Has your AT&T Galaxy Note 3 been having trouble finding and keeping a GPS signal? Then you're in good company, if the posts from aggravated users on AT&T's official support forums and XDA are any indication. One of these users contacted us to complain, and we can confirm that it's a problem with at least some AT&T Galaxy Note 3 units - one of the AP team member's personal phones demonstrates the same behavior.

This seems like pretty typical bad behavior from possibly faulty GPS radios. Most affected users are reporting simply unreliable performance with frequent cut-outs, often in the same physical locations. (The AP team member reports that his Note 3 will drop GPS where other phones do not, including an AT&T Galaxy S4.) at least one reported that GPS will die when the charger is plugged in or taken out, and another thinks the problems may start when switching between cell towers or HSPA/LTE. Others have had success with completely wiping their phones or disabling all non-standard apps that use location services, which could indicate a software problem rather than faulty hardware.


We haven't heard of these problems with the international version of the Galaxy Note 3 or other carrier variants. That could mean that the issues are unique to AT&T's hardware, or not - after all, a huge portion of the Note 3 units sold in the United States will be those specifically made for AT&T. A software update might be able to fix the problem, but users who have called in to AT&T say that their customer support isn't even aware of the issue. However, there is at least one reply from the official AT&T Twitter account that indicated someone is working on a solution.

Right now the AT&T Note 3 is overdue for a KitKat update compared to some other carriers  - even Samsung's official page for the AT&T phone says it should be running 4.4 - but the OTA update doesn't appear to be live. We could be optimistic and say that perhaps AT&T and Samsung are trying to fix the problem before sending out the update. If you've been having problems getting a reliable GPS signal on your AT&T Galaxy Note 3 (or any other Note 3 variant), drop us a line in the comments. There's also a Change.org petition on the subject, for whatever good that will do.

Source: XDA, AT&T Support - thanks, Travis Clay!

Michael Crider
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  • Kenne Phimmasonsouk

    Was happening with my gs4 on 4.3 jellybean... It was hard to acquire a signal so basically navigating was worthless. My moto x on kit Kat doesn't have that problem.

  • http://SocialMediarology.com Jeremy A Williams

    Anyone know when KitKat is coming to the Verizon GS4? Seems like it should be here by now - 4 months after release already...

  • lloyd

    Att note 3 here, I have all the same problems with gps. It never works correctly.

  • Eddie Hooper

    Mine is definitely not as reliable as my s4 or even my iPhone was.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Yup, this bullshit happening on my Note 3 on AT&T. Loses GPS reception all the time in places every other phone works just fine, including the wife's AT&T GS4.

    I hope they sort it out soon because it's just embarrassing to have widespread and serious issues like that at this point.

    • BizzyB

      My fiance keeps saying...well it works on the iPhone...maybe you should get an iPhone... thanks AT&T. =/

      • Stewart Taylor

        When and if Apple ever decided to step into the 21st Century and up the screen size...I think they will finally give Android a run for there money.

        • Stewart Taylor

          Heck even my eye doctor says that the iPhone is bad for your eyes because of the screen size.

          • Some dude

            Good joke. But cellphones bigger than iPhone started to appear about 2 or 3 years ago. So it doesn't have much sense. Nevertheless, I think iPhone 6 will be bigger and BOOM

          • Stewart Taylor

            Hopefully the iPhone will be bigger on the next release so it can get back into the cell phone game. It's always been a good solid phone with excellent build quality hands down. But like I said the screen size needs to be updated to gain back the competitive edge it used to have.

          • chris tragedia

            lol.. iphone is horrible.. heres and idea try and copy your contacts to your sim without jailbreaking.. or better yet.. go get a nice new phone not of applehell and swap your sim.. let me know how many of your friends messages you get.. the problem with apple is not the screen size it is OS... keep your credit card info on your iphone .. just don't get to close to a droid user...

      • Some dude

        Well your fiancé is right. iPhone has a better App Store, it's SO is more optimized, and if you add jailbreak (for customization and unofficial but cool tweaks, then it's the best phone)... Even if you don't add jailbreak it's the best phone...

        • BizzyB

          Did you come to a dedicated Android forum just to troll about iPhone superiority? What a waste of time.

          • Craig HouseMusic Earnest

            Hahaha, I was thinking the exact same thing. If you all love Apple so much, then how about you leave this forum and find an Apple forum. Geez!

          • Stewart Taylor

            Hater part 2

          • Some dude

            I like apple. But that doesn't mean I don't like android. I like android too. One thing don't exclude the other. Noob

          • Stewart Taylor


          • BizzyB

            How does that make me a hater? This is an Android website. None of us care how good you think the iPhone is. Seriously.

          • Stewart Taylor

            LOL!!! calm down man its just a jive forum dude that's all. At the end of the day nobody especially ATT or Apple cares about how we feel about there phones. They know we will be back for more because there no one else to buy from. No need to be calling people trolls or other names over company's that don't even know or care if you or I exist...LOL!!!! Seriously. I think people are wound so tight these days that it doesn't take much to set them off. Seriously...it's not that serious.

          • BizzyB

            Actually I'm not even upset. Just curious how iPhone fanboyism adds to this conversation, that's all. My original comment was only meant to be a tongue-in-cheek joke that many Android users can understand...

