Nokia unveiled its long-awaited Android-powered phone today, but in something of a twist, it turned out to be not just one device, but three! As expected, the Nokia X, X+, and XL all run software based on the Android Open Source Project, but that software looks very little like Android in most respects. Like Amazon's Fire OS, Nokia's "X" Android fork eschews all of Google's various products and services in favor of a heavily modified user experience and custom app ecosystem.


CEO Stephen Elop specifically mentioned that these were "not Google" service devices, but rather would interface with Microsoft's suite of online products. This, of course, excludes the Windows app store, which makes the X series something of an oddity. Many have speculated that the X series may meet an untimely end once the Microsoft acquisition of Nokia is completed, but for now, Nokia is moving full steam ahead with these handsets, and the first of them is available "immediately."

The entry-level Nokia X will be priced at an astonishingly low 89 Euros, though its 4" WVGA (800x480) display, 3G connectivity (HSPA+ doesn't even seem supported), dual-core Snapdragon S4, and 512MB of RAM make that price point seem a bit more real. Rounding out the specs are 4GB of internal storage, a 1500mAh battery, a 3MP rear camera, and dual SIM card slots.

Nokia_X_Front_Green_Fastlane Nokia_X_Front_Red_Skype Nokia_X_Front_Yellow_Home

The X+ is almost exactly the same as the X, but the RAM figure gets bumped to 768MB and Nokia throws a 4GB microSD card in the box. That 256MB of RAM and 4GB microSD card won't cost you much, though - the price of the X+ is a mere 10 Euro more than the X, at €99. The X+ will ship in "early Q2 2014."

Finally, there's the XL. The XL is equipped with a larger 5" WVGA (800x480) display, though that's only the most obvious change from the X and X+. The XL gains a larger 2000mAh battery, a superior 5MP rear camera, and actually has a front-facing camera (the X and X+ do not) that's even capable of 720p video, presumably for Skype video calls. It packs the same processor, RAM, dual SIM slots, 3G connectivity, and internal storage (plus the included 4GB microSD card) you'll find in the X+. The XL will also be available in "early Q2 2014."


The XL definitely looks to be the best bargain of the three - even at a 20 Euro premium over the entry-level X, the XL's superior cameras, larger display, and more capacious battery seem like pretty hard upgrades to ignore considering just how little you're paying for them.

We know little about Nokia's X Platform OS at this point, though it looks vaguely reminiscent of Windows phone, at least more than it does the old Asha OS. Apps will be provided on a, you guessed, Nokia-operated app store, and Nokia likely plans to court Android app developers into porting their apps en masse to the new platform. It appears Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Skype are already on board - the new X phones even come with a free month of the Skype Unlimited World Subscription in "select markets."


In the first video embedded in this post, it's also mentioned that Nokia won't be disabling the sideloading of other app stores - though obviously compatibility of apps will be at your own risk. Still, nice of them to give people the option.


OneDrive and Outlook.com will be some of the other featured Microsoft properties on Nokia's X phones, while Nokia staples like MixRadio and HERE Maps are also going to be available.

Oh, and here's a seriously obnoxious commercial about how the Nokia X phones are designed for your active, young, dubstep-loving lifestyle:

And here is a slightly less obnoxious one:

Nokia [X, X+, XL, X Family]

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Sandeep Saini

    Well not exactly Zero Google.. they are still using GCM which means there would be some part of GooglePlayServices involved too.

    • Sourabh Sekhar

      Please post the source from where you read that nokia is using GCM

    • http://kennydude.me/ Joe Simpson

      Where does it say GCM?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      GCM requires a GMS license. That's not possible.

  • Dennis Ulijn

    Kudos to Nokia for taking the AOSP-route, but a laughable 960x540 resolution on a 5-inch phone? Come on! Okay, for 109 dollars you're getting a lot of phone, but I think it would've been interesting to see a somewhat mid-to-high end Android-phone from Nokia would be interesting. That, and the X and X+ look like a big Lego brick...

    • Ahmad Nadeem

      Actually it is an even laughable 800x480 resolution.....considering the price point and targeted markets, all 5" phones of this category have the same resolution(or an 854x480 one)
      They also mentioned in their keynote that the "X Family" will be a step below the Lumia range of devices, so there is a long wait for getting a high or even a mid range android phone from Nokia

      • Markoff

        which makes X and X+ quite OK, since they have small 4" their PPI will be actually quite OK even with this low res, just the bigger 5" display without 720P is utter fail even for low end phone

    • saltyzip

      Problem is, the uneducated don't know anything about resolution, bastardised Android etc. so will just be buying based on budget and the sales representatives word.

      • Sunset Rider

        Hence why knowledge is power.

    • Sunset Rider

      109 Euros, not 109 dollars.

      109 Euros = $149.62 USD.

      • Markoff

        it usually is - american price in USD is usually equal to european price in EUR because of different size of market, bigger competition, lower regulations etc., anyway these nokias are not expected to be distributed in US or western europe

    • dude

      $109 for qhd is adequate. If you want more it will cost more.

  • Sourabh Sekhar

    Samsung take note
    this is how you design budget phones

    • Markoff

      who buys samsung anyway? only noobs manipulated by their huge marketing, they don't produce anything interesting and value is also not really good, why would I buy Samsung when I can have CN brand phone with basically same specs for half price, oh yeah I can't show it off like those iPhone sheeps that I have Apple/Samsung logo of my stupidty how much money I wasted on phone

      Xiaomi/Oppo/Zopo/TCL/Meizu/ZTE/Huawei etc. etc., why would anyone buy Samsung??

