It's finally happening. After months of leaks and speculation, the Google Now Launcher (previously known informally at the Google Experience Launcher) has been dropped into the Play Store. This is essentially just an updated stub app that will enable the home screen functionality in the Google search app on most Android devices. However, this isn't a universal release.

3 4 5

The first official version of the Google Now Launcher is only installable on the Nexus and Google Play Edition devices running KitKat. Devices running custom ROMs based on KitKat (like CM 11) may also be compatible. A future version might open it up, but we'll have to wait on Google to chime in. We have a compatibility list below if you're interested (screenshot). Also note the Nexus 10 still doesn't get transparent bars, so stop asking.

1 2 upload

8 9 0

There don't appear to be any huge new features. This is still the same layout with the Google Now panel and customizable home screen panels. We're digging in and will update as we learn more. Update: we have an APK mirrored below if you want to sideload it. There doesn't appear to be anything new, but it's there if you want it.


APK Download

[via +Derek Traini, +Android]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

  • Daldain

    Excellent. Thank you Google.

  • usaff22

    Love how more apps are not requiring system updates to be updated. Good work, Google.

    • KingofPing

      Still waiting for that dialer. :)

      • usaff22

        Wait until Android 4.5, pretty sure GoogleDialer still relies upon TeleService or maybe TelephonyProvider.

        • Egenius

          The telephone service does not rely on carriers, I have it installed on my rooted gs4 running cm-11 for ever and it works fine.

          • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

            TelephonyProvider doesn't mean your carrier, it's something inside the Android OS. If what he's saying is correct (that it relies upon TeleService or TelephonyProvided), then you will need to wait for an OS update to get GoogleDialer, since those are OS-level components.

            That would also explain why you have it on CM11, since that's technically another OS.

    • http://batman-news.com uh8m8

      Love how Google absolutely refuses to make these apps open-source, and only updates an app when they're sure they can steal your data.

      I'd love one counter-example.

      • Casin

        How about most of Google's products? None of them steal your data. You consent to the terms of service.

        • A

          The terms of service that can be modified at any time, without requirement of notification to the user? Yes, I feel good.

        • http://batman-news.com uh8m8

          "Steal", "take because of secret government programs", "take because you're stupid", whatever it is to you.

      • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

        Of course they can't open-source these apps! Have you got a brain? The GAPPS are the brain and butter of Google Services. Open Source them is like giving keys to everyone your proprietary technologies. You do note that there's a difference between Google Android which is NOT open source and Android Open Source Project, which is right? Same as Chrome (not open source) and Chromium Project. I don't think you actually understand the concept of open source and what is actually open sourced before you made your comments.

        • http://batman-news.com uh8m8

          I HAVE GOT A BRAIN! DO YOU??
          I understand that most people in the Google fanboy camp either think it's all open-source, or don't care (which makes them Apple-level of fancrack).

          • designerer

            i have a brain too

      • theunknown

        The Clock and Gallery applications are two examples that Google has updated and is open source i.e available in the AOSP codebase and they don't any of your data.

        Google has no reason to opensource their propriety apps, if you want to know their contribution to Open Source follow up on these

        Open Source Projects Released By Google - https://developers.google.com/open-source/projects

        Google and the Open Source Developer - https://developers.google.com/open-source/

        Any apps you wish to not sue can be disabled in the Manage Apps section and even before you use them, you willingly accept that your data be shared with Google in their TOS agreement.

        • http://batman-news.com uh8m8

          Gallery/Camera are closing down.
          Google has no reason to do it because, you know, who needs to be open-source when you can be just as closed as everybody else and still lie about your intention.

      • http://blog.sudhirkhanger.com/ Sudhir Khanger

        Google can't because it relies on Google's proprietary cloud services. It couldn't spill its secret sauce.

  • Dairox

    Not for Galaxy Nexus....

    • bozzykid

      The screenshot in this article disagrees.

      • saimin

        Won't install on my Galaxy Nexus either

        • bozzykid

          Is your galaxy nexus on Kit-Kat? Otherwise, you won't receive it.

