When it comes right down to it, there’s a pretty short list of things everybody simply expects a cell phone to be able to do well: making and receiving calls and text messages. We must be able to trust that our phones aren’t failing at the most basic types of communication. Unfortunately, some people have found that the Nexus 5 can’t always be trusted to let them know when somebody is calling or texting them.



There aren’t a lot of variations in the complaints for this one. At seemingly random times, the Nexus 5 will simply cease to respond to incoming calls or text messages. The connectivity indicators in the status bar and quick settings panel will show bars and data will continue to flow normally. In fact, there are absolutely zero outward signs that anything has gone wrong.

To complicate things further, the problem rights itself as soon as the Nexus 5 is used to make a call or send a text. Once connectivity is restored, the overdue SMS messages and voicemails will come flooding in.

Since Wi-Fi and cellular data are typically unaffected (in most complaints), Google Voice users are often alerted to a voicemail without ever receiving a call. This is how many people first realized something was wrong.

Who Is Affected?

As far as the complaints go, this appears to be specific to the Nexus 5. Some similar reports have popped up regarding the Nexus 4, but most of them look more like an older Bug Watch where the handset dropped all communication with the cell tower.

There also seems to be no specific connection to carriers either. The majority of complaints seem to come from Sprint and T-Mobile customers, but almost every recognizable carrier across North America and Europe has been named in one forum or another. Strangely, AT&T was hardly mentioned.

Possible Causes

The specific triggers for this bug are pretty tough to pin down. There seem to be 3 common elements to most stories:

  • LTE is enabled
  • WiFi is enabled and connected
  • The Nexus 5 has gone to sleep (screen off) for at least a few minutes.

    It’s hard to say that this is all it takes, and there are certainly some people that are still experiencing the bug without necessarily having all of these things happen at once, so nothing is particularly certain.

    Several theories have been proposed throughout different forums. The usual suspects are there, like buggy drivers and interference between the cellular and Wi-Fi radios. Among the less commonly named targets are trouble with switching towers or a potentially buggy feature called Fast Dormancy.

    Unfortunately, the bug is unpredictable and no single set of circumstances is entirely consistent, so it’s hard to nail down a single issue.


    The workarounds aren’t exactly painless, but they aren’t too bad, either. There are several minor variations mentioned throughout several threads, but they all boil down to a pair of options.

    Disable LTE - I hate to mention it, since everybody loves a faster connection, but LTE seems to be a key component of the problem. Most of the people that have disabled it are finding that their calls and texts are reliable again. In most cases, this just means dropping back to some variant of HSPA or 3G. Simply go to Settings -> (Wireless & Networks) More -> Mobile Networks -> Preferred network type -> change it to 3G.

    Disable Wi-Fi (sorta) - Wi-Fi is the other half of the equation, at least since it’s a bit unrealistic to keep the phone awake 100% of the time. Of course, shutting down Wi-Fi permanently isn’t a viable option for most of us. As an alternative to the nuclear option, it’s possible just to turn off Wi-Fi when the phone goes to sleep. This results in a little bit more data usage and a short delay before reconnecting to an access point, but it’s not too much to sacrifice. Just go into Settings -> Wi-Fi -> (menu) -> Advanced -> Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep -> change it to Never.

    There Might Be A Fix Coming

    There’s no specific schedule, but there are indicators that some sort of a fix is in the pipeline. It started back in early December when Paul, a Community Manager on the Android Consumer Products team, began reaching out to specific people for bug reports. After the holidays passed, and most of January, a few people started to get responses from LG and Google suggesting that a fix had been developed and would be rolling out in an OTA.

    No schedule was given, and there is no certainty that the update is necessarily going to resolve this problem, but it appears credible after Paul confirmed (marked as best answer) the response from LG. If this turns out to be accurate, it would indicate that the bug was related to a driver issue for the Nexus 5.


    There’s no denying, this is a truly critical issue. Cell phones (and pagers) owe much of their early success to people that recognized important calls can come at any time. Nobody wants to risk missing a potential client, a text from somebody close, or the call to say your child is about to be born.