      • jesuguru

        To each his own, but before my Note 2 that I'm quite satisfied with, I had a Meizu M9 that was so bad in so many ways I wanted to drop it off a tall building and watch it smash.

        • Markoff

          are you sure you are complaining about phone and not about Android it ran? experience with Android 4.x and lower was horrible on any phone

          • jesuguru

            The M9's 5mp camera was shockingly bad, worse than my older Samsung Intercept 3mp. Not to mention the audio (dac) quality. I could go on about the "updates" that caused me problems than they solved, but I shouldn't have to. Believe what you want, and have a nice day.

          • Jason

            Dude, why so ragey? I've seen at least 10 different comments from you and in which none of them you've kept calm, cool and collected.

            Take a chill pill bra

          • RTWright

            You seriously need to stay in China and leave the rest the world alone. All you're doing is boasting, bragging, trolling, about how great it is to order from China over the Internet. None of the phones you've mentioned are as good as MOST of the mainstream OEM's ( HTC, Samsung, Sony just to name a few ). I'm sick to death of hearing people bash Samsung all because they don't do cosmetic crap like put a THIN metal lining around the outside of their products or choose to keep adding microSD's and such to their phones. People bash what they don't understand or are completely jealous of.

            I've had HTC, I own a Galaxy S3, I will more than likely go Sony this time because I love their specs. I do not care about any one company over another, I care about does the device come with the Specs ( Hardware, not Software ) that I want. Software can be changed, modified, added to or taken from later. Software is not what people should worry about. Hardware means more than Software will ever mean aside from the OS. At least with Samsung I got updates for the OS a lot better than I ever got from HTC ( Which was twice in 2 year period on the Original Evo4G ).

            You're nothing more than a more verbal Dora who is nothing but a foolish troll on these forums. A class act A+ Idiot!

      • John charitos

        only noobs? this not a game dude. Samsung still offers a range of features that most others don't , with high end hardware and software. Even built in apps like video player that plays a range of codecs is perfect for people that don't want to bother going through the appstore. Many of the brands you mentioned don't offer the same experiance and Xiaomi even though a great company is only based in china and singapore and even in singapore they offer one range of their products and not the high end.

        • Markoff

          software, you mean Samsung bloatware? No thanks, I prefer vanilla experience provided by Chinese producers where you just need to remove few CN apps after rooting, but most of them are almost untouched compared to disgusting samsung touchwizz

          what features samsung provides what other brands don't, name something please...

          high end hardware? you mean that cheap plastic worse than cheap chinese phones?

          Xiaomi Mi3 is not high end while S3 or S4 is high end? You better start reading news, seem you are quite out of picture...

          • John charitos

            Vanilla provided by chinese producers? neither xiaomi , oppo or meizu provide those. Xiaomi uses miui , meizu has the fire something luncher and oppo uses their own. Huawei is stock but their phone far from appealing to most.

            Note hardware is not considered "Plastic battery cover" It's the internals , you know what makes the phone work and not what it feel like on the outside.

          • Markoff

            yes, CN producers don't do heavy mods to Android, they just use custom launcher, their own store and that's basically all, they just preinstall CN keyboards and few other apps but it varies from brand to brand, nothing difficult to change back to vanilla android unlike heavy customization of samsung

            you are obviously samsung fanboy if you can't name even one thing which would be benefit of samsung, actually apex/nova is way better even that crappy google stock launcher or file manager, can't understand how can be google releasing that crap with face

          • John charitos

            no i'm just someone that used a samsung phone and don't completely ignore what's good about them and what's not. Miui is more than a launcher so is FireOS for meizu which are "heavy modded versions" of android. If you're competely anti-google good for you , but it does make the life of people having the choice to use them easier.

            This about the everyday customer and what they want . That's why for Example Iphone and Samsung are doing well and some other *cough* Nokia aren't doing to well , because they are trying provide what they think customers want. Although this is one of their best moves towards that. Xiaomi is probably one company that will easily trump Samsung in terms of quality of the phone , not many others CN companies would . And it's truly a shame because i would love to have Xiaomi phone.

          • Markoff

            actually xiaomi is overrated by bunch of fanboys and people who never hold it in their hands, red rice (Hongmi) is cheap piece of crap and mi2 is also not particularly good, there are for sure much better brands with better build quality than xiaomi, xiaomi is just riding wave of hype by clueless people, oppo for example is superior to xiaomi built quality, huawei/zte would probably beat it as well at similar price level

            personally I don't like xiaomi, because they don't deliver, their whole business model is to announce phone for extemely good price, than slowly releasing few pieces to market to keep hype up until production expenses lower and then start mass production when competition already produce same phones for lower prices already, so result is - everyone remember xiaomi from their big mouth announcement, most of the people actually never held their phone and nobody actually remember real noname cheap pioneers who deliver actual phones before xiaomi start real distribution, this is reason why I hate xiaomi nowadays, you can have only certain amount of patience and if this would happen with every single product they announce you would understand it, I prefer brands which deliver, xiaomi has just big mouth but can't deliver what they promise

          • John charitos

            I have Xiaomi Mi2 and it's great , never had any problems. They deliver good specs at amazing prices. Red rice is the cheapest out of xiaomi, what would you expect it to be?

          • cody

            holy shit. stfu already.

          • Stacey Liu

            Why are you sending money off to China?

            At least South Korea and Taiwan are strong US allies.

          • Markoff

            because i am living in China, doh... why would I be buying overpriced taiwanese or korean phones when I can have same phones for lower price? that's just waste of money, I am not some hipster who needs to show what brand of phone he has to all his friends and upgrade his phone every half year

          • mehim

            No, he isn't a Samsung fanboy, you're just an elitist idiot who thinks better of himself for buying a Chinese phone that isn't available for purchase anywhere else in the world, either that or you're just a troll!

