2014-02-24 10_17_40-Lance Burkhardt - Google  - Hello Samsung Galaxy S5. #Samsung #GalaxyS5

Samsung is mere hours away from announcing the Galaxy S5 to complement those new Gear smart watches, but it seems a few devices are already floating around the show. The leaked images show off a phone that looks very much like the Galaxy S4 with some Note 3 influence.

2014-02-24 10_16_44-Lance Burkhardt - Google  - Hello Samsung Galaxy S5. #Samsung #GalaxyS5 2014-02-24 10_16_55-Lance Burkhardt - Google  - Hello Samsung Galaxy S5. #Samsung #GalaxyS5

The back has a loose dimple pattern, not faux-leather like the Note 3 and Pro tablets. There is also a large camera sensor, flash, and another sensor of unknown identity. The front looks almost exactly like the GS4, except for the inclusion of a multitasking button instead of menu (yay). The edge has the same look as the Note 3, and there's a USB port cover.

2014-02-24 10_17_08-Lance Burkhardt - Google  - Hello Samsung Galaxy S5. #Samsung #GalaxyS5 2014-02-24 10_17_40-Lance Burkhardt - Google  - Hello Samsung Galaxy S5. #Samsung #GalaxyS5 2014-02-24 10_18_53-Lance Burkhardt - Google  - Hello Samsung Galaxy S5. #Samsung #GalaxyS5

The images don't tell us if the home button contains a fingerprint scanner, though it probably does. Likewise, we can't know exactly how big it is, but it appears to be at least a little larger than the Galaxy S4. We'll have to wait for the unveiling to get the specifics.

[+Lance Burkhardt]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • MrJigolo

    Not impressed at all.

    • http://rootzwiki.com/news Max M.

      Samsung is gonna be so sad they didn't impress MrJigolo.

  • Jeff718

    And here I thought it was going to be a good looking phone...

    • Leonardo Farage Freitas

      IMO the Galaxy S4 is not an ugly phone, so I don't think keeping the same aesthetic is bad.

      But, for discussion's sake, what were your expectations?

      • Jeff718

        A metal body would have been nice. No physical buttons would be great. Smaller bezels would have been awesome. Maybe front-facing speakers, because, you know, you're usually looking at the phone when listening to a video or games. I just think Sammy could have done a lot better.

        • Leonardo Farage Freitas

          I like the physical buttons. I agree with the smaller bezels and front-facing speakers. I don't know about the metal body, IMO it scratches so much easier (and haven't used a cover for some time).

          I would love a better camera app, with as much possible tweaks as the LUMIA's camera.

        • Alberto Blasi

          So basically a HTC phone.

          • Jeff718

            Sure, if you want to put it that way. But I don't think any Android phone should have physical buttons. So I guess HTC has got a good thing going, in my opinion. Just need to work on getting those updates out in a more timely manner.

      • David

        You're right, the S4 is not an ugly phone, but this is bigger AND has wider bezels - seems like a downgrade to me. And what's up with that USB cover? I haven't seen one since I bought a camera in the late 90's...

        • Leonardo Farage Freitas

          I heard that the S5 will be water resistant. The cover is probably for this.

  • wideopn11


  • Johnathan Rodriguez

    So this is what I'll be seeing all over the place for a year. Ho hum.


    I don't believe it before I see it. #Unpacked in 2 hours, 30 minutes.

  • Vineet Chawla

    Why does their design department even exist?

    • Jays2Kings

      I don't think they even have a design department.

      • invincible1914

        But that marketing team though....

    • Ygor Vaz

      They fired everyone to cut costs and invested the money into their bloatware department.

    • Chris

      Hopefully HTC can capitalize on this. They have a window for opportunity to gain huge market share.

      • Hans Pedersen

        It's pretty obvious HTC failed doing that last year, that was the year that was supposed to save them. The new One looks like the old One, as much as this one looks like a GS4.

        • Chris

          Only One could hope... No pun intended.

        • qu4ttro

          HTC did not fail in any way shape or form from a design perspective. Its still considered by most reviewers as THE most beautiful smartphone and is now the benchmark that all are held to. I still get attention with my One and still love its design. I can only hope that the dont ruin it with the new piece...

