Shots fired! Shortly after the announcement of Samsung's Galaxy S5, HTC tweeted a message for Samsung fans that cockily hinted, of course, at the upcoming next-gen One refresh, scheduled for March 25:


Buyer's remorse, coming soon to S5 owners on March 25th (the day the next One will be announced). Except for the part where the S5 won't actually be out until April, which invalidates the logic of the whole message. Nice try though, HTC. Definitely keep trying, you'll get it right next time (I'm serious, we do enjoy the jabs).

Update: Shen Ye suggests a helpful edit for HTC:

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  • Scott Standish-Parkin

    E for effort HTC

  • Christian Cebrian

    Buyer's remorse for preorder customers?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      You can always cancel a pre-order.

      • Christian Cebrian

        After you get preorder's remorse hehe

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii


  • transitoryspace

    This is coming from the company with the "All New" phone....right...

    • usaff22

      Who said that was even confirmed the slightest? It's most likely just how they will market it, but it's not going to be the actual name.

  • Scion676

    I'm pretty sure March 25th is when HTC's new One is being announced... not when they expected the S5 to be released.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Right. I'm not saying they think the S5 is to be released in March.

    • Nabil L

      Is this sarcasm or...?

  • Spud The Potato Bow-tie Guy

    So You cant buy an S5 in April and then have buyers remorse?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      The point is they're saying you'll buy the S5 and then find out what HTC has up its sleeve on March 25th.

      • Spud The Potato Bow-tie Guy

        and you think its worthy of an whole article and making a big deal out of nothing

        • http://tommydaniel.com Tommy Thompson

          You aren't required to read all articles posted. You clearly felt it was worthy enough considering you opened the article and replied.

          • Spud The Potato Bow-tie Guy

            of course I thought it was worth reading, I saw the headline clicked and thought meh

          • blahblahblah

            You think your comment means anything? Go troll Apple forums or make your mother bring you another sandwich in the basement you currently occupy.

          • Spud The Potato Bow-tie Guy

            Out of my comments and yours if anyone's a troll its you, I just disagree with an article but you are making personal insults just b/c I dare to have an opinion that is not in-line with the Samsung fanboys

          • RTWright

            No you just dare have one that's in-line with the HTC fangirls?

          • VinceBabin

            So these fangirls, where are they?

          • VinceBabin

            From my vast Internet wisdom, when someone has an opinion and someone else contradicts it, they go to war over it.. It's a child thing that I've seen grow into a large percentage of today's kids.. Take no offence, when he gets old enough to afford a phone without his parents help, he might grow a little more tact.

          • VinceBabin

            Lol that's funny! It went from Semi decent to shit with this comment. I'll agree with Sun, your a troll here.

          • MistiXF

            Good trolling is good ;)

          • Iz3man

            Yeah I'll agree with that :)

      • Derek Duncan

        But you can't buy an S5 before March 25 I bet. That's more than 2+weeks away from release.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii


      • Grayson

        To be fair, I think you might have buyer's remorse after buying the S5 regardless of what HTC does.

  • RSerda


  • ruco

    I'm still suffering from buyers remorse on the Inspire4G lol

    • Grayson

      You would be suffering even more if you had bought an Infuse 4G at the time. Haven't bought a Samsung phone in years. I owned the Inspire as well, and while it had its issues, it was magnificent compared to the Infuse.

      • aldisiij367

        my Aunty Arianna got a nearly new silver
        Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab by working part time off of a macbook air. try this

        • gh0st

          your Aunty Arianna is a hoe

    • Mayoo

      I am suffering buyers remorse since the Touch Diamond.

      • http://trapchan.blogspot.com trapchan

        bitch please I am suffering buyers remorse since the Startrek

        • Brian T

          I am from my Oki 101 ( my first phone in 1996 ) and its Motorola StarTAC noob

          • http://trapchan.blogspot.com trapchan

            it's not even HTC, did you even get the joke??

    • nhizzat

      I'm still suffering from buyer's remorse thanks to the Thunderbolt...

  • brararsh

    Wasn't expecting that fail from Samsung..
    Even if the failed with S5 design and expectations, they failed to deliver as well.

    They are releasing it on 11th April giving a fair chance to HTC which can release it in advance and get the profit.

  • toto

    Epic fail

  • Brian Girten

    So the M8 will be announced on the 25th of March. The S5 was announced today.

