Update: AT&T has just posted on its blog to say the OTA is live. Check for updates, people.

Prepare yourself AT&T customers – the Galaxy S4 is about to finally get that KitKat update that's been slowly rolling out across Samsung's product lineup. AT&T just posted the update details, and tomorrow (February 26th) is the big day.

The OTA will bump the device up to Android 4.4.2 with build number KOTH49H.I337UCUFNB1. Here's what it will include.

  • Android 4.4 OS upgrade
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear compatibility
  • Drag and drop to uninstall or disable applications
  • Call reliability improvements

wm_Screenshot_2014-02-26-12-55-31 wm_Screenshot_2014-02-26-12-57-33

Images courtesy of Craig B

The OTA notification will show up on devices over the coming days, or you can use the update button in the menu to check manually. It sounds like you'll be able to do that tomorrow as soon as the update starts rolling out. Now we'll find out if AT&T is actually blocking Tap and Pay on KitKat. Samsung's treatment of SD cards is also going to be interesting to see.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://tommydaniel.com Tommy Thompson

    Now for the Note 3...

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Are you rooted or are you looking forward to losing write access to the SD card? I know I won't be upgrading unless I can figure out a way to write.

      • MyLeftNut

        Does this problem also extend to cloud storage. I know I can't write to SD card using my Nexus 5 (Google why!?) but I've been trying to move a folder from my phone to dropbox and no matter what file explorer I use, the action fails.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Wat?.. The Nexus 5 doesn't have an SD card slot. And moving things to Dropbox, huh?

          • MyLeftNut

            I mean when using my meenova microsd reader. I don't have write access to the sd card. Unless there's something janked about my settings, I thought that was part of the problem.

            As for moving things to dropbox. I use a lot apps for document creation that don't have an option to upload to dropbox and on my Note 2 I found it easier to just move things manually. Never had a problem until now.

      • http://tommydaniel.com Tommy Thompson

        No.. and no. I guess I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to say, sync my music using Doubletwist...that's a bitch..

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          I use FolderSync, and yeah, that would stop working. It's a bitch, indeed.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Shawn De Cesari

    Let's see if it has "tap and pay". Considering the AT&T HTC One KitKat OTA has it, I don't see any reason why the GS4's update wouldn't.

    • Dan W

      The G2 Kit Kat OTA didn't feature it, so who knows.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Shawn De Cesari

        Are you sure? Just because it might not be in settings doesn't mean it isn't there. If you install Google Wallet, does it give you the tap and pay option?

        Also, Sprint's GS4 and Note 3 KitKat updates have Tap and Pay, so we know Samsung isn't actively removing it...I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

        • moelsen8

          my friend just checked, downloaded GW. settings says "Tap and Pay - Not Available"

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii


          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Shawn De Cesari

            Sounds like an LG thing rather than an AT&T thing. That's sad.

          • CoreRooted

            I don't think it's really a LG thing so much as an AT&T thing... Isis and all that crap. :-/

            Edit: Seeing as how the HTC One got tap to pay, maybe it is a LG thing? Ugh. I seriously hope not.

    • Leif Sikorski

      I got the update for the unbranded European model yesterday and it has tap&pay so it should be there if AT&T didn't remove it.

      So far I really like the update. It feels snappier and reduced the memory usage.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Except AT&T is evil enough to remove it, so that means nothing. We'll see.

    • CoreRooted

      The official G2 KK update supposedly doesn't have tap to pay enabled. I haven't grabbed it yet (CM11 on mine right now so that I CAN use tap to pay), but from skimming XDA, it seems like AT&T blocked it on the G2.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Shawn De Cesari

        If AT&T isn't blocking it on the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy phones, they're not blocking it on the G2 either. Blame LG in this case, not AT&T.

        • CoreRooted

          Yeah, I have to agree. Bah. I'd rather blame AT&T though. Bigger of the two evils and all that. ;)

    • Kevin

      I think it said at&t is blocking tap and pay

    • Sam

      Tap and Pay isn't blocked

  • tommyGS4

    Well at least Verizon won't be the last carrier to release update...... LOL!!!

