The fourth Thief game is hitting consoles and PCs in North America today, and as you would expect, Square Enix has dropped a full companion app into the Play Store. A lite version came out earlier this month that provided game news, trailers, artwork, screenshots, and other ways to hype up eager gamers. Now the full version, priced at $2.99, is here to serve as a true companion to the main experience.


Thief3 Thief5 Thief4

The full app lets you track in-game stats, read the official wiki, navigate maps, and view exclusive art from the development team. It also comes with the first two issues of the Official Thief comics created by Dark Horse Comics.


If you pre-ordered the game from GameStop, you can get this content for free. Just grab the promo version below instead, which also contains the official Thief soundtrack (a $9.99 value) and the in-game Bank Heist mission ($4.99).

Source: NVIDIA TegraZone

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  • Chris

    "and the in-game Bank Heist mission ($4.99)."

    You're telling me a mission in a $60 game from gamestop costs $5 extra?

    • Kazutaka Muraki

      I think that it means that if you DIDN`T buy it from gamestop, you have to pay the 5 bucks.
      And even so, $60 games shouldnt have that kind of thing...

      • USSENTERNCC1701E

        Right, what is it with paid DLC when the game is first released? If the mission is already fully developed, just integrate it into the official release. And if it really adds five dollars per copy worth of effort for devs and value for customers, then charge $65 for the game. This kinda crap is just scummy.

        • RTWright

          Question then... What is the difference in paying $5 extra than paying $65 for the game total? Either way it comes out the same, so that is rather a silly statement to make. Again this is something that has been going on for quite some time now with a great many games.

          • USSENTERNCC1701E

            That was meant to be somewhat sarcastic. I look at it like buying a car, with optional cupholders that you can buy separately. So much has already gone into the design of the game, that by comparison, adding an extra mission, which utilizes the complexity already in place for the rest of the game, seems trivial. Is the extra mission really 1/12 of the effort and value of the entire game? And if so, why is it not already an integral part of the game, at an additional cost?

          • RTWright

            Don't get me wrong, I understand your side of it. But it's like those collectors editions of games. You go buy one, you spent more money for yours than a lot of others did. Then they complain because you got stuff with yours that they did not. Then it gets put into the game one way or the other later and now you're the one upset that you paid extra for stuff and others are now getting it free or for a price a lot less than it totaled out for yours. Same concept, basically why charge extra for it if you're just going to give it away later to everyone.

            Kinda my point from below how these companies are coming up with more and more ways to just bleed extra money from all of us one way or another. As for the above mention, I've seen that actually happen and I was the one who paid extra for a collectors copy of a game. In this case, I'd paid no extra for buying it early, but have to pay $5 now, if it's even an option to do so. Eh, $5 is nothing though, it's when they start asking $10 to $20 then I get grumpy lol

          • Andy Stetson

            It is there as an incentive for people jump and buy it right away, brand new, so that the companies can make the most profit. They don't make any money off re-sold games, like used games at GameStop or Amazon. So, buy the game used at a lower price, you gotta pay for extra content. (although, in the end, if you buy used, it may still cost less than buying it new)

          • Agung Rizani

            it's like buying a car with optional cupholders, but the cupholders is already inside the car, inside another box. we pay more for the key to unlock the cupholders. meh.

  • cy_n_ic

    Please tell me i get special in game items if i purchase from specific retailers. I NEED the Walmart sword of retail savings! My enemies will drop like falling prices...

  • RTWright

    I just like how my comment was removed from here yet some of the comments on this site are far worse than anything I've ever said. Basically this is a standard now days, they're not charging you for DLC at the time of release, it was offered for FREE if you had Pre-Ordered it, it was meant to entice people to put money down on the game in advance that were going to buy it to gain access to the bonus content that would not be free after release. Several games have done this, look on Steam alone and you'll see tons of them. This is nothing new, nothing wrong with it in my opinion.

    Tomb Raider did this and I had no problem with it, heck I Pre-Ordered it and got a few things for doing so. Everyone else after had to purchase it. If you know you're going to buy something, then do it in advance and get the stuff for free. Also this isn't just GameStop bonus Content, the same is offered on the Steam purchase for PC's as well. Looks to be a fun game, I'm highly interested in it myself. But $5 extra for a bonus mission isn't bad. Now had they asked like $10 to $20 more for it? Yeah I'd agree with a complaint against it, that would be pretty bad.