          • Stewart Taylor

            I'm not really an iPhone fan I just give credit where credit is due. Hell the HTC One is an android phone and it has a working GPS and better build quality. Look man at the end of the day America has a love affair with Samsung for now. One day they are all going to wake up and realize that there phones are made of cheap plastic but pack a lot of cheesy software gimmicks to get you to buy in to it. And now that I think of it I would look at another HTC phone before I buy any other phone. I have had HTC phones in the past and the build quality is the top notch as well. So to sum this all up for build quality...HTC or iPhone...for software gimmicks and cheap plastic construction...Samsung.
            Again I'm not an iPhone fan but am willing to become one because I need a working solid phone.

          • BizzyB

            I hear you, but I went with the Note 3 for its large display, high-end internals, and large battery. I understand build quality is a bit lower, but at the end of the day I use my phone, not make love to it.

          • Stewart Taylor

            I use mine as well and not make love to it...even though we are both fingering our phones all the time for the most part by using the touchscreen...LOL!!! pun intended...LOL!!! ATT and Samsung love customers like you because most people won't even notice the broken GPS. I just happen to like getting what I paid for and will not settle for less ever. I don't have a money tree in my yard as most of us don't so being ripped off by Samsung and ATT doesn't feel good at all. But hey...if people have money to pay for a 300.00 or 800.00 phone and to have it not function as advertised and they are okay with it...must be nice. I happen to work for living so money doesn't come easy. I like getting what I paid for and I don't recall a working GPS to be optional on this phone.

          • BizzyB

            Which is exactly why I'm one of the ones ranting the loudest about my GPS.That is my Twitter picture above in the article after all. You think I knew it was broken when I bought it? I expect functionality but I don't care that much about brushed aluminum backs if my phone works. I actually think the build quality on the Note 3 is nice and the plastic keeps it light for such a big phone.

          • Stewart Taylor

            Yeah that's something else I don't understand when I comes to cell phones. Why in the world do people care if the phone is light weight...it's not whipped cream..it's an electronic device. If spend 300.00 to 800.00 for a phone I want feel something in my hand. Making it lighter by building it with plastic does nothing for me. I would rather have my phone a little heavy if needed to make the GPS work. Well I got mine rooted and managed to do it with out tripping the nox sensors. It still shows at 0. So if I needed to return it to ATT I could. The GPS works now and I'm on Kitkat. Don't see what the big deal was about kitkat but..oh well.

          • Keith Boror

            I phone jailbroken was slow as shit by the way. Maybe not any more but back when I did have an iPhone it was. (IPhone 4)

          • Keith Boror

            Oops don't know why it direct it at you Stewart. Didn't mean to.

        • Stewart Taylor

          Yeah I think most people are starting to realize that. The day of the plastic Samsung phones are hopefully numbered. The most solid phone Samsung ever put out with good build quality was the Samsung Captivate and even then the touchwiz software rained the phone.

        • Derrick Amundsen

          I just hope the iPhone 6 comes with the lightening connector, it makes such a difference for charging and transferring files and pictures. My new bose dock sounds so much better with it too, I would never want a phone without the lightening connector. You'd have to be crazy to have a phone without it.

        • Mitch Harmon

          I used to be an iPhone guy but got sick of them releasing a new phone but barely making changes. Then there is being a Slave to iTunes. I can download music for free right on my phone. I never have to plug into iTunes just to add music or a ring tone. I Jailbreak my iPhone and it ran horribly. That does not make the phone better. I love my note 3. I loved my s3 and note 2 as well. An iPhone is a good phone but not the best anymore by far.

          • Somedude

            You are saying you can't download pirate music for free in iPhone? Well your wrong men hahahahahhaha....

            Jailbreak ran horrible? Lie. It doesn't. Nevertheless, in samsung if you don't root and put a custom rom it does ran horrible, so there you go.

          • Somedude

            You are saying you can't download pirate music for free on an iPhone? Hahahhahaha omg men... There's an app for that 😎

            iTunes is excellent to make backups.

            Jailbreak doesn't ran horrible. That's a lie. Jailbreak is very good, but not necessary. In the other hand, in Samsung if you don't root and put a custom rom to delete the bloatware, it DOES ram horrible, so there you go.

            You say apple don't make a lot of chances, and then you go and buy.... Samsung? Paaaaaahahhahahhahahahhahhaha😂😂😂😂

        • honeybooboo

          iPhone sends its users to go to Narnia when they were just trying to get to the nearest Taco Bell. I understand that could be seen as a positive,..

          • Some dude

            So you think the only gps you can use on iPhone is Apple maps right?

            I think you are not very intelligent.

        • zil

          Hell yeah! Android have long way to go to catch up iPhone.

      • Alan Gourlay


      • Bulio

        I'd use an android with no gps before I ever use another iphone.

  • Derrick Amundsen

    Interesting. I guess I don't use my gps very often on my note 3 on ATT. I just tried it and yeah, I have the same problem, just never noticed it. Weird.

  • Monte

    Come to think of it.. not only have I been getting that particular issue, but also it hangs up on "searching for GPS Signal" as well. My phone will lock up at that point. The other issue I'm having is that no matter what car dock APP, there is ABSOLUTELY NO INDICATION of who is calling, who I am calling, or if anyone beeps in on call waiting. I get a bright white screen, except for the dial pad. Any patch or way around that?

  • Ricky

    My Note 3 on AT&T also has had the same issue since the device was release. I noticed that when using Google maps that it sometimes does not zoom in correctly or recognize that I am moving.

