The Galaxy S4 on AT&T started getting its KitKat update today, but the Note 3 is still on the waiting list. Some users were excited to see an OTA notification pop up on Samsung's latest phablet only to have their hopes crushed by what turns out to be another build of Android 4.3.


This update isn't huge, but it does fix some Android bugs and includes a few updated apps. The changelog calls out three Android bug in particular that have been squashed in this update – 6923539, 9702645, and 12118307. Bug 9702645 is the SMS Class 0 DOS attack, but we're not sure what the first one is referencing in AOSP. The last one is a puzzling – we haven't spotted it referenced anywhere publicly. Users also get some mysterious "FOTA updates," which could indicate this build sets the stage for a KitKat OTA. Here's the full changelog.

  • Google Android
    • Update GMS apks and libraries (Newsstand 3.0.1 – 6.6MB, Search – 10.3MB , YouTube 5.1.10 – 6.5MB)
    • Add Google Drive
    • ANDROID Patches: - 6923539, 9702645,12118307
  • FOTA Enhancements
  • Samsung Account Update

The OTA comes with version number N900AUCUBNB4 and you ought to be able to pull it down manually by checking for updates if it hasn't already showed up on its own. You can almost taste that chocolaty KitKat goodness. Fingers crossed.


Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

  • ithehappy

    Off Topic:
    Why you guys always use a capital word at the beginning of each word?

    • Dwight Flakus

      Because that's how heading are supposed to be formatted

      • William Blade

        no need to be hostile, I wouldn't have known that, if my Grade 12 english prof, hadn't of taken a week to give us an overview of her journalism course she taught at the local college..

        • Matthew Shapiro

          Seriously? Because newspapers in the United States (yes this includes NYT) are written to a 4th grade level. You must've taken the short bus to high school.

      • ithehappy

        You from this planet? We are talking about English language btw, if you have lost track somewhere in a different planet :/

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      Cause the guy that used to comment with every word capitalized doesn't come 'round these days.

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    • Flip Jumpman

      Did you learn anything from the comments below?
      Not busting balls anything, just curious to know...

      • ithehappy

        Well I learned how stupid American English is.
        No other country exists where people say ain't and nothing in the same sentence and think it as a negative speech, lol.
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  • Eric Sherwin

    Well if AT&T follows Sprint, the AT&T Note 3 may see the update next Wednesday. Sprint released the updates to S4 and Note 3 a week apart I believe.

    • Derrick Amundsen

      Where did you hear that? I didn't hear about the Sprint update before they got Kit Kat? Would love anymore info

  • Rick Atherton

    should the title be bug fixes, doesnt seem to mention any big fixes in the article...

    • RyanWhitwam

      The SMS thing is pretty big. They actually called out specific fixes, which is unusual. The headline is as intended, but I might change it, now that you mention it, to be less likely to produce this reaction.

  • jj

    This update also unroots your phone. At least it did mine.

    • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

      Every OTA unroots your phone!

    • Derrick Amundsen

      What did you use to root your phone? Kingo by chance?

      • jj


        • xHabeasCorpusx
          • jj

            Kingo replied back with the intentions of the imei "theft" and honestly it doesn't seem like it's something to be worried about. I've seen nothing to make me believe my device is compromised.

          • xHabeasCorpusx

            Hey its your phones serial number they keep, if you're OK with it go for it.

          • Derrick Amundsen

            Your proof? I'm all ears if there is, but it seems to be the one piece that's missing from the speculation.

          • Derrick Amundsen

            I used Kingo like 6 months ago - not a single problem. That link is 100% pure speculation. There are plenty of "free" root kits out there (since Android first started), and if it was honestly a concern, I highly doubt kingo would be the first to rip off people that way.

        • Derrick Amundsen

          Thanks! Did you try and use it again to root? Did it work? Thanks in advance! Would love to know before I install the update. I 100% need root.

  • andrew__des_moines

    I hope this fixes the alarm issue. It rings for about half a second about half of the time.

    • ytsb20

      Still happening to my Note 3 even after the update. So annoying specially the GPS problem.

  • PT

    What does root or unroot your phone mean??

  • Flip Jumpman

    I read somewhere that it's for the third party accessories to work when kitkat updates. Not sure if that's true or not?

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    What's odd is this update just showed up on my phone and installed itself, I never approved it. Woke up in the morning to the Update Installed screen.

    Anyone else?

    • frankie

      Mine did that today when i hit a wi-fi spot. Also changed my keypad to a different format and I lost some of the features that the original keypad had.

    • W J

      I had the identical experience yesterday. I was using an app on my phone when it spontaneously began to update. Then it rebooted.

  • mellymel

    Does anyone know if the update fixes the problem with the GPS losing signal when it switches from 4G LTE to 4G or vice versa. Very annoying to stop and start the GPS when I lose signal.

    • Matthew Shapiro

      Negative. The update was intended as a delaying tactic, to buy time. To save money AT&T puts minimal resources into the software side.. but still want to spray their bloatware all over the place. That's ok.. T Mobile is going to start guaranteed release dates for Android and all AT&T will have left is ios devices with their huge money-sink subsidies.