          • dude

            I think that they forget that their Korean or Taiwanese phone is actually assembled in China and if not, many of the parts are from there as well.

          • Markoff

            ever heard of thing called eshops? surprise surprise, in 2014 you can order any phone from eshop to anywhere

      • smeddy

        I semi agree with some of your points, but the Note 3 is a powerhouse, and I don't regret it

        • Markoff

          it surely is, I don't say it's bad phone, I just say you can have basically same specs for lower price and it doesn't offer anything unique what plenty of other brands would not have, so it's just waste of money for Samsung marketing department

          even with S5 rumors will prove be real then finger print scanner and waterproofing is no killer feature and Samsung is becoming Apple nr.2, too boring, playing too safe, I want killer feature, I want reason why to upgrade, I want innovation, where is e-ink screen on rear plate? that would be real innovation good for notification, reading ebooks, low energy clocks always at your hand, hey even OK for surfing news websites, I don't need fingerprint scanner or waterproofing, that's just boring and useless, bring me e-ink on rear panel, projector and folding screen and then we can talk about innovation

          • smeddy

            I don't agree with some of your posts further down this thread, or to be more accurate, the tone, but again, I don't disagree with you. Actually my most novel feature killer would be phones which didn't sacrifice battery life for thinness. Give me 4000mah on a 5 incher and two days battery life.

          • Markoff

            it's funny I just said this to my colleague today when discussing new S5 (prior to Nokia X release), I don't want finger print scanner, it's useless for majority of people (I don't even use lock screen, it's just wasting my time), I don't care about waterproofing it's useful but not necessary for majority of people (if I lie hiking so much I will buy some good case), I want 4-5000mAh battery and everyone could benefit from this

            but seriously I don't understand why nobody except that russian company implement e-paper rear panel, I think it's amazing idea and killer feature

      • Sergii Pylypenko

        If you'd actually buy noname Chinese phones, you'd know that every 5-th device has hardware bugs (fake touches is what my friend got), every 10-th will stop working after 10 days of use (my coworker got this), and you may absolutely forget about firmware upgrades or buying extended battery from Mugen/Seidio.
        Huawei is the most reputable brand among them, it's also the most expensive.

        GNote also got the stylus, and it was the only device with _precise_ non-capacitive-crap stylus for 2.5 years, until Nvidia Note appeared.

        • Markoff

          yeah sure, friend of friend of friend, I am living in China and had plenty of CN phones, as well as my colleagues, there were problems with touch screens in past but it's rare nowadays unless you buy the crapies phone, never experienced any problem with quality. ad firmware upgrades - I got better firmware upgrades for my CN phone than many famous brands like Samsung or Sony

          i think you judge chinese phones by experiences from years ago, the world is changing fast, brands I mentioned are already reputable without any problems you mentioned and there are other less known brands which are worth taking risk

      • Sourabh Sekhar

        please note that all these brands(Xiaomi/Oppo/TCL/Meizu/ZTE/Huawei) are not available in many countries.

        • Markoff

          they are available, just not so popular, they don't have so good distribution of course like Samsung, although ZTE/Huawei is pretty close, but the point was spending money on samsung it's waste of money, if you wanna have best value for price you just order chinese phone over internet and don't care about physical stores, who buys there anythng but fresh grocery anyway? i buy even grocery like cheese, sausages and other things from internet, I'd never think about buying any electronics in person, that's like living in 90's

      • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

        Probably because in America people are constantly trying to use their upgrade and refuse to buy a phone that's not subsidized (which is stupid in my opinion). This is why the Nexus 5 is selling great but not constantly out of stock - people don't seem to want to pony up $349- $399 when it is totally worth it. Let alone Verizon is the biggest carrier in the US and none of the phones you mentioned work on their network (unfortunately).

        • Markoff

          US is specific market, Moto G and Nexus 5 have there amazing pricing and it's difficult to compete with them even with CN phones, if I would be located in US I would probably not think about buying CN phone, but situation in rest of the world (let's say EU) is wastly different from US market, anyway these nokias are for emerging markets

      • Chris Talty

        Plenty of people buy samsung. In the low end especially.
        Because Samsung has among the widest distribution network, and very little real competition in many markets for their $50 android phones. (as terrible as they are).

        • Markoff

          1. samsung has good distribution
          2. samsung has good marketing
          3. majority of people is dumb
          4. samsung success
          that doesn't mean there are not better deals, just that people are stupid and lazy and dunno about them

          please show me android samsung phone off the contract for 50USD, thanks

    • HitokiriX

      I think it's pretty ugly...

      • Sourabh Sekhar

        Uglier than samsungs neo quattro grand galaxy budget phone? I dont think so

        • HitokiriX

          Infinitely better... These things look like painted bricks to me. But we all have different taste. This phone in particular is not my style.

          • John-Phillip Saayman

            Painted bricks they sure are. Ugly

      • Rovex

        Looks like a better made N5.

  • jpelgrom

    However, you can sideload APK's, including Google apps, according to a Q&A at the end of the conference: http://live.theverge.com/nokia-mwc-2014-live-blog/#/entry/54239/201000 and http://live.theverge.com/nokia-mwc-2014-live-blog/#/entry/54244/206000 (bottom of the page)

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Sideloading Google Apps onto an unsupported device doesn't do you a lot of good, probably especially so in this case. A lot of things would be broken, and though some apps work pretty easily sideloaded (like Chrome), others (Play Store) often require root workarounds and a lot of general hackery to get functioning properly. It's not as easy as "just install an APK."