    The S5 will be released in April. Does everyone just assume the M8 will be released on the same day as it is announced?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      No, but the details will be out on March 25. You can't have buyer's remorse, which you might if you find out something better is coming out, until you buy something. You can't buy the S5 until April, which means you'll know all the details of the new One by then.

      • Brian Girten

        Fair, though the final decisions for many of these customers come with having the device in-hand at a carrier's store.

      • http://awseibert.net/ Aaron

        But you can probably pre-order it before April.

        • http://awseibert.net/ Aaron

          Nevermind. Didn't read down far enough.


      • OtterFodder

        What?.. You have buyer's remorse when you buy something and then decide you like the alternative better. All HTC is saying is people who will soon be buying the S5 are going to have exactly that. What's with the confusion?

        • Tim242

          The M8 will be announced on March 25. The people that prefer it won't buy, or even preorder the S5. The S5 won't release for at least 2 weeks after that announcement. You can't have buyer's remorse if you didn't buy it yet.

          • OtterFodder

            They're going to have buyer's remorse when the buy it in April. It doesn't matter that the HTC One 2014 will be announced already. Buyer's remorse doesn't state that you don't have all the details yet, just that you regret a purchase. People who buy the iphone 5s today can have buyer's remorse when they realize they don't like the phone and would have preferred the Galaxy s4.

          • Tim242

            You are missing the whole point. If people liked what they saw on March 25 from HTC, they wouldn't buy the S5. It's simple really. But with that atrosity that is the logo bar, there will be no chance for remorse.

          • OtterFodder

            Apparently we interpret buyer's remorse completely differently then. I can't judge a phone until I've owned it for at least a month. There are a lot of unexpected issues with phones, even when you know all the details, specs, and are fully familiar with the ui. Most people buying phone's don't even know all of that and will buy based on advertisements and looks, and will definitely be prone to buyer's remorse regardless of what information is out there.

            I agree with you about the HTC logo bar, though. I hate it, but I think I hate touchwiz more.

          • Tim242

            The fact remains that as of March 25, there will not be a single S4 sold. You can't have buyer's remorse if you haven't bought it yet. HTC is fooling themselves if they think they can compete with Samsung. Sense is no better than TW.

  • acer1096xxx

    The M8 will probably come out after the S5 still...

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Doesn't matter when it comes out. What matters is when we'll know all the details.

  • Kenny Woodard

    I guess I'm the only one that enjoys a personality from a company twitter account. I'm glad they aren't just robots spitting out endorsements. They out witted themselves here, but I still think it's pretty fun. (:

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Oh, I absolutely love personality from companies, by all means.

  • https://twitter.com/KryptosXLayer2 KryptosXLayer2

    HTC is the lamest there is..... Hey, better luck next time, if you even have a next time after this being the third year in a row they'll be getting buried by Samsung!

  • Hans Pedersen

    Maybe HTC should try focusing on its nearest competitors instead of trying to compete with a brand in a whole different weight class? :)

  • Nathan Bryant

    You guys are being to literal about this. Around march you might be able to pre-order it. Some people will wait until then to get the device in their hands, and the M8 will be out after that. So buyers remorse makes sense to me.

    • stewartsoda


      (I mean, we're being pedantic here, amirite?)

  • dude

    Regardless base of the lackluster of the S5, I think the HTC M8 don't need to try hard to be a better phone. Hell I even prefer the HTC One over S5.

    • crackinthewall

      Regardless of what HTC announces on March 25, more S5's will be sold than M8's if only because Samsung has established a lot of goodwill with consumers. It's always been like this since the beginning, HTC wows everyone with their devices, Samsung doesn't. With the recent decisions made by HTC (Sensation, One X/S/V, etc. support), I can see a lot of potential customers just going with Samsung or Sony.

      • Kylecore

        Honestly I don't think goodwill even matters. Pretty confident it will be like the last few Samsung vs HTC launches. Samsung launches everywhere and has 1000's of devices ready to go without supply issues. HTC gives 10 phones to 25% of the places Samsung covered and people just get sick of waiting to get it or see if its coming to their store and go with the S-whatever happens to be the device. Happened with the S3 vs HTC One X and S4 vs HTC ONE, it'll happen again this year too.

        • http://trapchan.blogspot.com trapchan

          People should be glad they didn't buy the One X.