      I do see your point. The DLC at time of release trend just seems to me disingenuous. I know we are customers, buying a product, but these models reflect that we are really just sources of income to the company. I have admittedly utopian/marxist views of this sort of thing. I'd prefer to think of the game as a work of art, and us as patrons. This model of sales shits all over that dynamic. I think many times it can be apparent in a game that the designers and developers respond to the fans, but clearly the publishing companies do not care about a relationship.

      • RTWright

        They haven't in a long time, look at SWTOR for instance, EA crapped all over that game. Bioware had it pretty good at one point in the Beta, then shortly before the end of the Beta some really bad changes came about and it didn't get better after release. Publishers should stay out of the way of the Development and just handle their end of things. A lot of Over-Marketing happens too, trying to find new ways to bleed us out of more money ( Free to Play game model for prime example ). I come from the days where you could get free trials/demos of games that only allowed you to go into the game so far. Then if you wanted to go further, you bought the full game. Back then it was Quality over Quantity, that's been reversed as of late... :

  • Andy Stetson

    I seem to remember, very recently at that, Square Enix (coincidentally same developer as Thief) put out a demo for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, where by playing the demo you unlocked content (a garb: outfit+perks) for the full game. then by sharing a screenshot of a boss-fight to the "outerworld" (facebook page), you get another garb for the full game. Preorder through GameStop? 2 more garbs. preorder from anywhere? 1 more garb in addition to the gamestop 2. preorder from amazon? 1 more garb. I haven't even played the game yet, but by just buying from amazon, i have 4 extra garbs that are "exclusive". Stuff that will likely be available in the future, but for a price.

    Assassin's Creed did the same with Black Flag. Depending on where you bought it, be it GameStop, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, or overseas, each store had its own exclusive side missions or equipment that came with them. 2 months after release, that exclusive stuff was made available for everyone... for a price. If you purchased the Season Pass, it was included. If not, it was $7.99 (i think), which netted 3 side quests and a whole bunch of equipment for single player and multiplayer.

    I think both did it right, as well as Thief, as far as the Bank Heist (which was available anywhere you preordered, according to webs) and companion app. Now there is a mission map that can be bought on the Playstation store (don't know about Xbone or PC, for $4.99, which i think is a bit early to be released, otherwise all they have in there are the typical "Time Saver" type packs.
    Basically, if you didn't preorder, don't feel left out in the cold, you had your chance to get stuff for free.

  • geministorm

    Pre-orders give the publisher an idea of interest, success/failures in marketing, and an understanding of their potential sales (how many discs to produce and where to send them). For the publisher, this is absolutely a worthwhile endeavor that affects their bottom line and profitability, which is (and should be) paramount, and they most likely pushed the developer to produce a few "perks" that they could entice buyers to pre-order with. In addition, pre-ordering give the merchant (GameStop, Walmart, et al) an idea of how many they'll need to buy and stock and at what locations. For the customer, putting up $5 (typical for pre-orders) that then gets rolled into the purchase price in exchange for a game not yet released is a risk, but on a small enough scale that if you get burned by a bad game, you'll probably avoid that publisher/developer in the future but any good game that gives you free perks not only incentivizes the pre-order customer to repeat the behavior (including influencing their initial reaction to the game with "bonus" content), but is likely to influence others to dip their toes in the pre-order pool on the next game from that publisher/developer.

    BTW, the reason why we *want* profitability to be paramount to the publisher is because that will lead to better games. If the best games produce the most profits, then we'll see better and better games. If rushed, buggy, boring, linear games with no story lose money, then publishers will stop making them and change their business model/focus/system. Walt Disney said something like, if you give a customer a crappy product for their money, you'll lose them forever, but if you give them more than they expected, they'll always come back. Voting with your pocketbook in an open market is a well tested method of producing good value, high quality and well supported products.

  • Ddawg

    What type of bull shit is this I preordered the damn game but since when can they give you free stuff for whatever phone you have? I have an iPhone so I don't get this app for free sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen

  • Edmau5

    So I got the Game edition (retailer in the UK) which cost just over £50 with a code to the full app which was free, the soundtrack album to the game and the Bank Heist mission. The app is pretty decent if you want to get help or cheat with finding loot