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There was a lot of excitement when Eutechnyx announced it was developing a new Warhammer 40k game late last year. The Warhammer fan base might not be very deep, but it's fanatically devoted. With that in mind, the response to this trailer is understandably negative. It looks less like the combat strategy games usually associated with Warhammer, and more like Plants vs. Zombies.

In Warhammer 40K: Storm of Vengeance, players try to take over lanes by placing structures and units on them. The units march across the screen, shooting at everything in their path. However, the enemy is doing the same thing. You can upgrade your units and deploy special abilities to get an advantage, though. This doesn't necessarily look like a bad game, but it's very different than most people were expecting.

Warhammer 40K: Storm of Vengeance is set to hit beta testing on February 27th and launch a month later. The price is quoted as £2.99 on Android, so maybe $3.99-4.99. Happily, the developers say there won't be any in-app purchases.


Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • Matthew Fry

    I'm not sure I really understand what's going on in that video but it looks nice and no IAPs!

    • WestFiasco

      Same here.

    • pepe

      From trailer it's clear that dev don't know how to make games beyond a single screen..

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    What an utter crap. Why couldn't they make a simple WH40K RTS game? Strategy games are what mobile devices really lack, I would really like to see any development in that are a, even if that would be ports of classic and RTS like C&C and such

    Hell, even Civilization would do just fine, it's just perfect gameplay-wise for touch screen controls

    • Arve Svendsen

      Check out dune 2 ;) But i agree there is no decent RTS for android. ios got a hold of red alert, but i never tried it. Also "project y" is worth a try regarding RTS, even if the gameplay is a little different, it is challenging

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

        That Red Alert is god awful. Hideous controls, horrible graphics, dumbed down gameplay, no story, etc.

        I want the REAL C&C - Red Alert 1 or 2, optimized for HD and touch screens. I played the hell out of Retaliation on my PSOne, would like to experience it once more on my Nexi.

        P.S. Emulators are not an option

        • Arve Svendsen

          Try dosbox, should work pretty decent. If you have usb-otg it will be awesome! Or try defend homeland

    • Ark

      They could pretty much just skin
      Great Little War Game and it would be a kickass wh40k game

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

        Yeah that could work. With some changes to the mechanics and maybe gameplay to accommodate more to the WH40K universe or make it a bit closer to the Dawn if War series, but still

    • KhaaL
  • jamesfuston

    The best thing games workshop could do for the 40k game franchise would be to make a video game that is the exact same as the board game. Whether or not they want to add the figurine customization like Spore, just let us build an army to a designated point cap and let the computer handle the rolls and the range calculations. Just make it a free to play and take the LoL approach of in game currency vs real world currency to buy additional/new unit types. Don't understand why no one has done this yet. Dawn of War was fun and all, but I'm not wanting to build a civilization, I don't want a skinned Starcraft, I just want to play 40k on my computer.

    • Oliver Phillips

      They make literally all of their money selling models with huge huge profit margins. The market for the game isn't large enough for them to be successful selling a board game that completely invalidates all of their other business

      • jamesfuston

        80% of the market that plays the tabletop game would continue to do so, while probably playing the video game on the side. Most of them play the game because they enjoy building and painting the figurines and landscapes. Meanwhile, the majority of the market that drifted from playing the tabletop game (myself included) would likely return to play the video game and spend ungodly amounts of money that, as of now, isn't going to Games Workshop in any form.

        Hell, even if they charged for the game, they'd still be making way more money than they are now. They don't have to do any game design at all, just hire a team to code it. They could even make a Starcraft'esque map designer as an optional purchase.

  • Ark

    It looks way more like that shitty kickstarter game that got old after 20m

  • Sir_Brizz

    I am okay with this. It looks pretty decent and no IAPs!

  • jeffhesser

    I'm glad they didn't try to dump an overly complicated game into a phone/tablet game. So long as the art and sounds are solidly mixed into a game that is fun to play I don't care if it's not a true recreation of any other warhammer game types.