Samsung started pushing an update to KitKat for the Exynos variant of the Galaxy S4 (GT-i9500) less than a week ago. Now, it's time for the Snapdragon-equipped S4 (GT-i9505) to see some action. In addition to the standard Android 4.4.2 feature set, this update will also bring some tweaks to the lockscreen, including a shortcut to the camera and full-screen album art during music playback, an improved landscape-mode keyboard, several bug fixes, and the now standard white KitKat status icons. Just remember, this update will also change the behavior of your SD cards, so be ready.


This update is beginning its trek around the world in Germany, so it'll still be a little while until everybody can take part in the fun. If you are too excited to wait, and don't mind a manual upgrade process, the firmware can be downloaded here. Carrier-specific US variants are still on the waiting list for their updates, but with this international release, they shouldn't be that far behind.

Source: SamMobile

Cody Toombs
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  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS


  • John Smith

    Is Samsung aware of the SD-Card problem?
    I see that my phone has the new firmware ready... but I am not going to install it unless I know that Samsung will address the problem that prevents apps from writing to the SD Card

    • Bruce727

      Samsung is aware but offered me no solution. Do not install the update. Next time I will wait until someone I know with the same phone has updated it without problems. I remember when Samsung updated the S2 and some of them would not even make/take calls afterward!

      • digi

        Its not a mistake. The changes are what Google has done with this new os. They are moving in this direction. Dont update ever again if u hate this.

        • John Smith

          I know that Google hates the SDcard, but surely Samsung can reverse what Google has done.

  • fagu

    CDC change not possible anymore. Only with root

    • fagu


  • Bruce727

    Unfortunately, I updated b4 finding out about the problems. First time I contacted Samsung they had me do a Factory Reset. I used Kies3 to Backup everything on my phone b4 updating but Kies 3 put everything in the emulated SD card, leaving only 1% of the Rom free. So I had to move everything manually to the SD card. WASTE OF 2 DAYS OF MY LIFE GETTING PHONE BACK TO HOW IT WAS (AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE).
    Then I found out some apps could not find files after I moved them & had no setting to tell the app to use the real SD instead of the emulated SD. Contacted Samsung & wasted another 44 minutes of my life. The rep seemed to know less than I did. Had to look it up to find out Samsung provides no way to uninstall updates that have bugs like may apps do. SAMSUNG ALSO DID NOT HAVE THE FORETHOUGHT TO PROVIDE A WAY TO DISABLE THE "EMULATED SD" OR TELL THE PHONE TO USE THE REAL SD. (You would think the phone would automatically default to the real SD as soon as it is installed in the phone. Duh!)
    As far as I am concerned, Samsung has really screwed up my phone by releasing an update without sufficient testing. I have had much better luck with Beta versions from other providers than this!
    Samsung should be ashamed.

    • digi

      Are you crazy? Its not a mistake. Read about kitkat changes in net and then say.

  • Bill McLean

    My Sprint S4 just updated to 4.4.2. Every thing seems OK.

    • Daveson Inigo

      sir can u teach me how to update my s4 GT19505 to kitkat version .. everytime i updated it on my phone it always says : "your latest update is already install" ... so sir if u mind please teach me how to the updates.. pls reply asap

  • Dave Manton

    I normally live getting the new updates like opening a present on Christmas but if Samsung are allowing Google to wreck sd card usage just cos Google haven't the intelligence to use them on their Samsung wish they weres then am not doing any update till its fixed. I remember when got the Galaxy S4 and it wouldn't allow apps to sd card and the pain of waiting for that update. Samsung should get the solution in this update our at least have a little update of their own following a day behind to allow all file movement and editing. Our just give us all an Galaxy S4 with 64gb inside as must be loads sitting not been used cos no one sells them.
    Rant over

  • McPoops

    U. S. Cellular has pushed to mine.
    Will be ignoring.

  • jonzey231

    How do I update from that link to the sammobile website? Kies won't let me load the file.

  • Muhammad Abrar Naeem

    You can download the Samsung Galaxy S4 roms for i9505 from here


  • Kymm

    This latest update is HORRIBLE! It screwed up sooo many things! VERY Disappointed!

  • JerryCresh

    i have a S4 LTE version but still havent got the update should I wait longer of flash the device?