2014-03-02 23_15_35-HTC M8 Leaked Hands On & Review! - YouTube

HTC isn't expected to announce the new HTC One until late March, but press renders of the device have already been circulating online. Now things have gotten even leakier with a 12-minute video showing all the angles of the device, as well as some of the software.

Based on what can be seen in the video, HTC's new flagship definitely has a more round appearance and plenty of KitKat transparency with the on-screen buttons and colorful status bar. The dual rear cameras are also on display, but the original poster doesn't seem to know what the second one is for (he suggests at one point it might have something to do with focus). According to the video, there is an SD card slot in this phone, which wasn't an option in the original HTC One.

The video itself is a bit disjointed and the person behind the camera has trouble getting some parts of the software working correctly. Although, the giant ID sticker on the back of the M8 probably indicates this is an early dev unit that wasn't supposed to be demoed for the public – bugs are to be expected.

The original video was pulled down from YouTube shortly after it was spotted, but it's already been mirrored all over the internet. This isn't a professional reviewer handling the device, so don't expect a peek at all the software features you've been wondering about. Nevertheless, it's still the best glimpse we've gotten of the new HTC One.

[Thanks, Matteo Ventura, Dan Lott, Daryl Ford, and everyone else]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • epicmau5time

    The return of the prodigal sd card.

  • Long Johnny

    But... The bezel...

    • Tony

      The bezels are always a let down. So sad

    • Enough About The Bezels

      Sony Xperia Z2 = Big bezels
      Samsung Galaxy S5 = Bigger bezel than S4

      Big bezels are in. Get. The. F**k. Over. It.

      • turdbogls

        no they arent...but apparently bad design is...

    • Stacey Liu

      What the heck is with people and bezels?

      I don't think Android's touch rejection algorithm is good enough right now to handle very small bezels.

      They're there for usability reasons.

      • Tony

        I think most people, myself included, want thinner bezels so the device will have a smaller footprint. I would rather give up a touch of thickness to have a smaller width/height because I think it would fit in the pocket better. For me this only applies to PHONES though.

        If we're talking about tablets I agree with you. The bezels are there for a reason - so your thumb can rest there. Unless they get their "touch rejection" good enough (like how Apple did it with the iPad mini) I understand the need for bezels on tablets. But on the phone I'm never going to rest my thumb on the side of the screen (ON the screen). If they had edge-to-edge on the width axis I would be happy. And the bezels on the top/bottom need only be so large to accommodate a thumb when holding the phone in landscape.

        • Stacey Liu

          Touch rejection still applies to phones. If you have to reach all the way across the screen, chances are one part of your hand will brush the side it's gripping. (If you're using the device with one hand.)

          If the bezels are small, Android needs to be able to reject those unintentional touches well. I know Google has touch rejection at the bottom of the screen so you don't accidentally trigger the soft keys during games, but nothing for the sides (as far as I know).

          I'm not sure I'm describing this the right way.

          • Tony

            I see what you mean. Indeed the "meat" of my palm would wrap around the phone slightly if I were to reach my thumb around. It'd be nice if they could improve that and manufacturers finally implement an edge-to-edge screen.

    • abobobilly

      Something to do with waterproofing. S5's bigger bezels than S4 are because of that. So its safe to assume M8 could also be water proof.

  • jonathan3579

    Note: If you're gonna watch the video, turn the sound off.

    • Tony

      I watched with the sounds on. It was an exercise in frustration.

      • Caribu

        Poor kid, must have a mental disability, At least that's what I say in court against HTC

        The kid has a speech impediment, or is just a Hipster troll with a tongue piercing. Guess he lost some IQ points being a "prankster." Will definitely lose some IQ points after the beating his parents give him

        • Tony

          Yeah, his impediment is frustrating without a doubt, but that's not a knock against him personally. That said, even if he sounded like Benedict Cumberbatch the video would *still* be frustrating simply because he's a horrible horrible reviewer. I can taste the stupidity.

          Also what does he say in the beginning about how he gets these devices early? "Because I'm special", "sponsored"? I can't tell, but I hope it wasn't bragging.

      • Dario · 753 a.C. .

        i didn't get anything of what he said.

  • david coffey

    Wow. This guy is a gem. Why can I not get test phones but this guy can? Holy shit. This...this guy. Wow.

    • supremekizzle

      It was probably one of his parents.

      • david coffey

        Yeah reading the tweets, that seems to be the case.