    Let’s be fair, things like this are bound to happen from time to time, especially in gadgets as complex as modern smartphones. That is forgivable, assuming it’s a very rare occurrence. What really matters is how the issue is handled once it is recognized. The first complaint on the Nexus forum was on December 2nd and direct collection of bug reports began a week later. That’s not a bad initial response time. However, it took 6 weeks for news of a fix to leak out, and another month has passed without an update.

    Now that Nexus devices are no longer the exclusive domain of developers and enthusiasts, it’s time that they receive the same attention that all consumer devices should. I certainly hope that issues like this don’t happen again; but if they do, they should be handled with more transparency, and certainly more urgency than this.

    Sources: Google Product Forums 1, 2, 3

  • Cody Toombs
    Cody is a Software Engineer and Writer with a mildly overwhelming obsession with smartphones and the mobile world. If he’s been pulled away from the computer for any length of time, you might find him talking about cocktails and movies, sometimes resulting in the consumption of both.

    • cabbiebot

      "Google Voice users are often alerted to a voicemail without ever receiving a call. This is how many people first realized something was wrong."

      Yup...Nexus 5 on Sprint here with voice integration. This happens to me quite a bit. And also since I have hangouts installed in Chrome, I get a call notification popup on my PC for about 10 seconds BEFORE my phone starts ringing...if it rings at all. And, finally, when I try to make outgoing calls it often takes up to about 10 seconds before it actually dials/connects. A fix for these issues would be very welcome.

      • HWithen528

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      • Efsie

        Exact same problem here. Same network, same phone, same results.

      • brewmaster

        I have the same issues with my old Spring GNEX/Toroplus.

    • cmbeid

      Glad to know I am not the only one who has this issue. Couldn't figure out why Google Voice said I had a missed call but my phone showed nothing.

    • George Bakos

      It has happened to me too on some occasions.. It happens randomly when I switch from LTE to 2G network. The connection status seems fine but I cant receive text messages or calls. When I send a text message it gets fixed and I receive all the lost test messages/calls

    • Flip

      same thing happening here in Germany on T-Mobile. I can confirm the possible causes as described above.... let's hope there'll be a fix coming soon as it really sucks if it's an important call and you get the text message from your provider that you've missed a call some minuted later -.-

    • Michael Tran

      Happens to me mostly when I'm in weak signal areas. Not talking about yellow bar but grayish bars. If I switch to hspa which gives me been bars it doesn't happen. If it's a strong LTE signal it doesn't happen either.

    • Ang

      Nexus 4 suffered and still suffers from a more serious issue which is Sleep of Death. During that period the caller hears the calling tone but you do not receive anything. Try explain that to your boss

      • brkshr

        Edit: Nvm. Reread. Different issue.

      • Matthew

        I have this same!Nexus 4 4.4.2 Stock

      • Christos

        I am experiencing exactly the same thing on my Nexus 5 4.4.2!!

        Also, another issue is that sometimes i can hear the device ringing, but when i try to see who calls i dont see a thing on the display, just the normal interface. When i go to the Dialer app i see the options below:

        1) use touch tone keypad
        2)return to call in process
        3)add call

        Pressing "return to call in process" doesnt do a thing.
        For me to be able to see who called, i have to wait until the ringing is over and see the missed call from the log. And to fix the issue i have to restart the device..
        Its a shame, because its an overall a great device, but when your boss calls and he thinks that you received the call and you never respond, it tends to be a problem! :)

    • mwolverine

      Not had this problem on nexus 5 yet, but my wife's note 2 seems to have it.

    • Wyatt Neal

      This is just the feature I've been looking for to get those annoying people to stop calling me and start using hangouts in the non-SMS fashion

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

        So. Much. LOL.

    • Kenne Phimmasonsouk

      That's why this is the last nexus device supposedly. Get the Google play editions. I got the moto x, I could of had the nexus 5 but toucless control, active notifications, and active assist has made this phone the best phone I've ever owned.

