DashClock's developer released Muzei earlier this month, an attractive live wallpaper app that takes pictures, blurs them, and puts them on your homescreen. By default, you can choose from your own images or opt to have a different work of art serve as your background each day, but shortly after release, a ton of extensions became available for Muzei that you can use to keep your background fresh in any number of ways. It even works with AllCast. Now Taskei is here to extend your options even further.

Taskei1 Taskei2 Taskei3

With Taskei, you can have your device only load up new wallpapers from select sources when it's on WiFi, show album art as your background when listening to music (similar to the Nexus 5's lockscreen), shake your phone to shift through backgrounds, activate different extensions depending on your location or the time of day, and more.

You need to have both Muzei and Tasker installed to use Taskei, so here are links to all three.

Thanks, Justin.