear anything....this will b cleared only after restarting...this is really annoying

    • akhil

      i too have the same problem . how can i fix it ??

  • satya

    I have moto g which was brought last week in India. Now the problem is it is not. Connecting to 3 g and I have to restart every time. Even with 2g it does not connect to internet.
    I hope there is fix for this bug very soon..its frustrating to restart every time.

  • Willy

    I randomly lose my 3g connection and drop down to 2g or edge connection. I have found that calling or receiving calls when this happens automatically makes my phone pick up 3g again. Maybe this will help anyone else who has this problem. It is only a temporary fix though.

  • Albert Vila

    I've had a battery drop from 90% to 0% in seconds today. In this thread you can find many others with the same issue:


  • Praveen

    I have the same problem, my network drop automatically

  • anam tariq

    I am facing authentication failure when trying to connect to wifi....just brought home moto g and already regretting it . Motorola never again. This wifi connectivity problem is verified by many on line forums

  • jithu

    sometimes while calling i am not able to hear anything.And i need to restart my phone to clear this ..this is really irritatting..please tell a solution to resolve this problem

  • ajay

    i have moto g with kitkat latest.
    Keeps losing sim card connection, i need to remove and resinsert sim card.
    And when i turn on mobile data, it gets turned off automatically in 5 seconds.
    pathetically annoying.
    Im using single sim version of moto g that a friend got from US. i live in india

  • Chad Lewis

    I lose my 3g with the update and nothing but a backup restore brings it back.

  • Madhu

    Hi ,Recently i purchased MOTO G , suddenly i am facing no signal error ............. i switched off and turned on again (i have done this 5 times) , but no use ....any idea what is the resolution step.

  • Amarjeet Singh

    I have MOTO G form last 2 months. Recently I started facing an issue regarding network. Some of my friends reported, when they called me my phone was switched off. I did a test I called from my other phone and got switched off message although I had signals on the phone. I enabled and disabled SIM and problem got resolved. Is this Bug in software or hardware issue.

  • Shobha

    Have same issue network just goes off and not option to switch bw on and off. it just turns blank...Pls let me when this can be fixed
    have Moto g 8gb

  • Vipin

    For my Moto G also facing some of the below mentioned issues. My issues are
    1. Camera error(Power-OFF then ON will rectify the issue)
    2. Mobile network error(Power-OFF then ON will rectify the issue)
    3. From last week onwards I am not able to make outgoing calls, send messages and also access net when I am on roaming. But when not in roaming I can make calls and receive calls but net access not possible.

    Should any one facing such issues? Should any one can help me to trace out the issue?

    • 44magdude

      Glad I checked this out was going to get a MotoG from Verizon tommorrow but not now

  • Amitesh Purohit

    Some times when making a call or attending a call, I am not able to hear anything...

  • Dennis Pearce

    I bought a new Moto G CDMA version, Initially I connected it to Wifi and it said that a software update is available, I installed it, since then it is not receiving any signal, I tried factory reset but the update cannot be removed, can anyone suggest a remedy for this. Tried contacting Motorola India, but they say they cannot help in CDMA version as it has been imported.

  • SM

    The signal dropping problem is also with my recently purchased new Moto G. can anyone help me with solution

  • sagar takkar

    My play store is not working properly. Apps downloading never completes up whereas some time downloading goes upto 150%.

  • Prashant Dalvi

    Hi, i have brought Moto G Cdma phone unlocked for Reliance, post the update to Kitkat 4.4.2, i have trouble accessing Reliance Evdo network, i am not able to latch onto the High Speed network and always get 1x speed.

    can any one suggest a solution.

  • ankit

    My phone's problem. .mobile data is on but no packets are sent or recieved . m accesing internet only by wi fi .when they are going to fix it . its been two whole months

    • Prateek Gupta

      Hey I have that same problem. Have you found any solution?

  • Ranga

    Yes, I am also getting the same problem, Signals are up and down. it is very hard bear. please do the needful. thanks

    • diana

      Hi ive been having this problem, can you help me? What did you do to fix this problem

  • Vasil L. Mengri

    hi i made a factory data reset and wile data was reseting i restart my phone acidentaly now the phone when startup show only a black page and i cant do anythink please help me

  • sumant

    got moto g today. after inserting sims, sim card 1 is not working, and sim 2 is showing the network signal but no incoming or outgoing calls. worst experience


    Hi, i got new moto g on 26 may 2014, i got strange issue have opened keypad to type message,clicked 'W' once but after that it is continuously it is filling with W in textbox ...after restarting it is solved.signal also some times losing

  • Venkatanarayanan Krishnan

    I have a problem with the both the SIM's getting disabled. Powering off and on solves the issue but it is irritating because one never knows when the phone goes off the hook.