  • supremekizzle

    You should include the drama that ensued on Twitter between an HTC exec and the leaker. This kid redefined the word 'fucked.' He'll need a manhole cover for his ass after HTC is done with him.

    • m7

      can you link to it?

      • supremekizzle

        See above.

    • sgs2


  • ProductFRED

    HTC identified the idiot (yes, idiot because he left his email and the IMEI number exposed). You definitely have to sign an NDA when testing unreleased devices for a carrier/manufacturer. I'm not going to defend what he did, because although we all enjoy/benefit from it, it's morally and legally-wrong. But if you're going to do this, take the proper precautions.

    Jeff Gordon is Senior Global Online Communications Manager at HTC: https://twitter.com/urbanstrata

    • whispy_snippet

      Hahaha I love Jeff Gordon's tweet: It's not going to be a good week for you, my friend. :-(

      Understatement of the year. The leaker is going to get destroyed. Soooo funny watching stupid people do stupid things.

      • Cael

        It's not going to be a good year for HTC.... pow

        • Donald Duck

          Its actually going to be. This is also a great publicity stund

        • Matthew Fry

          I'm not sure you can top last year for not good years.

    • Guest

      just curious, but what is the protocol in how big corps like HTC deal with product leakers (especially juvenile ones) in this case?

      • skatsbrayt

        Best guess is that the uploader's parent/s (the actual testers of the device) would be held responsible for this. And by checking from the tweets, I think they already are suffering the consequences.

      • skatsbrayt

        Best guess is that the uploader's parent/s (the actual testers of the device) would be held responsible for this. And upon checking the tweets, I think they already are suffering the consequences.

        • Michael Anthony

          So this thegooglefanboy screwed him over?

          • Sazza

            i think he screwed himself over, for making an half ass attempt and trying to cover the imei no. in that video with what seems now to be his parents developer phone.

          • The Maverick

            i think he screwed himself over, for making an half ass attempt and trying to cover the imei no. in that video with what seems now to be his parents developer phone.

          • Daniel Smith

            Afaik, he uploaded it for a short time but took it down before anyone noticed, however I believe thegooglefanboy reposted it online and got the attention of HTC.

          • Sid

            The full video has been copied and posted again to youtube, over at Droid-Life there is a 12 min full in comments with all the numbers and the ID Tag on the back of the phone.

            That kid is going to get a beating from his parent that lost his job. The only way he'll be able to talk to anyone again is by using stamps, carrier pigeons, and messages in bottles

        • austinolet

          hello guys i'm @thegooglefanboy... and just wanted to say that "the maverick" and "daniel smith" are right. you can ask me questions if you like i'll try to answer as much as i can!

          • Chris

            Ohhhhh, so you're an asshole lol

          • austinolet

            Chris, why does this make me an "asshole" i talked to him publicly on twitter before posting it, and he lied to me i even told him i had the video and he said an i quote "its fine you downloaded the video, i took it dowm because people saod its illegal to have a fake phone". the typos where in the tweet, and i posted it and i just told everyone on google plus about it to keep this video up, but not until after jeff ranted on him on twitter! i spread it as news he was screwed the moment he posted that video not because of me reposting it. i really hope this helps you realize that i'm not an asshole i just want people to be able to know. once you post something to the internet it never goes away! that's not my fault!

    • disqus_5WNzR6XWBG

      Morally wrong? No. Legally of course.

  • jdf

    "hm I don't know why they protected it...but they protected it" really? LOL

  • supremekizzle


    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      it's so funny that he tried justifing that saying that it was a fake phone

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    HTC staff kids these days

  • Nick

    I appreciate this guy sticking his neck out for us and showing us the M8, but this guy is going to the guillotine. Should of been much more professionally done to keep the device in frame and to keep his identity a secret.

    • bobsburg

      its a lil kid who listens to soulja boy.

      • Nick

        Are you saying teenagers that somehow still listen to Soulja Boy (I wonder how old he was when that came out) are incapable of keeping a device in frame and not going over a video before he posts it to make sure he does not compromise himself?

        • bobsburg

          probably one of his parents, as mentioned below. this kid was doing it for the comments, ratings, and subscriptions lol

      • Verizonthunder

        That video and the kid listening to souja boy reminded me of the Dave Chappelle show lol OMG that was too funny, the skit was Trading parent's.