      • Markoff

        I guess few hundreds millions of Chinese would beg to disagree with you

        you can sideload basically any APK and who cares about those from Google if there ae plenty of better alternatives for each of them? nobody outside US needs Google apps and why would you voluntarily install spyware trying to push you Google+ and advertisements down through throat voluntarily, are you massochist?

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

          A few hundred million using phones that aren't using heavily forked versions of the Android OS, but rather pretty normal Android with aesthetic skinning that simply happen not to be GMS-certified.

          There is a big difference between a crappy Chinese budget phone running skinned Android 4.2 and something like a Kindle Fire HDX or a Nokia X - devices that fork the OS in such ways that they *break compatibility* with standard Android at points, and thus cause problems with things like Google Apps.

          • Markoff

            majority of CN phones don't have GMS at all and are stripped of all Google services/apps

            according Nokia website 75% of all Android apps are fully compatible already and rest of 25% need just small mods

        • jesuguru

          I've been in China for years, please tell me you're not suggesting Chinese phones/apps don't try to push their own spyware on you. Who are you going to trust, QQ and Baidu? Seriously?

          • Markoff

            they try to push you into their own stores and come with preinstalled CN apps, nobody stops you from rooting phone and uninstalling it and choosing store you like or even download APK directly from developer, still don't get it why Google should have monopoly for APK distribution, that's just sick, Android != Google

            if you are afraid about mods nobody stops you from checking SHA hash compared to reliable source

          • jesuguru

            I am rooted/modded, so I'm reasonably confident I'm able to protect myself from Google's antics while taking advantage of (some of) their convenient apps and services. I don't trust Google, but I trust Chinese stores/services/search engines that much less.

            Google may be in bed with the NSA, but they have nothing on the steamy relationship between Beijing and Baidu.

          • Markoff

            as i said before i don't see difference between evil google corporation and other chinese corporations, they are almost on same level, but google being bigger than them actually and able to recognize your english language and behaviour is much more dangerous than chinese who are focused on chinese language and enviroment and some english outsider is worthless for them

          • Markoff

            I don't really see difference between, QQ aka Tencent, Baidu or Google, all of them are evil companies, but Tencent and Baidu are not pushing their apps so much into chinese phones as is google doing, if you don't want them don't use them, no need even uninstall, but if you don't want to use google services you are in trouble

        • John charitos

          Nobody outside US needs a google apps? that's a strong point you're making , And obviously one you're quite wrong about. Google Maps for example is one of the best free Navigation Apps, you have hangouts , google keep , google drive , google translate. You seriously think only people in the US use those? I know some countries , Like china where you are , have mostly no choice in using them because most are blocked. But don't think it's everywhere like that

          • EowynCarter

            Google services are mostly up and running here in France. A few missed with Google magazine, and google now (not with full feature in french), But for the most part, it's there.

          • Markoff

            actually none of apps you mentioned are blocked in china, they are just not preinstalled in chinese phones and are widely ignored, if you insist on using that crap you can install GMS/Play store in phone and use them but why would you do it if there are much etter apps for your local market?

            I know in europe there is no country with billion population market so google is stronger there, but still people in Europe are not so big fans of Apple/Google like Americans, look at privacy concerns google must be dealing with in europe

            personally I don't know anyone driving car who would be using crappy Google maps for navigation, there are much better aps for navigation and plenty of my friends are using them, gmaps are maybe OK for pedestrian but if you use car you can forget about that crap in europe, they are also horribly outdated compared to nokia and other local maps

            hangouts, what is that? nobody use it in europe, everyone use Whatsapp, skype or facebook messenger. I don't even know what is google kep, is it some Evernote copy? google translate people maybe use when they travel abroad sometimes but how often is it that you need to use google translate because someone doesn't speak english in europe? whole google experience is US-centric and out of touch with EU reality, especially majority of the promoted apps in play store have little to no value outside US

          • John charitos

            lol you obviously know what they are if you are giving me exact similar apps for the examples. Grow up , this is not a competition.

          • John charitos

            sigh.... You giving me exact examples of the apps i've mentioned pretending not knowing what they are. You live your world , not coming down to your level anymore.

          • EowynCarter

            I'm surprised you're saying Europeans aren't fan of google / Apple.

            The vast majority of smartphones here in France are iPhones and Galaxys; and various android phones. the other OS are really a minority.

            I don't really know why you hate gapps so much, but really, they DO work fine.And as someone living outside the US, i don't fell like they are of no value.

            "" how often is it that you need to use google translate because someone doesn't speak english in europe? ""
            Just try going to France. Most french people sucks at English.

      • Mike Reid

        Things like license validation on protected apps. And In-App purchases. Needs the Google framework.

        As a developer of low level hardware specific software, my concern is further fragmentation.

        And while I'm at it, I'm glad to see that the X has that good ol' fashioned FM radio (at least the Dual SIM specs I read). :)

      • epsiblivion

        f-droid will be fine though. so you can get at least some apps

  • Markoff

    I am glad there are intelligent readers here not crying how Nokia dare to bring device without crappy Google apps and how it's phone useless without them, obviously those people are from US and never been abroad, especially in China.

    I don't give a s*** about Google apps, I don't use horrible GMail if there is much better Outlook.com or universal K9, I don't use stupid Hangouts if there is Facebook Messengr, Whatsapp, Skype and Wechat (for us in China). Honestly only worthy app from Google is Maps and even that one can be for sure easily replaced by Here maps (looking forward to download APK), at moment using Baidu maps.