    • Anna M

      My att note 3 has always lost connection as well.

  • BizzyB

    I've got the issue. In fact I'm the person on Twitter above. I'm hoping for a fix. Users are reporting replacing AT&T's GPS files with the international versions fixes the issue (unfortunately requires root), and a factory reset works for 24-48 hours after a factory reset (or forever if you never insert a SIM), which definitely suggests it's something in AT&T software. I received a phone call on Friday from someone at AT&T executive customer relations that says they are aware of it and are working on it. Only timeframe they could give was "soon". I hope it's sooner rather than later. I'd love this phone otherwise. Thanks for picking up this story though. It really needs more traction.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      What's the root method nowadays anyway? Is there something that works on the latest firmware?

      • BizzyB

        For the Note 3, I think it's Kingo Root last I checked. Not sure though. I usually wait to root until after the 1 year warranty period has expired.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          That's one root method I'm not going to touch with a 10-foot pole.

          • deV14nt

            The method on xda has worked for a couple months now. (MJ5) It's hard to find in that forum, but was originally by evilpotatoman. I've had my Note 3 rooted since then, without tripping kn0x and without using kingo. It amazes me how many people recommend kingo. But that forum needs some stickies or something.

          • BizzyB

            Yeah, and you get yelled at if you happen to ask something that already has been asked...even in the Q&A...even if you searched for an hour first and couldn't find it. :P Some helpful people over there, but some real pricks too.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            You mean http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2559715? Maybe I'll wait to see if the KitKat firmware gets rooted the same way and then take the plunge.

          • deV14nt

            Yeah that's it. You can download the stuff from the earlier steps then start at step 5 if you have the current MJ5. I'm not sure why it hasn't been split off to a separate HOWTO for that. KitKat can probably be done the same way with updated files.

          • Derrick Amundsen

            I used Kingo root about 5 months ago. No stolen IMEI's or identity. Yet. haha

  • realitysconcierge

    It's the Samsung Vibrant all over again

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      And GS2. And many other Samsung phones.

  • BizzyB

    GPS signal lost is a constant problem when driving around. The phone will not reacquire GPS no matter how long you wait. I did download GPS status app and whenever I launch it the GPS signal comes back. It's a crappy workaround, but it works in a when you absolutely need GPS (like out of town in a rental car with just your phone). Dangerous to do while driving though...

    • StormbladeX69

      Friend has the same issue and workaround on the AT&T S4 Active since the 4.3 update.

      • Junr

        My AT&T S4 Active is doing the same thing since the 4.3 update if I use google maps, if I use Copilot it works fine.

    • deV14nt

      I haven't experienced this at all. Bought my Note 3 around Christmas. I use it daily for bus routes. It always has my position ready to go.

      • BizzyB

        You're on AT&T? Are you actually navigating constantly or just turning it on to check? Are your routes more than a few miles where you would be bouncing between LTE, HSPA, etc.? If you don't even have LTE in your area this may never affect you.

        • deV14nt

          Almost blanketed LTE, though I'm sure it switches to HSPA+ occasionally. I'm not talking more than a few miles. And I rarely keep it up for more than a couple minutes, though I know it takes more work to fix on a position the way I use it than leaving it up. Only problem I've ever had with it was losing network connection for maps, not the GPS. It's basically been perfect.

          • BizzyB

            That's what I'm saying. My GPS typically works for awhile and then cuts out. It locks on great for short trips. It doesn't maintain GPS lock and won't reacquire on longer trips. That's why I think you're not experiencing it. Mine tends to happen when driving all the way from one end of town to another with GPS on.

  • zmoney

    Had the same problem a while back and totally missed some turns. Was cruising right along waiting for the next turn prompt but it never came. After about 10 miles I was like, "where the hell is my F'n turn at?". Shuts down frequently.

  • Stewart Taylor

    Yep the GPS on the ATT branded Note 3 is broken. It's been broken since day one. ATT is pulling Scooby doo on acknowledging the problem and more then likely have told there customer service reps to do the same. As long as they can keep recycling the returned refurbished phones to people who want to return there's...that's the most they will do. Unfortunately the Kitkat update will not fix the problem and ATT knows it. They are just hoping there won't make too much noise made about it. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on the ATT network is a phone that should be avoided at all cost. I believe ATT is placing there bets that most of there users don't even know the phone has GPS or will never us that feature anyway.
    They knew the phone had issues before they even sold them but probably needed to confirm... that's why the first batch of phones that they release are "beta phones" test phones. The only thing is that it will cost you about 300.00 to 800.00 to become an ATT beta tester.
    Unfortunately the only thing that will fix this issue is to root your phone and install another ROM totally deleting any ATT software from the phone as most of it is garbage software anyway. Doing this will void your warranty allowing ATT to turn you away if you need to return the phone. So you see it's a win win situation for ATT which is why they are hoping people with that beta version of the Note 3 will just root the phone and go away. I just went out and brought a Garmin and chalked it up as being ripped off by ATT...not Samsung because the international version of the phone is solid as per usual.
    On another final side note...We all need to stop buying phones for what they promise to do in the future with firmware updates. Just buy the phone for what it can do out the box....that way your not disappointed waiting around for a firmware update that usually anti-climatic anyway.
    I have another upgrade coming up soon and will more than likely wait for the next iPhone to be released. Say what you want about those phone but the build quality is better than anything Samsung has put out and the software is solid and stable. They need to step into the 21 century and update the screen size...but they are pretty hard headed about that.
    Unfortunately switching to a carrier like T-Mobile is not an option because there service is just bad all around...and I have no idea how Sprint is even still in business. I don't like Verizon...never have.