      • Stephan Hall

        The Moto X is a good phone ....... but all phones have their fair share of problems. Visit the Moto X forums and they have their share. However, The Nexus 5 is a step up from a Moto X in performance. Don't take this wrong ... because I would be proud to carry the awesome Moto X. I've used both and I immediately notice the difference. The Nexus 5 isn't for everyone but don't dismiss it. It's the best phone I've ever owned. If I were to buy a phone now ...it'd be another Nexus 5. I've never had issues. Hope I don't!!!

        • Kenne Phimmasonsouk

          Yeah I just didn't like the design and the look of the nexus 5 but from speculations, rumors and concept pictures. If the nexus 6 is built by HTC with the metal plates and how it looks like from the concept I've seen I'll be all over it in a heartbeat. The m8 is very well designed.

    • Ibrahim

      it happened to me last week and I was waiting for a call

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      Well this is weird. Maybe with the next minor update (to KVT49L, maybe?) it will be fixed

    • axel

      Anyone know about a problem where the phone will screw up messages? It happens like once a month on my Nexus 4. Like someone will send me a message saying something but what I receive is a message containing random words from old messages from the same sender. And the messages makes no sense its just words from the new sent message mixed with old ones. I have to ask the sender to resend it. It happens a few times not too often to be a bad problem but if bothers me that it changes the words. I even checked that the oprion "Delete old messages" was checked. But it still happens

      • Nexus5user

        Get the Orphaned texts app from play store.

    • Jaimin
      • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

        A. That's not a "review" as the video claims, not even a quick one. It's a glimpse, at best.
        B. Horrible job showing off anything about it. I've used WP in the past, and I promise that there are much better ways to feature it than this. Honestly, this actually detracts from the few things WP has going for it.
        C. What are you doing here? Are you a fanboy with nothing better to do? Come on, be better than this.

        • Jaimin

          I am studying psychology. This video i made to know how ppl react. Sorry to disturb.

          • jonathan3579

            Bullshit. I've seen you posting the same fucking links elsewhere trying to antagonize Android fans.

            • Jaimin

              I have not antagonised. I am not a fan of WP or android. I am consumer and i tried to show the stabilty of OS. WP do not lags while android does a lot. Show you more.... If u r not interested in knowing more do not reply and waste your time.

    • Mike

      I have this problem when I'm connected to sprint's airave at home. Something holds on to my messages for a long period. Airave connectivity in general is inconsistent too.

    • Willie D

      Google Voice has issues, point blank. Ive used it for years, and its had issues repetitively and the connectivity is on THAT end. Not the device end. You mention Sprint and T-Mobile, the two carriers with the least robust networks are having issues, DUH! And you mention LTE being active prevents calls, well, thats because Sprint has issues with CSFB. Go research this stuff then report.

      • Steve Chiamulon

        Least robust? My company put me on Verizon two months ago and I'd give my left nut to go back to T-Mobile. Voice jitter, slow LTE and a completely 1998 approach to 3way calling. You can have Verizon....

      • KlausWillSeeYouNow

        Uhm... Yeah. I second what @stevechiamulon:disqus said. I have T-Mobile, and my network experience is far better than AT&T, Verizon, and (do I even need to say it?) Sprint.

        Even though Sprint is terrible, this sure looks like a device issue and not a network issue.

    • kamiller42

      Using Sprint here in an LTE environment, so it's using CFSB. When a call comes in, I can see the Nexus receiving the signal, LTE goes off, but the Nexus does not respond.

      I am so glad a major Android news source is publicizing this. Thanks AP! It is a very annoying bug. I'm missing calls from clients. I am not pleased.

    • Ontari_do_not

      And I thought I just had no friends... You saved the day!

    • yieldway17

      Interesting. I have encountered this before but never bothered beyond thinking the network is flaky

    • Karlo

      Just use Tasker to disable mobile data when you are connected to WiFi and problem is solved.

      • kamiller42

        And when I am out and about and not on wifi? It still doesn't work.

    • Amer Khaznadar

      I find a mixture of sad and funny that I can't really tell if I have that bug or not...

    • JosephHindy

      When Google screws up
      "Let's be fair, things like this happen from time to time."

      When Samsung does it


      • SSDROiD

        HAHAHAHAHA Oh man, spot on! You win the Internet today!

