Too many files? No problem – RAR them. You can do that now that there's an official RAR app on Android. This is a fabulously useful app on Windows, where it costs cash money. On Android, it appears to be completely free.

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The RAR app for Android lets you create ZIP and RAR archives, but you can unpack RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO, ARJ archives. There are also options to repair damaged archives and it supports encryption for creating and unpacking archives. It even comes with device benchmarking.

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The app isn't particularly lovely, but it follows the Android design guidelines with a minimum of clutter. There's a holo light theme that looks a little more modern, in my opinion. It's definitely something to look into on the basis of features alone.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • username_already_exists_error

    it's not free. in winrar world, it's called unlimited trial

    • ddpacino

      Where is 7-Zip when you need it!

      • someone755

        For some reason I hate 7-zip.
        Though WinRAR is free too so I'm well off. :P

        • Jon

          Well, 7-zip is ugly. Never meant to be beautiful. But it does the job much better than winrar. Also allows higher compressions than winrar (although it will crunch your PC).

          • someone755

            Anyone that wants to read a reply from me; this guy has all the right reasons. My PC ain't a monster (an E5200 with 3GB of DDR2 isn't really good at this).

        • dude

          7-Zip is open source and have much better compression. That's what matters, not how pretty it is.

        • abobobilly

          I am just curious, why would you have an "open-source" software which does a far better job at compression than its Rivals?

          Please, DO state that reason.

          Heck, why would someone hate an "OPEN-SOURCE" software at all? Its absurd.

          • someone755

            You losing your mind over this is absurd.

          • abobobilly

            Would've been easier had you simply stated the reasons, for me to understand.

          • someone755

            Would've been easier had you not freaked out over what some random individual thinks.

        • didibus

          Hum, I'm real fine with 7-zip's interface, but if you want something a bit prettier, you should try PeaZip, also open source.

      • Jalec

        Isn't ZArchiver free on android already support 7z ? I remember I can create encrypted 7z with it.

        But apart from that, 7z format is close to useless in this internet age. You have to completely download entire 7z archive before able to do anything useful. Imagine downloading 2GB of 7z archive just to found it's broken afterward.

        Rar is more powerful. You can do partial extract, have recovery record, and verify archive even with partial download. When downloading large .rar file, I always verify it along. If at some point archive shows corruption, I can immediately stop the download.

        • disqus_5WNzR6XWBG

          How does .rar fare with encryption? 7zip does it great.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Looks hideous... I'd rather stick with Root Explorer (or just Explorer)

    • ignitionnight

      Root explorer ain't miss universe either, in fact I ditched root explorer for solid explorer simply because root was so ugly.

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

        Eh, Solid is okay, but I don't quite like the interface. Root seems to be kinda more simplistic. But I actually ditched both of those for Explorer by Giro.me, it's slick, has dual pane view, has dark theme, and since it's Russian it is being listed as "Проводник" - I can find it immediately after accessing the app drawer, while as with Root I had to go to the last page in the app drawer. First world problems, but still saves me a few seconds

        • ignitionnight

          Thanks for the tip I'm checking out that app you mentioned and it's super clean and minimal ui. I like it a lot. Here's the link in case anybody else wants to check it out.


          • Daveon Jackson

            I did the same thing i'm happy i decided to check out the app after Fatal1ty metioned it. It is very clean and very nice i just don't really like red so i hate the icon. I'm hoping a future update adds a grid view someday.

          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

            Yup, I'm not a fan of the app icon either, it kinda looks out of place while there are Google stock apps around it, but for now it'll do.

            I'm just hoping that Google makes their own simple and clean file manager someday, it's a shame that Android STILL doesn't have one after all these years. How hard could it be to make a really lightweight and easy-to-use explorer app? Or at least Google could've bought a certain developer, like they did with Timely and Quickoffice

          • Daveon Jackson
          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

            The keyword is "step". I'm guessing that Google intends to expand upon this with next Android release, to finally satisfy the need to immediately install a 3rd party file manager (due to lack of one by default) AND get rid of a separate "Downloads" app and integrate it straight into Google Drive. I really feel like that app is so useless, I never even open it, but when I do it's just a pop-up window, so it's like an interactive widget really

          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

            Yeah, you're welcome. I like how the app autodetects certain types of media present on your device and adds the categories in the left sidebar accodrdingly, and vice versa. It makes it easier to navigate through the files without even searching for a specific directory, and doesn't stack lots of empty categories, which keeps the app with a clean look if you don't have much stuff packed into the internal memory (/sdcard/0/emulated)

        • phillip martin

          I like Mi File Explorer. Its got a simple clean interface just like Проводник but it also has skins. Its not in the Play Store (yet) so here's a link to the XDA thread;


      • abobobilly

        As much as i argee with you on this, don't doubt for a milli second about Root Explorer being THE DAD of all the explorers on Android. It NEVER fails at "root" related tasks ... NEVER.

        Ironically, i am also using Solid Explorer for i consider it the 2nd best app for its splendid dual pane design. Never have i thought i'd "Replace" Root Explorer with some app, and then Solid Explorer came in. Pick & Drag FTW.

  • Grahaman27

    Zarchiver has been serving me well, but ill check this out.

    • rolo143

      I'm a Zarchiver user too.. Does this app works better than Zarchiver? Just to be sure and give this a try...

  • someone755

    "/.../ on Windows, where it costs cash money."
    Most people consider that money a donation.

  • Paul_Werner

    Most of the time I'm just extracting files from a zip, 7zip, or rar file and Total Commander handles that just fine. Nice to see more apps that can handle this (and then some) though... you know for choice

  • Jezz_X

    Wow thats some bad icons look like they are copied straight from the windows app

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      I think they are. But I guess it can't be helped, WinRAR on Windows itsn't a pretty application either

  • jules

    Now also using Zarchiver. Very important to me is full 7-zip support on mobile device concerning archiver-apps. Better encryption (256 aes) in case of need than rar (128 aes). On PC 7-zip also my first choice since a few years. Never issues with too long filenames in contrary to Wintar.

    • rolo143

      Did you give this a try? Is it better than Zarchiver?

    • Jalec

      True, but you have to complement it with some recovery format like Parchive/Par2/MultiPar, because current 7z didn't support any parity bits / recovery record.

      With Winrar I always use at least 4% recovery record to combat bit-rot. I don't want to archive my file only to find out 5 years later its corrupt and cannot be opened. With Winrar at least I can try repair archive or do partial extract.

  • cas_e

    Oh hi, Ice Cream Sandwich..

  • http://www.geordienorman.com/ George Byers

    Sorry I just have to post this -

  • Jeff

    Bye bye easy unrar lite

    Welcome RAR!


  • Vinay N S

    Zarchiver still the best I've tried till today

    • Kasnadi Ajisuksmoyo


  • Maxime Henrion

    The 90's called, they want their compression algorithm back.

  • d

    WinRAR is free. Why would anyone buy the full version?

    • someone755

      Because the dev asks nicely...?

    • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

      Better question, why would anyone use it when there's open-source solutions like 7-Zip that don't nag you with a pop-up when you use it?

  • Chris Lear

    It's always been available free on Windows, the trial never expires.