    Although I am little bit sad about the specs, if the 5" display had at least 720P resolution and 1GB RAM it would be worth considring even in normal markets and not just in poor countries. But sorry with these specs are those prices too high, it's maybe OK for overpriced Europe, but in China I can have for lower price 540x960 resolution 4.5", 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM, front facing camera, dual SIM, memory card slot etc. and it will cost me in China like 700RMB while this cheapest Nokia X should cost 900RMB which is significantly more.

    • mLogician

      Everyone is entitled to have an opinion.

    • EowynCarter

      No Google play, kind of a serious miss to get apps.

      But i do see why people would want that.It's just sad there is no way to install Google play and co if you happen to want to. At least you would be able to chose what part of the Google services you want installed.

      • Markoff

        just go to http://www.coolapk.com and install their app instead of Google Play Store or download APK through computer/website

        anyway I am sure there will be for geeks Play Store soon as it's for any CN phone, but for majority there is no need for it with decent store and sideloading APKs, people were doing for years during S40/S60 times and now everyone got dumber that they need some store? I never liked stores

        • EowynCarter

          If the publisher of the app you need published it only on the play store, well...

          Or course i can sideload an apk, i'm not an idiot, tanks for the insult..
          Trouble in some cases is actually getting the apk.

          • Markoff

            why would developer do it if they can earn money from Nokia store too? why would not let it spread all over internet if it's free? I can't understand why would developer care about Google Play Store unless they have some exclusivity contract with Google

            there are dozens of APK markets in China, nobody gives a shit about Play Store here and anyway all good developers publish APK for free to download directly from their website

      • Lucca

        I'm eagerly waiting for Nokia to open its own Android Store.
        I hope entry cost is not too high, I'm planing to publish my app there (don't worry, not another flappy bird clone, thanks no).

        Other developer might think the same. You should not too worried about the absence of Google Play, android dev will eventually publish app there, it's still the same platform so why not.

        • EowynCarter

          One word : laziness.
          And by now there are quite a few market, if you want to bother to publish to all of them, good luck.
          There seam to be a decent choice of app on the amazon store though.
          But I agree, devs should care about that, most do.

          • Markoff

            well it's up to you, if you don't want your app to be popular it's your choice, people who really want it will download it elsewhere, but with higher chance of spyware included and other modifications like stripped your advertising, so you will earn nothing if you don't want to submit it to popular stores or you are even lazy to provide direct APK download from your website

          • EowynCarter

            From my french point of view, popular = Google play, amazon store.
            That also a problem, dev not always aware of what is going on in other parts of the world.
            But yes, you're quite right by saying that if devs don't make the effort, people will get apps using other ways.

          • Markoff

            I'd say the easiest way is not to care about stores and just provide official website and direct APK download, stores are just optional, but you should always provide direct APK download.

          • EowynCarter

            Stores gives you visibility. Who many people having access to google play goes looking for apps elsewhere ?

          • Markoff

            I know what you say, just saying that except Play store direct APK link should be the bare minimum if you don't care about other stores.

          • Leonardo Farage Freitas

            For me the central store business model is so much better than the hunt jar for my s40/60 nokia days. But I agree devs should make apks available.

    • ron

      Good work, Nokia boy.
      How is the weather in Espoo?

      I heard you guys were bought by MS. You should step it up; these cheap devices won't save you for long.

      • Markoff

        dunno, I work in Beijing and for years I am using Android phones, but yeah if this is image of Nokia fanboy then enjoy... before used to be Siemens fan, because of the biggest options of customization, later switched to S60 Nokia for some time because there was nothing better

  • mLogician

    Nice concept and more choices. Hope Nokia introduce some higher-end devices with AOSP android with flagship Lumia specs specially camera and their flagship apps.

  • Blowntoaster

    Nokia is just looking for a way to replace their symbian/asha platform and this isn't it. They would done better if they stuck with proper android on a more capable device/s...

  • ewa

    Honestly, this is one of the dumbest moves I have seen from Nokia. No wonder they sell fewer devices than Samsung, Apple, LG, etc.

    They have no clear strategy.

    • Markoff

      honestly this is one of the dumbest opinions in discussion

      they are making sh**loads of money in emerging markets where people like Android apps, WP phones are too expensive and don't have enough apps, it makes perfect sense to strip Google apps out of Android and offer it with MSFT solution especially when there are rumors WP will soon run Android apps too

      • John charitos

        smart move but have stiff competition . Moto G for example is miles ahead in performance with a low price that is sold in emerging markets. Will be interesting to see how it goes. Hopefully if it sells Nokia will consider higher end phones for other markets.

        • Rovex

          MotoG cost about 40% more than even the X+.

          • John charitos

            And pretty much better in every way . We are still talking a low price even for emerging markets.

          • Rovex

            Doesn't matter if you just dont have then money. The X is about half the price, thats big deal.

          • John charitos

            i'm sure if you don't have the extra money , you would think there is more important things to buy than a phone

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            That couldn't be less true. Phones are pretty vital now to anyone attempting to navigate life, communicate, work, and better themselves. They're one of the single most important things a person with limited money can get themselves.

          • John charitos

            we are talking about 50 or so dollars , Dumb phones as well other cheap smartphones are available , you would think someone with enough to get this could most likely afford something better

          • Chris Talty

            Have you considered the pay scale of some people in emerging markets? A 40% increase on something that is a couple months salary is a huge difference in price.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            For your sake I'm very glad you think that. It means you have no actual grasp of poverty.

          • John charitos

            i'm glad you can see what i have grasp of through a comment. Incase you didn't see it , Dumb phones are also used widely in emerging markets as well as smartphones that are cheaper than this as well. For some even this would be expensive , or within their budget.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Dumb phones don't enter into this conversation. As for the rest, I'm not sure of your point. If you're saying there are both cheaper and more expensive phones, I agree. Which means this fills exactly the niche it fills. People who can afford it, contrary to your other comment, cannot necessarily afford better.