      • mustbepbs

        People make so many excuses for the Nexus line, it's ridiculous. If any other brand had the issues of the Nexus line (memory leaks, bad Q&A, screen lifting, etc.) people would burn them at the stake.

        • Guest123

          Google — "Buy a Nexus and become a beta tester."

        • Dmitri Smirnov

          I guess there is a price difference at play (people are expecting to have some kind of problems, since they are paying considerably less), and an open bootloader (don't like the software - go have a shot with CM or OmnyRom or whatnot), so people getting Nexuses are usually skilled in the technical arts, so they are more understanding of technical screw-ups.

          If we look at Samsung - double the pricetag, same problems (or worse), ofcourse people get their pitchforks out, if you price your handset at a premium, then please be so kind to justify that with top-of-the line QA, customer service and extensive software testing.

          Also - memory leaks? Are sure you are not talking about touchwiz?

          • mustbepbs

            Nexus 10 had a nasty memory leak that forced you to reboot (if it didn't reboot on you already) every 2 days or so because you'd be out of free memory. This lasted the better part of a year.

            • Magneira

              Who cares? people who buys nexus are not your normal cry babies, if you hate it buy a samsung device or ios and be done with it.

            • mustbepbs

              If Google is going to market the Nexus line in a way that isn't for "developers" or "beta testers", I care. They're competitively priced and get (or so I thought) fast updates and fixes.

              And last I checked, the Nexus 10 was a Samsung device.

        • Snow

          I'm a phone technician with Sprint and I see all those issues with pretty much every phone manufacturer. The Nexus line is no outlier.

        • A_Noid

          Never had problems with mine.

          • fuzzybedhead

            I'm with T-Mobile and not only that but the list of what could be the issue, LTE WiFi... Blah blah changed setting last month before issue and never use the WiFi on the road... Still almost 14hours of 7 different people text but 3 other got thru just fine and on time...

      • Kane Desousa

        Haha so true. After going through 4 nexus 5 devices I gave up on it.

        • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

          Dafuq? 4 Nexus 5's?
          What did you do, run over them with your car?

          • Kane Desousa

            Nope. Just had many many quality control issues and just outright issues such as the earpiece making a constant buzzing noise as long as the phone was on

    • Severo Rivera

      It has happened to me randomly a few times. I really hope its not a huge problem later on though.

      • mjpado

        Have the same problem on all 3 N5's in the family. In fact yesterday I called my brothers phone while it was right in front of me. It rang 4 times on my end before his phone began to ring, on the 5th it went to voice mail. He didn't even have time to answer it. My mom complains that people say they've called her but there is no ring or record of it on her phone.

    • qpinto

      this was an occurance on my n4 as well. i didnt realize that is what was happening. people said they called me, id get a google voice message, but not the phone call at all. it made no sense. however for me this only happened when i set up my visual voicemail with google voice. if you dont use google voice, it does not occur.

    • http://angrypiggy.blogspot.com/ Angry Piggy

      Is it possible that it is related more to calling Google Voice numbers than the hardware? I have been having issues like this on and off with my last three android phones when people call my GV number. Seems more reliable when people call the actual number of the device.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

        There are definitely some issues with GV reliability, you're right about that. However, this is a separate issue. Several people left comments in the forums to confirm that they don't currently, or have never used GV. The voicemail notifications that fail to come through from a carrier, but actually do come through from Google Voice (because the notification comes through data) was just a good clue to when the problem was occurring.

    • Tyler

      I just had this issue last night. Actually the past couple nights, and I'm on AT&T. Only way I knew how to fix it was to either send a text or reboot the phone.

    • ishaan

      Happens all the time on mine and friend's n5 and another friend's n4. You get call drops, data connection drops, call disconnects as soon as you dial somebody, calls and messages stop coming. This mostly happens in areas with poor connectivity, however other phones work without troubles. And it's not a carrier problem as my friend and I have different carriers. Tried reflashing radios, no good. We're all on 3G. It's very frustrating. Reported by many here:

    • CerealFTW

      I have not been able to receive calls over lte, it goes straight to voice mail every time. And my sisters n5 won't even connect to lte at all

    • brkshr

      Haven't had any problems. AT&T & I use GVoice daily.