          • Julio M

            Galaxy Nexus didn't get the Kit-Kat invite :(

    • Kieron Quinn

      Showing as compatible with mine

    • Deeco

      Did you update your Google Play Services?

      • Dairox


    • 808Bill

      It requires Kit Kat, so it's not compatible.

      • pfmiller

        Yes it is, I tried it out on my old GN.

  • Lemonzest

    apk download? wanna put this on my moto g

    • Dairox
      • lemonzest

        Its saying it cant download it for me

    • Richard

      Search for apk on xda-developers.com...there should be a moto x specific apk discussion there. I have had Google Experience Launcher on my CDMA S3 for months now! And all features work so...

  • WORPspeed

    So from now on we cans tart expecting home screen updates without an OS update?
    As a nex5 owner I am thrilled!

    • Guest
    • bozzykid

      If you have a Nexus 5, Google has been doing this already with Google Search updates. The Google Search app actually includes the launcher.

      • WORPspeed

        But those are behind the scenes updates and mostly limited to Google Now functionality. With this in the playstore we can actually expect them to change/add certain visible features/aestethics

        • Cj

          Actually previous updates to "Google Now" did fix issues on the launcher. E.g. bugs related to the tablet layout of the launcher was fixed, which is why it was rumored that such updated were paving the way for this release in the play store.

          • WORPspeed

            Let me make myself perfectly clear:

            With this step of making it available in the play store I can finally expect updates like:
            -new folder functionality
            -new widget options
            and other options that are IN YOUR FACE without having to wait for an OS update.

          • Ricardo Neves

            Actually all the code for the launcher is in Google Search APK. The "stub" that is now on the playstore just activates the launcher part of Google Search, it doesn't actually have the launcher code. That could change in the future though.

          • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

            Let us be perfectly clear, if you have a Nexus 5, all of these things were/could have been already happening since your launcher is inside the Google Search app, which is updated through the Play Store.

            The only difference now is that other Nexus and GPE devices have easy access to this launcher as opposed to before when you had to download the stub Launcher.apk that was extracted from a Nexus 5.

          • WORPspeed

            Let me explain:
            The Nexus and GPE devices have (almost) never been 2 steps ahead of most current devices (that includes devices released in the last 12 months). Seeing as most of those current devices haven't had the Google Now launcher, it would be less likely to see major improvements in it, because then the other current devices would be lacking (and that is a bad thing PR wise, if you want to know I can explain in another post, but it will be to long for this one).
            So now that the Google Now launcher is in the Play Store and likely not far from a more general release to other devices beyond Nexus' and GPE, it becomes increasingly more likely to see major changes (= expected value for major changes has increased)

            Yes, we ALL know Google COULD have done it before, but we ALSO KNOW that Google rolls-out apps in a slow roll-out when they could very well do them all at once. Just because Google CAN/COULD do it does not mean they WILL/WOULD do it.

            Having the Launcher in the Play store DOES in fact make it more likely to expect bigger changes coming that didn't come before (even though, as you correctly stated, they very well could have)

          • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

            Ah, I see what you're saying now. It makes total sense. Thanks for taking time to write that out and explain where you were coming from, much appreciated. :)

  • Ali

    Meanwhile most Android Police readers have been using it for months..

    • gordongr

      Yes but the one I loaded from here before didn't have the Google now swipe from left, just a very simple launcher

      • Jaime

        Maybe you didn't do it right. I've been using it with the Google now on the left most screen for months like Ali said. (And I have an Exynos Galaxy S4)

      • jrock

        Did you turn on google now? That has to be on for the swipe to left.

      • rose maryawn

        my Aunty Amelia got a new blue Land Rover
        LR4 only from working part time off a home computer... helpful hints B­u­z­z­3­2­.­ℂ­o­m

    • Derail Doax

      We have had it installed for months. However I've continued using Nova as my primary launcher with the GEL installed as an alternate. In fact I know 3 people with Nexus 5s and none of them kept the stock launcher. They all went with alternate ones. So who really is interested in this?

      • Ali

        Yeah GNL doesn't have much in terms of customization but Google Now on the left is pretty handy (I rely on it heavily) and I don't really care much for customization options.

