I honestly think the YotaPhone was one of the coolest smartphone innovations of 2013, and while I wouldn't exactly be the first in line to buy a device from an unproven OEM, Yota Devices has once again piqued my curiosity with their announcement of the "next generation" YotaPhone here at MWC.


The new YotaPhone solves what was arguably the biggest problem with the original's otherwise innovative concept - interacting with the e-Ink display. On the old device, this was done via a series of gestures on a touchpad along the bottom of the e-Ink panel. On the new YotaPhone, the panel is fully touch-enabled, eliminating the need for that less than perfect workaround.

The new YotaPhone's rear panel is also now larger, at 4.7", and boasts greater pixel density than the previous model (actual resolution was not specified, unfortunately). Yota's also integrated a light for the rear panel in case you want to use it in the dark.


New functions have, of course, been added as well. The e-Ink display can now be used for all sorts of tasks - responding to SMSs, answering phone calls, accepting meeting invites, or posting to social networks. Using only the power-sipping e-Ink display, Yota claims the new YotaPhone will get 50 hours of battery life, though I'm not sure how one would accomplish that, as you're still limited to the tools and interfaces Yota gives you on the back.

The device also now has more up to date internals, like a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, wireless charging (standard unspecified), and NFC. Yota has also bumped up the size of the full color display considerably, to 5" (it's an AMOLED). Yota says the new YotaPhone will go on sale in Russia and EMEA markets in Q4 2014, with US and Asian availability following in the next quarter or two. That does, sadly, seem quite a long ways off, and will likely doom the new YotaPhone to obscurity nearly equal to its predecessor outside of Yota's home market in Russia. Still, what Yota's doing here is almost inarguably interesting, and hopefully is raising a few eyebrows at other OEMs.


Yota also announced that owners of the original YotaPhone will be able to purchase the sequel at a substantial discount, and the details of that program will be made available soon.

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Bluewall

    This seems to be a really nice feature and also a very nice phone. Shame it's not here because I would have been interested for sure.

    • dora

      So r u interested in shamesung plastic toy? do u enjoy laggy os a.k.a lagdroid?

    • dora

      don't be fooled by shamesung... go for nokia is better

    • ltredbeard

      It would be great to ditch the kindle

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Yota, not this again -_-

    • Bluewall

      Why not ?

      • dora

        Why lag isn't fixed on lagdroid?

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

        Because everyone will forget about it by the end of the year

        • Bluewall

          Well, pretty much obvious for USA where it's not sold of course. But why hating on them like that ? I think they are actually trying to offer an innovative smartphone here

          • Matthew Fry

            I'm pretty sure he likes the device. He's just not a fan of them announcing it in Q2 2014 and not releasing it till Q4 2014. OEMs seem to have eschewed that practice, instead timing their releases around when they are announced to keep the hype train going.

          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

            Exactly, the device itself is kind of nice, even good, but by the time it arrives at the market, and not even American, but Russian, where Yota is absolutely unpopular compared to Samsung and Apple, all the hype is gonna be eaten by Galaxy S5, new HTC One, Xperia Z2, Nexus 6, and the next iPhone (6?), let alone Q1 or Q2 2015, when this phone is probably gonna be released in the states, and by THAT time there will be new pieces of tech announced at 2015 mobile events like CES and suchsuch

            They have literally trapped themselves in around other major devices

          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

            I understand them trying to tackle something new, since we don't see anybody else making such devices with two screens, but Yota should have picked a better timing for releasing it, not even in the American market (we still don't know the date) but in Russian, and sadly here the crown has been long taken by other OEMs

            So when YotaPhone 2 arrives - it will be completely out shadowed by other flagships

    • dora

      shamesung, not plastic again, please1

  • Sourabh Sekhar

    Looks like a GNex from the front

    • http://www.jusuchyne.com/codingforme Justin Alex

      Precisely my thought as well.