    • RoachForLife

      On XDA someone was saying it was going to fix the GPS a few days back (before it dropped) but then the folks confirmed it did not actually fix the GPS. Supposedly ATT is aware of the GPS issue and working to correct, although not sure why they said this fixed it when it doesnt. Also there is a 'GPS Fix' on xda if you are rooted and dont mind replacing about 6 files on the filesystem. Havent tried it myself but just pointing it out. The users name is like drake something that made it (he also made the knoxraid rom)

      • nick

        I had problem with gps on Google maps. I personally use Waze for mapping and no problems with it. But for some reason to me anyhow it seems like gps not liking Google maps. I Use Gps Daily And Drive at least miles a week without a hiccup using waze. Plus it fun!

        • RoachForLife

          The easy way to test if the GPS is broken is to, in the comfort of your home, get 'GPS Test' app (or similar). Give it a minute to enable your gps etc. Then leave it running and simply plug your usb charger cable in and be sure its plugged into the wall. Instantly the gps will drop. Same thing happens when you go from 4g to HSPA which is more realistic when driving.

          I personally drive 40miles to work and there is a 5mile stretch with shitty cell coverage. 90% of the time my GPS drops and its always because Im not longer in LTE but on HSPA.

  • Entrepreniyer

    Whats weird is most of the apps have a new permission to read/send SMS on your phone. This is a BIG permission to allow

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  • Javi

    This update screwed up my reception. Where I got Great service, I get OK and so on. GPS signal dropped so many time thru out my drive today. If the note 3 gets and update I hope it fixes all these and more issues

  • http://www.buylikess.com John Debon

    I am agreed with you keep it continue.

  • ammo

    Does anyone know if samsungs touchwiz ui will also be updated on the note 3/s4 to the one of the s5?

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    I hope I'm going to get KitKat on my unlocked international note 3 soon, wow they are taking their time.

  • mavisbean

    I downloaded this update the other day on my AT&T Note 3 and ever since then I have been having major Wi-Fi problems where it keeps saying my connection is unstable even when I'm on my work connection which never had an issue. Definitely a result of this update. It's bad enough the Note 3 already had problems because it would decide a connection was too slow and switch me back to 4G even if I disabled this setting. Hopefully Kitkat will resolve this but it doesn't look promising if this is a precursor.

    • Gary Nixon

      Same issue here. Thought it was my network but it's this update. Glad to hear it's not just me but now, what do we do?!?

      • mavisbean

        So glad I posted...I was afraid I was the only one! I searched for days for info on this update and this was the first article I found about it (thanks to RyanWhitwam😊). So it may take a few more days before anyone has any info on a solution. If I hear anything or figure it out on my own I will post it here.

    • Flip Jumpman

      The wifi "unstable connection" is a well known issue for a while after the 4.3 update.
      I have the same problem as you, I have a very fast connection at home and my note 3 won't connect while every other thing that's wifi-enabled works fine.

      Extremely frustrating to say the least. Drives me nuts!

      • mavisbean

        Before the recent weird update I was having issues sporadically when on Wi-Fi at places like some restaurants, etc, but after this update it happens every time I'm on Wi-Fi, even regularly used ones like at work (I don't have Wi-Fi at home but I use the one at work daily). Still have 4.3 but whatever this update did just seems to have made the problem worse and spread it to all Wi-Fi. Hopefully kitkat will fix it.

      • david106

        Here's the real problem. There seems to be a problem with the note 3 trying to connect to too many networks thus the constant scanning. It's connecting to the home network. . Knocking that out and connecting to the cable network. . Knocking that out and then trying to connect to a hot spot and then Your phone company's hot spot all at once over and over and no doubt this wasn't foreseen and won't be remedied.

        • Flip Jumpman

          The kitkat update has seemed to fix all the issues on my note 3... finally!

          Also, you can go into wifi settings>>menu key>>>advanced and turn off always scanning.
          That should help hopefully... Good luck!

          • david106

            @flipjumpman:disqus I turned off the scan but it turned itself back on. I updated to KitKat last night with no problems at all with the update so i'll see how that goes.

  • tc
    • elusivesasquatch

      I don't have this gps issue. Gps mileage tracking apps work fine for longer trips. I did get drops in Google maps in a rental car though but that could have been because there was no sunroof. In my car with a sunroof I don't have issues.

  • Fletch616

    The GPS issue was not fixed after the update.. I have three week old note 3 and always use it for work.. Download this small fix yesterday and still doesn't work more than 4 minutes.. Have to stop GPS and restart every four minutes! Major problem here they need to fix!

  • Jesse

    Any one else having issues with the music not playing and not being able to type???

  • zack

    I still haven't got the update and I'm rooted? Any ideas?

  • Mark Spar

    Idk if this is going to make anyone mad, but I'm not trying to when I say this, but i have an n900a and on 4.3 never had an issue with gps, and I flashed the leaked 4.4.2 and I just drove about 100 miles from my house out into the middle of nowhere yesterday, and didn't have one gps problem...using Google maps as always.

    • Zimmerman

      interesting! so the gps issue is more than likely related to 4.3.