  • Sourabh Sekhar

    You had one job AT&T tester

  • troph

    Well that settles it. Can't wait for this to be released.

    • xoxo

      kids are really stupid. This one might have a disability too from the sounds of it.

    • Jimmy

      Dumb jid didn't even watch the video before uploading it. Could of gotten free camera editing software at cnet or just use the Editing Software on the HTC Devices.


      • Dario · 753 a.C. .

        was he american?

  • Dizzy Malone

    I wonder if this is all a stunt, maybe they have this kid show a few things about the phone but not all the new stuff? Maybe I'm tripping.

    • loyalty888

      That video didn't put HTC in a good light at all. I doubt its a stunt, the camera was so buggy and barely useable.

      • The Maverick

        agreed, judging on that video alone, has put me off the HTC M8

      • Eisenhorn1976

        It's a pre-production device meant for testing -- which is why the parents had an NDA and were fired in the aftermath of the "leak." The M8 in the video probably had an early ROM build that's much older than the video -- think mid-January.
        It'll probably be incredibly fast at launch. The biggest criticism levelled at the One is how the Camera developed a purple tint in low light after a while -- I doubt they'd ship a device with a terrible camera the second time in a row.

        • loyalty888

          Agreed. The camera didn't look finished at all and if we're to believe the date the video was made, there was still plenty of time to iron things out. I'm holding out for the production model

        • Dario · 753 a.C. .

          how did you know his parents were fired? are you supposing that or sure?

  • Toinou

    No way... This guy not only shows the IMEI of the phone, but he also goes on and show his face? BRILLIANT. Here, take this. That's the Oscar for Idiot of the Century. Congratulations.

    • GhS88

      and his email !

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      where can i see his face? i didn't find that in the video.

  • GhS88

    the Dual Camera Mode seems interesting. I thought the phone will be a disappointment but I think i just changed my mind.

    • Alex

      That camera mode is ripped straight from newer Samsung phones. Samsung may have also taken it from some other phones before them, I'm not sure.

      • ajerman

        I think the LG Optimus G Pro was the first camera I saw with this feature.

        • Alex

          Pretty sure that was released in May 2013 (from Wikipedia) when the S4 was in April 2013 (again, from Wikipedia). I think the original S4 reviews mentioned the dual shot feature, so don't think it was added later.

  • nickd3

    His parents have to be simple as well. Two smart people could not create someone this basic. One smart person and a idiot could not create this. This phone deserves better!!!!!

  • Nick

    It seems like someone screwed him over, bad. I was looking at his twitter and the kid that actually posted it seems like a complete asshole.

    • bearballz

      I wonder what his folks will do to him? Ban him from all smartphones forever?


    Well that was painful to sit through. But I think I'm sold on replacing my Nexus 4 with this

  • Matt Sokolinski

    god its like listening to Barry Kripke from Big Bang Theory but he is much worse than that, and defo retarded

    • Ivaylo Stoyanov

      I read your comment in Barry Kripke's voice.

  • ItsOnlyMe

    How did someone with Downs syndrome even get it in the first place?! They can't find mentally competent testers?

    • Eisenhorn1976

      I realize that this is your attempt at snark but making fun of others using Downs Syndrome is in very poor taste. Downs Syndrome is a tragedy that a lot of families have to live with.

      • PiLoT

        Quick sombosy said something slightly offensive of the internet. quickly we need me to maintain political correctness

        • Eisenhorn1976

          Your comment makes me believe you're probably in the same IQ range as the guy who posted this video -- and probably with the same level of common sense.

          How's that for mildly offensive, you ignorant troll?

          • PiLoT

            No he was making light of the situation. the mocking was intended to be pointed in hTCs direction for being so incompetent. not at those with down syndrome.

            All im saying is theres a lot to be said about one persons interest in what other people are doing

            next time it would be beneficial to take it as the joke it was meant to be, then if you still find it distasteful, get over it and get on with your day.

          • Lars Jeppesen

            Wow, just wow...

            And now you've mocked people with low IQ....

          • King RaZac Muty

            Mr. Eisenhorn.. dat guyz shuld only b responsible for what he stated... Not what u understood Sir!

      • KingofPing

        Offense is not something that can be given; It can only be taken.

        Quit taking other people's offense, you jerk. :)

      • ItsOnlyMe

        I don't believe in political correctness, so either laugh at the joke or don't. I didn't specifically insult anyone, so while I appreciate the kind critique I'm not interested in not insulting anyone. Humor tends to do that sometimes.