          • Hans Pedersen

            Maybe read the context of my comment, you know, the one above it? :)

        • Yash Ostwal

          The One (and the new One) looks way better than the GS4 and the GS5. Look how Sony made an incremental update to the Z1. All the good things stayed and better ones added! HTC couldn't market their product well. I think they should step up in the specs game, market the product well, and have competitive pricing! I would definitely go for the all new HTC One then.

          • Hans Pedersen

            That is pretty irrelevant, that is not the context of what I wrote. I'm not even going to discuss what looks good or bad, because clearly most people in the real world thinks the Galaxy phones looks better.

            Again. Read the context, instead of arguing against something I haven't talked about.

      • Marc Edwards

        HTC flagship has become less and less appealing since the sensation... Loved the sensation though. My only complaint about the s4 is the slick plastic, not rubber. Probably a preference thing

    • Casin

      It looks like the original Nexus 7's back. Why does everyone suddenly hate it now?

      • TK

        It was acceptable on a device at N7's price range, but not on a premium device. As for me, I never liked it anyways.

      • TY

        The place where it meets the USB 3.0 port. It's terrible. And the dimples look huge on such a small device.
        Plus, do many people actually like the looks of Nexus 7 2012's back?

    • Captain Canada

      This phone is waterproof, the reports were true. Look at that port flap cover thingy on the bottom of the phone, everybody missed it.

      • TheLastAngel

        Somebody should come up with a water proof micro USB port. These flaps suck.

    • Some dude

      Besides they copy apple a few things. Like the fingerprint scanner. The double flash with double tone...

      The best in android is nexus, but the best of all is the iPhone 5S. And just wait for the next iPhone 6 with bigger screen and iwatch (a good smartwatch, not like the crappy samesomg does)

      • Ihatehipsternerds

        Somebody give him his medicine, he's lost. This is not appleinsider its AP

      • paul cook

        Apple copied Motorola for finger print scanning and androids user interface notification and other looks now big screen like all Android phones after they said 4 inch is best and 8mp camera is all you need

    • qu4ttro

      I couldnt agree more. They have been on a gigantic turd of a design path for far too long and its a shame.

  • Cesar Flores

    what a let down!!!

  • TheSparks

    Waiting for the day Samsung will impress me with their hardware and software..

  • Alberto Blasi

    Lol, is that supposed to be the "new" TouchWiz? LOL

    • Averix

      So much for all the rendered hype. Same old crayon squares.

  • http://blog.tonysarju.com/ Infowerx Solutions

    Still plastic huh?

  • [A]dri[A]n

    Another bore by Samsung.

  • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

    Kinda disappointing. Same old thing. Cheap looking plastic and faux chrome.

  • jaduncan

    Police brutality with the ugly stick?

  • Kenny O

    Assuming this is it......it's typical - crazy, cool looking concepts and rumors get everyone excited then phone turns out to only look slightly different than the previous version and everyone is underwhelmed.

    • mustbepbs

      I can't wait for the GS6 hype to begin, myself.

      • Kenny O

        I heard it is going to be fashioned from a single, paper thin piece of transparent aluminum.

        • mustbepbs

          I hear it's gonna be made from Apple Chutney.

  • http://silverfang77.tumblr.com/ Silver Fang

    Where are the front stereo speakers?

    • James_C_L

      Any g2 pro fans? Looks like a killer phone

    • qu4ttro

      HTC has em. ;)

  • Gaja

    I don't get it, there's even more bezel than on the SGS4??

    • Averix

      That was my first thought too. Make it bigger and give it more wasted space. I think they really goofed this time.

    • http://Twitter.com/eggoespada Eric Gonzalez

      Okay, I thought that was just my eyes because i thought: "Why would Samsung make the bezels bigger?"

      Those big bezels make it look cheap big time. It reminds me strongly of a smaller Note 2 which I always thought looked cheap. I just don't understnad this -- Samsung did good with the S4 design and even better with the Note 3. What a dramatic degression.

      • Daniel

        When the S4 came out/was leaked, everyone poo-pooed that too. I get the feeling that Samsung doesn't care what the power users/android site readers think about a smartphone. They just want to pull the Apple fans away from their iPhones.

      • Guillaume

        Their target is geeks who wants a fast phone with all the latest tech plus an SD card and removable batteries. These people couldn't care less about fancy aluminium or gold-coloured plates.

      • Somnambulator

        Someone above seems to believe the S5 is waterproof. if so, that would explain the huge bezels. look at the Sony Z1 for reference.