    • Blake Forehand

      If you are thinking about switching to an iPhone over build quality I don't even have to read your comment to know you are buying Samsung. I still don't understand why people still buy their crap. Motorola has always been known for having the best built quality (HTC being a close second) and by FAR the best radios (cell and WiFi). Back when I had a Droid Razr and a Galaxy Nexus the Razr would clock in at 20-35% faster when sitting side by side on the same network no matter what. Plus, Motorola phones now rock the closest thing you can get to AOSP on any non-Nexus device. The only big complaint I used to have with Moto was their slow-as-all-hell updates but that has been fixed recently.

      • BizzyB

        Not sure where you have been, but Moto build quality is not so great anymore. Maybe it has something to do with them losing money faster than they can make it. Even Google couldn't save them before they offloaded 'em. The Razr Maxx I had had a weak soldered headphone jack slot that would only work if you turned the headphone jack a certain way and it would frequently short out. Replacement one I got had same problem. HTC One is some nice built kit though.

  • Stewart Taylor

    The phone is fine until ATT gets there hands on it. The international version of the phone is damn near flawless. I believe it's ATT's navigation app that has replaced the original files gps files that came with the phone. I have no idea why in the world ATT thinks that people will pay 10.00 a month for gps navigation when it's free everywhere. Not to mention the ATT navigation app is poorly designed, clunky and extremely heavy. It does nothing special that for 10.00 a month that WAZ and Google doesn't do for free. Why they keep putting it on there phones is beyond me.

    • Derrick Amundsen

      I agree, AT&T wrecks the phone. Without a doubt.

      The best thing I ever did was root my Note 3, goodbye AT&T Code Scanner, AT&T Drive Mode, AT&T Family Map, AT&T Hot Spots, AT&T Locker, AT&T Messages, AT&T Smart WiFi, AT&T Navigator, ChatON.

  • dre

    Happens on my note 3 all the time. My only complaint on this phone

  • Dante

    Note 3 AT&T here and having serious GPS issues. I relied on it while driving during a snowstorm and got lost in the highways. Not using it anymore for GPS, and not getting another android from AT&T.

  • knightwing

    GPS signal lost. GPS signal lost. GPS signal lost. That's all this damn phone says anymore. Please fix this. I have 2 note 3 phones and both do the same thing.

  • guion Ingram

    Yes after my 4.3 update my note 3 is all jacked up gps and signal lost.

  • knightwing

    Oh and as for the Apple I PHONE comment someone posted earlier. I would rather have a broken note 3 then to go back to an iPhone.

    • Blake Forehand

      You know you can reply to comments directly right?

    • jleguai

      I do backed to iphone.... but just for a couple of weeks, waiting the HTC M8!!!... sorry for the iphone fans, but it is not the best anymore...

  • bilbreyjr

    At&t Note 3 here with the same issue. Wiping phone to scratch was a big waist of time. No improvements. Found if you stop and start GPS from notification shade it locks onto GPS for an undetermined amount of time, but still totally unreliable. Have to carry my Garvin also because I just can't rely on it. Thanks At&t.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      That's my temporary solution as well, it at least lets me regain GPS when it gets lost and I need to make a turn soon, even if it only works for a few minutes.

      Kind of makes you wonder if the court that allowed the use of maps on mobile while driving in California the other day should have put in a provision that the device isn't losing GPS every 5 minutes, which makes one fiddle with the device more than is probably safe.

    • StormbladeX69

      Have you tried using GPS Status & Toolbox to get a fix? It seems to usually update it, but stops tracking pretty quickly again once you leave the app. Friend's AT&T S4 Active.

  • jleguai

    Guys, This is not only for AT&T, I had the same problem with my Note 3, the international version, and the carrier told me, this is a problem registered since the S4, some samsung handsets (S4s and Note 3s) have this problem, they told me the procedure to fix it is to do a factory reset, if that doesn't fix the problem, then they better change the handset, that is what happened to me, i Change it but for another model!!!

    • BizzyB

      You might have a different issue. This is specifically related to GPS signal lost while driving around (switching towers) and plugging in a charger. It's definitely software related, because replacing AT&T's GPS files on a rooted phone fixed it for everyone who tried. Also, people have tested this phone for a week with no AT&T SIM card in it and it worked just fine. A day or so after the AT&T SIM was replaced, it downloaded some AT&T files and stopped working. We'll see what happens. Replacing hardware hasn't fixed it for anyone.

      • jleguai

        mmm, maybe is software as you say, but I had exactly the same problem, GPS signal lost, cant find GPS signal, etc. but at least I can confirm that it happened in the international version too, as I am not the only one with the problem with the int. version..

  • Michael

    Definitely have been experiencing the same problem with my at&t note 3. Hopefully this issue gets fixed ASAP... Come on AT&T, make it happen

  • johnnc

    I have had this issue using TMobile from the day I received the phone. When I called them I was ignored .

  • Glenn Bolton

    ATT Note 3 here...and familiar with this issue as well. I was in downtown Dallas recently and needed walking directions to Jury Duty and WHAM!, no GPS. A $700 phone shouldn't be having something as basic as GPS issues...and since it does, ATT should be on it like gangbusters to get it fixed.