          • Kylecore

            I bought the One X and actually loved it, Thing was indestructible BUT battery sucked and so did the DEV community. I won't be upgrading my S4 to the S5 just not enough of an upgrade and the bezels look bigger for no real reason, probably won't get the LG G2 2 whatever or sony or HTC and I'll wait it out until 64bit comes along.

        • VinceBabin

          I bought the One on launch because I destroyed my S3 while it was in my pocket.. I then upgraded my One to a Note 3 because HTC has the worst customer care and build quality I've ever dealt with (6 repairs leading to a replacement between launch and November) ... For me HTC is a shitty brand, I just feel bad I had to use one. Samsung on the other hand I've only had to deal with once, and that was emailing the CEO, not sure why I did it but it worked and they replaced my device no questions asked.

          Samsung will win out because there a lot more casual buyers then there are people like us... The carriers will all push Samsung. When I got my One the sales rep tried 4 times to get me in the s4 or Note 2.

        • James

          Goodwill doesnt matter. The world's most profitable companies are also the ones with the lowest customer satisfaction.

          • firesoul453

            Thats because you don't need to ever get support for your gas and your average person is too lazy to return bad groceries for a replacement.

            Amazon and apple both have pretty good support. HP support has gone down hill and now their company has too. I used to only buy HP now I don't know anyone who will even touch them.

  • Stanley Chan

    Oh lord... HTC are more stupid that Ive thought...

    Sammy haters everywhere... LMFAO

    • Nick

      Well, that "are" funny.

  • Kokusho

    #HTCOneUp... hum Is HTC One Up the name of the next HTC One ?

    • Stacey Liu

      No...they're saying they will one up the S5.

  • Micah Madru

    Is it possible that the s5 goes up for pre order in march?

  • Bud Lutz

    I took it more as 2 separate messages. Buyers remorse coming soon to S5 owners.....and then also hinting again at the HTC One refresh set for March 25. It doesn't mean that the buyers remorse will start March 25. IMO, @archon810:disqus misunderstood the jab....But i do agree that they should keep it up with the jabs. It's quite entertaining no matter what side it comes from.

    • Andrew

      While that is their intention... The S5 comes out after the HTC. So there still shouldn't be buyers remorse. If the HTC launched after the s5, this tweet would make much more sense. Its OK no one is going to buy the m8 comparitively.

      • VinceBabin

        Especially if it looks as God awful as the renders... They took everything good about the One and put it to shit... Bigger ugly bezel all around, removed the sharp clean edge and replaced it with rounded plastic, same in your face logo now with even more "no point being there" added, removed screen space for on screen buttons, Took the balanced speaker grills and unbalanced the hell out of them and to finish it off, took the only good color and changed it to dark grey!

        • illregal

          There's no plastic..

          • Iz3man

            Wow, it's aluminum... Even worse.

          • neoLiberal

            What would you prefer, easily shattered glass?

          • Iz3man

            Porcelain would be good.

  • remister

    Shots fired, but they were blanks.

  • Christopher Williamson

    Nice attempt from HTC but nobody trolls Samsung like Samsung themselves. Releasing a tiny upgrade at a huge price in April? Best April fools joke ever!

  • BondJames

    Samsung has a 'new' magazine ui feature when you scroll all the way to the left?.. kind of reminds me of BLINKFEED. oh yea, Google also thought it was nice as its in the new Google launcher as well.

  • Godspoken

    HTC using Samsung's marketing tactics...how reductive, to quote Madonna. I'm not a huge fan of this kind of marketing.

  • HotInEER

    I get what HTC was saying, they were not saying that the S5 is out now, they are just letting people know that the HTC One will be announced on March 25, and once people get their S5 in April, they can return it for the HTC One. Geesh.

    • Tim242

      But if they see the new One and are impresses, they would probably wait on the One.

  • Christopher Robert

    Please someone rise up and compete with Samsung, that S5 release was a bit of a let down. Had a very Apple iPhone 5s feel to it. Not nearly the innovation I was looking for.

    That Xperia Z2, had great specs though, but Sony still makes the ugliest phones in the world.

    • Timmytim

      That's exactly what Samsung is shooting for. They want so badly to be the next Apple. Coming Soon to a Samsung near you: Proprietary charging ports and accessories

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    HTC didn't even need to do this. Samsung has opened the path for New One by itself, HTC only needs to do right what S5 did wrong.