          • John charitos

            You're talking about me not having grasp of poverty and dumb phones don't enter the conversation? I've been to india and china where the majority are dumb phones even for buisiness people that tend to use them instead of smartphones.

            My point people that can afford a bit better would find a much better variety of phones out there than this, or even people at the same budget as this can find others that would do the job with much less to spend and probably similar to same specs.

        • Markoff

          moto g is significantly more expensive than nokia x + motorola/lenovo doesn't have distribution channels like nokia in emerging markets, so again comparing apples and oranges, it's like comparing moto g with moto x, nokia is king of emerging markets (although not sure if this is something to brag about)

  • Markoff

    btw. Italian Nokia fans must be happy, heheh, does it have some special significance for IT market?

    • Ror

      Mama mia

      • NathanDrago


  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Welcome to the family, Nokia!

  • Nicholas Polydor

    When the APK of HERE Maps is ripped then I do wonder whether it will work correctly with Google Play Services-based Android phones.

    • Markoff

      why not? same as any other maps like Baidu Maps and other

      • Nicholas Polydor

        Seeing the Android version of Nokia Camera will be good as well.

    • dude

      It will probably not, they will probably require choir frameworks and services. They aren't stupid to think ahead, it'll probably have some authentication. Or it could be the other way and let Android user stay using more of their services to stear them away from GoogleGoogle.

      • dude

        *core, not choir, gesture typing fail.

  • Neto Cavalcanti

    Suddenly the Samsung Touchwiz does not seem so bad. I'm very dissapointed.

    • Markoff

      why? what stops you from installing Apex or Nova launcher on this Nokia??

      • John charitos

        The missing app in the nokia store , unless they offer side load apps in their modified version of android settings.

        • Markoff

          what? go here

          and download APK directly from developer instead of crappy Play store

          why you need any store to install anything? I dunno if readership of Android Police are children 10-15yo but it seems so, what you was doing before existence of these app stores introduced by Apple with iphone? where were you getting your apps? where are you getting your Windows applications? where do you download VLC, 7-Zip and other apps for windows?

          sideloading is of course allowed, there is even file manager

          • John charitos

            So much offence taken out of a simple comment. Cool down have a drink .Then obviously there won't be a problem , just more hustle to get it to a decent UI. Touchwiz does seem more appealing than this though . Having a hundred + apps going to look like a mess

          • Konstantin

            Lol he mad.

          • Deeco

            Not for the average user, that is his point.

          • Robert Boluyt

            "why you need any store to install anything?"

            About 99.99% of smartphone owners will need access to a store on the device to install apps, Play, WP Store, Apple, etc.

          • Markoff

            there is Nokia store for them and if they don't find there what they want they can download it from developer's website

          • RTWright

            Apple didn't start the App-Store, Blackberry had one long before Apple ;p

          • Taylor

            People use smartphones to make their daily lives more convenient. Scouring the web to find an app is the opposite of convenience.

          • dude

            Not to mention security and piracy issues.

        • Leonardo Farage Freitas

          You should pay more attention when reading. Unless you jumped directly to comments section.

          "it's also mentioned that Nokia won't be disabling the sideloading of other app stores - though obviously compatibility of apps will be at your own risk. Still, nice of them to give people the option."

          • John charitos

            Missed that part , went straight to specs ^^. Surprising move from a microsoft company i have to say.

          • Leonardo Farage Freitas

            Well, as the article mention the project was brought to life before the microsoft buy out, and it's not microsofts yet. But still, I'm also surprised by they going through with it.

            IMO I would get a MOTO G instead of any of them. But perhaps I think like this because I could afford the extra 60 euros (over the XL).

        • hp420

          It literally says right in the article you can side-load any apps, including the Google Play Store. Use that and GEL, Apex, Nova, etc. and you've got a great deal on a burner phone :)

          • Markoff

            well not so great with 768MB RAM, but quite OK deal in Europe for that price, although I'd still prefer to buy some Chinese Android phone with better specs and lower price

      • WhoaManWtF

        Well, lack of ram to run things smoothly for one...

    • xenolyse

      was just about to write this! Looks a little like a Chinese ripoff off a windows phone.

      • Guest123

        Looks like WP+iPhone had a bastardized android love child.

        HIDEOUS POS!

  • DaveNull

    *sigh* - MSM8225 (dual-core Cortex-A5) and Android 4.1.2. I don't see this succeeding even on evolving markets. There's no way this can compete with 100$ China devices what comes to hardware specs. What comes to software services it's even more pointless comparison (Google vs. Microsoft).

  • Mackster248

    These can't even hold a candle to the Moto G. I would love to see a high-end Nokia Android device. Not these colorful mess.

    • Rovex

      The MotoG is more expensive, 40% more than the X+, in those markets that a BIG deal.

      • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

        But the Moto G is probably 100% better, so worth the 40% price hike.

        • Rovex

          If you have the money. You do realise these phones are intended for markets where money is very limited.

          • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

            Yes, hence the term "emerging markets." 40% price increase on something priced moderately is a moderate increase versus a $500-700 item that is 40% higher.

          • Rovex

            That difference could be an entire weeks wages, or more..

          • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

            Sure, and we have kids in the US buying iPhones at $600 because they keep breaking theirs and haven't worked a day in their life. In other words, their financial priorities are completely out of whack. It would not surprise me if people all over the world suffered from the same problem.

            Isn't the Moto G $99? And the Nokia X will sell for 89 Euro? Which is nearly the same price for a far inferior phone? I don't know where you have the idea that it is more expensive, especially the 40% figure.

