Many earbuds and headsets these days come with basic volume up and down buttons that let you manage volume levels without having to pull out your phone. It's nice functionality, but it's also a bit boring out of the box. That's why you will want to install the latest version of the Degauss Headset Control Center. This app raises the bar when it comes to controlling music playback. Not only can you customize what happens when you press each button, you can set actions for when you double-click, triple-click, quadruple-click, and, yes, quintuple-click them.

Center1 Center2 Center3

Headset Control Center doesn't just control music. You can set certain button press to handle calls, launch voice search, or open specific apps. It's even willing to read the time out to you, making it arguably more convenient than a wrist watch.

What's new:

  • Added 5 clicks
  • Fixed "Redial Last Number"
  • Easy change and selection of Music Player in Start screen
  • Automatic Headset detection will launch the selected Music Player
  • Control App is inactive when headset is not connected
  • Auto detect most phones default Music Player upon installation
  • Support for many more Music Players

There's support included for over 20 music apps, with most of the big name options covered. So the next time you plug in a pair of earbuds, Headset Music Control will launch your app of choice automatically. It's not the most attractive app, but it could help you breathe new life into your favorite headset without having to spend a dime.

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • mckooter

    Hopefully this works for bluetooth too. (installing now) I find that my play/pause button always ends up playing the default music player after a few minutes when in reality I mostly use beyondpod. Maybe there is a simple way, ive always just ignored all the buttons

    EDIT: no support for beyondpod :(

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      • Alphajoe

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  • Matthew Fry

    It only supports 1 and 3 button headsets. Even if it did support bluetooth which I can't tell, my headset has 6 buttons...

  • primalxconvoy

    It didn't work with my note 2, 1 button audio technics earphones and power amp. It just mixed up the volume up and track forward inputs. A shame.

  • MistiXF

    "Single Click, Double Click, Tripple Click, Quadruple Click, Five Clicks" - in app, LOL.

  • WORPspeed

    The buttons on my headset don't seem to work with my Nexus 5, hopefully this will allow me to remap them to do exactly what they did before and thus back to the reason I bought them in the first place.

    • Benke Device


      If you have an iphone baser headset the App dont help. You will need a real 'Made for Android' headset. This as the wiring is different between iphone and android.


      • WORPspeed

        You can't be saying that the headset I got is for iDevices.

        I bought nearly identical ones to the ones that came with my Nexus One (Yes, the Nexus One and Gnexus still came with a headset in the box) I bought it from HTC and it was the most identical headset to the one I had....now you are telling me they are iHeadsets? ....... Next the samsung headset that came with teh Gnexus won;t play nice with the app either...well only 1 way to find out. BRB

        • Benke Device

          Actually Samsung Nexus (3) can use a 3-button headset, But the LG Nexus 4 uses 1-button and Nexus 5 (LG) 3-button.

          For HTC I know they came up with some own mix of Android and iPhone headset support so there I know only one button (center) works on my Nexus 5 for example.. If you want to purchase 3-button for Android with quality sound Degauss Labs is a 100% working choice for Android spec phones like Samsung, Sony and LG. If you would like 3-buttons but a lower price Samsung Originals or Sony Originals would be my choice. Hope it helped, Cheerio!

          • WORPspeed

            I am not saying whether the phone works with it or not, I saying the headset that came in the box with my Samsung Galaxy NExus (3) only has 1 button on it. (ah the good ol days when headsets came with your phone....I want that to make a comeback)

          • Benke Device

            :-) think that was dropped to make phonestores accessory salespeople happy.

          • WORPspeed

            phonestores? Are those still in business?

          • Benke Device

            Well phonestores could be your operators store or anyone else wanting to make an extra buck. Nevertheless the old bundled headsets was not worthy. I think you should check our the Degauss Labs Dual Driver instead. Great sound at a more than fair price.

          • Pikey

            Hey. How do you compare the degauss pocket earphones with the earpods by apple? do they have the same amount of bass? Because the apple earpods have very nice bass and i heard these degauss pocket earphones are tinny in comparison like less bass. Thanks.

          • Pikey

            Degauss pocket earphones have the same amount of bass than the apple earpods? I heard they are a little "tinny"... Thanks.

  • NemaCystX

    Would be awesome if this works with bluetooth controls too. As soon as I get in the car in the morning, I put my phone in nav mode for work, switch on my favorite music app to stream to the car and switch back to nav and do the controlling from my steering wheel controls.

    Can anyone verify if this works with Bluetooth control protocols like that?

  • Ryan Steddy

    "Many earbuds and headsets these days come with basic volume up and down buttons that let you manage volume levels"

    Do they? I cannot find a single pair of (non-bluetooth) earphones or headphones that have the volume up and down buttons working. I was under the impression that Apple had a patent on this and that is why it is not supported in Android.

    I can't find a definite answer on this. Or am I wrong? Does anyone have working volume up and down buttons on non-bluetooth headphones?

    • Thatguyfromvienna

      I do, yes.

      • Ryan Steddy

        Which ones then?

        • Thatguyfromvienna

          The ones that came with my Samsung device work perfectly.

          • Benke Device

            Actually there are from LG, Sony and Samsung. I would say Sony has the best sounding ones of those 3 while LG is the cheapest..

    • Matt

      I had a pair of Sony headphones that had the volume up/down thing. Solid headphones. Lasted about two years. Don't remember exactly which ones they were, since I bought them off the shelf at a Target store.

    • hp420

      Every single pair of Sony earbuds (with a remote) I've owned have had working 3-button controls on my android with headset button controller. I assume this app would also work with them.

  • SakuraEspoire

    Tried the App. Convinient.
    But somehow when I play music with this app on...the Album art and Music player controls stops showing on the Locked screen. Thats not so good.
    Also, my headphones do have these 3 button where the middle one is for play/pause but the other 2 volume control buttons dont work at all (The headphones said it is for iPhones...got it as a gift from someone who didnt know better...)
    I'd like some app that will make that work.

    • Benke Device

      As iphone and android has different wiring in its 3,5mm connector no App will do as your request as it is a hardware issue. Ive tested even rewiring the apple originals, didnt work properly. This because also the voltage is different between iphone and android microphone (why make it easy when u can make it hard).

      As I posted below that you will need a real 'Made for Android' headset with 3-buttons, like the Degauss Labs Sabotage Royale 3-button IEMs Made for Android. You can get then or read more about then here: http://www.degausslabs.com

  • hp420

    Hmmmm....I've been using Headset Button Controller for 2-3 years now, and as time goes on it works slightly less and less with new headphones. I started using Sony 1-button headphones and it worked great. Then I switched to Sony 3-button...still 100%. Everything I've tried since had some sort of issue...including iphone buds, which only allowed 1-button control, although it had 3 buttons available. It seems like android 4.1 started the whole thing, and it's gotten worse with every upgrade. It's time for a new app....and this one's free, to boot!!!! I'm all-in...I just hope it works like HBC used to!