Pushbullet makes it easy to send messages to all your devices, but now you can automate the process. The newest version of Pushbullet comes with support for Tasker, because manually pushing things between your internet-connected devices is for chumps.

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To automate a Pushbullet message, you can add it as an action to any task created in Tasker (it's under the Plugin header). You can choose which device to push to, or push to everything. You'll need to have Tasker installed to take advantage of this feature, obviously. Wondering what can be done with Tasker support in Pushbullet? Here are some ideas.

  • Send an alert to all of my devices if any device's battery gets below 10%
  • Forward any SMSs I receive to my tablet
  • Broadcast a missed call to all of my devices
  • Send an alert to someone when I arrive at a location (an automatic "I'm at work safely" message)
  • Alert me when my device's storage is low
  • Send an alert to my computer when there are app updates
  • Send alert to others to remind them of an event

Tasker is an incredibly powerful app, so this is really just scratching the surface. Pushbullet is still a completely free app, but Tasker is $2.99.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • idlukakas

    I wish the pushbullet receive or send files via smb network.

    • Rajendra Patil

      Not exactly via smb but I had automated sending files using wireless ADB (or SCP using SSHDroid). When my phone connects to my wifi, it writes LAN IP into a file in my dropbox (DropSync syncs it). File send shell script (also Automator service on my Mac) does this 1. AutoRemote message to phone to activate wireless ADB 2. Wait for few seconds 3. Do ADB connect then adb push to my phone IP. 4. Once done send AutoRemote message to disable Wireless ADB. (For SSHDroid it's almost same. AutoRemote message to start SSHDroid which starts service on launch, scripts waits and then does SCP to Phone IP).

      However I don't know how PushBullet push files. Does it send it to their server and then from there it gets downloaded on the target device?

  • Nick Giulioni

    I'm curious what kinds of things people come up with for this. I love tasker... but don't think of very creative uses.

  • http://jefferai.org/ Jeff Mitchell

    If only it supported Trigger. I've almost entirely migrated to there.

    • Julio M

      How about Triggering Tasker to Pushbullet(s)?!

  • nvillaco

    Just a little tip for fellow Tasker users out there. So this PushBullet update is kinda only half the Tasker integration because now you can automate 'sending' pushes but we still cannot react to 'receiving' pushes. Basically, they built PushBullet into Tasks but not Contexts.

    But... you can get around this by using the UI Notification Event Context. So when Tasker senses a Pushbullet Notification with a certain Title, it can trigger something else. You could even get AutoNotification involved with this for even more control.

    An example use would be for automatic album organization. If you push a picture called "Family1.JPG" from your computer to your phone, your phone could automatically put the picture into your Family Album. Or if you push a picture called "Vacation2.JPG", it automatically puts it in the Vacation Album..... I actually just set this up and it is beautiful. Let me know if u want to know how it works.

    Can anybody else think of other uses for this new PushBullet Tasker support? Either as an Action or Context?

    • Rajendra Patil

      Latest update has Context Event support I think but it's not really of any help as I couldn't get the pushed data into tasker variable which I can interpret and put a logic around.

  • http://galaxynote3tips.blogspot.com/ Martens Nkem

    i hope this new feature would also work with other automation apps like llam

  • Dan

    When did Tasker become that cheap?! Darn, I bought it for $6 or $7

    • D3

      Pretty sure it was $10 back when I got it. I barely even knew how to use the thing back then :P

    • idle surfer

      Bought it back in 2010 for £3.99 For me android is not complete without it.

  • Drew Singer

    @nvillaco:disqus Have you confirmed the UI Notification Event Context works? I tried it with no luck. Found this thread googling for work arounds.

    • ykumar00

      Easy, just enable, the accessibity setting for tasker to enable tasker to access notifications. Its in Settings>Accessibility.

      • Drew Singer

        Yes, I have it enabled always do for some profiles, but it didn't work for me. It actually overrides all tasker notification listeners for me.

  • Antonio Gabbiano

    Does anybody know how to mirror notifications to another device? What variables should I use?

  • Rajendra Patil

    Latest Tasker and PushBullet has Taker Event support but I think it's still not perfect or may be I don't know how to get it working as I want. In Tasker Event Context of received push I wanted to read pushed data (note, link). I thought I can replace AutoRemote with PushBullet but inability to set taster variable from received push note makes it impossible at this time. AutoRemote sets armessage as tasker variable. Does anyone know if PushBullet supports something like this? I couldn't figure that out.