  • Athishay

    MotoG or MotoX?

    • http://andrewwhiplash.com Andrew Clement

      Nope on MotoX

      • Ruperto17

        Moto X's default launcher already has transparent bars.

        • Ian Santopietro

          There just might be other reasons to switch to it...

    • lew

      Just installed it and it works great on the moto x....


      • rolo143

        Just installed it and it works great on my Nokia 1100.

        • lew

          Congrats... You're a genius...

  • NovaLauncher
    • Arthur Dent

      Cool story, bro

    • Chris

      I don't like your response but this GIF is hilarious.

    • rolo143

      You're the man, Nova! :3

    • Brendan Dillon

      This further proves what we already knew...
      Boba Fett was a gay wimp.

    • http://batman-news.com uh8m8

      Totally unfair. Nova only does garbage like changing icon rows/columns, setting custom gestures... nothing useful.
      GEL, on the other hand.... glide left for Google! Brilliant!

      • SoRHunter

        My sarcasm detector blew off!

      • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard


      • John

        Hate to agree with you but sooo true, even I do that. TBH though there is really something that makes me love the GEL launcher, maybe just how simple it is.

        • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard


          • John

            Sorry, got used to the term "Google Experience Launcher"

  • saimin

    Requires Android 4.4, so won't install on stock Galaxy Nexus

  • brkshr

    Hopefully this fixes the wallpaper bug on the N7(13)

  • http://tech.gtaero.net/ Navarr Barnier

    "We have a compatibility list below"

    > No list.

    • Алекс


    • RyanWhitwam

      ... umm, it's there. Has been since we posted.

      • Mike Boodoo

        Nope. Not there.

      • Justin W

        In this article? Where?

        • Cherokee4life

          ?? It's right there. Top right picture....

          • Justin W

            Wow, I was looking for a pull quote style list, not a picture.

          • Cherokee4life

            It took me a second as well.

          • rslh

            It says it's compatible with Galaxy Nexus?! Didn't work for me. The apk didn't install: Parse error. Google Play Store has my unit greyed out, but installed fine on my Nexus 7 2013. Oh well, I do have the old GEL launch apk, which is fine.

          • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

            You need to be on KitKat so in the GNex's case, a custom ROM.

    • darkdude1
      • Matthew Fry

        Doesn't have the Nexus 10 on it. I'll save them the trouble though. It is available for the Nexus 10.

        • abobobilly

          My i9000 running 4.4.2 is "supported". YAY (well i did get the "update" in my Play Store so ... )

  • dextersgenius

    Typo: It should be 'any' : "There don't appear to be and huge new features".

  • Seiga

    It's weird. If you have the latest version of Google Search and Kit Kat, You already have the Google Now Launcher! Regardless of nexus or GPE devices.

    • Cj

      The apps are integrated

    • Stacey Liu

      Yeah but you can't get the stub that activates it from the Play Store.

  • Tony Pettinato

    Showed up as an update to the one shipped with CM11 on my G2

  • Dave Harrison

    It looks like CM11 devices can run it as well. At least my Nook HD+ is compatable.

    • Cj

      It should be accessible from any AOSP based ROM.
      Many users on such ROMs have already had it installed for months now

  • Martin Holička

    Seriously now, why would anyone use this launcher when we have tons of options in the play store?
    And why would I sacrifice the swipe-to-the-right gesture for google now, when I can simply access it by swiping up from the home button, system-wide?

    • Why not??

      Is someone forcing this update on you?
      People have different tastes, given that this was just released, it's download count would indicate that a lot of people are in fact interested.

      • Martin Holička

        Nobody is forcing anything on me, and about the taste thingy, I have never been able to experience any taste sensations based on the launcher I use, I have always evaluated them in how usefull they are, what functionality they bring.

        • SSDROiD

          "I have always evaluated them in how useful they are, what functionality they bring"
          Otherwise known as your "taste" in launchers. And people have different "tastes" when it comes to launchers. Somebody likes for the launcher to look gorgeous, others only care about the features. Some care about its speed, others enjoy a slow, gradual and cool animation that takes time.

