HTC isn't going to get its big reveal next month – it looks like the new HTC One (or whatever they call it) is going to be old news by then. This time we have a new press shot from @evleaks of the device with AT&T branding.

The new One has a more rounded aluminum design and dual cameras on the back. The AT&T logo matches the branding used on many other devices – including the completely unnecessary status bar text. Other than that, it's the same updated HTC One we've caught glimpses of already.

HTC has hinted the new One will be announced on March 25th.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • Deeco


    • Bender Bending Rodriguez

      Better looking than the fugly S5.

      • P.

        Both ain't really pretty, to be honest.

        • Aooga

          I just hate the front of this device. Too curvy for me...same reason I didn't like the S3 or S4 or S5 I guess. The Note 3 on the other hand, now that looks good.

          • qu4ttro

            I do agree with you there as an existing One owner the rounder corners and edges are kind of a turn off...

    • Kaz

      Exactly. As a previous One owner, I can only agree with that. Did they add at least working camera in this version? Because included in first One was catastrophic.

  • hot_spare

    The bezel is strong in this one..

    • Chris

      I wouldn't say the bezel is any worse then it's predecessor; if anything, it's ever so slightly smaller... Which, I don't think is going to put them ahead of the game like most of us where hoping. Stealing Samhung's thunder would have been great.

      What really would have made this phone an elite phone, would be removing that atrocious HTC logo just below the screen and expanding the screen size.

      • WithTechFriends.com

        The issue with the bezel is that it used to contain the home and back buttons, now it is just there for the hell of it, and in the meantime, the buttons were moved up, meaning now they're wasting vertical space taking up the screen. Why? I don't need their name on it. It's already on the back and it's unique enough to where people will ask.

        • rals

          I thought this as well, but I think this for more or less for the front speakers for the boom sound. You're right, it would have made sense for HTC to have capactive buttons in that area than on screen.

          • jonathan3579

            Or as mentioned above, expand the screen by losing the logo and have the on-screen buttons there

          • http://www.sketaful.se/ Mikael Guggenheim

            You do understand that the placement of the logo is decided after they've checked where it fit? This mean that if they'd remove the logo the screen or buttons wouldn't take up that place because "something" need that space to function...

          • Dennis Persaud

            Well HTC know how to screw it up well. Have you look at the LG G2 ..

      • Dennis Persaud

        I agree and if this come come looking like the leaks with that weird back stripe across .. I'm gone Goodbye HTC

    • qu4ttro

      its no different than the existing one. big difference is the extra wasted screen for the htc logo crap on the bottom

      • Naresh

        seriously guys?!?!?! y is everyone goin mad about the bezel!!???? it was there on the 2013 model its there in this!! just cuz the capacitive buttons r removed makes it fugly????????? and no.2, if HTC could remove the logo, they wud have definitely removed it!! they have it there cuz they have to! maybe they needed enuff space to fit the internals so they added this bar, OR maybe there IS something in the bezel too! i have no clues, but some sensor/scanner maybe! so just stop bitching and wait for the phone to release... u ain't gettin a phone more beautiful than this anyway!

  • robert26101

    Beautiful! Looks 10 times better then that fugly Galaxy s5.

    • blahblahblah

      Might look better than the BACK of the S5 but not the front.

      • robert26101

        No, even the front looks better the the S5.

        • P.

          How is being blind going for you? GS5 isn't particularly beautiful, but this leak is hardly pretty either.

          • Grayson

            I think the front looks better than the GS5 as well, but the black bar definitely sucks ergonomically.

        • Tricky
      • Dennis Persaud

        You must be another Samsome Lover ..eheheheh.. My intention were to get the S5 if HTC screw up the M8 ..But helll nooooooooo ..I will not buy something looking like that ..SOME THING WONG THERE LOL

        • MistiXF

          HOLY COW, Dennis, you're so funny!

    • Dennis Persaud

      You get that right it's a very nice looking phone.Galaxy have nothing on the M8 ..That Galaxy looks Like a pack of color Band Aid

  • nexusplex

    Looks beautiful. I'm really interested to see what this dual camera set up will yield...

    • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

      I believe it's an array with each camera having a lens at a different focal length, so you wouldn't have to rely AS much on digital zoom.

      • nexusplex

        Very Cool. Can't wait to check it out.