  • BizzyB

    I'd encourage everyone to go to this AT&T thread and click "Me Too" on the first post. I know it's another account to register, but it helps get it noticed.


  • StormbladeX69

    I have a friend that has been having a very similiar issues with an AT&T S4 Active since the 4.3 update. Ingress will not track most of the time. Have to constantly pull up GPS Status & Toolbox, and even if it was used to get a fix 5 minutes before, GPS Status reports the last fix was hours before...

  • Matthew Shapiro

    The issue is AT&T's bloatware. Specifically, the subscription navigation software AT&T adds, which is superfluous given the free Google Maps navigation system, is at fault. It crashes the GPS driver module, and AT&T is holding up Kitkat because they're still trying to tie their bloatware into 4.4.

  • Stewart Taylor

    Well rooted my phone...added and installed new ROM. Went to work and back using GPS for about 4 hrs straight no problem at all. Purposely plugged it in and unplugged it a few times while driving to see if it would drop the signal and the Damn thing works flawlessly. I figured the phone is a POS now anyway and returning it to ATT they would just send me someone else's POS phone they turned in with a broken GPS anyway. They would just polish it up real good is all. Anyway now I have 4.4 kitkat and a flawless GPS and a phone without ATT bloatware on it...problem solved. But I can tell you this ....never again ATT. Fool me once shame on you...blah blah blah....

    • J Buell

      Which KitKat ROM did you load, and how? Can you provide a link? I just loaded the X-Note 7.0 ROM (Jelly Bean), which did fix the GPS problem, but I figure at this point I'll need to be responsible for my own KitKat update, too.

  • wasp777g

    I have the same issues here in Oklahoma. Does seem like LTE switching has an effect. Another thing I've noticed is it happens a lot with Waze but hardly ever with Google maps. I'm hoping this is a software related issue, there's alway good chance of that when AT&T is involved.

    • J Buell

      What I noticed is that Waze detects the problem and alerts immediately, while Google Maps takes longer. But I'm driving with Google Maps and end a call via the steering wheel controls, the car icon on Google Maps immediately stops moving, and then about a minute later Google Maps reports "GPS Signal Lost".

  • J Buell

    Happens to my Note3 when I get a call, terminate a call, or travel certain paths, which seems to be tied to switching between 4G and 4G LTE (in either direction). AT&T and Samsung were both unable to resolve, and a replacement phone from AT&T exhibited the same problem. In desperation, I installed X-Note 7 ROM and the problem went away.

  • Clay A.

    I've been having this issue too. What seems to work for me is turning off power saving mode. It's not a fix but the gps does run smoother. The at&t customer service rep (who has the phone and has had the same issue.) Explained to me that Samsung's power saving mode kills any app that it thinks the phone isn't using. Gps being the first to go. Turn it off and it will run better. *not 100% perfect but better.

    • BizzyB

      My power saving mode has been disabled the whole time. In fact it comes by default as disabled with it set to automatically turn on at 20%. I'm not sure why they told you that was a fix. It's really only meant to be used when your phone is in a low battery state and you want to save power anyway.

  • EmberSparks

    Guess what I work for AT&T and believe it or not when it comes to issues like this, there isn't much a representative can do other than sit there while people yell at them about phone issues. I have a note 3 and deal with the same issue but you have to also consider when the software is made it is done BEFORE the carriers get their hands on it and add their apps/bloatware what ever you wanna call it sometimes making it incompatible with the phone. The only thing AT&T can update is the apps they specifically make, all other updates come from the manufacturers same with HTC most of their phones in the one series have problems with sim cards not being detected and again blame it on the carrier when they have nothing to do with it because it's a faulty sim tray in the phone. My boyfriend had this issue with his S4 and then kitkat came out with more bloatware but the GPS works again. Get off your high horses and stop complaining that the representatives that take your call don't care. We do but there isn't anything we can do about it but troubleshoot your talk, text and web connection and go off what the manufacturers give us on software issues. Even calling Samsung on the issue puts you at square one saying they are trying to fix it. This isn't the first time and it won't be the last time this happens

    • BizzyB

      That's completely fine if the reps actually knew about the issue and didn't tell people to send their brand new phones in for a factory refurbished phone with its own issues when it won't even fix the problem. A little communication isn't much to ask for. I don't blame the reps, I blame a lack of top-down and cross-group communication within AT&T.

      • EmberSparks

        I understand that but if Samsung doesn't admit there is an issue then we aren't suppose to say anything about it because of possible backlash from the manufacturer, if it's an issue with AT&T navigator we can help troubleshoot it make a case to fix the app if needed, but any other apps for GPS like google maps we cannot touch and help with and are told to direct you to the developer of the app. If it is a phone issue you go to the manufacturer if it's a service issue we can help. Just because we offer warranty doesn't always mean you have to take it, we offer it because the manufacturer agrees to replace it and they send the refurbished to us as replacement because of cost to them but if it is a software issue nothing we can do if you have the most up to date firmware that's offered for that device and if features or apps aren't compatible then don't use it, disable the apps and don't worry about them but either way an issue that is software related cannot be fixed without software from the manufacturers

  • J

    Yes - can't even use my Note 3 as a GPS. Completely unreliable and constantly disconnecting. Unreal.

    Might be head back to the iPhone....