          • Martin Holička

            Fair enough, you are probably right.

    • pfmiller

      Yeah, the new launcher is inferior to the old one. The swipe to right is completely pointless now.

    • MustWarnOthers

      It's simple, and it works well. The swipe right gesture is much cleaner and smoother than any other implementation, including the swiping up from home button.

      It's another option amongst many. I've been using it on CM11 on my old GS2 because sometimes I get tired of fussing with settings on launchers. There's one reason.

      • pfmiller

        Swiping up is plenty smooth, and works correctly. I hate it now when I hit the home button and end up in Google Now. WTF, that is never where I want to be when I hit home. Also, you can no longer hit back to return to your previous screen from Google Now because hitting back from the launcher does nothing.

  • Thomly

    Seems like it installs fine via Play Store on my GT-i9100 (Galaxy S2) running CM11.
    On the other hand, I already was running their launcher by having it sideloaded. Installing from Play Store resulted in an update.

    • http://about.me/jovanphilip Van

      Same here. Installed without issue on my Galaxy S3. Wonder what all this Nexus/GPE only stuff is about. o_O

      • Daniel DS

        It's also available on devices running a ROM with the GNL as the default launcher, like CM and PA, but in stock Touchwiz it wouldn't be available to you

    • naturalblue

      yep, installed on my galaxy nexus running cm11

    • Bobby Phoenix

      I think any "pure" Android running phone will work with it. By "pure" I mean AOSP kind of stuff. It runs great on my N1 (Nexus One) which is also running CM11.

  • Zargh

    Anyone else notice that in Galaxy S5 pictures it seems to have the same voice control feature as GNL?

    Maybe it won't come to other devices...

    • abobobilly

      Well, that "Deal" Sammy did with Google seems to have worked its charm -.-

      I can't imagine myself saying "OK S-Voice ... "

  • Artur Łukasz

    This app is compatible with some of your devices.
    Plus LGE LG-P760

    CM11 ;)

  • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

    What exactly... does it do? Damn I haven't been keeping up with the Nexus stuff as much as I should, especially considering my wife has a Nexus 5 and I have a Nexus 7.

    • Zargh

      It'll give you the Nexus 5 homescreen on your Nexus 7. So Integrated Voice search + a Google Now homescreen.

      • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

        Thanks, I read something else after I posted that comment and saw that it did that. Not sure if it's a big enough deal for me to want to install it honestly. I really like Nova Launcher and don't need Google Now and voice search that badly.

  • brkshr

    apk tear down coming?

  • Oobiewan

    at last. I installed the .apk on my NN7 when you guys posted it, but it made some icons appear or disappear, sometimes even pages. I really hope this won't do that. (btw the .apk worked just fine on my gnexus)

  • @bobbyboucher

    drats, my logitech revue isn't included.

  • turdbogls

    I realize google can give whatever point release they want to it...but it went from a 0.10.xxxx to 1.xxxxx. there SHOULD be some pretty nice updates in it...but sadly :(

    • Alexei Watson

      I would agree from 1.xx > 2.xx but from 0.xx > 1.xx is just a change from early release to stable.

      In other words, 1.xx makes sense to me to be the first version release.

    • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

      Yours was 0.10.xxxx? Weird, the stub apk I got from AP was Are you on the Nexus 5? I'm on the Nexus 4.

      • turdbogls

        yeah, N5...but I'm pretty sure there was an update of some sort out there for download. i am on a ROM so it was included...maybe it came with 4.4.2

  • Severo Rivera


  • CooLNeXuS

    How you did this gif in the end?
    What program you used at this gig?

    • SSDROiD

      This is slightly unrelated, but how do people make GIFs anyway? I've always wanted to know. Damn, I should start Googling more, the answer is probably already out there. *changes tab to search the God of knowledge, A.K.A. Google*

  • CharlesTF

    Looks like this update fix the GPS bug

    • http://www.jayxon.com/ JayXon

      what GPS bug?

      • CharlesTF

        IIRC there was a bug that would keep GPS active even after you disabled it.

