Swordigo first came to Android as a part of Humble Mobile Bundle 3, and while it's usually difficult to snag a game for a lower price than pay-what-you-want, this time you can. Developer Touch Foo has released the game into the Play Store as a free download. Swordigo is well-rated on the Apple App Store, and it looks like a pretty safe bet if you're in the mood for an attractive, action-packed platformer.

Swordigo1 Swordigo2 Swordigo3


Unlike many mobile games, this is a complete adventure. Our blue-haired, sword-wielding hero will hack his way through various environments, gain experience in the process, and eventually level up his skills. This isn't a role-playing game, but you will still acquire new equipment and spells to make increasingly difficult baddies a tad less formidable. The 3D visuals are basic, but they get the job done.

The game is currently IAP-free, but the developers may implement them in a future update. This is a paid game on iOS, after all. Yet for the time being, you have nothing to lose by diving in.

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Cherokee4life

    Looks promising. Installing now!

  • Stefan

    Doesn't require permissions, so no ads either. That doesn't happen often.

    • Davis Hernandez

      ita too good to be true.... its a trap!!!! xD

      • Stefan

        It's not, I finished it yesterday and it was fun, hard in the last part, defenitely would have been worth a buck.

  • Bandage

    played this on ios, so excited to have it on Android, even if I did do the Humble Bundle solely for this game! Very fun! Think zelda meets mario bros

    • Badouken

      so a metroidvania?

  • Badouken

    Played this on my Nexus 7 back when it was on Humble Bundle! Pretty darn good game! controls are actually solid for touch screen and the length of the game is actually a couple hours.

    • Boogus

      You can't get 100% in a couple of hours, you cannot even reach the final boss...

  • Sergii Pylypenko

    Uh, I should finish my Humble Bundle version, got stuck at pre-last level with fireballs maze.

  • Chris

    Do you guys or does anyone have a good list of games that sync across devices? I have a tablet and phone and find myself not even wanting to start games if they don't sync across both as it's not fun to replay the levels every day...thanks!

    • letsplaay

      Check out FolderSync if you haven't yet!

      • Chris

        What does that do? And most games don't make a folder, do they?

  • fixedimage

    Nothing like railing about free speech in another article and then closing the comments section. Way to have a double standard AP.

    • The First

      Do you even know what free speech means? It's not about being able to leave comments on an article, it's about being able to say something and not get sued / killed / imprisoned / fined for it.

      • fixedimage

        Ah, yes I do understand the first amendment to the constitution of the united states. But the sad irony still remains.

    • Schala

      Yep, makes me wonder what the hell was that about.

  • Anthony

    Soosiz please!!!!!

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Can't really call it new since it was available for Android for months now

  • Aris

    Wow ! i download this game 2 months ago via android apk . it so hard to finish

  • http://blog.jestermx6.com/ George Fayad

    GG Touch Foo: Release free game. No IAP, Ads and game is 100% full.

  • http://www.youtube.com/crisr82 Kristian Ivanov

    Odd...the game was in a Humble Bundle a while ago, I'd expect it to have IAP or ads or something...oh well, no complains from me ^_^

  • Transverse45h

    its the same as manugaunu https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Alper.Manuganu

    free, no IAP and no ads

  • remister

    Now this is how a game should be. No ads, no IAP, FREE, gameplay was great.