Update: It looks like T-Mobile got cold feet. The support page has been reverted to its previous state, showing only the Android 4.2 update from November. Sorry, folks.

Do you use a Sony Xperia Z? Did you buy it from T-Mobile? Then check that Settings menu - according to this T-Mo support page, you're getting a taste of Jelly Bean 4.3 starting today. Of course these things tend to go out in waves, so those without patience can follow the links on T-Mobile's site and manually download and flash the new software (10.4.C.0.797) using the Sony PC Companion software.


The last time T-Mobile's carrier-customized version of the Z got an update was way back in November, when it was upgraded to Android 4.2. The vanilla international version of the Xperia Z got its 4.3 update in December, so this is a pretty typical delay for an American carrier's update. According to the support page, users can expect UI improvements to the UXP Air and WiFi calling apps, the SwiftKey keyboard replaces a similar one from Nuance, and a 5-bar signal is present instead of a 4-bar version.

T-Mobile's software update weighs in a 308MB, which isn't bad as these things go. It's recommended that you have your battery charged to at least 50% before beginning the update. Have fun. Oh, and don't ask how long it will take T-Mobile to get Android 4.4 to your phones - Sony has confirmed that the Xperia Z will get KitKat, but there's no timeframe in place.

Source: T-Mobile Support

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  • Dick Butkus

    Decided not to wait...Been rocking eXistenZ 6 for a month now.. 4.3 with no complaints..

    • Jesse

      Same here. eXistenZ is superb! Not to mention his red theme. Hopefully 4.4 won't be too far away.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Did they just revert the DOC back to 4.2 and remove the reference to 4.3?

  • Verizonthunder

    uhg I saw the update this morning and immediately informed my friend now I have to tell him it was pulled... not happy here.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    Beware of 4.3 on the Z. Lot's of people have complained of horrible battery drain with the 4.3 update. I know my Z drains pretty quickly with the 4.3 update.

    • mackenzie wunderlich

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  • Matt Pankey

    What a crock!

  • Ankit El Malek

    With 4.3 my Sony Xperia z showing camera issues...its giving dumb clarity no matter what settings you change

  • Derail Doax

    Hmmmm. I'm glad I didnt, but I almost traded my old T-Mobile Note 2 for a T-Mobile Xperia Z a month back. I'm glad I didn't. Even though Sony has come a long way. From everything I've heard about their horrible screens and horrible cameras in the recent generation (Xperia Z and Xperia Z Ultra) I just cannot consider them for a daily driver. Which is quite sad because I have owned an Asus Fonepad which was a subpar experience, but I am open to owning a $200 Asus Zenfone 6... If I was going to spend $500-$600 I would buy an HTC One 2014 or a Galaxy S5...

  • Peter

    I'll throw my 2 cents in here I'm in Canada and we got the update too 4.3 and the battery drain is awful be glad you guys never updated to it

  • Filip Wolak

    Updated to 4.3 via phone - and i hate it. buggy. how do I roll back? i don't need the 'new look' although it's nice