    • Casin

      I hypothesize that the extra bezel is due to the fingerprint sensor.

      • Matthew Fry

        Speaking of which, where is the fingerprint sensor? edit: Oh, the home button? That is going to feel weird so close to the edge of the device...

  • Man Of Persia

    What a ugly back cover!!

    • Saraladevi S

      I like upvote this comment 10000 times!

      • Man Of Persia

        Also i was thinking this time Samsung hides sensor in front because in S4 time i remember whole world nag for that.

        • Hary Ayala

          uhm... What?

          • Man Of Persia

            I mean in other phones those sensors are invisible (I know that S4 has 1 more sensor)

          • taz89

            That's a white s4,the black one is hard to see the sensors

          • Man Of Persia

            I have black S4 myself and sensors are extremely visible.

          • taz89

            Can't say I can't see it but it's never bothered me or was in my face as say in the white one.. I think the new proper black one it will be harder to see. The one we have is "black mist" so it's not true black guess that's why it's not fully invisible like that Sony which is proper black.

    • Casin

      It looks like the original Nexus 7's back cover. What is so ugly about it? It beats hyperglaze.

      • Ihatehipsternerds

        He thinks it's ugly because its from Samsung

  • Leonardo Souza

    Ugly :(

  • RĂºben Santos

    The Samsung anthem is still the same: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyhrYis509A

  • http://androidintvfilm.tumblr.com/ wade_county

    TouchWiz still looks like sh!t

    • Guillaume

      Yes :( Was expecting round, more modern icons and a nicer look. Playskool is back.

  • ather akber

    The sensor at the back is the Heart rate monitor, there is a finger print sensor on the home screen

  • ViperX

    Fugly as hell.

  • MSmith79

    Physical home button? Damn you Sammy...I was really hoping my next phone was gonna be an S5...

    • Alex

      That's pretty much the Galaxy signature look, although I think that I'd also prefer it to be gone now. Strangely, it's even been added to the Gear, when they've removed the "Galaxy" moniker from it. Perhaps the decision to name it that was made late in the day.

      • MSmith79

        Yeah I know, but rumors for the last month was that they were switching to On-Screen buttons. I'd take capactive too, as long as they are 3, with one being recent apps, and none being a physical button.

        • Leonardo Farage Freitas

          I personally like physical button on smartphones. IMO it's faster to press the HOME button than the power button..

          • MSmith79

            I've got a car dock (use it for GPS/Traffic and Music). Hitting the physical home button always pushes the entire dock in (I've tried 2 good docks and happens on both) and ends up just being a pain.

          • Alex

            Agreed, I tend to use the home button when it's just lying out on the desk and I'm not picking it up.

            Since the 4.3 update on the S3, I can actually use that effectively. Before that, pressing the home button to switch on the device would also take it to the launcher unless you had S-Voice enabled (which I don't).

        • phaedruss

          I'd rather have physical buttons, it takes up screen space to have on screen buttons. When trying to read a book on kindle or play books I find the button bar on the bottom distracting.

          • MSmith79

            I'm cool with Capacitive buttons (so long as it includes a recent apps button), just not that physical home button.

      • miri

        Didn't the gear already have a home button? I thought it was just on the side and they moved it to the front to fit their aesthetic.

  • http://www.youtube.com/kimirPORTALS kimir

    Well, at least it got rid of the menu button and replaced it with a recents button... (s) but they probably have the home button long press as menu actually. (/s)

    • Leonardo Farage Freitas

      Dunno, I think the menu button is long gone on KitKat. I saw someone comment that on the Note 3 with kitkat the menu button doesn't work anymore (but can't be certain)

      • MSmith79

        It's not true. Running Kit Kat and menu buttons work fine. Although, I'm very happy they got rid of it. I set my phone up so that long press of recent apps brings up menu, which makes way more sense than the reverse.

  • cr0wnest

    If this is the lower end of the two S5 variants, then theres still hope the higher end variant will be something better. But if not... What the hell Samsung?!

    • http://Twitter.com/eggoespada Eric Gonzalez

      Let us keep some hope up. I know a lot of people bash Samsung's design choices, and it's popular to hate on them, but this is such a bad design choice. The back cover I could always put a case over or buy a 3rd party back cover, but that front cheapens it to death.

  • Santeri

    Psst! Quick, now is the best moment to sell your Samsung shares if you have any.. Just sayin'.