  • TheVikingCES

    I had one of the faulty AT&T Galaxy Note 3's. I called up AT&T and told them about my issue, the lady who helped me out was very nice and she informed me that my device was still under warranty and that they'd send me a new one. The new one came in and it works flawlessly. My old device would immediately drop it's GPS signal so I could not use it to navigate. On a recent trip with my dad he used the GPS of his Galaxy Note 2 sitting right next to me and his worked fine while mine couldn't find me.

  • Derrick Amundsen

    Is this also happening to folks with the AT&T Note 3 who are running a custom ROM? That might be the next route I go, especially if it fixes this issue.

    • BizzyB

      As long as the ROM has the non-AT&T GPS files you're good. You just have to replace those files after root or install a ROM with the working GPS files. There are several, including some KitKat ones I think.

  • Stewart Taylor

    Also all who are going to root your phone. ..you still have to turn off LE as well. To do that in the Note 3 just dial *#*#4636#*#* scroll down to LTE and change it to GSM auto. it's sad that you have to do this but....This is what you have to deal with.

    • BizzyB

      Nah, that's not the case. Go read up on XDA. Just need to replace the GPS files or use a different ROM with working GPS files.

  • steve

    I've had gas signal lost a few times. I just hit start again and it will come back. Kind of annoying

  • Joe from the fort

    Yes I have a Samsung galaxy note 3 and have nothing but issues with the gps. Hope a fix comes soon.

  • jas ule

    Its the wireless that is giving the biggest headache im really considering moving back to iphone

  • J. Keys

    I just switched to AT &T in January and to be having issues with gps is not good I am no contemplating going back to Verizon if not fixed soon

  • Adam Schwartz

    I own a Note III and have the same issues with GPS. It really sucks. I had the same exact issues with my Samsung Captivate and Note I. I firmly believe these issue are all related. I tried furiously for 6 months to get ATT and Samsung to look into this but got nowhere. It's amazing that such a high end smartphone has such critical flaws.

  • Michael

    Mine has been going out too. Just thought I didn't have a direct line to the satellites because of my car roof or something

  • bigDnMD

    My T-Mobile version has this same issue and usually have to resort to read the step by step directions in order to get to where I am going which of course is a tremendous hassle when you are driving.

  • Phillip Ragland

    I am on my 3rd Galaxy Note. This is definitely a problem. My first Galaxy Note could not get a GPS signal at all. The second one did better, but would lose signal here and there. I have not tested the third one yet, hopefully it will be better.

  • K.Tyler

    Yes, my AT&T Note 3 has been having problems holding a GPS signal. Constantly drops regardless what map program I use but it's really bad with Google Maps. I hope the update fixes this problem...otherwise, my Note 3 has been a great device. Good thing I have navigation in my car or else I would have been extremely upset that a fix hasn't come out sooner.

  • Ace

    This is so damn annoying, everytime i use the gps it says signal lost after 5 min. Restating, resetting and changing your phones doesn't work. This has to be specifically an AT&T issue because it happens on no other carrier. I had to get a stand alone gps because of this crap. BAD FORM AT&T!!

  • jaxson

    so glad to know i am not crazy!!! i felt like google would have this down with the maps since they worked so well on iphone youd think once they made it an android thing it would be flawless since its their operating system... aghhh thought i was alone and people just dealt with it..

  • jimmerz0823

    This is my third Gal axy Note 3..... all for different reasons.... had to get a new ones Been with the note family sense Day one on release date, also launch day for note 2 and note 3... and since day 1 with this note 3 and my other 2 atnt's gps signal drop almost every time while I'm in the middle of using navigation, sometimes it's so bad I have to pull over restart my phone and pray the GPS will work long enough to get me home. Kind of upset and very disappointed.. they have no problems when it's time to collect there high ass bill every month... go figure

  • chris

    Verizon Note 3. No problems.4.3 jellybean

  • supermansidol

    Wow had no idea this was a common problem. I have had many instances where I'll be using gps turn by turn and it will tell me to turn on a street and I'm on the highway. When I look back at my phone it shows me in a residential area. The gps has worked more often than it hasn't but it is definitely annoying when it malfunctions, especially when trying to navigate unfamiliar locations.

  • http://shakespearecast.com/ Seanjay

    All. The. Time.

  • Richard Mazzara

    I'm playing ingress (GPS Google Game) Then a phone call comes in and WHACK! No GPS! How do I know? I crack open my GPS Status App and I have 0 bars of satellite connection!

  • ranarumi

    Hello guys I live in UK and I got the same problem some time gps works some time slow down and some time don't give you right pinpoint location when you stop some where.any body know what to do .

  • James

    Used to be an iPhone user they always froze up especially after the so called Ios7 that was supposed to improve everything. Wrong made iPhone even worse. Android is better hands down. Apple is no competition when it comes to performance or screen size.

  • johnny de jesus

    Is not only the AT&T version. I have the T-mobile one and as much I love the Note 3 , the GPS is pure garbage. This is my second unit ( about to go to third) . At least AT&T acknowledge it. T -MO keeps denying any problems even though I showed them in the store.

    • Brian

      What problems does your have? My TMOB Note 3 will have trouble while stopped at an intersection, first it will say i am travelling in one direction on one road, then it will say I am travelling another direction on the cross road next to me. All while I haven't moved a foot in my car. This is a pretty constant problem in various locations and conditions.