    • rissvi

      I have same problem...just ringtone can't see anything

    • rai

      Google better release 4.4.3 very soon with all these bugs' fixes

    • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

      Huh. I sorta have witnessed this bug. I was calling my number from GMail but the phone didn't ring even though I could hear the ringing in GMail. Phone started ringing after almost 30 seconds.

    • Dakota

      Had so many problems with Android and Nexus and the total lack of support from Google that they r done more than Apple to convince me to seriously consider switching to iPhone 6 later this year. Every Android phone Ive had has been full of problems

      • Brian

        Even the iPhones have problems. Have you not seen the new iphones having the reboot bug which I still don't think is completely fixed along with the SSL security bug which a fix was just released so don't act like android is the only smartphone to have issues. Just look around in all support forums and you will see every phone have some sort of software problem

    • Mike

      Another sprint user with the same problem. Get the voice mail notification from Google voice without getting the phone call.

    • Matthew

      I have this same with my Nexus 4

    • kamiller42

      I've disabled GV integration. Long shot, but I'm hoping it improves things.

    • AyDThird

      And all along I thought it was T-Mobile network. Glad to know I'm not the only one... However kinda disappointed that Google been letting its exemplary device run with such a bug for so long. Fix now!! I hate hearing my brother talk shit because he thinks his iPhone is best.

    • Patrick Smithopolis

      I started reading the article and realized I didn't get any calls or texts today and sure enough I was disonnected from my mobile network. It's the first time it's happened.

    • Vetal

      i have been having this problem all day and its been making me quite angry missing client calls. Its been randomly happening for a while, but today has been icing. wonder if going to a rom would solve this. Currently rooted with gravity box mods.

    • Simon Belmont

      I noticed this happen on two occasions back in November (texts weren't coming in / flood of texts received after a reboot, etc.) when I first got my day one Nexus 5 (I'm on T-Mobile BTW). It hasn't happened to me since (that I know of), and I figured it was a T-Mobile issue, but apparently it's software related.

      I also thought that perhaps the Android 4.4.2 update fixed it, but apparently not. I really hope that Google is cooking up an Android 4.4.3 OTA soon. There's a quite a few bugs racking up that should be addressed instead of waiting for another major update. The updated radio in Android 4.4.2 also lowered my LTE signal (I flashed the old 4.4 radio back and it went back up), so that needs addressing, too, and not to mention the email attachment download issues that are STILL plaguing the stock email client.

    • nmt1900

      I remember having a very same problem when Galaxy Nexus came out. It persisted with Android 4.0.1 and 4.0.2. If I recall correctly, it got fixed with 4.0.4.

      The background of that problem might had been completely different though and it was possibly not wery well known as it was possibly related to MVNO's as customers of other operators did not have them - at least here in Finland (yes I am customer of Saunalahti).

    • Dan, From The Internet

      Had this issue on a Nexus S on Sprint. Not once on my Nexus 5.

    • TomCos

      I think I have the same issue with the Nexus 4 and I know what is causing it. I'm running latest OTA 4.4.2. Basically, if I use a bluetooth headset, at some random time during the established connections. I will stop receiving calls/texts....kinda of. It's deceiving and I was lucky to even catch it. Phone will show no sign of texts or calls coming in. The apps wont update with the new data and the phone wont vibrate, make a sound, or anything. The way I caught it? Headset still is letting you know! The headset will make the sounds and light up instead of the phone! I can answer the calls from the headset, but the phone will still be dumb, with no indication that anything is going on. Also, I will be able to hear a text has arrived, but opening that app won't show it, almost like it was received and written to the DB, just never forwarded the display/update commands.

      Let me know if you guys think this might be related, or is another bug and I'm way off X)

    • ShahinTr

      I am a victim of this problem too, call problems and such. Nexus 5 UK.

