Asus likes to take its sweet time releasing accessories for its devices, so we're just now seeing the official wireless and wired docks for the 2013 Nexus 7. Google released the updated Nexus charger a few months ago, but these are designed specifically for Asus' 7-inch slate.

The PW100 is wedge-shaped with a 60-degree angled surface. The video above only shows it charging in landscape orientation, so the inductive coils might not reach high enough to work in portrait. It will set you back $90, which is kind of a lot just to charge your tablet. That's a bit more than the equivalent price when we spotted them for sale in Taiwan. It's listed on Amazon and a few other sites already.

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The wired dock from the video is not as easy to come by. It's an official product outside of Taiwan now, but Amazon estimates 2-4 weeks before it's in stock. There is this lone eBay listing, though. The Amazon price on that one is only $50, but that's still pricey for a dock.

[Wireless – Amazon, ExcaliberPC, eBay, in the UK; Wired – Amazon (no stock), ebay]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Qbancelli

    Nexus accessories overpriced as usual.
    But I'll probably get the wired one from Amazon.

    • Garrett

      Expensive and very, very late.

      • OmniWrench

        It seems that's essentially the Nexus accessory moto.

        • Ror

          I see what you did there. Oho

  • Mayoo

    Let's forget the price for a second. I wonder how a Nexus 4 or Nexus 5 would behave on the wireless version.

    • Qbancelli

      I'll be willing to bet it works just fine with the Nexus phones. I mean it would be a travesty if it doesn't.

  • matt

    to expensive but really nice

  • Garrett

    "It will set you back $90, which is kind of a lot just to charge your tablet. It's listed on Amazon and a few other sites already."

    Amazon's price is $70.

    • RyanWhitwam

      Actually, it looks like they don't have it in stock. Says 2-4 weeks for Amazon's cheaper listing. That's why the $90 is shown.

  • ralphwiggum1

    The wired dock has HDMI out, so that's a plus. And it's cheaper.

    • Mayoo

      Wired charger : $10
      Chromecast: $35

      $5 short of $50 and much more functionality.

      • ralphwiggum1

        You need proper video cable if you want higher quality, low-latency signal .. mostly for gaming, or computing (i.e. RDP). Also Chromecast cannot mirror (yet), even if it can, it would be laggier than Miracast (since Miracast uses a peer-to-peer connection with less routing). So the other video cable alternative is just a SlimPort adapter for $30 or less with also works with other devices. .... But dock.

  • turdbogls

    asus needs to remember that the starting price of the tablet out of the box was $220.....charging 40% of the original price, 7 months later is ridiculous.
    not to mention, a 16GB version can be had for like $190 or less these days. its a budget tablet, they need to release budget accessories as well.

    • rose maryawn

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  • Nimer55

    I'm baffled at Google sometimes (okay, this isn't directly Google, but Google isn't much better either).

    They release a Nexus phone, which says "we are ready to make smaller margins in order to give everyone an affordable smartphone, and we won't rip you off like the other guys",

    But then turns around to say "We will however nickle and dime you to earn amounts that will be invisible on our balance sheet simply to destroy any notion you may have thought that we were actually a company that cared about you, and to make it clear that we are only selling Nexus phones that cheap because we are unable to sell them for more, as Samsung and Apple own that high-end market".

    • Alguien

      You should know why Google sells Nexus products for so cheap, while other companies charge maybe twice as much for a phone/tablet with the same specs.
      Google makes money off of the Play Store. They get a cut from every sale, they get money from the ads and so on. Other companes makes money just with the hardware and they simply can't sell them at a Nexus-price, because that way they'd make no profit, which - as you might guess - is pretty important for a company.

      So Google is not selling Nexus devices just because they are nice, they make even more money than they'd make with a $600-700 phone.

      • Nimer55

        I agree Google isn't doing it to be nice, but creating the Nexus device creates a bit of good will, and that's very important (or should be to a company), and over charging for that accessory, needlessly destroys some of that.

        I want to get back to Google, but first, I don't think its impossible for other manufacturers to do that, phones like the Nexus cost about $200 to make. I think the reason smartphone makers charge $600 Is because they can, or in the case of companies that aren't Apple or Samsung, they think they can. People were saying the same about The Moto G, but Motorola recently (under lenovo) announced that not only is the G their best selling device ever, but that they also make money off of each one. I think under Lenovo, the next Moto X, will be priced closer to a Nexus phone from the start, because they realize the market for cheaper devices is huge, and there isn't a dominant player yet, and though it will require taking smaller Per unit margins, there is realistic hope of moving a sufficient number of Units.

        Now back to Google, its not that I, or many others, see them as a charity, its simply that at times it feels like there is, or could be this basic understanding. The understandimg is, "okay, we can make a lot of money off of your information, but in exchange well offer you some great goods and services free of charge, or as cheap as possible.".

        And that's the basic bargain with Google. And we all know the reason Google does Fibre, Nexus, or Chrome is because the more we use the internet, the more they make money, and that creates some good will, it makes its customers think "what's good for Google is good for me", and Google needs that. But sometimes, Google takes actions that harms that Good will for insignificant amounts of money.

    • http://rootzwiki.com/news Max M.

      They aren't nickle and diming us in these two ways: they aren't many small transactions and they aren't a necessity. They are putting the phone out there for cheap to get it in the hands of more people, and then they are selling premium accessories. To them, and to many people, a smartphone is an necessity, and Google selling the Nexus line for cheap is pretty cool. But you don't need a wireless charger. Is it nice? Yeah, if you have the cash for it, but if not a regular charger is just fine.

      • Nimer55

        I agree that the Nexus line is great. I'm a great fan, in fact I switched from webos onto a Nexus S, then 4, now 5, and plan on getting the next Nexus tablet.

        I also agree it's not necessary to have, and I enjoy my phone without it, but its not just wireless chargers, its also cases and power adapters. And nevertheless, its still nickle and diming. Its charging a (relatively) large price for a relatively minor good. Its like buying a coke on a 5 hour flight would not be necessary, but if they charged me $20, I'd consider it nickle and diming.

        • deltatux

          You don't have to buy their cases, you can easily get third-party cases or power adapters (any USB power adapter will work tbh). Google doesn't make money off the accessories afaik either, it's ASUS who's making these official cases. Google's intention for the Nexus lines have always been selling phones at a loss (or at margin) and then earn the money back through apps, services and ads. That's where Google's revenue stream really is. Hardware is just a means to an end for Google.

  • Deeco

    These manufactures need to get a grip, why release this crap now, the device has be out for long and now a N8 will be out soon (hopefully).

  • MeCampbell30

    Wireless charger seems very . . . big.

  • david coffey

    No fucking thank you. Good grief.

  • Yuliang Huang

    I can't wait to get this! In just 2 years, I could get this one for $20 and this will transform my Nexus 7 into an alarm clock that will sit nicely on my bed headboard.

  • Mnoz

    The pricing is almost as bad as the PS Vita's memory cards. Ridiculous.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    I hope it gets a lower price tag when this comes out in Russia

  • http://rayshq.com/ Ray

    I wont be buying one. $80+ for the dock itself, then about $40 on top of that for shipping to Australia.

  • . .

    The Dollar Store has a universal recharger stand that's $89 less than the Nexus charger.

  • Anthony Johnson

    It’s too expensive and only supported Nexus 7 which is
    the biggest drawback of this wireless charger . Well instead of wasting my money
    on it I better look for other option!