  • sasan

    Samsung Galaxy note 3 from AT&T

    Be-away of these product ,
    It Have big Problem with GPS signal Lost And Hanging the phone.

    as you can read on forum and my post too Samsung and att does not care for customer and when they promise .when i called att they say it is problem with Samsung and when i talk with Samsung they says may be some problem with att apps and other program
    at last they accept to send the phone to them after 12 day they return they not only solve the problem but also add locking the phone too??!!
    when i called them Jelo (he was a nice guy) apologized and promised me to fix it in 2 business day after they receive it with over the night UPS??!!
    i send it on Thursday morning and label showed they received it
    on Friday noon .
    but i received they opened my box in 3:45 pm Tuesday 03/04/
    and when i call them it was the expedited repair and i wrote the name Attention to repair manager( Anna )
    the customer relationship personnel i think he answering the phone out of USA answering the phone rudely and base on him professionally :
    that is it , if You are in a hurry i can send it back without repair ????!!!!

    and then disconnected the call ,,,,,
    it means Samsung don't care about costumer and their customer service and tech support and repairs are terrible.

    i was the fan of Samsung for 8 years the products and service was perfect for these years
    but know they change the policy (because they are famous now and have good sale )
    so i suggest all of my android fan if you want a good service with high quality product just try ZTE brand it is perfect with professional and polite customer service with 1/3 of price and unlock phones (ZTE P864B01)
    good luck buddies

  • annoyef

    Yes gps signal drops all the time. Using a speedometer app works for 5 mins then starts to search for signal then freezes with no change in speed. Annoying!!!!!!!!!

  • andrewbl

    Yes, I have had and continue to have the same GPS problem with my Note 3. If there are clouds, storms, or somewhat outside a major urban area...same problem; loss of signal. Worrisome if I'm in an unfamiliar area. So...what's the fix...if any?

  • Brian Bury

    Count me as another AT&T customer suffering through this GPS issue since January, this issue has been out there since release November 2013 and was just officcialy recognized by AT&T on February 17th. I have been with AT&T since the 90's and would be flabbergasted if this gets fixed by the end of March...mid April at the soonest they will finally have a solution out. Until then how about letting AT&T customers out of their contracts if they return their phones? Could you please ask AT&T that for us Brandon? Thank you so much for putting this story out there and giving us validation!

  • uselessbass

    Gs4 active on 4.3 same prob every time I switch a cell tower GPS will stop working

  • Werner Aguilar

    My AT&T Note 3 (SM-N900a) loses GPS too. Luckily, I have a navigation system in my car.

  • Paul E.

    My Verizon note 3 has crap GPS. Had read in an XDA thread that it was due to gmaps... But I'm going to ask for a warranty replacement. It's one of my most used features.

  • BizzyB

    What someone really needs to report on is how AT&T is censoring negative reviews for the device on its website.

  • pdqgp

    yes, this is a bullshit problem that I've been experience as well. I NEVER lost GPS signal on my previous phones. The AT&T Note 3 is a PIA though. Seriously better work this out or I'm going to be looking to have them move me the S5 or something....

  • Ryan Anderson

    My atat note 3 and my wifes nite 3 both have gps issues. It is so frustrating I'm wanting to get a different phone. With my job I use gps a lot.

  • Near Margalit

    Kit Kat update did not fix the Gps issue!

  • chris g

    i have the att note 3 with 4.3. i also have the 2014 galaxy note 3 10.1 wifi only. i took them both out one night,as usual,the att note 3 could not even find me on google maps which i use everyday for work. so, i connected the note 3 tab to my phone on mobile hotspot,and the tablet tracked like a garmin. i read i should root my att note 3 to get rid of the problem,but have no clue even after reading on it how to do so,and really don't want to mess up.
    also,did a factory restart,cleared everything and just like when i unboxed ,i get a notification saying a app was closed because it was trying to access the phones content or close to that.
    i'm starting to assume that they (att/google/samsung) did'nt A. know what they were doing with KNOX and other apps B.put apps on our phones that are tripping the hardware.
    i don't know,but,i'm pissed because i use the maps for work,and, i'm doing that new contract through att where you basically lease the phone per month till paid for or up for upgrade.
    i'm a hardcore samsung fan with over 15 items in my house and every phone since 2007 with them,but this reminds me when i got screwed with a motorola phone that got forgotten and everybody bailed.
    this is bull. should be re-embursed for each month i don't get full service.
    had to vent

  • Slider Lover

    I have an I phone 4 and love it . It is in an Otterbox case and has survived summer heat waves and being dropped a lot and bouncing around inside of a Mack truck. But I'm getting old :( and was seriously considering buying a Samsung Note 3 due the larger screen because My eyes ain't so good any more . My concern is durability and the GPS & Google Map absolutely MUST WORK ALL THE TIME . I have read there are issues with the GPS reliability. Of course I will put it in an Otterbox case . I'm very open minded brand wise & would really appreciate any suggestions.

    • Zimmerman

      Yeah sure, either get a Note 3 for any company other than AT&T or wait until they fix the GPS issue.

  • http://rimple.com/ Ken in Philly

    I have this problem too, and thought it was just my unit. I just signed the petition and am registering my frustration here.

  • Bulio

    I am a vendor and I use my note 3 all the time for my gps.... It's horrible! I'm with att btw.... I have to constantly turn it on and off to make it work and it still blows. They need to fix this!