          • Rovex

            Its $99 in the US, in the UK its £139 or £159 for the 16GB (around $200). Pricing is regional. We dont even know if the Nokia X will be released in the US at all, or what price it would be.

          • Markoff

            moto g is for 99usd only in US and only with contract, european price i'd say it's at least 30-50% higher, but if you think paying 600USD extra for some plan in 6 months is not contract then good luck...

        • Chris Talty

          Well then why do people buy mid-range phones over flagships?

          Price is a factor and a 40% increase is freaking huge.

          • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

            Either they do not care, are not tech elitists, do not comprehend the difference between chipsets, or are cheap. I have had to explain to friends and family why paying $200 for an upgrade to the latest flagship is worth it over a half year old phone (or more) that costs $100 or less. Once they realize how expensive phones are off contract and that they will be "stuck" with the phone for 2 years they usually listen. Usually.

  • herbivoor


  • Christopher Ching

    They look pretty nice on the outside, like most of Nokia's phones, but I really can't figure out what the intent is. They don't have Google services so they can't tempt the Android crowd. They don't have the Windows store so they can't tempt the Windows Phone crowd. The specs are an odd mishmash of 2-3 year old parts (even budget phones nowadays are getting better screen resolutions).

    I suppose the commercial does focus on the low-cost aspect, but if Windows Phone is supposedly going to be able to run Android apps soon, why bother releasing this strange hybrid that caters to neither the Android nor the Windows Phone crowd? Licensing fees to Microsoft aren't likely to be a major factor for Nokia, which is already committed to WP.

    • Markoff

      the specs are basically Nokia 520 where they ported Android, it's simple as that, just don't understand why they didn't start with specs of 525 in the first place, 1GB of RAM would be good for Jelly Bean with KitKat preffered

      who said it doesn't cater to Android crowd? there are plenty of people who like Android and don't like Google like myself. there are people for whose Android != Google, ask anyone in China, I'd not be surprised if they would have no idea about relation between Google and Android.

      this phone was under development for very long time, that's the reason why they released it, WP supporting Android is not happening yet + WP is not really targeted at the lowest possible budget, although Nokia 525 is very decent option

  • John charitos

    now only if they made a high end phone based on android and i'm sold

  • NathanDrago

    A Nokia Phone without Microsoft AND Play Store? Can't really see the point of it all.
    On the worst side, I can only see an increased black market of pirated apk's.

  • Godspoken

    Will never touch one of these, but I like the look of them. Might be perfect for my little sister, actually.

    • Markoff

      they are obviousl not targeted at saturated markets where most of readership of Ap come, this is for next billion of people living in Africa, India and other poor places, sorry now it' called politically correct "emerging" :)

      • Lonevoyager

        Guy from India here. We do come visit AP and own iProducts, GNex's and GS's. And not all of us are poor. And the politically correct ter, isn't emerging, it is developing. Emerging countries are actually emerging ones.

        • Markoff

          I was talking about majority of population, I've been in India all over the place and seen more than enough to know real meaning of "Incredibla India" advertisement, even Thailand or China seem like superrich western countries compared to India. Although i'd like to visit that chaos again just for the fun, I really can't since I am not going to leave my wife at home and for obvious reason I am not taking her to country of r... and advicing anyone against visiting if traveling with woman.

  • http://rayshq.com/ Ray

    I guess this means Microsoft just Scroogled themselves.

    • Sunset Rider

      It's like the Nokia X is the illegitimate love child of Windows Phone 8 and Android after a hot sweaty Scroogling session.

  • http://www.emuparadise.me/roms-isos-games.php Apple is a patent troll

    If only the specs were better I would be interested in checking it out.

    • Markoff

      I am sure there should be soon upgrade to Nokia 525 specs and basically look at Lumia line, they will just take that hardware and port there this Android fork and can make lot of money.

      • http://www.emuparadise.me/roms-isos-games.php Apple is a patent troll

        Well i'm looking forward to that since this seems pretty interesting.

  • jamaall

    Nokia... now selling multi-color bricks

  • godutch

    These phones look so big, fat, inelegant, rectangualr and ugly.

  • https://twitter.com/tiffanyclk TiffC

    512MB RAM, last heard it was 3 years before.

    • Markoff

      it was actually fine even one year ago for Windows phone, nokia just using old stocks of WP phones to install there android

  • Freddy Born


  • TSON1

    X, X+, and XL? Sounds...familiar.

  • thartist

    Even at those prices and targeted at developing countries, these things are bad with a passion. Pretty much platform-less and horrible specs guaranteeing a poor experience, only clueless people could get something out of this. Well, screw Nokia. Do it better next time.

  • saltyzip

    These handsets just bring more confusion to the Android landscape [big sigh]

  • someone755

    Quick, somebody get a system dump and let the HERE porting begin! :D

    • Fifth313ment


      • someone755

        Because --
        Wait you're one of those people that has never owned a Nokia GPS-enabled phone, aren't you (feature phone, smartphone or W7/8)?
        Anyways, the maps are way better than any other mapping or navigation app ever for phones. Free and offline navigation (with voice) in multiple languages.

  • hp420

    I wish dubstep would die a horrible death already!

    • Fifth313ment

      You and me both... LOL

    • TheLastAngel


  • chris125

    Wow 5" 800x 480? What is this 2010??? Come on Nokia

    • Himmat Singh

      This is the pre-Jurassic Park era. Heh!

  • br_hermon

    Narkia!?... For the love of God make it stop!!

  • tomn1ce


  • BomberLT

    Whoa, Nokia already released new version of Nokia X - Nokia X2! http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_x2-3304.php

  • Christopher Robert

    These are kids toys right?

