The Moto G isn't a high-end phone, but it has sold extremely well for the company. So it's no surprise it continues to get some update love. This phone is already on Android 4.4.2, but it's getting a maintenance update to fix a few annoying issues.

1 2 2014 - 1

The update is version number 174.44.1, and should be reaching all the GSM Moto G units globally (spotted in the US and UK so far). The USB OTG tweak is particularly great – users can now read USB drives without root. The cellular improvements will also make a lot of people happy.

The OTA should be available by checking for updates, provided you have the right model. No word on a CDMA version for this OTA just yet.

[Thanks, +Michael Gillenwalters and +David Poole]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Julian Alonso Forcelledo

    Spotted in Spain

  • http://about.me/moervyo Marvin U.

    It's version 176.44.1 in Germany. We got the initial KitKat update with version 174.44.1 in January and it has hit the masses with version 175.44.1

    • idrisp

      Hey Marvin U,do you know wen the maintenance update will hit the US?

  • http://www.innews.dk/ Erroneus

    En.Eu version released, got it here in Denmark.

    +1 to Moto for being on top of updates, lets hope they can keep it up with their new owners.

  • Miro Costa

    Spotted in Portugal too.

    • Rui Felizardo

      Hi Miro,
      I'm about to buy the Moto G in Amazon Uk, but i'm having some doughts because with the issues. After this update is everything working fine? Algum problema? Abraço

      • Miro Costa

        Rui, assim que recebi o telefone o update para kitkat estava disponível. Pouco tempo tive com o 4.3.
        Não noto nenhum problema com o telefone.
        Muito bom para um budget phone.
        Fui sempre fã de htc, mas por enquanto vou me manter com o Moto.


        • Rui Felizardo

          Obrigado pela resposta Miro! Assim sendo vou tratar de encomendar um! Abraço

  • thommcg

    Hit Ireland this afternoon too :)

  • DiegoMarinDiego

    Spotted in Costa Rica. Wuw. But since I'm rooted and had Custom Recovery it was a pain in the ass. Actually I had to factory reset.

    • De5str0yer.

      I had to unroot the phone lock and unlock the bootloader then install the whole firmware again and the update worked like a charm.

  • redhaven

    I got this today. I have owned many phones (as my wife regularly reminds me) but this one is my favorite ever.

  • Georgi Angelov

    Its 176.44.1 in whole europe, I think

  • alfredoNM

    also in Dominican Republic!

    • josuearisty

      Where did you get it? Ebay, amazon?

  • Petar Živković

    What file manager is that ?

  • Himangshu Kashyap

    Moto G video recording during night time or in any artificial light is choppy and laggy but during daytime/outdoor video recording in natural light is very smooth!

    the issue of lag in videos in low light should be rectified!
    motorola should provide an update to fix this!

  • Albenof

    Available in Ghana. I received the upgrade yesterday

  • Jaydeep Dholakia

    Please take Asian market too seriously at the time providing updates. We still didn't get this update in India and currently having 171.44.31 and I have also problem of connectivity loss for few seconds frequently. As Moto g is very successful device from motorola they should pay more attention in every market not just in Europe and other countries.

    • samsungfan

      It is not needed in India as we have it already with our kitkat update

      • Jaydeep Dholakia

        I have already updated my phone with kitkat but still I have this issue. I have also problem of cellular network drop two three times a day and also having low call volume . I haven't tried USB otg but rest problems are anoying too.I don't know Whether Indian moto g users have this issue or I m alone but they should provide this update to every market.

        • Anurag Pushpam

          Have you reported this issue to Motorola india?

          • Karanbhadoriya

            Hi friends , i am also facing same proble from first day of using this device and poor battery

          • jitendra dhamniya

            u wont believe bt while i was talking to ma gf it was more than thirteen time i lost signals

        • kathik reddy

          Hai i am indian user i am using moto g from feb 14 i don' t have any problems still yet and i tried usb & otg cabels its supporting with very fast transfer

          • Thirumalai

            Hi I am indian user, I have also problem of cellular network drop two three times a day

          • anurag

            I am also facing battery after purchased this phone.....................

  • priyojit khersa

    I just got my moto g 16 GB..everything is alight, except what I see when I compare with my friend's moto g..in the home screen the navigation & status bar are not dark & straight but wall paper continues & becomes dark at end ..is it a software problem, do kitkat update will help? or is it some hardware glitch so shall I ask for replacement?

    • Jaydeep Dholakia

      Update your moto g to kitkat as it will solve your most problems except the problem mentioned in this post.

      • priyojit khersa

        Thanks Mr.Joydeep. I think I got 4.4.2 by default with phone and I surf a lot and realised that full home screen is actually KitKat feature!..Gosh I am not surf, if you guys can say better about it..wall papers not ending sharply but shabby..Previous status & navigation bar is better to me which I cannot retrieve now.

        • Jaydeep Dholakia

          There's not any difference in wallpaper effect after upgrading to kitkat.If you set wallpaper directly from gallery then it won't show wide image on home screen means when you swap home screens you can see that wallpaper remains same for all home screens and ya before setting wallpaper it will ask you to crop it but when you set wallpaper from home screen by long pressing on screen you will get a menu from where you can set wallpaper and that makes little changes.you will find that now swiping between the home screens, wallpaper also expands and will show you wide image and mostly whole image of picture. And after upgrading to kitkat, you will see white shadow effect when you try to swipe after last home screen. Status bar and navigation bar will be little bit transparent after upgrading to kitkat. And yes you can't retrieve any previous setting after upgrading.