    Just like PS4 vs XBone situation if you know what I mean

    • GraveUypo

      it's nothing like that. htc has nowhere near the share of mind samsung has. there's absolutely zero chance htc would turn this "war" in just a generation of phones. it would take at LEAST 2 or 3 more gens for it to turn around. and well, the one last year wasn't even enough to call a first step.

      ps: do discuss omit dislikes like youtube now? that's stupid.

  • TimmyB

    Whatever HTC, every single phone of yours we've bought for staff at work over the past 5 years or so has failed and had to be replaced well within two years or purchase. Make sure you get your hardware right before chucking lame digs at the opposition.

    • Nick

      Who's "we"? Granted HTC is not perfect, but I've only had to replace my T-Mobile G2 (HTC Vision, Desire Z) once due to a bad eMMC. All the rest of the HTC products I have bought have not only lasted not only up to two years, but still currently work as intended.

      • nhizzat

        My Thunderbolt would've lasted me 2 years, but that would've necessitated another 4 replacement phones. Went through 3 in the first 6 months...

  • http://rahulkadukar.com rahulkadukar

    I pre -ordered the Dell Streak, the worst decision of my life.

  • Alex

    HTC needs to step it up with their camera and I'm in! No MP bump, I'm talking quality/lens bump.

  • Andrew Hope

    HTC will actually be happy about being wrong on dates! The S5 out on April 11th means they won't get screwed in the US like last year because of availability. HTC announcing new One March 25th & in stores within 2/3 weeks.
    Come on HTC, NFU No fuck ups this time!!!

  • Edison

    The S5 is so f&*^kng amazing. I feels like a premium phone!

    Just kidding. Ill try to get my heart rate first before i buy this S5. Id rather have a heart attack before buying the S5.

    I hope HTC would release a true PREMIUM phone like the One.

  • faceless128

    Samsung should respond with "KitKat - Coming soon to S3 owners"

    • Nick

      I hope it comes to my S3 soon. I was waiting quite a bit with 4.3, so I resorted to custom ROMs. Lets just say 4.3 TW was a disappointment for me.

    • nhizzat

      At least they've confirmed it's getting KitKat along with a host of other Samsung phones. HTC's flagship phone is finally getting KitKat a year later. 11 months later to be exact.

    • GraveUypo

      except for international version gs3s. or so i read.

      • GraveUypo

        and after reading a bit about kitkat and external storage, i realised that's a blessing in disguise. android is going to hell. it's pretty much a poor's man iOS by kitkat. and that's really sad, because it was so much more before.
        i guess my next phone might be a windows phone. at least the platform is adding features instead of removing them.

  • ScratchC

    whatever.... moving on

  • MITM

    as long s the M8 is released after the S5... the infogragh works

  • JackWhite

    Ok S5 its out in April .. but Samsung will not change hardware / body after March 25 .. so even if the S5 gets out tomorrow it will be the same that will release in April ..

    or you think they can architure and engineer a new S5 in only on month (March to April) just because HTC presented the new one lol ...

    S5 is already made and presented .. HTC will present in 25 March ...

    i think who wrote this news misundertanded the HTC Message or its a Samsung fanboy defending samsung..

    attention .. im not an htc fanboy .. i got a sony ...

    i just wrote this because im seeing this news is leading other people to a wrong idea of the message passed by htc

  • Fred Chiang

    well they did they "coming soon"... so the "future" s5 owners is pretty clearly implied

  • rgucci

    Buyer's remorse. There's a cream for that

  • onlygoodtime88

    HAHAHA HTC u nailed it nice answer HTC,made my day....

    • Tim242

      HTC has no room to talk with their big black logo bar.

  • Michael Pahl


  • firesoul453

    whos Shen Ye?

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      XDA TV Producer & Moderator

  • Frank Lopez

    HTC - All you had to DO for the next version of the HTC ONE - Remove the black bar - make it all screen affair in the front - update the camera - PROFIT.

    You had to go and fuck it all up.I seriously hope an HTC executive is reading this. YOU GUYS ruined a perfect design. I was debating between the s5 and the new one but I refuse to get the one. Nice going idiots.

    • https://play.google.com/store/search?q=kodiak+211 Google_Is_The_Higgs_Boson

      Still looks better than the GS5, don't you think?...

  • andrewstuart81

    The reasons why samsung S5 failed to impress us are http://goo.gl/M8GudW