Motorola's Spotlight Player, available only for the Moto X, serves you interactive films stuck somewhere between being as involving as a game and as passive as a movie. Motorola's first "Spotlight Story" came out late last year with the name Windy Day. The film, created by Ratatouille director Jan Pinkava, tasked players with moving their Moto Xs around to find items and trigger parts of the experience. Now another story is available by the name of Buggy Night (this time directed by animator Mark Oftedal), and it works much the same way.

BuggyNight1 BuggyNight2 BuggyNight3

This impressive software comes to us from the talented ATAP team. Motorola pulled its announcement post for some reason, but you can find the full text below.

Last year, on October 29th, we introduced the world to a mouse, a hat and a little windy trouble brought to life by immersive storytelling technology. That was the first Spotlight Story. It was called Windy Day.
Ready for another story? How about a buggy one. At night. With a little trouble too.

Continuing our work with award-winning storytellers, Buggy Night was directed by veteran animator Mark Oftedal along with much of the Windy Day team, including Caldecott winning illustrator and writer Jon Klassen and Academy award-winning producer Karen Dufilho-Rosen.
With each Spotlight Story we’re uncovering more ground -- both technologically and creatively. We’re continuing to explore novel storytelling possibilities for mobile. Possibilities that are revealed when mobile is considered a true medium, rather than just a smaller screen. We’re finding out what happens at the intersection of hardware, software, and content.
Technologically, Buggy Night takes interactivity and immersiveness to the next level. For this story, we created seamless interactivity by leveraging Android 4.4 KitKat graphics capabilities applied to a true 360-degree environment. Creatively, this meant that we had to tell a story that unfolds where you choose to look —and where you don’t.


Keep an eye on your Moto X and see what happens when your phone catches the latest Spotlight bug going around.


If you missed our first Spotlight Story, Windy Day, you can check it out in the new Library section of Spotlight Player. And to keep up to date on all things Spotlight Stories, follow our Tumblr or join our Google+ Community.

Posted by Rachid El-Guerrab, Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP)

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  • ED-Z が あらわれた!

    Now I want a interactive "I Want My Hat Back".

  • jamaall

    Not for the droids though. Verizon will not allow it.

  • ryan

    Does anyone know how to replay the video if I've missed it? I clicked on the bug just to see what it was but couldn't watch the video at the time so I exited out of it. Now I can't seem to find how to play it.

    • dude

      You have to put the Spotlight's widget on your home screen and press on it.

      • ryan

        Thanks dude. Was looking at the apps

  • Mike Kister

    Not on my Moto X but I don't have KitKat yet :(

  • simp1istic

    Really enjoyed this, so did the GF. Stuff like this is "bloat" i'm totally OK with. Well done Lenovo (Hah)

  • MichaelR

    i love my x. I hope Lenovo doesn't screw them up.

  • sonny cox

    When will it be out?
    Wish y'all could make more and at a faster pace. Create a second creative and development team completely separate from each other.

    My family lives this ....all our other family and friends love it. About 2 out of 5 people got a moto x after playing spotlight player.........give exact dates of when next one will be available.

    Also, while working on next story.....have a creative team that can work on 'updates' to original story......it gets boring playing same one over and over.....but if you give regular updates that slightly change the story, ex., like new animal characters, add a river, show a space station in space, and replace it with other scenes so each time it is a new movie but still the same story......hire me and I'll give regular ideas about how to make it cooler for everyday people like myself and those around me... Only $20,000 a year. ;-)