  • Matt McNair

    For the record, HCE and Tap to Pay are working on the HTC One official AT&T 4.4.2. Hopefully this is also the case for Samsung devices from AT&T. I don't know about other brands but the Tap to Pay option is a sub option of NFC on the One. It's not in the main settings menu like GPE editions or AOSP roms. Dig around before calling it a no show.

  • Mike Baladad

    Is there a certain time that OTAs are released, or will it be available at the stroke of midnight?

  • kingschreck

    Got an update on my note 3 today. 4.3..... wtf... any explanation for this

    • Jason

      Same as me about 9:30 am Dallas Texas I got the 4.3 update today even though my AT&T Note 3 had it out of the box??.. what's the deal with that? Phone did it automatically without me touching it.

      • CBNforum

        I just forced an update on my Note 3 and there was an update available with 38.47MB. I am not sure what this for. Could be something to prep for 4.4.2

        • Yash

          Yea it just removed some bugs and probably added inside and unnoticeable features for the phone.

          • Ren Simmons


        • dan

          It's a fix for 3rd party accessory before they release 4.4.2.

    • Eddie Hooper

      This. What was this update I just installed for nothing?

      • Trooper

        Is anyone else having their apps shut off. AT&T told me to delete all my apps and redownload them. Whats up with that

    • kingschreck

      Useless. It has screwed up my messaging tho...

      • chawndro

        Same here. Before Hangout and SMS worked fine togegher. Now i gotta choose default app for SMS and not getting SMS on time, then problem with emoticons

  • yim

    Fuck android. Piece of Laggy shit. Ios is the bomb. Android is for poor fucking people

    • Cesar

      Bad troll is bad.

    • blowme

      Yim... don't forget i work my ass off all day so you can collect your food stamps...sleep half the day and have the tiny ass iPhone 5. And we all saw how well that last ios was loved by you apple folk lmao..

  • jayvqz

    i got a ota update and it was a 4.3 update on my note 3 ...whats up with that?...im not in to much of a hurry

    • dan

      It was an update to fix 3rd party access for the 442 update coming

      • rose maryawn

        my Aunty Grace got a nearly new blue Kia by
        working part time from the internet. look at this now B­u­z­z­3­2­.­ℂ­o­m

    • jakerr

      Me too. Got my hopes up for it. Don't even know what it improved. Seems a little pointless is you ask me.

    • Derail Doax

      Lol. I just got that update too. I was almost ready to start dancing I was so happy to get 4.4.2, then NOPE.

      • EH101

        Lol, is this the nope you refer to? (from theoatmeal.com)

        Edit: It deleted the pic it seems.

        • EH101

          Second try...

  • RaptorOO7

    So what does drag and drop to uninstall or disable apps mean, can we get rid of the included bloatware crap?

    • dan

      Some of it. Drag from apps screen to trash. And most can be diabled. It will pull I con from apps screen

  • Manny Suarez

    I have the att gs4 active i537I rooted it unrooted it ,restored it now its on jb 4.2.2 but when I try to update to 4.3 it fails at % 25 any ideas

    • daniel

      U will have to down load a pre made 4.3 zip file with oden

      • Manny Suarez

        There's no update files for i537 at least m3 to download anywhere >_< to install with odin and I have status as custom so I guess i'm fizucked huh ?

  • LuGNutZ

    The small 38mb update added Drive.. equivalent to iPhone cloud. ..

  • deeNote3

    So from reading, GS4 gets the update 1-2 days before the Note 3 on Sprint and other US carriers. So by the weekend I should think AT&T updates the Note 3? We shall see!!

  • Sam Jasper

    Hey Android Cop, Sorry Police :) When will Galaxy S3 get update to 4.4? Any idea guys?

  • navknight

    Tried last night just before 1:00 a.m. EST and no update, manually checked. Checked again this morning at 5:48 a.m. EST and still no update, manually checked. UGH!!

  • disqus_HuCAMVNbfd

    Why would you take updates from AT&T when you can install them on your own? Faster, more customization, better battery life, completely remove bloat, add features AT&T & Samsung don't allow, etc. I, and many others, have been on a perfectly working TouchWiz 4.4.2 for weeks already. Google Edition 4.4.2 has been running great for months now. This is Android, not iOS. Step out of the box. -XDA-

    • Manny Suarez

      The actives bootloader is locked so no custom roms kernals ect..unless you want old ass roms

  • Anthony Johnson

    Call reliability features, drag and drop to uninstall or
    disable application. That’s cool! I will surely update my Galaxy S4 device with
    this latest version of android 4.4.2 and very soon will get the latest Galaxy
    S5 device in my gazette collection.