    What if these turn out to be fake, released for the purpose of making haters hate and lowering fans' expectations, and then suddenly Samsung surprises everyone with a truly awesome S5? Just a thought, haha.

    • dogulas

      That would be pretty genius. This is so ugly, the actual phone won't look as ugly as it would have.

  • ather akber
  • Deckard_Cain

    The Xperia Z2 is looking even more awesome by comparison.

    • Mike Gonzalez

      i have to agree. the Z2 was awesome in first place but now that this is all Samsung has to offer... the Z2 is poised to be the Android winner from first half of 2014

      • godutch

        I would really like an amoled phone again, especially the new 2014 amoleds but everything else in me says no to this phone:
        -inconsistent mix of mechanical and capacitive buttons
        -ugly shape
        -ugly gimmicky touchwiz
        -no front facing stereo speakers

        Why can't Samsung make a beautiful phone like HTC or Sony or even Oppo can?

        • Mike Gonzalez

          they can but dont want to... all they want is make as many phones as possible and as cheap as possible, so they can finally match Apple's income results

      • Deckard_Cain

        Unfortunately the S5 will sell more than the Z2. Only because of their bigger brand recognition and marketing budget.

    • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

      Yeah, I'm not usually a fan of Sony phones, but the Z2 makes this thing look like garbage.

      • phaedruss

        Not really, the Z2 is wayyyyy too angular, too square.

        • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

          I think we just have different tastes. I prefer the harder edged look. It looks more contemporary to me, design wise.

        • Deckard_Cain

          The Z2 has a superior screen, more RAM, bigger battery and better camera.

  • Chris

    Man this thing's pretty ugly...I'll still hold out for the announcement tho. I still don't see anything worthy of upgrade from my Note 2. Yes, there are better phones, but I can't have them for free, so it's not worth spending the money.

    I was really hoping they'd have a software overhaul. Who knows. It's still possible...ah well, we'll see in a few hours.

  • supremekizzle

    Still lame

  • MSmith79

    This can't be real. They can't be that dumb. Only reason I'm giving any creadance at all to it is because of the fact they didn't do their own unveiling event, and instead are doing it at MWC. Other than that I just can't believe it. If it is true, Samsung will lose their crown this year.

  • Ramsey

    Nooo, don't remove the menu button!!! :( I loved it on my S1 and love it on my S4. Me no like Google's 3 square menu.

    • phaedruss

      Yea menu button is better than whatever that button is.

  • Merri Mogridge

    I thought this was a joke article when I saw the thumbnail!

  • namesib

    Ugly, just like the S3. Good thing I'm on the S2, S4, S6 cycle!

  • mustbepbs

    I like how they swapped the recent and back button from the standard layout just to mess with people.

    • Alex

      Except they didn't. Galaxy S, S2, S3 and S4 also had back on the right, as did the original HTC Desire. It's Google and HTC that have re-ordered their buttons since then. Samsung is being consistent here.

      • Grayson

        What? Google's Nexus One, which came out before the original Galaxy S, had its back button on the far left. The original Motorola Droid also had a back button on the far left. The Nexus S was the only Google device to not have it on the far left, and that's probably because Samsung built it and insisted.

        • contriver87

          You're leaving out the first two official Android dev phones (HTC G1/Dream and HTC MyTouch 3G/Magic) that predated the Nexus One which both had the back button on the right side.

          While it's true that the Nexus One came out before the Galaxy S was announced, there was only a two month difference and the physical design of the phone was probably pretty much set in stone at that point.

        • Alex

          Nexus S does have the back button on the far left, actually, as far as I am aware :)

          But isn't the back button used more often than the multitask button? It is for me, so it makes sense to have it closer to the thumb (I'm assuming right-handedness and one-handed here). I still don't get why Android has the menu / sidebar button in the top left of the screen, in the most difficult place to press for one-handed use.

          Also, the original Desire was based on the Nexus One but had the back button on the right. I think that EVO 4G, Droid X, and G2 also had back button to the right of the home button. There wasn't a standard back then, and now the majority of users are used to the back button on the right, so Samsung are sticking to that. If they ever change to on-screen buttons, I would expect that to change, but even then I wouldn't be certain. They will want their existing users to remain comfortable with that they are used to.

