When the name of that song playing in the background escapes you, Shazam is the most common way to figure it out. This app has a few hundred million installs on Google Play – no big deal, or anything. A recent update has brought the updated experience that was teased at MWC to the Android app, so get your updates started.

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The new stuff is all on the results screen in versions 4.4 and 4.5 of Shazam. You'll notice the UI is completely refreshed with an elastic scrolling screen and a card-based list of links, lyrics, and videos. The app now also has a scrollable list of recommendations and updated artist biographies. It should work on broadcast TV on over 160 channels too.

Keep in mind the app has slightly different capabilities depending on where you live due to licensing restrictions. Although, most of result page features are universal. There's a screen of the old UI below for comparison.


Shazam Encore
Shazam Encore