  • Jose Valle

    I have the issue all the the time. I will be driving and get the message gps lost. and have to resume the the tip

  • keyur patel

    Same issue here as well :( :( :(

  • Fran

    Same for me. Never had a problem with Verizon Wireless!

  • katie

    Mine does the same thing and I'm tired of it. Att needs to fix the issues

  • Zimmerman

    I just bought an AT&T Note 3 yesterday. I wish I would have read this article beforehand. FML!

  • Kelvis Eduardo Perez

    I have been having issues as well. I love the phone, but this has been a killer for me. Thinking even about going back to an iPhone as ridiculous as that may sound. But it's upsetting to know this has been going on for months and no solution has yet been found.

  • Vicat Mauricio

    My Galaxy Note 3 also loses GPS signal so often I can set my watch by it! I'm returning this piece of crap to at&t tonight! I'm getting ready to move to Verizon or T-Mobile

  • DUsay

    My Note 3 constantly says "GPS signal lost" in areas where daughter"s IPhone GPS works well, and husbands S4 GPS works well with no interruption. Horrible! Got me lost once. Had to go out and buy a Garmin GPS for my car. Shame on ATT and Google for not fixing this problem.

  • zil

    Doing the same gps dropping crap on my note 3 as well... what a piece of $hit phone.. I should have stayed with iphone.

  • Raj Talari

    With AT&T, I switched from S3 to Note3, had no issues with my S3 but Note 3's GPS reception is horrible, it keep saying "GPS signal lost" can't rely on it while driving so annoying :/

  • Euler0112

    I lose gps signal every time I use it. It also goes crazy and tells me to turn over and over and is constantly rerouting even when I'm going straight. We have to use my gf's HTC One. All of my iPhones worked perfect with gps and I use gps a lot so it's pretty aggravating.

  • KB13

    I'm having the same problem. Its a new Note 3 from a few months ago purchased from AT&T. My GPS signal goes out on every somewhat long trip(like 20 min's or more~). Its the worst since i have no idea where i am half the time it goes out on the directions list. This is one of the most used App's i use so it pisses me off.

  • wally

    What a waste ..$700 for this piece '0 shiitake mushroom. Driving in the city with my cracked Note2 because my Note3 will drop its GPS signal after 3 minutes. The only solution is to constantly keep refreshing with apps like e.g. gps status

  • Jspaz

    I have this problem and it is absolutely ridiculous. I bought the phone out of pocket and it is the biggest mistake ever. The GPS won't work, the hardware in the charging port is apparently faulty, among several other issues. I bought the phone FOR GPS and it isn't even reliable. I should have gone iPhone.

  • out2late

    Having same gps issue with Bell Canada variant that has recently been unlocked and now on Rogers Wireless. Forget about using Waze... many times spending 30 minutes driving to and from work and it still hasn't acquired a gps signal during the drive.

  • anthony m

    I've had my note 3 for 2 weeks now been out of town twice for business rely on my phones gps and have lost gps over 20 times while driving can't hold a gps signal for longer then 5 minutes. I am constantly rebooting maps.just to try to get a signal for a few minutes to try and figure out where I am going! So frustrated I used the att next program to get this phone I should have just kept my galaxy S3

  • Erik-Carlo Vivares

    Hello fellow Galaxy Note 3 users. I am a user from Australia that has had the same problem with the GPS signal cutting out or not even connecting to a satellite. I had done everything from hard resetting, rooting, flashing multiple roms, gps fix applications which claim to help GPS locking, but still no luck in fixing my GPS problem.. everywhere I read, the culprit was apparently software. I had almost given up on my note 3 until I stumbled on another post which claimed it was a matter of poor assembly on the device. So hardware? Not really.. It was actually just a matter of tightening a few screws. Too good to be true but I figured I was left with no other option.

    So I opened the battery cover revealing the exposed back of the Note 3. Got a tech phillips screw driver (need quite a small one). And found that the two screws on the top of the device where I suspect the radio, gps and other signal components would be located where SLIGHTLY LOOSE.. so I tightened them accordingly checking all the other screws as well.

    VOILA! It was ridiculous to think this was the problem.. but! My GPS locking is at 2seconds or less and is working again!

    If you think you guys are out of options.. Give that a try. It may just be the trick to this GPS mystery.. Poor Assembly. Nonetheless, still the best phone I have owned to date.

  • ajith

    Im using note3.after updation of kitkat my battery life is very low.wat i can do?

  • Heidi Heitman

    Im having issues with my gps on my note 3, but i have T-Mobile.

  • Thunga Venkata Subba Reddy

    lost my galaxy note 3 ? any ways to recover from Thief

  • Mattp

    My ATT Note 3 is having the gps issue, all over the place as well as dropping the signal, looking forward to the fix otherwise a great phone. Switched from the iPhone beginning of the year never looked back.

  • JB

    Been having the same issues with losing my GPS signal frequently on the Note 3. It happens way too often.

  • Amarnath Reddy

    hello my note 3 hanged and it just displayng a&t ,pls help me to solve this

  • meme

    When i use google mapson my note 3 it kept losing signal. Very annoying. This never happened with my blackberry. Very disappointed.

  • Angelina Klik Johis

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  • Thom

    I have experienced the issue for the last week. Very irritated.

  • Calhoonith

    My Canadian Note 3 with Bell has the same issues. can't get a GPS fix. Just keeps searching! Ahhhhhh! Samsung needs to fix this!!!!!