      • mustbepbs

        How are they being "consistent" when they've never had a recent apps button? They've finally included the standard Android buttons, and they've messed it up.

        • Alex

          Because the back button and home button are where their current users expect them to be, so they don't alienate them.

  • PhineasJW

    They had to REVERSE the order of the Back and Multitasking buttons??

    • Alex

      No, they kept their buttons in the same order as all the other Galaxy devices, and just replaced menu with multitasking.

      • phaedruss

        I'd rather have a menu button personally, find that much much more useful.

        • Alex

          I still haven't used devices without a menu button very much. I think that most apps work well without it now, although I find that pressing the menu button at the bottom of the phone is a lot easier than reaching up to the top corners of the screen when using the phone one-handed.

          • phaedruss

            I hate it when apps don't let me use the menu button and then it's difficult to find the menu in their app.

          • duse

            Not all apps need a Menu, thus not all apps should have a Menu button. If a Menu is needed, it will be next to the action bar items. A lot of apps don't even need it and are good with just an action bar and maybe a drawer. There aren't many places to look.

          • phaedruss

            Actually, you can put whatever you want in the "menu" so it is very useful and all apps do need a menu of some kind.

          • duse

            That isn't true. If an app doesn't need it, it doesn't need it. Not going to stuff unnecessary functions in a menu just because. Check out Flixster, or dozens of other apps. No menu, it just isn't needed. You have a search button, and a nav drawer. For apps like these, devs resorted to making the physical Menu button open the drawer just so users wouldn't get frustrated when they press it and it does nothing. So for some apps it would open a drawer, for other apps it would open an overflow menu. It was a mess, and the concept is finally dead. LG is the only one still using a Menu key now. Maybe this will get the straggler devs behind apps like the Amazon app to finally remove the legacy Menu that shows up on the bottom.

          • phaedruss

            Give me an example of an app that would have no need of a menu whatsoever? Of course, you can't, because you can put anything in the menu button even if it's just "back" or "options".

          • duse

            I already did, Flixster. No menu. Search button in the action bar, and a nav drawer. Pressing Menu on a Samsung device I'm assuming just opens the drawer. This is because the devs didn't want the button to do nothing. "Options" are in the drawer, so why would you put that in an overflow menu as well. Any why would you put Back there?

            Every app is different, and if you need a menu, you can have one. Samsung's old menu button was static but did different things in different apps, so it wasn't ideal. This is evidenced by the fact that literally every Android OEM has dropped the permanent Menu key now except for LG.

          • miri

            Not all screens need a menu and there's no indication as to whether it's available with a physical button. Users don't know what options are available where unless they press the menu button on every screen and if for some reason the button doesn't register the tap they may think there is no menu. That's terrible design.

          • phaedruss

            It's terrible design to not put context sensitive options in the menu button yes, which every screen could use.

          • miri

            That's what the action bar is for: contextual, high-priority actions for the current screen. If there are more than 2 actions [aside from what's in the content area] then the additional actions will go into the overflow menu. If not, then there will be no menu.

          • duse

            You already have to reach up there for everything in the action bar...might as well have menu there too.

            Also what do you mean by "most apps work well without it now"? There is nothing that apps have to work "without". No functionality has gone anywhere.

        • Grayson

          I use the multitasking button FAR more than I use the menu button within apps. Most apps have nothing but settings and an about screen behind the menu button these days, which I don't need to access much. I set my settings once and then never look at them again. If you don't use multitasking much, it's probably because you have a Samsung phone and find long pressing to get to the multitasking screen slow and inconvenient.

  • DanieleMnn

    I saw the photo of the gold version's back cover on another site... I rarely saw something uglier.

  • fabitrader

    This is awful, now Apple will definitely take advantage with the Iphone 6.

    • Some dude

      You say that like if it was something bad... Apple RULES.

      And Nexus RULES in android

  • http://www.twitter.com/joshuaworth Joshua Worth

    That back reminds me of the original Nexus 7 (2012). If the texture is the same thats a huge plus.

  • Karam M

    so its still have the same shitty look.

  • namesib

    Tbf, the hideous, asymmetric S3 was a hot seller, so who knows how this will perform.

    • phaedruss

      S3 was sexy as fuck.

      • namesib


      • pytajnik

        s3 is the ugliest phone I've ever seen.

  • Stanley Chan

    I liked this is the galaxy S series should look. Bigger than S4 I think 5.2 inch?