    • Fifth313ment

      LOL, in the one pic where they are stacked they look like LEGO blocks, lol.

  • Brayden Reesor

    I got this email at my developer Gmail account today. Looks like they're straight up republishing free apps from the Opera app store to the Nokia app store, THEN asking for consent from the developers.. Isn't that also how apps ended up on the Opera mobile store in the first place?! Not shady at all...

  • Cherokee4life

    Didn't anyone else notice that he says "One Drive" in the video but on the phone the app is called "Skydrive"? seems like a little thing they could have changed. 2 minutes into the first video.

  • Cuvis

    If Nokia had done something like this way back in 2010 or so, instead of tying themselves to WinPhone, they might still be relevant now.

  • jaduncan

    I'll be willing to try the HERE maps APK.

  • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

    Whether or not it's true, this just SCREAMS to the public that Nokia's not confident in Windows Phone. It basically outright states, "we couldn't do what we wanted to do with Windows Phone, so it was easier to build an entire custom version of Android that tied to Microsoft's services than to use their OS."

    That's bad.

    • Markoff

      no, this just screams this phone was developed already for years and they released it despite Microsoft deal, hence the Android 4.1 inside and not some new version

      • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

        Would have been easy to cancel or re-route. Easier than ripping out the guts and pointing them to Microsoft. Unless, of course, it WASN'T easier, which is the problem.

  • Serge Cebrian

    if this phone stick (not being ditched by MS in the future)

    i expect android sales nomber to grow massively as i think it will likely start replacing non smarphones (probably not) ( developing countries is still has a massive quantity of people using dumbphones)

  • mehim

    You're right... That was an obnoxious commercial

  • Samvith V Rao

    "Oh, and here's a seriously obnoxious commercial about how the Nokia X phones are designed for your active, young, dubstep-loving lifestyle:"
    fucking lol

    • h4rr4r

      They opened a MS store in a mall near me. It was like one of these commercials sprung to life. Standing in the back was the most MS executive looking human ever. He likely was cloned from a cutting of Steve Ballmer. He had bought a giant stack of Sbarro pizzas for the employees. I was transfixed when I saw this, it was like seeing the inspiration for one of these commercials.

  • Wesley Modderkolk

    As much as I wish the best for Nokia I am not sure why people would consider this phone compared to an Android phone from a well established manufacturer, or a WP from Nokia. This phone seems to be a middle ground and "not it" on both sides. It's partially both,and the best of both worlds doesn't make a better experience.

    The phone itself looks rather good, but this halfish metro design just doesn't do it for me.

    It will be interesting to see how this move turns out. On one end I hope it sells good, for the sake of Nokia. On the other hand, I hope it doesn't, for the sake of WP. Either way, it doesn't scream confidence of Windows Phone

    • Markoff

      this is mobile for emerging markets, people don't care there about brands, they see only price and they will choose rather cheap nokia than cheap noname for same price

      • Wesley Modderkolk

        Yes it is, and there is immediately a problem with that. It isn't a solution for the problem Nokia has and neither is it a solid base to continue on.

        Then the people in upcoming markets buy the Nokia, and then what? This isn't a phone that is going to get it's user hooked, or to buy another, or more expensive Nokia later on because it shares very little from the other devices.

  • ♠adeafmute♠

    HURR DURR ANDROID IS SO CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kamiller42

      Getting to be more and more so. Look what we get when a company like Nokia and the resources it has attempts to make a forked Android. Subpar is the kindest word I can say to describe it.

      • Wesley Modderkolk

        Is that because Android is oh-so closed, or because Nokia's efforts are subpar and Nokia is unable to catch up on the smartphone market?

        • kamiller42

          Because Android is becoming more and more closed.

          • Wesley Modderkolk

            So, Nokia compelteley rewrote the AOSP for their own use and it is a pretty bad effort. No, the problem isn't in Android becoming more closed, because their source isn't much affected by it.

            The AOSP is rather cool, because it is not limited. Yes, it lacks Google features, and there it is becoming more closed. But this phone never would have ran Google services anyways, so where are the limitations? Absolutely nowhere.

            Nokia's efforts aren't good enough, and Android has got nothing to do with Nokia's lacking ability.

          • kamiller42

            Hooking in their own cloud services and writing their own launcher is "compelteley (sic)" rewriting AOSP?

          • Wesley Modderkolk

            Maybe a bit over the top, but the X seems to be quite the change compared to normal android phones

  • Christopher Bement

    What a waste of time. Flop of a phone on all accounts.

  • Michael Ta

    the title. Triple X. I like! (former-WWE fan)

  • Taylor

    So since it's based on AOSP, does that mean down the line we could get a custom ROM and have the Android powered Nokia phone we've all dreamed of? Or at least a lesser spec'd version of the phone we really want.

  • dude

    They would run great with CyanogenMod but I'm guessing Microsoft (not Nokia) already thought ahead and made it extra to modify, but we'll see.

    I see it more of an attempt to confuse buyers and sway them to Microsoft products and services than anything.

  • Fun.

    Free HERE offline maps are coming to them. So will it be possible to port them to other androids???

  • Kishore

    Nokia X family seems good in look and quality wise. Who cares all the apps if essential app Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, Nimbuzz etc are capable of working flawlessly. UI is looking unique and pretty decent. As it supports installing apk files we can manage without Google play store. I think we can install third party apps stores like Yandex store as a substitute. Specifications are ok with its price :P. Its a budget phone not a flagship high end phone. Come on guys...! :) Good move Nokia...! :*

  • rahul

    Rahul dhanwe

  • DR

    All three models specs say that they support FLAC. Any idea, what DAC is onboard??