  • didibus

    Will give it a try, but after trying almost all alternate launchers, I have come to realize that what I need from a launcher is simplicity and quick access to apps presented in a beautiful way. For this reason, I have settled on Smart Launcher. A nice muzei powered live wallpaper. A shortcut wheel to my favorite apps. And a nicely auto organised list of all apps, with a quick search through them.

  • chris kilps

    is this newer than what is on the forms, if so apk please

    • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

      It is newer. Once you update, the version that it reports is The apk is at the end of the news post.

  • http://karchner.com/ Ross Karchner

    It's available on my Galaxy S4 (running CM11)

  • Andy

    It installs fine on cm11 (gs3).

  • Régis Knechtel

    It's shown as compatible on my S2 with unofficial AOSP KitKat.

  • Raed Ibrahim Albloushy

    I love it! i have been using this on my nexus 4 since it was released on the nexus 5, it is simply elegant and simplistic. Also it appears to be compatible with my l Galaxy tab 2 10.1 that is running unoffical kitkat .

  • Double_a2013

    As a nova prime user, is there any reason for me to install this on my N7 2013?

    • archercc

      Only if you want more google now and the always on google voice search function. Otherwise its a pretty slim launcher (really just made to be simple, clean and quick).

    • Kevin Aaronson

      Gnl allowsyou to swipe from the left to open Google now as well as say okay Google on home screen to open Google now.nova launcher does not

    • Double_a2013

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • archercc

    nice, been running it forever on my N4 but its nice to know that I can get a market version that updates.

  • duse

    Urgh, still only 6 icons across on the Nexus 10? So much wasted blank space on the sides. Why not 8 like before. All my widgets are being crunched inward. So I guess Xposed GEL Settings is still going to be required...

  • Scott Ricketts

    Just installed it on my tablet running OmniROM so, not just Nexus or GPE.

  • Stanley Chan

    Updated from play store. Workin perfect in my N7 (2013) With XGELS framework.

  • Matthew

    Works with my Xperia S

  • Phillip Jones

    It's also only 4.4+, so keep that in mind.

    • unhappybirthday

      Grab the older stub APK from a previous AP article if you need to install on Jellybean.

  • rpitera

    There is a great Xposed module that allows for much more customization of the GEL if anyone is interested. I've been using it for awhile now and it really brings GEL up to the level of many of the thrid party launchers.

    • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard


  • Freddy Born

    The kitkat launcher allready gives me the google now screen on the left from the homescreen pn my s2 4.1 jb

  • Simon Belmont

    Sweet, finally. I assume this will just install over top of the stub that I sideloaded to my Nexus 7 (2012)?

    I hope this gets released to more than just Nexus and GPE devices. Cheers.

    • Apollo

      Yup. Installs right over top of the old stub.

      Works great on my 2012 Nexus 7. Enjoy.

  • Hector

    Works on my Galaxy S4 Google Play edition!

  • The_Chlero

    I have a GNex. If I install this, Will do I get transparent Nav Buttons and White icons?

    • Simon Belmont

      Is your G'Nex running KitKat? If yes, then it should have the transparency.

      If you're on the stock Android 4.3 that was the last official update, then no. Hope this helps.

      • The_Chlero

        You're right. I'm in 4.3. So I wont be getting transparency and white icons right?

        • Simon Belmont

          Right. You'll have the old Holo blue icons and no transparency.

          There are a bunch of good KitKat ROMs for the G'Nex, though. I've tried a few on my G'Nex (I used my Nexus 5 as a daily driver now) and the GNL works perfectly on them (with transparency).

  • Pascal

    It says it's compatible with my phone and I don't have nexus or gpe devide. But maybe it's because I already had it installed.

  • yahyoh

    "This app is incompatible with all of your devices."
    so not with Note 2 or GS2


    • SSDROiD

      "This app is incompatible with all of your devices."
      Also known as the most depressing message Google has ever given me. Which is unusual. Google is commonly what gives me a smile at the beginning of my day. Sigh.

  • RadarJammer

    Just appeared in the Play Store for my old Galaxy Note N7000 with Asylum OmniRom KitKat :-)

  • Charles Siqueira

    Someone using on a Moto X?