    Thank God! Romovable batt and ext memory. Ill buy for sure!

  • Simon Belmont

    Such bezel. Wow.

    The bezel really stands out. Especially in white as pictured above, and it seems like even MORE bezel than the SGS4.

    • phaedruss


    • Aooga

      A lot better than the HTC leaks. But still poor.

      • Grayson

        Top and sides seem about the same as the HTC leaks. Bottom is still smaller though, which is most important.

  • Eli McCrory

    So now I have to remove a clumsy cover to charge my phone!!!

    • Aooga

      Hey, it might be waterproof. Maybe? Hopefully?

      • Eli McCrory

        Waterproofing that can be removed with a fingernail. I won't be taking any pictures in the bathtub!!!!

        • Aooga

          Apparently it is waterproof. That's how Sony does it too and it seems to work fine, so I would hold the judgment.

  • Jeremy626

    bezel fail....

  • Fifth313ment

    Well from thew size of the USB port cover I'd say it's safe to assume USB 3.0 like the Note 3. And it doesn't look like the GUI changed at all?! Other than the new lockscreen and kitkat white. And still using the default internet browser? Is this a fake, I mean they can't be that lazy?

  • O’s Fan91

    The Galaxy Sx line seems to have fallen way of the iPhone line. Lack of major innovation will hurt them.
    Why not wait longer to release a new device and introduce something new to the market?

    • Andrew Dodd

      Well, to some degree, there isn't TOO much room left for innovation in smartphone hardware.

      Occasionally there's a cool idea, but often such ideas prove gimmicky and get rejected by the majority of users.

      • O’s Fan91

        That is the definition of innovation. It isnt really innovative if it already exists, so you cant really say there is no more room for innovation.
        Additionally, they can be innovative in ways that Google has been with the nexus line - by selling a rock solid phone at half the price of its competition. If Samsung did that, people would care less about the same boring design etc.

  • Tim Harper

    I'll never understand why people care about the aesthetics of a smartphone. They all look similar: big, rectangularish shape with (mostly) similar button placement. They might have some fancy colors, but overall, they look the same. When using a smartphone, don't you usually look at the screen? Isn't that more important than the appearance?

    Things that matter on a smartphone (obviously just an opinion): software, functional hardware, efficient use of front facing real estate, i.e. bezel.

    Also, what's so great about on screen buttons? My wife has the galaxy s4, and I have a g2. She has a smaller screen, but my buttons make my screen actually smaller. Her lower bezel is not much, if any, bigger than mine. Stock android doesn't allow custom button placement yet, so functionality is the same regardless if your nav buttons are on screen or capacitive. I don't understand the hype about on screen nav buttons. Anyone care to enlighten me? Is there something I'm missing?

    • phaedruss

      "Also, what's so great about on screen buttons? My wife has the galaxy s4, and I have a g2. She has a smaller screen, but my buttons make my screen actually smaller. "

      Exactly. If anything I'd like an option to make the on screen buttons much much smaller.

    • miri

      "Also, what's so great about on screen buttons?"
      1. If my fingers aren't on the screen I shouldn't be interacting with anything. On screen buttons free up both top and bottom bezels for resting your thumbs on.
      2. Contextual awareness: On screen buttons can be changed to better indicate what they do and if they're not needed they can be hidden entirely with the additional benefit of locking down the controls to avoid accidental interactions.
      3. They can change over time and offer better interaction models than arbitrary sequences of presses.
      4. The amount of screen space lost is negligible and with Kitkat they can be hidden or made transparent when appropriate.
      5. If you're into custom ROMs, you can manipulate them however you please.

      • Alex James Simon

        Or if you use a app called "All in One Gestures" you can hide the nav bar whenever you want without root, on Kitkat devices. Its Great!

      • Tim Harper

        Ok. I get point 1,3 and 5. I have to disagree that the space used is negligible. Back when the galaxy nexus came out with a 4.65" screen that was supposedly so awesome, it was no bigger than my 4.3"bionic after losing the space to the buttons, but the phone was quite a bit larger because the bezel was no smaller. Contextual awareness? That is pretty useless for a technologically literate person. If you can't figure out what the buttons do without them changing, you have no business owning an android and should just buy an iPhone instead. Accidentally bumping the buttons could get annoying, however they could easily program capacitive buttons to become "hidden" to accidental presses, though I personally dislike that I have to tap twice any time I want to leave a full screen app.
        The customizing of buttons in roms is cool, but you could still do that with capacitive buttons. Either reprogram them, or disable them and add on screen buttons. However, I can see why you wouldn't want capacitive buttons AND on screen buttons visible.
        All of this is only useful if they don't enlarge the bezels because that would defeat the whole purpose.

