The Play Store is filled with great games to cram onto your mobile device, but there's another Android marketplace you may have forgotten to check. Don't worry, I have your back. Amazon is currently offering eight free games as part of today's Game Pack. If you throw in the usual free app of the day, that actually makes nine games you can get just by hitting up Amazon before the day is up.

GamePack AppOfTheDay

This pack contains some real time killers. Gravity Guy is a compelling experience that has been around for a while, and Buddy & Me is just absolutely adorable. Sonic Jump is a made-for-mobile vertical platformer, while QuizClash is there to provide a round of fun for people who prefer a bit of trivia with their entertainment.

The full list of games and their original prices, along with links, are provided for your convenience below. Note that two of them will only run on a Kindle Fire.

8 Games in today's Amazon Game Pack:

App of the Day:

Free Amazon Game Pack

Thanks, Timothy Walter.

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  • spacekobra

    Quiz Clash doesn't seem to be available in Canada. Unless I'm missing something here.

    • moehre

      Neither in Germany.

      • hariprasanth

        Only Quiz Clash is not available in India was able to download Buddy and Me

    • Robb Nunya

      They didn't want you Canucks to hurt yourselves... (I keed!! I keed!!)

  • Matt L

    Wheel of Fortune will not install on my galaxy s3.

  • RockAndRock

    Some games are free in the Play Store...

  • Matt

    Looking at the quality of this trivia game and the trivia games on Android in general makes me really hope QuizUp comes to Android soon. Also, love how the screenshots are from an iPhone.

    • Robb Nunya

      You don't know Jack is pretty fun

  • shadow

    Not sure if anyone else got it but I received a $1.00 mp3 credit for getting Wreck it Ralph