  • ithehappy

    No thanks, even if it were available for my i9500 I would not be bothered to use this over Nova Prime. Why would I use that anyway!!

  • Randy Sagurski

    Working great on my HTC One running ARHD 51.0!!

  • Harold Goldner

    Really disliked that it only had 3 screens, then accidentally "created" 4th (then deliberately a 5th). Now really enjoying this launcher on my Nexus 7 FHD.

  • rolo143

    I stay with Nova Launcher. :)

    • Stanley Chan

      Me too but, if u use Google NowxLauncher with xgel xposed u can do a lot of changes just like nova.

      • D!MA

        Can you have 7-8 icons in the dock? Drawer with tabs to separate apps? I was thinking to try it, but Nova is perfect for now.

        • Stanley Chan

          Its a new development but is very good till now.
          hide Google search bar / automatically show search bar on Google Now
          hide apps from the app drawer
          hide page indicator
          resize the home screen grid
          resize the all apps grid
          rotate launcher
          all widgets are fully resizeable
          disable wallpaper scrolling
          change icon size
          change the size of the icon labels
          customizable text color for icon labels (homescreen and app drawer)
          hide text shadow for icon labels on homescreen
          hide icon labels on home screen and/or on app drawer
          change the size of hotseat icons
          change the number of hotseat apps (icons above the navigation bar)
          customizable color of app drawer background
          set your own default homescreen
          long click app drawer button opens XGELS
          apply settings without rebooting your device
          more to come


  • therealshowkey

    Is anybody else getting a "Parse error" message?

    • RevTim128

      Yes, from both mirrors.

      • Fifth313ment

        Yup same on my Note 3. Old version works fine

    • http://www.facebook.com/tony.damiani.pr Tony Damiani

      Yup. I will stay with my old version I guess.

    • hello

      yup getting this too. the old version works fine but i do get a bug that when i close google search from the task manager the launcher kinda takes a while to load up the widgets and icons on my home screens. anyone getting this too? I tried sideloading this later version to see f it would fix it but im getting the parse error.

    • unhappybirthday

      I get that too and I'm wondering if the new stub only installs on Android 4.4.x (KitKat). I'm still on Jellybean and the previous stub worked fine with that.

      • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

        Yes, this new one is only for KitKat

  • RevTim128

    Has anybody used the apk in the mirrors successfully? I get ""There is a problem parsing the package" trying to install the apk from either mirror link.

    • Peter

      I'm getting it on play store too trying to update chrome

  • Uncle_Rico

    got this pushed out about an hour ago on my N5.. then my N7 2013... as well as Chrome 33 update on both! Thanks Goog!

  • Stanley Chan

    Dont forgt people, is only for KK devices.

    If u want on JB, instal the laucher apk and google search and u can run GNL.

  • falter

    Doesn't nexus with KitKat already mean the gel is essentially already built in?

    • Ricardo Neves

      It's only built in on the Nexus 5 for now. It will probably be built in on all Nexus and GPE devices in future versions of Android.

    • Stanley Chan

      Only Nexus 5 was abble to use the GNL. Now google release for other devices.

    • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard


  • Christopher Heuer

    I don't understand why they screwed up the grid size on the Nexus 10. With the stock launcher, you can fit 4 apps on each side of the hotseat, and the main screens are an 8x5 grid. With the Google Now Launcher, it's only 3 apps on each side of the hotseat and a 6x5 grid. There's so much empty space on the sides it drives me crazy: http://imgur.com/c0oiFaw

  • Christopher Heuer

    I don't understand why they screwed up the grid size on the Nexus 10. With the stock launcher, you can fit 4 apps on each side of the hotseat, and the main screens are an 8x5 grid. With the Google Now Launcher, it's only 3 apps on each side of the hotseat and a 6x5 grid. There's so much empty space on the sides it drives me crazy.

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      Just install Xposed Framework + GEL Settings modulemodule. Works just fine with official launcher and looks much better. Also stock icon size is awful.

      • Christopher Heuer

        I think I'll try that, thanks!