      • Jack Jennings

        Dora's talking about Samsung here, like he has in every copy-pasted comment on this article and others...it's obviously not legit.

        • dora

          here come a paid troll from shamesung... can't u accept that it uses cheap plastic?

          • Jack Jennings

            This phone is not made by Samsung....

          • http://www.jusuchyne.com/codingforme Justin Alex

            Let it be, Jack. Don't feed the troll. ;)

          • dora

            u mean let's enjoy lag or stutter on Lagdroid? nice move!

          • dora

            neither shamesung, nor android phones suck as hell. Go for lumia is better.

        • http://www.jusuchyne.com/codingforme Justin Alex

          Yep, knew it from that day itself. A troll always is, and always will be, a troll.

          • dora

            samsheep is and will always be a samsheep!

      • dora

        I thought u were cheated by shamesung. they don't care about lag. u enjoy 90% of malware on ur lagdroid?

    • dora

      Look like shamesung is gonna use cheap plastic for their toy again. enough said :(

    • mlj11

      The edges are a lot more rounded-off though; the shape actually made me recall the Nexus S.

  • Sergio

    "Yota claims the new YotaPhone will get 50 hours of battery life, though I'm not sure how one would accomplish that, as you're still limited to the tools and interfaces Yota gives you on the back" So e-Ink back is not a mirror screen? Bizarre...

    • dora2

      2014 already, we don't need cheap plastic toy from samsung...

    • Godspoken

      I can't imagine that looking good at all. I think it's best used for quick glances, like a smartwatch almost.

      • Sergio

        When running out of battery, I wouldn't bother if that looks good or not. I just would use that screen for everything to keep it alive...

        • blahmoomoo

          Mirroring would also mean that the CPU/GPU would be running at normal capacity, rather than a more energy efficient mode (far simpler 2D rendering without special effects and only when there's been a change, for example). While you'd still get energy savings, it wouldn't be nearly as much.

          Also, the refresh rate of e-ink is pretty terrible by design, so I'd imagine interacting with some Android apps (especially ones with smooth scrolling) would be annoying.

          A special interface designed to operate under the limitations of e-ink makes more sense to me. At least it sounds like they made it a lot more useful this time.

  • Taxiguy

    It's a great phone...

    • dora

      It's a cheap plastic TOY, not phone!

  • Mandeep Singh

    The front design reminds me of galaxy nexus

  • someone755

    S800 and e-ink? Best. Phone. EVER.
    Plus that curved back screen.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

      Agreed, it's really cool looking.

  • axel

    Honestly I don't ever like phones from not so know OEMS but this really has me interested. The thing that most won me over was the look. It's so subtle like a nexus and seems to have no logos on front. And also the e-ink display doesn't look bad, it seems really good for notifications, quick time glance, and stuff, kinda like a smartwach. And the specs are all up to date. Too bad it won't be available sooner, and when it comes to the US it'll be a year too late

  • Fifth313ment

    I don't know, what Moto does with the AMOLED screens makes the Active Display just as useful and battery saving as you can get but I'm surprised that Samsung hasn't done something similar considering their phones are almost all AMOLED? Also why no always listening app from Samsung for their phones (800 devices such as the Note 3)? Moto really was starting to make some strides in Android phones and I'm sad to see them sell off to Lenovo. Because when I think of great electronics I think of Lenovo! ;) LMAO!


    • CerealFTW

      Maybe it's to sell now s view covers(I think that's what they're called)

    • Victor QuyUy

      "Samsung hasn't done something similar considering their phones are almost all AMOLED?"
      Well, maybe because... Apple has not do that

  • MeCampbell30

    Much better than version 1.0

  • Phoghat

    They currently only ship to some European countries, but I would buy 2 if it were available. It looks like they be trying to expand, and I hope they do

  • mamii

    very cute, very nice phone

  • WhyWai

    Coolest phone announced in MWC imo...

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