    • xdapao3

      "I'll never understand why people care about the aesthetics of a smartphone."

      They sound like a bunch of Apple users who can't do much with their useless toys except wearing/showing them like fashion accessories...

      Tipically, they also are the ones always calling for f*cking metal cases (which they would then promptly put in a case)...

      Jeez... So few knowledgeable powerusers around...
      No wonder we have this invasion of integrated battery, small and non-expandable internal memory, scrap metal useless toys (with a ridiculously small display and a DUMBED DOWN OS to boot, in the case of iCraps)......

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      It's all about the detail. And personal preference. I wouldn't buy an ugly TV or an ugly computer either. It's not just about the screen and software. People care about design because they care about design.

      • Tim Harper

        A tv or computer is very different. They are always visible and add to the appearance of your home. They are on display whether they are being used or not. Not many people (can't say nobody, but I've never seen anyone) pull out they're smartphones and look at them with the screen of for long periods of time.

  • George Av

    Let me say this. I don't like the design to much but If it still has a micro sd card AND the camera is top notch (Galaxy phones have the best cameras out of all android smartphones) I'll go for it. I would also consider the Z2 BUT Sony smartphones have poor camera quality sadly.

  • Amir

    Fire at will, I will definitely NOT buying this galaxy 4s!

    • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

      "Galaxy 4s"

    • Imparus

      Don't you mean Galaxy 3ss, since the S4 have same design as the S3?

  • JB

    Bezel looks huge, no way that picture is legit.

    • Danish Prakash

      this is it dude.

  • Mikey Monteiro

    i think its gonna be waterproof or something ..there better be 2 version with a metal body! if not im not buying it

  • Sammy Jasper

    This is totally CRAP. I just lost my temper whn I saw that Samsung Shit So, I didn't read the following article. The name of the phone model should be Samsung C5 (Crap). I'll visit S. Korea and meet JK Shin and request him to change the Design.

  • pytajnik

    wow... it looks awful, they are giving us almost exactly the same product every year, so pathetic.

  • Ihatehipsternerds

    You got to laugh at these haters acting as if they care which design Samsung came with. No matter what Samsung did we all know that you were going to buy a nexus anyway.
    Good for Samsung not to listen to these hipsters, Motorola did listen to these hipsters and they ended up selling mere 500 000 moto x while Samsung sold 50 million S4.
    I know hipsters will come with their nonsense excuse Samsung sell more because of their advertising, BITCH PLEASE!!! If the product is bad it doesn't matter how much money you throw at advertising it will flop the word of mouth will always trump advertising and the funny thing is that all of you have fallen to the advertising BS of thinking that aluminum is a premium material. This shows me that the general public are not fools but the hipster are the ones who get duped by advertising. I wish i lived in hipsters universe and charge them a fortune for soda since it comes inside this premium cane.

    Get this in your heads HIPSTERS your opinions don't mean shit.

    Try telling a non tech person whether it's a relative, friends or a stranger in their face that their choice is shit and see what happens. Your friends and relatives will try to put you down gentle and say it works for them, but deep inside they think of you as an a$$hole. while on the other hand the stranger will definitely punch you and tell you to mind your own business.
    Why do you hipsters think you got the write to tell people how to spend their money

    • Stanley Chan

      You Sir win some internets!

      LoL totally agreed...

      • Imparus

        He wins internet point for insulting people people and using a lot of curse words? I don't think internet point are worth a damn if that's how you obtain them :-/

    • Eric Mazariegos


      The fascination with metal bodies is certainly an American thing.

    • Grayson

      I don't think you know what a hipster is. Actually I think there are a lot of things you don't know. Lovely rant though.