    • Stanley Chan

      For change the settings in GNL u need root and install xposed and the xgel framework. U will have a lot things u can modify.

    • Walkop

      I like the empty space. Let's you actually see the wallpaper! I never fill my homescreens anyway :p

    • duse

      Agreed, it sucks. It doesn't look so bad with just icons like in your picture, but with widgets, it gets crowded fast, when it didn't before. Then it looks ridiculous with all the blank space on the sides. Have to use Xposed GEL Settings to adjust it. That thing came out at just the right time.

    • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

      Shamefully iPad-esque!

      • Christopher Heuer

        Trust me, this isn't how it looks in the launcher that I actually use. :)

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    You know, I am really afraid of Google not giving the full power to Nexus 10 - first they got rid of dual pane view, then wiped out transparency, and now they don't have a proper layout for the launcher

    This makes me think that either Google is going full retard with 10" or there will be no Nexus 10 2014 at all

    • Fifth313ment


    • Stanley Chan

      Im afrai google went full retard on 10" devices.

    • Simon Belmont

      I agree with you on the launcher and the split-view (tablet UI) view. It was much better for a 10 inch screen.

      The transparency issue has something to do with the GPU in the SoC on the Nexus 10. It doesn't do hardware overlays well, so transparency reduces performance.

      • duse

        You can enable transparent status bar with Xposed and it works fine. I have no idea what these performance issues might've been. It's probably just speculation from the community. I agree with Fatal1ty_93_RUS's concerns.

    • duse

      100% agree, they simply don't seem to care. Not expecting a new Nexus 10 with the kind of attention they've been giving it.

      Makes you wonder, are they happy just throwing in the towel and letting the iPad totally own this segment? Sure seems that way.

  • Fifth313ment

    Does this fix the missing SD homescreen icons bug found in the old version (on restart all SD apps disappear from homescreen). I also have a bug where the top left hand corner gets corrupted and I have to change wallpapers to fix. This is on a Note 3 and everything else runs smooth. Trying new version now.

  • 16Bitz0r

    Am I the only one who's getting buggy experience with it on my stock N4 (4.4.2)? The Wallpaper seems to bounce all over the place when I hit the Home/Appz buttons, without apparent reason. It also occurs randomly.

    • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

      I don't have an 'Appz' button on my Nexus 4 (4.4.2) and GNL is working just fine.

  • valynor

    Complete fail on the Nexus 10. Now uses 7 icons horizontally instead of 9 (basically the same layout as on a 7" tablet?).
    Looks like watching a 4:3 movie on a 16:9 TV, so much wasted space. Uninstalled after one minute. :-|

    • Walkop

      IMO its to let you see the wallpaper.

      I always found full homescreens pointless, since they don't let you see the massive, blatent picture you put there to be a nice background for your icons.

      I never fill up my screen anyway. I like a unique layout. Generally.

      • pfmiller

        No one forces you to put icons and widgets on your homescreen. If you want to see your wallpaper, that's fine leave it empty. The new launcher doesn't have enough room for my widget set anymore though.

    • miri

      I always thought the 8x7 grid was WAY too much space and was difficult to make effective use of. I'm sure the average user would appreciate the change as well (though the proportions could use some work).

      • pfmiller

        I don't understand what you mean. If you have extra columns you don't want to use, don't put anything there. How does preventing other people from using the space benefit you?

        • miri

          To put things into perspective. The iPad can hold up to 20 apps per page and up to 6 apps in the dock (default is 4). That's 24~26 slots. Large form-factor Android tablets can hold up to 56 apps per page and up to 8 in the dock. That's 64 slots.

          iOS has a way of auto-aligning the icons so that if you're not using all the space it still looks reasonably clean and organized. With Android you have to do everything manually. It's difficult to use all that space (especially with 5 home screens as with the AOSP launcher) and even if you do you're it's likely to look cluttered and if you don't, it's likely that your home screen will look sparse and mis-aligned or cramped in the center as the grid size makes spacing things out difficult. No matter how you cut it, unless you're really deliberate, you're very likely to have a mess on your hands. With the smaller grid size it's much easier to take advantage of the screen space and it doesn't look as bad if you don't.