  • Gaurav

    I bought Moto E 2days back. But sim1 is getting disabled after sometime. When I restart signal comes back but after sometime sim again getting disabled. Please help what shoul I do?

    • http://www.india-livenewschannel.blogspot.com/ Sashwato Chatterjee

      I am facing exactly the same issue with my new Moto E. Have you got any solution for this till now?

  • Bhuma Iyer

    I bought a MOTO G CDMA phone from Reliance Telecom last week. And I am at my wit's end first getting the phone call through and now not being able to connect to internet. It looks like I am stuck with a useless piece of handset which does not have a button to configure and set up internet. And neither Reliance, my service provider in India has inklink about the same.

    Can anyone help me please? Or I have decided to pitch this phone into the Arabian Sea in next 48 hours.

  • Chach

    I didn't have this problem until I did an update three days ago 4.4.3

  • Chris Hakim

    this phone is really pissing me off because it works for GPS once in awhile but not always

    • Chris Hakim

      actually the mobile web is super spotty

  • Chris Hakim

    I think some of these phones have a total glitch in it because sometimes it doesn't work at all to connect to mobile web

  • Chris Hakim

    I must admit this does make an outstanding WiFi phone for the price but I'm not happy that it doesn't work good for mobile web on the Verizon network

    • Chris Hakim

      on the average turning the phone on and off will help me find one search if I'm lucky on Google

  • SAN


  • nicmart

    I just got a Moto G today. Each time my finger covers the upper left the wi-fi signal drops. Remove finger it returns.

  • sushil

    Dear i am also facing both the problems.....sim card identification and signal loss.....pl tell wat to do

    • diana

      Dis you ever get signal back and what about the sim? I've been having this problem and so is my sister please help

  • jaswanth

    My phone is having the same issue every time I am restarting my moto g giving some temporary solution please resolve this issue asap

  • Aishwarya

    Same here people calling me think tat I have switched off my phone...which is nor the case!

  • john cormack

    My Moto 3g keeps losing WiFi connection after using the cloud.

  • Arpan Shahi

    Please help me Motorola developers I have same problem which was mention above I bought motorola moto G XT1033 June 14 my device is rooted my signal was lost automatically please please help me this makes me so sad I can't make any call to my friends family and other relatives when I try to make call then " to make a call please turn of airplane mode " such type of unwanted things are happen with me since last Friday please help me I am so sad
    MY IMEI number : 354994058134442

  • Kushal Shrestha

    This was really helpful, thanks

  • Madhuri

    I am facaing problem with Sim enabling as it not allowing me to enable the sim...... Please advise :(

    • diana

      Hi, have you fixes the problem yet? Having same problems :(

  • anand.gupta
    • diana

      Hi my sister had the same problem but we found a way to fix this, justa take the sim out and wait about a minute and put it back in, turn your phone on and give a try see if it helps and fixes the prob :)

  • diana

    Hi just yesterday my sister had this problem of the sim card and signal...what can we do to get rid of that or how can we fix this?

  • Monmi

    My MotoG phone's network goes off frequently. Its very frustating


    i HV MOTO E and the problem is coming by today itself while i am using this phone by 15 days. Suddenly line getting disconnect while discussion is going on. single suddenly dropped and talk disconnected repeatedly any-one please let us know the remedy. Feel very guilty after purchase of such a instrument. Please support.

  • Bram Kneppers

    taking out my sim (eventhough removing the back was anoying) putting it in an other (much older nokia 1661(non-smart)) phone (with use of an microsim-sim adapter (= the regularsim size"microsim-frame" in which my microsim was shipped) and reinserting it solved the isseu for me!!!
    Good luck ;)

  • Steven Stanley Bayes

    I have the same problem with Moto E. I got a brand new Moto E less than a week ago. Also, the screen becomes black on occasion and not always when a call comes through and there is no way to answer the call. I think all these problems are software problems and hope Motorola resolves them soon.

  • disha

    how get the upadate plase tell sir