        Can you seriously watch that video and not think for one second that this guy sounds like he has DS and laugh? You either can, or you're lying.

  • KlausWillSeeYouNow

    If I were HTC, I'd probably destroy this guy. Legally, that is.

    Just saying. This is a BIG deal.

  • Ritz

    Lol. His tweets, comments on YouTube etc are hilarious. Not sure whether I feel sympathy for him, his parents, all...or none. That "review" was painful to watch...HTC M8...the next big thing is already here?

    • dogulas

      Totally the parents' fault for letting the phone out of their sight.

  • LA

    I'm very sure this is an intentional leak. HTC just couldn't wait till end of this month to showcase their phone especially when Z2 and GS5 have been hogging the lime light post MWC. They figured anyway the design has been leaked so they might as well leak the whole thing. This gets the public talking about M8 or the new HTC One and keeps them in limelight. Don't even consider that the kid is screwed or his relatives or parents. I'm calling it a Bs. No publicity is bad publicity especially the one done intentionally.

    • PhineasJW

      Not a chance in hell this was intentional. The video was terrible, the narration was absolutely painful, and the M8 camera software crashed repeatedly. This didn't paint the M8 in a great light.

      There are a million million better ways to intentionally leak something.

  • Karan O

    this leak was off the charts ! wow htc really suck at keeping their unannounced phones classified ! BUT we all love leaks don't we!?
    so there are few interesting facts about this video !

    1.tinted statusbar : it's like ios 7 and i always loved this feature although it might be just for htc apps ! [u can see them in blinkfeed and music app)
    2.new RECENT APP: this one is pretty cool it looks like something that i saw in nokia n9 and it makes switching apps a lot more accurate and fun
    3.BIG power button : it's placed in top of the phone (again) and it's some how rounded like around the top-right side! i think it makes it easier to use!
    4.camera : quality boosted dramatically but one think that interested me was the FOCUS SPEED it's a lot faster than i've ever saw ! i think now we all now that what really the second lens is meant for!

    i hope they make it even better [in terms of software speed and stability] by the time of release ! and i think this phone just got more interesting!

    • PhineasJW

      Good call on the "2nd" lens -- it could certainly be a quick focus mechanism.

      • Bartłomiej Fulanty

        ... Or IMAX camera attempt at 3D movies ;-)

  • Jacob Serna

    This is definitely tosh.0 web redemption material.....oh lord

  • momentai

    On one hand, I can see what my next phone will potentially be like. On the other hand, I can be v. disappointed that the phone isn't different from the leaks.

  • briankariu

    AP please follow up on this story. I really dont want to see the parents punished over the stupid mistake that is their son.

    • dogulas

      Their fault for letting the phone out of their sight.

  • walter white

    This guy sounds kinda like walter white JR lol

    • PiLoT

      This is Bullshit

      • Chris

        buh buh buhllshit!

  • TechWings

    From the homescreen he said camera. And the camera opened. Sick.

  • nexusplex

    Want! This will be a great phone. No one is doing industrial design even close to this in the Android world..

  • Nathan

    Nice review. Yay for microSD slot.

  • Stanley Chan

    Just run CPUZ for gods sake! This kid is really stupid! Who cares about what u saying! People dont learn...

  • MeCampbell30

    I wonder how old this kid is.

  • remister

    Definitely, HTC fired some shots, in this situation....

  • djinn123

    One reason why the original One design is great is that if you look up front you see two aluminum panels and an edge-to-edge (they made appear like it) screen. Simple, clean, and elegant-looking. This one is framed with metal around the edges up front which makes it look tacky. That and the shiny metal going on... yuck, Design-wise, it's a fail for me.

    • djinn123

      Anyway.. I will probably just jump to Sony. Xperia Z2 seems a great phone. And I haven't heard any issues with their phones, unlike HTC's. The purple tint was the last straw for me.

  • Anthony

    I sewiouswy cant buweeve he didn't bothou to weveal the wesowution or the fweaking dual camewas!
    Way to go kid, not only is your review useless, but now your dad is fired and he has to cancel your speech thewapy sessions.

  • Daniel Toppin

    In all honesty, He should have simply use little piece of black electrical tap, you could find that in a draw at anyone's house. and yeah THEGOOGLEFANBOY What an Asshole you are, you want running down.

  • I Can Tell He’s Bi

    He's bisexual.