          If a user wants a larger grid they can get a different launcher but it's in Google's best interest to promote ease of use.

          • pfmiller

            I still don't get it. I have some screens that are sparsely filled on my tablet. I put what I need there, and no more. If I'm only using 10 of my slots, it won't look any less sparse if their are only 6 (invisible) columns. It's still the same 10 icons in the same overall space. On the Nexus 10 the gap between items is doubled in the new launcher. It looks more sparse to me. And cramped in the center is exactly how I would describe the new launcher in landscape mode. There's almost an inch and a half wasted on either side of the screen! It can in no way be said to be taking advantage of the device's screen space.

            Anyway, as much as I would like to be running the same launcher on my phone and tablet, the Google Now launcher just looks terrible on my tablet. I've got not choice but to stick with stock.

  • Giuseppe Di Giovanni

    It works on my Padfone 2 with Android 4.1 stock?

  • _artem_

    Nexus 4, OmniROM, just opened play store and saw that I have a Google now launcher update, checked the number of the installed apps and it's one more than I had

  • Rémi Scandella

    I can't use the volume buttons when I'm on the home screen, since the update.

  • Mati Dodel

    Working in the nightly Cm 11on gs2 i9100!

  • lee miles

    Works fine on my s4 (4.4.2) att and n7

  • Justin Howell

    I rely too heavily on my app tabs to use this (as I have - admittedly - way too many apps installed). If they add that in the future, I'll be more than happy to use it.

  • Mito Jah Bless

    I get an error parsing message in my S2 LTE running cm11

  • Anand Muralidhar

    I own a Galaxy S plus(GT -I9001) and it says its compatible.
    I think its because I'm using CyanogenMod 11. So it'll be compatible with phones using AOSP based ROMs. :D

  • Chuck B

    Where did my widgets go?

  • http://byazrov.ru/ Russian Photographer

    HTC One GPE does nothing to "Google Now" command unless you press mic icon. This is boring.

    • Krzysztof

      It worked on my HTC One with GPE rom.

  • yash1229

    My Galaxy Nexus seems to be incompatible, even though it's on the list! Would sideloading the apk fix it?

  • Moses

    This might be a dumb question, but since I already have a Nexus 5, do I have to update the app? I see there is an update for it in the My Apps section on the Play Store.

  • Qbek Pro

    Nova is better luncher in my opinion. More customizable

  • Slawootsky

    Am I the only one who doesn't have those fancy animations? I wonder if it's because of the old hardware.

  • aakash

    Hey my phone is showing something like "parse error" when i try to install this app...thanks

    • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

      Are you on KitKat?

  • http://www.emuparadise.me/roms-isos-games.php Apple is a patent troll

    There are better 3rd party launchers out there like Nova, Apex and Action. This piece of crap holds nothing against better launchers out there.

  • Marchant Volschenk

    Just loaded it onto the HTC One GPE. Damn the icons are HUGE

  • Dar[K]

    sadly it doesnt support my galaxy nexus :(

  • Mateusz

    Still huge ugly icons...

  • John O’Connor

    maybe i haven't been paying attention lately, but what features are different/unique versus the stock launcher on the nexus 5 already?

    • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

      Nothing; this IS the Nexus 5 launcher. :)

  • Cliff Chan

    $3.9 camouflage cloth pattern Galaxy s4 battery door replace the old version. this design is made by textile ejected, yes, with many different pattern and color. easy to install.with the textile injection, makes the s4 back door cover durable and no bad smell.
    I like the army pattern.you may search at gadget2us
    yes. I like the case with favor price. also can stick a wireless receiver card.

  • heyheythere

    Dislike how on gnl the clock widget must show all cities. On stock launcher, clock widget only shows current city.

  • Peter

    @archon810:disqus @RyanWhitwam:disqus

    Google Now Launcher just updated.

  • KevinCG

    How the hell do I add another screen?

  • Smallville123

    It's available to non nexus devices if you use the playstore website. Works on Galaxy s4 and Transformer 300t