It's that time again. Another bundle of games has hit the web courtesy of the Humble Bundle folks, and as always, they're charging the sweet price of whatever-you-feel-like-paying. There are six games up for grabs this time around, with two requiring you to pay over the average.

So let's take a look at what's available in Humble Mobile Bundle 4.


Regardless how much you pay, the Humble Bundle will let you walk out with a digital version of the popular board game Catan ($3.99), the jetski racer Riptide GP2 ($2.99), the parkour simulator Vector ($0.99), and that game where you shoot zombies from the comfort of an AC-130 gunship - Zombie Gunship ($0.99).

If you pay over the average, then you also get the absolutely gorgeous sidecroller Badland and the military strategy game Breach & Clear. Considering it's currently hovering at around $3.00, you might as well take the plunge.

Humble Mobile Bundle 4

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Matthew Fry

    The average was like 2.98 when I bought so if you own some of these already, like me, grab it early.

    • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

      Average is $3.11 now. I was waiting for the Play Store 2 year promotion to go live. But I'm guessing it will be a disappointment. So, Humble Bundle it is. Bought. :)

  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

    Question - How does Humble Bundle make sure that the apps are not pirated after sale? i.e. anyone can just pay $3 and then put all the APKs up on their website. What am I missing?

    • h4rr4r

      Nothing. That is the point.
      You can't stop piracy anyway and the only people hurt when you try are honest folks.

      • farnigel

        Yep. GoG.com, ikoid.com, and so on, follow the same principle, and as someone who pays for the games I do prefer them without DRM.

    • polo421

      They don't know. It's a positive. I've given copies of all my games to my son and niece. I wouldn't buy at all if I couldn't do that (I don't play games on mobile).

    • Cheeseball

      They don't. They're supposed to be DRM-free, so if the developers wish to distribute their games this way, that's their choice.

      Since the developers are following the honesty policy, it's expected that customers do the same to encourage more games to be made. Those who don't follow it are idiots anyway.

    • Alan Shearer

      They don't, but they are also aware of how easy it is to take an apk form the store, modify it to be drm free, and distribute it. So this kind of runs on the honor code.

      Besides, the average consumer will not try to either pirate or distribute the apk.

    • SuperMario7

      Most of the Humble Bundle sales are DRM free across Android/Windows/OSX/Linux, we get some Steam bundles which obviously have DRM, but I've got completely DRM free versions of Alan Wake and it's expansion through Humble Bundle for my PC which was quite amazing. I think in this latest bundle, Badland on it's own is worth the money!

    • Robotech_Master

      They don't. I wrote an interesting article about the relationship the Humble Bundle has with piracy. (I do hope that if this post goes into moderation, they'll approve it. :) At one point, a Humble developer estimated that as many as 25% of the games that were downloaded were done so via reposted pirated links.


  • heike1975

    Catan... The mother of In-App Purchases ;)...

  • Ray Sunghwa Woo

    I wish there is Play Store game code to redeem the games like Steam.

    • alamarco

      Same, that would so much better. If the game(s) has bugs we lose out and don't get updates. Unless Humble keeps the links updated, which I doubt.

      • runderekrun

        Have you ever bought a humble bundle? Yes they update their apps on there.

        • sean

          They don't. The develpers do the updating. Thus not all of the developers do proper updating. For instance. Star Command is still buggy since their first update and hasn't been rectified since . That update happened less than a week after it came out on HB. A person on a different site has been keeping tabs on the updates and many of the games are behind on updates in comparison to Google Play. Nowhere as bad as Amazon.
          For me personally, the games Hero Academy, Waking Mars, and Gemini Rue do nto move to the sd card on my galaxy s4 but I had purchased them on the Play Store and sure enough they do.

      • Cheeseball

        No, the (the developers) do keep the games updated.

        • Polyanskiy Daniil

          Not always. The example is Puch Quest.

          • Cheeseball

            Updated last february for me here.

    • Robotech_Master

      The thing is that sometimes the versions of games you get through these bundles are different from the ones from the app store. For example, the Zombie Gunship thing I mentioned above, or the way that the Badlands game includes all in-app purchases already unlocked. So they need to use their own separate distribution method. Which, of course, only works if you're able to set your device to allow third party installations. (If you have a Nook HD, you basically have to root it and flash Cyanogenmod.)

      I could wish that the Humble Android app wasn't so obnoxious, though. Sometimes it stops right in the middle of a download and you have to just restart the download again.

  • Robotech_Master

    Interesting note about the version of Zombie Gunship in this bundle: in-app real-money purchases are disabled. (I did get the coin store to pop up once, due to a game glitch, but their support told me it wasn't supposed to happen.) The only way to get extra coins outside of gameplay is to watch 15-second commercials for 1,500 coins (or a 20% boost to the number of coins you just earned in your mission) each. Or, you can go to Limbic's web site and buy a $25 + $5 shipping tee shirt and get emailed a code good for two million coins, a $50 value.

    Otherwise, to be able to buy more coins, you have to buy the version from the app store.

    • anon

      yeah, humble bundle removes microtransactions to try to make it seem like you're buying something more premium, but its sorta bullshit

      • Mindsunwound

        Except with catan apparently which is just a game client and comes with no real content unless you shell out for more in the play store.

        • gabbo

          Have you played Catan at all? It's just like the $40 board game (or the $3 android version). If you're bent out of shape because they don't include expansion packs for free, then maybe you should just go back to pirating games. Jerk.

          • Mindsunwound

            While I will not say I have never pirated a game in my life, I have not done so as an adult, which gives me 18 years of paying for video games. I have not played Catan before, but what you call expansion packs is any content at all besides a bare bones game client. To create an analogue to this offering; let's say someone told you that you were buying the entirety of the Dungeons and Dragons experience, but what you got for your investment was one 20 sided die and a figurine of a tree. This is essentially what we have gotten with the Catan for Android that was included in the bundle.

            If that is the owner of catan's business model, so be it. Where I have a real problem is in how it is so very different from the spirit of the Humble Bundle. I'll have you know that the Humble Bundle is where is do the majority of my charitable donating, my concern is that for those people who are just now experiencing the Humble Bundle phenomena, they will take the bilking ways of Catan as an example of how the charity is run, which in my experience is not the case. Never before to my knowledge have they sold a game without the game in one of their bundles.

  • Feralprowler

    The bundle comes with the 6.1.0 version of catan instead of the 6.1.1 version. This means it suffers from a glitch that makes the game relock your inapp purchases and doesn't let you use them. There's no way to manually update the app, the developer said to contact humble bundle and humble bundle hasn't responded.

  • Rob

    Yep.. first two games I tried were filled with ads and in-app purchases, so why did I pay money to Humble Bundle for them? I'll be watching their future releases with less interest.