    • nattypaul

      This is such vs. Prolly some twisted ploy to mess up nexus 5's quality. This is just prolly some carrier issue. I'm using a nexus 5 and t mobile btw :/

    • nattypaul

      *this is such bs

    • Daniel Bobke

      The issue on the Sprint network with any of the devices that are tri-band LTE capable (N5, LG G2, Galaxy Mega) is that the tri-band radios have an issue with simultaneous connection to and hand-off from the 1xRTT network that handles voice calls. This was first noted by the folks at +Sprint 4G Rollout Updates and I have done some testing myself and can see the issue.

      I have a older Galaxy Nexus which is an LTE device and a new N5 on the Sprint network. Using a very useful app called Signal Check Pro, you can see very detailed information about what you are connected to - even down to the cell tower location. On the GNex, I will typically see a 1xRTT connection (voice), an eHRPD or EV-DO connection (3G), and/or an LTE connection simultaneously (along with wireless if I am connected to WiFi). On the N5, you will only see the LTE connected if you are in an LTE area. What happens when a call comes in is that the voice network relays the incoming call to the device and there is a handoff from LTE to the voice network. Prior Sprint LTE devices could support simultaneous LTE and voice connections, but on the tri-band devices there are sometimes issues with the handoff and you lose the call. This typically happens in areas where the towers have been upgraded to LTE but there is still further work to do to upgrade the tower equipment.

      You can read more details (quite technical details, in fact) at the following site-


      • Shawn Cheever

        Thanks. I'm on Sprint and I've had a lot of problems making calls (tap the dial button and immediately call ends even with service).

      • kamiller42

        This is not the same issue described in article. It's another issue.

    • Rushabh Kaddu

      I live in India mine does not have a single problem! Here we only get unlocked devices! And I only use Wi-Fi all the time! And if you still want to know my carrier service it is Tata Docomo.

      • Amit

        I'm on Vodafone in India and facing drop call issue atleast 2-3 times a month and message flood as explained by other users!!!!!!!


    • jbworldwide1

      Happened once in back January, hasn't happened since.

    • Sohaib

      Whats the use of all the fancy stuff when your Nexus cant even receive calls and text messages. Really upset regarding this issue!

    • Nathan Fernandes

      this would to happen to me on my converted HTC one GPE edition on LTE so i don't think it only happens to the Nexus 5.. i thought it was a network problem

    • Braden Abbott

      I troubleshoot Android phone network issues for a living, and to be honest this happens evenly accross all LTE devices. The most common cause is the customer switches SIM into new phone without having IMEI updated which sends OTA activation programming to SIM. Since most N5 users buy unlocked I'm sure they're just swapping the SIM and thinking they are golden..not the case. If you are having the issue call up tech support, turn off your phone, have them update your IMEI, ask them to cancel your registration on the tower and resend SIM activation, boot up.

      • Bobby

        Sure... I can see this going like this:

        "Hello, this is T-Mobile, how can I help you?"

        "Uh yeah, so my phone is powered off and I need you to update my IMEI, cancel my registration on the tower and resend the SIM activation"

        "Ok, I'm sorry to hear you are having problems. I understand you want to cancel your cell phone service with us and I apologize for the inconvenience. Let me transfer you to that department"

        "Oh, no wait...." "

        rinse, repeat

    • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

      Loved what you said in the Wrap-Up @CodyToombs:disqus, right on point!

    • Russ Johnson

      Have a nexus 5. Get a call but when I answer it, the call immediately goes to messaging and I don't connect.

    • Sudeep P Nambiar

      I am from India and I've experienced this. I've 3G selected in the Preferred Network type. Even then this happens. I have two phone. I noticed this issue when I got a call on my 2nd phone when call originally went to my Nexus 5. I had set Call forwarding option in that if the number is not reachable. However when such calls come, I can still see that the network signal is pretty good on the Nexus 5.

    • Chirag Surana

      I also faced the same problem.. Sometimes I am not able to receive calls.. Also some of the times call back option doesn't work...

    • Dinca Dragos

      Have nexus 5 for a few month. Never had 1 single problem. Not for calls not for sms. Nothing! I've learned that people with these kind of problems don't know a thing About their phones or the crappy software they instal. Don't blame samsung google apple for your own mistakes.