      • Matthew Fry

        I know it's probably a bad idea to do it (mechanical components are prone to breakage), but I'd like an optical zoom. Make the device 2mm thicker and add 3x zoom and a bigger battery. That's what I want.

        • joeljfischer

          Supposedly, that's what this does. I heard a rumor that it was up to 3x optical zoom @ 2MP (which is the top camera). At normal shots, both cameras shoot and you can post-processing adjust the depth of field based on both cameras shooting at different focal lengths. I'll definitely be interested to hear how they do it.

          • andy_o

            That doesn't make much sense though. I could imagine a parallax-based system, but they'd probably have to shoot at the same angle of view and a small enough aperture to have everything sharp, then apply artificial blur in post. But that's likely not consistent with the different focal lengths cameras.

  • Brendan

    Its the same fake render as the other leaks. Look at the camera lenses. They're even worse on this one. Also, since when do carriers have their names in the status bar?

    Fake if I've ever seen it.

    • jonathan3579

      AT&T has their name in every Android device's status bar. It might even be there in other operating systems as well...

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Shawn De Cesari

        That's not just AT&T's name. That's actually whatever label is being returned from the SIM card. If you put a T-Mobile SIM on it, that would say "T-Mobile". That's one of the little adjustments that AT&T pays to make to the devices that have their branding on it. Even though they clearly do it for iPhone uniformity, it doesn't really bother me a whole lot.

    • Sqube

      Go to AT&T's website and look at their picture for the (Not All New) HTC One. It's got AT&T in the status bar.


    • Aooga

      I hate it too, don't worry. This is real though.

  • Stancu Cristian

    omg this is such a new design ... WOW ... its like iphone 3 and 3gs ... /sarcasm off. and they were making fun of samsung ...

    • Baleeted

      But it still looks better than the S5.

      • Stancu Cristian

        who cares ? i'm dont... why spend another 600-700euro on this phone when its just a htc one with 1 more camera ... like that's what we miss the most ... i don't care about the s5 either ... nexus till i die.

        • Aooga

          "nexus till i die."

          More likely till they stop making them. :)

        • qu4ttro

          fortunately we wont have long to wait for that...

  • Karan O

    we're going backward in bezel tech WHY?! the only company that is REALLY is designing bezel free is LG right now!
    i got s4 over one mostly because of larger screen and LESS bezel ( although i regret it LOL)
    and although z2 has large bezels too (as same as z1) i think it's the best choice in q2 2014!

    i just hope z2 has the same headphone-sound output quality as the one ! i really loved it on one!

    • Grayson

      Moto X has tiny bezels as well, so it isn't just LG. And Sony at least shrunk their bezels on the Z2, but they still aren't small.

      • Tricky
        • Aooga

          Stop spamming.

      • MITM

        neither of those phones have front facing speakers.

        the side bezels on the m8 are slimmer than the m7s

      • D!Ma

        all-metal body Moto X 2014... oh yeah... (in my dreams??)

    • http://www.sketaful.se/ Mikael Guggenheim

      Backwards? It has those great front speakers. Great sound or less bezel. When the others try to make the Bezel smaller, HTC does their own thing and actually put something useful there, something different.

      Different. Just try the word. It's something not used much anymore when speaking about phones. Doesn't it just feel great? D i f f e r e n t...

      • MistiXF

        'Modern Family' reference, anyone? No?

      • Lars Jeppesen

        Well the speakers aren't localized in the sides of the phone, are they?

        Those huge side bezels make me cry in my sleep. :(

        • http://www.sketaful.se/ Mikael Guggenheim

          Why cry when all you need to do is buy some other phone?

  • brkshr

    You should link his G+ posts. We are talking Android/Google usually.


  • brkshr

    I'm not big on the corners being more rounded. I thought the first HTC One was perfect as far as the corners go. Same thing goes for the S5. I much preferred the S4 corners. Anyone know if they are changing in this direction because of the radius of the corners on an iphone?

    • Grayson

      I owned an HTC One for 8 months and I think the more rounded corners will be a little more comfortable actually.

  • Maschio Soosai Fernando

    Do you think we'll get a Google Play Edition like the old One? If so,hopefully we can easily convert a stock One to GPE

  • mike


  • Ranjan Srinivas

    The bezel is absolutely unnecessary. But Il wait for the official announcement.Hopefully there's a useful reason why it's there.