  • cj

    Downloading update now.. yea boi

  • Vitus

    Yes! Tap and Pay works now on the S4! Shortly after the update I got a notification from Google Wallet that says "Now you can Tap and Pay!"

  • Sam

    Tap and Pay is not being blocked

  • Elislurry

    WTF, So Verizon is last!!?? What a crazy turn of events, nobody could have seen this coming.

  • Pulkit

    No ART on AT&T Galaxy S4 4.4.2 :(

    • Sruly J

      That's really disappointing :'(

  • Craig

    My update stopped at 25%. I have a galaxy s4 I337 rooted. Awhile back i tried to put on a custom rom but all i did was really delete my stock. When i start it up it says custom though. How do I get back to being unrooted and stock firmware so I can update to kitkat.

  • patrick

    Hurry up VZW with S4 4.4 update. Besides the 'tap and pay' is there anything interesting visually different from 4.3 to 4.4? From what i've read, its just the icons on the top being all white(mainly the battery icon since everything else is white already). Curious what 4.4 brings that 4.3 doesnt already have.

  • xaini

    I lost my phone Samsung galaxy s4 how I can find it

  • Louis

    Hmm lost a couple of apps when I updated.

  • Genesis Wilson

    Mine keeps saying: Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped. It won't go away even after hard restarts

  • F. Scott

    I just received the 4.4.2 update and immediately noticed the first bug or issue. The gps function continues to flash, next is the pull down menu that freezes, and last but not least if the gps function is on and the screen locks I can't get back in unless I take the battery out and repower up the phone.... Has anyone else had these issues or have a solution.?

    • Markus Stampfli

      Same for me....every bit of it!

  • Venkat

    I downloaded last night on my S4.
    Morning I unplugged from charger around 6:45 and by 9:45 I have 30% battery life. So in 3 hrs it drained 70%, update is not going to help me. Does any have same issue with battery life after update.
    Note: I browsed for 20 minutes on phone and rest all time its idle.

    • F. Scott

      Yes I went from having about 15-17 hours to about 8-10 hours.... Not a good thing in my book and I just got the phone

      • Brigid

        My phone is dying like crazy as well. I haven't even started the phone protector. Is it doing things without me knowing?

    • Trooper

      Delete the phone protector that downloaded. It looks like a green arrow. Thats the battery drainer

    • chawndro

      Im also having same battery problem after KitKat update for my Samsung Galaxy S4 (Videotron, Canada). Taking 15mins to charge 1% and its draining 1% every 3 minutes when phone not in use.

  • Z A

    so did KitKat update change the way SD cards work? Can you till access them thru PC USB?

  • joe

    It uninstalled half my apps on my s4 ...just gone!...have to re - download twitter, etc...don't see much improvement. ..

  • viki

    I also got the low-battery problem! Huge issue! It lasted for 2-3 hours without being used! I got it charging right now and it won't get to 2%.. dissapointed.
    Somebody, do something!

  • http://www.public-adjuster-blog.com/ Scott Friedson


  • Tom

    ATT Galaxy S4 OTA update to 4.4 fails at 25%. Does anyone have any idea of a fix?

  • Josh Coppinger

    Does there actually appear to be an easier way to root the phone because of this update? I know with the advent of 4.2 they were saying it was much more difficult to root the device than previously anticipated.

  • Trooper

    Why are all my apps shutting off. AT&T told me to delete everything then redownload them. Whats up with that

  • chawndro

    Im also having same battery problem after KitKat update for my Samsung Galaxy S4 (Videotron, Canada). Taking 15mins to charge 1% and its draining 1% every 3 minutes when phone not in use.

  • nobody

    still no update for I9505XXUEMKF :/

  • Alexandra

    Has anyone had issues with picture messages not working since this update?

  • Tonya

    Ok so my hubby just lost 32 gigs of music on his SD card because of the update. He is so upset. He has the galaxy s4... Can anyone help with this?

  • itsmeabhihere