      • Ihatehipsternerds

        I know the truth hates, don't try to take it all at once. I'll advise you to take it in small doses in every four hours. As well i got a degree in Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering, so i know what I'm talking about when it comes to materials. My project for the final year i was dealing with polymers. How stupid will I be after all the time i spent at uni to allow a marketing a$$hole to start telling me that aluminum is premium

        • Imparus

          Ahh the internet where you can say all the BS you want without any way for people to check up on it. However the fact that you have unbelievable short temper and can't stopping calling people asshole, and even uses $$ since you do it so often that you are used to it being censored, which would make your point less aggressive, speaks for you being a mindless troll. The door is right there, but I think you will prefer to leave through the window :-/

          • Ihatehipsternerds

            "Ahh the internet where you can say all the BS you want without any way for people to check up on it" Since you know that you can't check up on it, then why are you bringing it up. That's why they say don't argue about something you don't know cause you will make a fool of yourself.

            How do you know i got a short temper? I'll call anyone an a$$hole if they try to sell me the idea that aluminum is premium. If you fell for that aluminum premium BS the joke is on you.

            "even uses $$ since you do it so often that you are used to it being censored" This statement shows me that you're really stupid. I don't need to use it often to know that it will be censored, it's just common sense. You must really be a simpleton

            "The door is right there, but I think you will prefer to leave through the window :-/" I would definitely use the window if it will spare me spending more time with stupid like you.

          • Imparus

            That is just sad, i feel sorry for you :(

    • MSmith79

      Wonderful rant, but did you have to call me a bitch? Anyways, the Nexus line isn't available on Verizon, which has many millions of subscribers, including myself, so all that you said can only be applicable to non-Verizon customers.

    • John-Phillip Saayman


  • nofsbige

    Just keep in mind there are two models being introduced... By the looks of this device I would guess it is the active model... Wait for official word!

    • Eric Mazariegos

      Yeah because that's been confirmed right

  • imran

    If this is the s5, then samsung you've just lost a customer, phone is similar in design to the s4

  • Frank Lopez

    Samsung is just a shitty cheap company. The whole business plan is to copy copy copy..

    • MSmith79

      Well in this case, the copy would just be of themselves from last years model, so...

  • Soryuu

    Hold up, everyone. Ignore the design.

    Did no one else notice that the search bar has "Say "Ok Google"" on it?

    • Chris

      Oh wow. Just noticed that. I'm guessing this has something to do with the deal that Samsung and Google made?

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Shawn De Cesari

        You mean the deal that nobody can actually prove the existence of, past or present? :)

        • Soryuu

          Well its weak proof, but there is a Google folder on the homescreen. Previously it was usually ChatOn or Samsung Apps.

          Plot twist, Touchwiz is modified GEL

  • madmaglio

    Why the hell is it bigger? That's what the Note line is for. I love my S4. I'll stick with it.

  • undercoverduck

    am I the only one noticing the two bars left of the Home-icon in the page-indicator on the homescreen? what are those for?

    • Grayson

      I think Samsung worked with Google to integrate Google Now into their launcher. It will be on the far left page, just like on the Nexus 5. Called it. Boom. Refer back to this comment after the announcement and thank me please.

      • Hans Pedersen

        It's probably just an indicator for the Magazine UI "home", like on those Pro devices.

        • Grayson

          Well that would be lame. Way to kill the hype.

      • undercoverduck


  • Jerald Lee

    The hardware is just lame, lazy work from Samsung. :(

  • Kio G

    Oh Samsung.

  • fillyo75

    I really don't want to worry about a cover over the charging port, that could be a deal breaker

    • aaron nyquist

      If the cover has anything to do with it being able to get wet then I am all for it. Unlikely though.

    • MSmith79

      I've got one on my Droid DNA. It's really annoying. But it could be because they're trying to market a new wireless charging feature.

  • Shaun Hammond

    One of the most confusing things is the screen size. These phones just keep getting bigger and bigger, but our hands stay the same size. People who are upgrading from S2/3's will be in for a huge shock, where would one go if they felt the S5 was too big? An S5 mini, with lower specs than their last phone?

    It's just a numbers game to entice consumers and give their horrid loyalists another thing to shout.

  • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

    I don't hate physical buttons that much, but physical buttons that are invisible until you hover over them? I absolutely hate them.

  • fillyo75

    The camera quick launch is exactly where it is on the Blackberry 10, right? I own an S4, and had an S3 and like Samsung, but can they come up with some original ideas.

  • Kingu Prima

    May be a fake

  • lil3p

    Plastic again Samsung Oh please...... do you guys even listen to customer feed back

    • Ihatehipsternerds

      They do listen but they don't listen to hipsters