We've learned from experience that when Samsung drops some Note 3 kernel source, the update is only a few days away. This time the Note 3 on T-Mobile is in Samsung's sights as the KitKat code has just been uploaded to Samsung's open source page.

2014-02-28 17_08_14-Open Source Release Center

The file weighs in at a healthy 863MB, but most of you reading this won't have any reason to download it. This ZIP archive is mainly of interest to developers who want to improve apps or develop ROMs for the Note 3.

As for the actual update, we might be in for an announcement on Monday. When Samsung posted the Sprint Note 3 KitKat code, we saw an update two days later. Keep your eyes on that status bar...

[Samsung Open Source – Thanks, Josh Phillips]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Justin Foster

    Thank you Jesus :D

  • Matthew Fry

    Does anyone know if the 4.4 Note 3 ROMs have actual overflow buttons? I would be so happy if they did.

  • Fonce Falooda

    Is this the update that wrecks external storage, or has that already happened? Thinking about getting one, and definitely gonna root it, so maybe it doesn't matter?

    • Christoph von Klinger

      It wrecks writing to external storage but if you have root access it's an easy fix.

      • Fonce Falooda

        Cool. Just checking. Thanks!

        Root, root, root for the home team! ;) Break whatever you want, Google. Someone'll fix it! :D

  • Severo Rivera

    What about the Gs3?

    • Sruly J

      Current rumors have the S3 slated for March-April

  • Anthony Johnson

    Alright that update is for developers not for the users
    of Galaxy Note 3 . I thought something nice on the way.

    • Retsu Unohana

      Kitkat Note 3 has started.

  • Some dude

    HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA in apple you dont hace this problems. Neither in nexus. You people should only use apple or nexus products. Samsung are full of bloatware and the initial price is even more expensive than apple products. Scam, scam everywhere

    • Tarik Akleh

      Shut up

    • Craig HouseMusic Earnest

      Apple? I think not! Ewww!!

    • Wazzifer

      What a dweeb.

  • Craig HouseMusic Earnest

    My Samsung Kies 3 is doing a big update as I speak. I know that has nothing to do with the Kitkat update. I don't know what I'm trying to get at here. Hope my T-Mobile Note 3 gets the update soon. Yep.

    • Mark Anthony Loria

      Tmobile Has pushed The OTA.

  • Guest

    Apple? I think not. Eww!

    • Somedude

      I say ewwww to samsung's bloatware and to all android's OEM (except Motorola) in their delay to update the system. That's a big EWWWWWW!

      • Craig M

        Why are you here?

  • Wazzifer


  • dontsh00tmesanta

    My phones rooted so i can accept it

  • Bk

    Update dropping now :)

  • Joe Quinn

    Downloading KitKat OTA for my T-Mobile GN3 right now. 496MB. Kansas City metro area. Not sure if this is actually KitKat or the "patch" I think I heard AT&T pushed out just before KitKat for their GN3.