    • itixmix

      I have this shifty bug, but i get a missed called notification even tho my phone wouldn't have rang, only glad that it misses calls when I am not in the mood to speak to anyone

    • Morgan

      This happens on my Moto X with the same conditions.

    • Nick

      My guess is it has to do with LTE being data only right now and not voice, and the phone having to switch from LTE to a lower protocol on an incoming call.

    • Tuấn Ankh

      I've had this problem with my Galaxy Mega and my sis' Note 3. Turning off LTE solved it.
      As for wifi, wifi calling might be a problem. But since I think the N5 doesn't have wifi calling (I assume), it wouldn't be the cause anyway.

    • Frostybrutality

      I have this exact issue on my N5 with ATT. ATT has no idea. Google has no idea. LG has no idea. I have no idea. I just want the phone to work. Thats it.

    • william harrison

      Does this happen with AOSP roms or just stock?

    • Rich McKellar

      this has been going on since launch and has been posted on numerous Google threads abs XDA, with Google firmly denying knowledge.

      • Rich McKellar

        I have had my this problem since the day I received my phone. The only workaround we figured out was to turn off LTE when connected to Wi-Fi. So frustrating that this is only now being covered.

    • Jim Hayward

      I had a problem with my speaker phone with my first n5. People could hear themselves echoing when I put them on speaker. Google replaced it within a couple of days.
      This problem that seems to be the latest media complaint is just silly. I've had these sort of issues with all the smart phone handsets back as far as my iPhone 3g and from some of the non smart phone handsets before that to. It's kind of unfair to say the n5 is unreliable as it's as reliable as any handset I've used before it. Yes it was released with some software bugs but then so every other smart device on the market including apple. So when you sit and think about it honestly, why are people trying to pick apart the nexus 5 so much for general mobile wide faults. Remember iOS 6? That was a real sh#t storm lol.

      • Jim Hayward

        Oh and as an extra point, I'm self employed and use my handset as literally my only point of contact when out and about as well as to run all my day to day appointments

    • M Hopper

      Is there an official bug report in Google so this can be tracked? I'm about to pick up an N5 to replace my aging HTC Evo3D, but now I'm starting to wonder if I should wait or go with another device.

    • Bruce Garrison

      It seems that switching to 5GHz WiFi permits LTE and WiFi to coexist. My local T-Mobile store finally got a WiFi connection for its customers to use while demoing phones. And it is a 5GHz connection only, they have the 2.4 turned off. The manager has been all over this story and has his sales people lined out telling customers that it is because the cheaper Google offering is really an inferior phone to the T-Mobile Nexus 5.

    • NERV

      I am using Nexus 4 with T-mobile and I am having the same problem!!

    • rahul

      Today I complete first month with this device.Till now I didn't had any of the such problem but the phone did got stuck some times while using some apps. I had to manually restart it, to bring it back. But today while using viber I did experience this prob. My friend called while sitting next to me, I didn't receive any call. But after he canceled the call only then there was notification about a missed call. We tried nearly 6-7 tyms but same.
      I don't know if it is nexus problem or some things wrong with viber.servers because when I called my friend who uses apple 4s it was same i.e. he also didn't receive any call, only notification after I canceled the call.

    • Guillaume

      I was about to say that I've never experienced that bug, but right this afternoon I got a voicemail out of nowhere when I was right next to my phone, and no missed call, so yeah, Google fix this !

    • KoRRo

      I never had this bug, or at least i didn't noticed it, i don't receive much phone calls.
      Since i didn't noticed battery drain compared to 3g+2g I usually let lte on, even if i'm never connected to it, (having lte here costs 10€/month more than 3g and it's hard to find a place where we really have lte connections), anyway if i really never suffered from this bug it could be linked to lte connections itself and not to lte radio on, right?