      • idrisp

        @Jaydeep Dholakia,my moto g from boostmobile disconnects from the 3g network atleast 2 or 3 times a day and it says internal error mobile ip registration failed error 104 unknown_challenge. Will the maintenance update fix this issue in the US and if so wen can i expect this update?

        • Jaydeep Dholakia

          Most probably it will fix your issue of network loss as many users have already updated their moto g with this update and have got their issue fixed completely. I didn't use 3g network on my moto g but also having network loss problem on 2g network but ones in two or three days. Hope so we will get update soon. I can't say exactly when you will get this update in US but in a very short time perhaps. Although you can ask about it to motorola global support team anytime through motorola official site or you can visit direct link here. https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/chat/chat_launch/p_country_code/US/p_reference/moto_integration.php

          • idrisp

            Thanks alot Jaydeep Dholakia you where a big help.

          • Jaydeep Dholakia

            It's my pleasure mate.Enjoy your moto g!

          • rs gopal

            same problem of phone jumping to airplane mode. secondly drop in signal. thirdly drop in signal and sound fourth 1 sim no signal at all

  • Deepanshu
  • sohaib

    hi guys after i updated my moto g with this, i could no longer open my download folder. any ideas?

  • jai

    when it is going to hit India?

  • Mark Campbell

    Is anyone else having battery issues since the last update for the moto g. Before the update I could go nearly two days without charging, now if it's fully charged when I go bed the battery is nearly completely drained when I wake up

    • spoodge

      yes , just updated , battery was 100% before update, on reboot my battery was at half charge, put it back on charge, a few minutes later it jumped to 100%, noticeably drains much faster now, don't know what's going on but there's something wrong.

    • VDR

      I noticed this battery issue after updating to version 174.44.1. My battery is now fully drained after 10 to 15 hours of use.
      Tryed to solve this by switching runtime mode. I was using Dalvik runtime, changed to ART and battery time is much better. Still not comparable to what I had before updating.
      Before (version 172.44.4): between 2 and 3 days of my normal use.
      After (version 174.44.1 Dalvik): between 10 and 15 hours of normal use.
      After (now on version 174.44.1 ART): about one day and a half of my normal use.

  • idrisp

    I received the kitkat update but atleast twice a day everyday my moto g disconnects from the 3g network of boostmobile.Wen the maintenance update comes i hope it fixes the issue.

  • Jérémie Gaucher

    someone can tell me if it for xt1032 ( model name are so confusing) .... and if it for xt1032 where i can download it

  • Sadanand Yewale

    Which is the software version currently Moto G India ?

    • Neal


  • sam

    call recorder doesnt work after kitkat update :(

  • landmarkcm

    I still haven't gotten this latest update yet. Anyone else still waiting?? . Running GSM version from Aio wireless. I have Kitkat but not his software update..

  • jayanth

    when will this update comes to india???

    • landmarkcm

      I have Kitkat on mine but I never got this update .. Have you?

  • Berlin00

    Got it in Uk but it always results in a error....

  • Ramana

    Im also facing temporary cellular network drops in moto g Indian version and also 3g network data connectivity is not there in some areas where other mobile (samsung even micromax)users don't face that. I even used my own SIM on a micromax mobile and checked to ensure whether problem is there with my sim but it was working fine in it.

  • Tina

    Any of the users in India got this update ? to solve the loss of signal issue !

  • sunny

    I have version 176.44.1 and i am having problems with OTG cable. It won't mount. It was working a week ago but not now

  • ramavtar saini

    In India, I am also having these problems like network dropping, battery time not good. So when this update is coming to India...

  • Deedee

    For those dealing with the low volume issue and have not received the update, you might go to the play store and download an app called "Volume up". It has permanently fixed my low volume problem. It works great on my phone (Moto G).

  • CGem

    After kitkat update ...waiting for maintanance update to solve the issues with kitkat..Motorola believe me its already late...we need this problems to ve solved otherwise ...you know Customer is King and You cant live in India with this...much phones of moto g like this...I have adviced my two coleagues to buy this product. Both brought. One person returned it after updating to kitkat. another one not yet updated everyday we are waiting for your update..otherwise I have contacts of 1000 ..I know what to do..lots of whats app groups...

  • raksforever

    Im having the SIM problem with my MOTO G. I'm fro Bangalore - India. While i'm making a call just after charging the mobile, there is no sound either in my microphone or the speaker and it only gets alright once i switch off the mobile and power up again. Please resolve the sim issue immediately.

    • MotoG user

      I'm from chenni, having the same problem. Anyone got a solution for this?

    • dheeraj

      hi, im getting the same issue, did u able to solve it ?

    • Saranya

      me too have a same issue :(. Is there any fix for it?

  • harsh

    I can not connect otg cable in my motog it sems error that usb storage is damaged what did i do for it

  • Naveen Gowda

    HI m facing lot of problem in moto g since i upgrade into 4.4.2, i have attached some picture below.

    and some times during call automatically disconnect the network again and again and i try to upgrade to new version of the software but its showing this software is up to date. this are the issues i am facing please help me how to solve this issues
    IMEI2: 355004059873771

  • anup pandey

    THROUGH THIS MOTO G IN DUSTBIN,there r lots of problem relating to network,batry etc. but no body is listening from motorola.i think i had waisted my hard earned money.........