    • Grayson

      The amp for those boomsound speakers could be the reason.

  • Tricky
    • Aooga

      Stop spamming.

  • Grayson

    So, any bets on what company sent AP the defamation threat? I'm going with Samsung, because AP basically said the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo suck and we can stop caring.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson


      • daniel

        I'm assuming it was that pakistani app making company that apparently ripped off a bunch of people with their like 20 websites

  • WhoaManWtF

    In other news LG has some pretty amazing devices and they released 4.4.2 in a very timely manner for the G2.

    • Dennis Persaud

      I'm strongly looking at LG if HTC decide to advertise their Logo and that big black stripe (BEZEL) on the front of the M8

    • mggOptimusG

      Updates ? ... You get the first one, then nothing. I have the G1 and still at 4.1.2 ... So manufacturers give the minimum they can get away with.

      • WhoaManWtF

        It has been said that the OG will still get KK, hopefully it is true.

  • Aooga

    The sad thing is with the soft keys, this phone has about an INCH of bezel! The N5 has the same issue, but at least it isn't that bad.

  • xanok

    Z2 still looks like the best phone so far.

    • Aooga

      As long as it gets to the US in the next month or two, I'll be happy. It probably isn't though.

  • Martin

    Never had HTC one, so this is not "the same HTC One" for me... Still can't decide Z2 or this one.. But will see, what about is the second camera and what new is there.. :-)

  • Ashmedai ♔

    I like it! So much better than S5,although exactly the same as HTC ONE! :D
    And it seems to have the 'true tone' flash :p

  • Mikey Monteiro

    why the extra camera?

  • Ricky


  • fabitrader

    I see myself selling my Nexus 5 for this one.

  • turboboxer

    What is everyone referring to when they are complaining so much about bezels? Is it the sides or top and bottom? If it is top and bottom I don't know if any of the people complaining have, you know? Uh, Heard these phones? Those speakers sound so much better than any other smartphone I have had experience with. If they take up a little bit more space it is for a good reason in this case!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      It's the black bar that servs no purpose with the HTC Logo people are complaining about.

      • turboboxer

        Who cares? At least it is not a frikkin carrier logo! Looking at you Samsung. That space would be there anyway as it is part of how the screen all comes together. So if it was more aluminum covering it would that make it better?

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Use your brain. The point is why move the buttons on screen If they're still going to keep the same black bar that has no purpose where the buttons used to be? All they are doing with putting the on screen buttons AND leaving the same bar is eating up screen real-estate

          • MITM

            there is electronics under the logo bar... if the M8 didnt have front speakers then the bar wouldnt be there.

            I personally would rather have the speakers and stomach the bar.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            It's a fair argument but I couldn't care less either way. I'm pretty sure I'm buying this.

          • turboboxer

            Not if that space has to be there anyway because that is where all the screen components come together. Have you ever replaced a screen before? That blank space is going to be there anyway you slice it. For now that is where everything ties together that runs the screen and the touch sensors.... Use half a brain and think!!!

  • EH101

    I wonder if they're using the exact same display assembly from the One (the Ones that didn't get sold) and just did some touch up to the capacitive button windows to make it solid black. That would be hilarious.

    • Aooga

      Why not? It was a great screen.

      • EH101

        That would explain why they didn't get rid of the HTC bar.

        And yes it was a great screen, but that can be said of all the flagship phones these days. Nothing special.

        • Aooga

          Well it's better than the Nexus 5 and S4 screens. (the N5 has poor viewing angles and the S4 is really dim). It would explain that, but I still hate that stupid bar.

          • EH101

            Having seen a One I honestly can't say the screen is that much better than the S4. I don't have an S4 but my gf does, and I can see it just fine in daylight but I can also see the Note 2's screen just fine. Perhaps I'm not as sensitive to screen brightness as others. I've never seen an N5 so can't comment there.

            And that bar is the 3rd in the list of reasons I won't consider the One v2 behind the sealed battery and likely lack of sdcard.

  • Antonio Joaristi

    but.dis is same phone as last year.

  • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

    Chin bezel bezel. Useless bezel is bezel bezel. Marklar?

  • giriz

    Ugly Bezel in the bottom, Lose the unnecessary HTC Logo along with the black bar...