    • Kevin

      I think a lot of these bug reports come from novice users and they do not grasp how many layers and sub-layers of settings KitKat has. I know two or three places within the Network/Connectivity settings where it could be easy to disable background sync data, enable/disable apps refreshing when in sleep mode, and also in the wi-fi advanced settings things can be changed by accident if not careful. Also there is the Privacy Guard feature and if enabled, certain apps, user or system can lose functionality. And even great apps such as Battery Guru can conflict with the data settings, or furthermore, having two power saving apps running at once and told to do certain processes at certain times or events can cause LTE or Wifi or both to become disabled, etc. I think instead of everyone playing Flappy Bird, they should take time and explore all settings and then also watch their apps and what they are doing by default permission-wise and I think this bug would manifest itselves as the scapegoat of mushy minds running all these phones with no clue the complexity they hold in their hand. A phone like the Nexus 5 is as good if not better than mid-range or high-end laptops or PC's with regards to the hardware specs and the phone's true capability and customizations. Wow, I can just see so many intelligible comments and replies all down this thread and that gives me hope - NOT!

    • rahul

      Well I am noticing number of bugs in this phone. The latest today is the camera. When I tried to you the camera from the lock mode, it gave me the message that couldn't connect to the camera. I thought this might be because I was trying to access the camera from the lock mode but when I went inside, it was same thing. I had to kill the phone and then it was finally OK.
      The other, once I received the call, the phone was ringing but there was nothing on the screen. From sleep mode it woke up ringing but on display the was nothing.

    • Antony

      yeah this has been an issue with T-Mobile since day 1 on Nexus 5. I had to disable the LTE for T-Mobile for me to receive phone calls properly

    • fuzzybedhead

      Well if its a driver how the hell is that fixed. I will be sending this phone back if I'm delayed like I have been today. I was even going to order another till I found this bug wasn't the network ...

    • Vinod M

      Same problem. Sometimes During a call, phone stays at an application. Till the call ring ends either cannot go back or can answer the call. I'm Using Nexus 4 with Kitkat 4.2.2.

    • nick

      Having this issue Now with the xperia z1s

    • jmadden93

      Having the exact same problems and it's making me want to dump the Nexus line!

    • Comedian

      This bug is really annoying and I'm thinking about dropping the phone.

    • Daniel

      I am still having this problem. It is really annoying. Anyone know how to fix it? Everyday I often send messages to myself, so I am sure people can reach me. Around half the time I have to restart the phone to fix it.

    • jb0nez

      After 6 months of working fine on Tmobile, my Nexus 5 has started doing exactly this.
      WHY NOW SUDDENLY? I have a TWRP backup from a month ago, if I restore it will it start working again?

      • mwolverine

        I have a feeling this has to do with tmobile and not the device

        • jb0nez

          I just updated to 4.4.3 and so far it seems to be working normally again! When I'm on LTE and a call comes in I see it drop to HSPA as it should, and accept the incoming call.

    • aux

      Just updated to 4.4.3 and still having this problem. (AT&T)

    • TheSwamp

      How the hell do you explain massive bugs like this from the the guys who are supposed to be Android Experts? The Nexus is supposed to be THE Android Phone.

    • nmnexus5user

      Thanks so much for this article. It's now end of June, and I have this issue with my white Nexus 5 32GB bought from Google Play.
      Its updated to the latest android 4.4.4

      Only noticed it because a co-worker is getting fed up of never getting through during the day when Im at my desk.

      When I turn wi-fi off, calls come through. Wifi on - no calls.
      Thanks for the links - tried disabling LTE, tried it in safe mode (keep your finger on the power off button on your screen for a few seconds until safe mode comes up) and a full factory reset.

      Still there.
      Google Play helpline very helpful - UK number 0800 328 6081 - think I'm arranging for a replacement phone

    • Eric

      My Android Avant has the EXACT same issue. I can make calls while in wifi mode, but after restarting my phone it will only receive calls until it falls asleep for the first time. Then it will no longer receive calls until i restart my phone again OR disable the wifi calling option.

    • aiiiia

      can't quite believe this hasn't been resolved yet....

    • kari kala

      Here we are, September now, and still no fix in sight. Thinking of jumping ship to iOS.

    • Daniel Vladušič

      For me, the solution is to simply flash the old 4.4 radio. Now, everything works like a charm. Reflashing the 4.4.4 radio did not help.

    • bry

      I corrected mine by updating PRL and Profile...for now anyway.