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Samsung is no stranger to teasers, but with Mobile World Congress just days away, the excitement surrounding the Galaxy S5 is reaching fanboy-ish proportions. It's a perfect time to drop a teaser video that throws around the number 5 to get everyone all amped up, and that's what Samsung just did.

The trailer has a lot of verbs and nouns raised to the 5th power, which I suppose is how Samsung has decided to indicate this is about the Galaxy S5 without actually saying it. Speed to the 5th power? Okay, I'm in, but I'll pass on the selfie to the 5th power. Also, surprise to the fifth power sounds... upsetting.

The 'Next Galaxy' tagline at the end makes it pretty clear this is Samsung's new flagship, not some other device or a variant of the S4. This announcement would be earlier than last year's GS4 event, so maybe we'll see the device for sale sooner rather than later.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Eli McCrory

    Won't be buying if it can't be unlocked.

    • Cj

      Hopefully Samsung reads this comment *fingers crossed*

    • hot_spare

      They don't need to. If Apple can sell millions of iPhones every Q being super locked, why do you think Samsung will think otherwise? Folks here are in minority (yes, a vocal minority). It makes absolutely zero business sense to just please people in the forums/XDA. For those people, nexus or GPE phones are your answer.

      You *know* that it will be locked even more now. Yet, you think that somehow they will listen and use stock Android, and on-screen buttons or stop using SD card. That's not the reality. Don't be shocked if you again find a heavy TW, an interface which looks nothing like stock Android, tons of bloat and a camera much better than Nexus with a batterylife double of N5. My guess, this is exactly what they will show.

  • Mastermind26

    Samsung is the new apple. Ugh.

    • Haunter

      As opposed to the other giant corporations that don't annually release updated phones?

      • Mastermind26

        no. As in the company is coying Apple in locking the phones down and acting super elite.

        • Haunter

          Don't they offer a Google Experience Edition of their flagship device to specifically cater to those who want an unlocked device?

          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

            Yes, but it's overpriced and it's only a flagship, while 200 of other devices they make each year stays locked and etc

          • Haunter

            It is only the flagship (which would understandably be most desired), true enough, but it's not overpriced. It's the same cost as it normally would be (or any top tier smartphone for that matter) if the cost wasn't subsidized. Google subsidizes Nexus costs out of it's own pocket... phones like the N5 are around the same price if you tried to buy from LG instead of Google. If you tried to buy an S4 or HTCOne outright from AT&T or Verizon, without a contract, it would also cost as much.

          • Brendan

            Its the same price as an unlocked S4. An unlocked iPhone costs roughly the same, which is overpriced if you think about the features and performance to price ratio of an iPhone.

        • hot_spare

          You sure love to complain a lot.

  • Matthew Fry

    It's just probably going to be a Note 3 but 5" and no stylus...

    • Martin

      New UI, slow motion capturing.. And so much more.. Definitely it's not Note 3 :-)

      • Matthew Fry

        Sorry. I meant hardware wise. It's going to be 3GB RAM, Snapdragon 800, 1080p AMOLED screen.

        • Martin

          I hope for the new Snapdragon but who knows.. Maybe you are right. If the new UI is lighter, 800 will do the job perfect :-)))

      • Sean Lumly

        Just an FYI: The Galaxy S4 had slow mo video capture.

        • Martin

          But now it will be like Apple.. Cooler :D

        • hot_spare

          Well Samsung Wave in 2010 used to do slow motion video. That thing didn't even run Android!

          • Krzysztof

            Samsung Innov8 running symbian also had slow motion capture. I miss that phone, it was epic.

  • Martin

    Told myself I will never ever buy Samsung phone, but now I am excited! If they do it right this time, why not.. :-)

    • convictions

      That's some amazing advertising ... you wen't from "i will never buy" to "now i'm excited" without even seeing a product o_0

      • Martin

        But I know the rumors :-) And most of them will be true.. So it's not from the video :-)

  • Jeremy Cope

    Might hold out for this and upgrade from my GNEX.....will see what it's got and when it's avail.

  • SlasH3R

    Plot twits: 5 more inches to all their devices !!!

    • JamJamBoom

      Those damn twits!

      • SlasH3R

        lol, already fixed, xD i was cookn and passed by to comment

  • Severo Rivera

    It seems like yesterday the gs4 was released and now we got the gs5 coming in a few days.

    • Tim242

      The S4 released in April. The S5 is rumored to be released in March. Samsung has been doing 11 month refreshes for a while now.

    • who_knew

      The S4 was released in early June of 2013. Expect to see the S5 around this same time frame next year. Get used to the fact that Samsung will be releasing either tablets or phones every quarter of each year. FYI, the Tab/Note Pro lines of tablets were re leased in Q1 of 2014, the S5 will be released in Q4 and the Note 4 will be re leased in Q4. Expect this to repeat each year.

  • Andrew Shelton

    Wet to the fifth power???? Although very funny, does that mean we will see another Active model or does everyone think the S5 will be water proof?

    • JamJamBoom

      Waterproof. Rumor says that there will also be an aqua mode for the camera.

  • Dee

    At 0:13 you can see the phone :)

  • ather akber

    What's that device in the Outdoor^5? Perhaps a sneak peek of the new S5? :)

    • Mike Decker

      Note 3 is my guess at least going by the size and shape of it (the one on the left, can't tell if it's the same device on the right).

    • Tim Gueusquin

      Looks like a Galaxy Camera

      • ather akber

        No,, the two girls lying in the sand on the beach...

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    It's on. The 2014 flagship race has officially begun. We already know how crappy HTC One 2014 is, now let's see what Samsung, Google and Apple have to offer this year

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  • Carlos David

    Focused in: wet, alive, courage, speed, life. Interesting.

  • spoodermain

    I swear if it has that pleather....

  • legend618


  • Your Mother

    the S3 was epic, the S4 a bit let down. I hope the S5 is great because I really dislike the HTC One and cant wait to get rid of it.

    • Krzysztof

      why you don't like it?

      • Your Mother

        My biggest complaint is how almost half of it's usable memory is already used up right out the box. There's just no excuse for a 16GB phone to only have 9GB of storage space!! I chose the 32GB HTC One AND it was $50 cheaper!

        I don't like the design, it's not nearly as comfortable to hold in the hands as the S3 which in my opinion is the most "palm friendly" device of all phones past and present.

        I hate what they did to the dialer which is so horrific I took mine back thinking it was defective.

        I prefer Samsung's software over any other bar none. People complain about touch wiz mostly because of how it looks but it's UI is far far superior to any other, iOS or Android.

        There are many things I dislike about the One's software which is horrible.

        I want another Samsung but if the S5 does not impress--I'll seriously consider an S3 running kit Kat.

  • Michael Ta

    new camera feature: slowmo and timelapse.

  • Maskawisewin

    Everyone is missing the main point of this video. Every action shot is in slow motion. The phone will have 60 fps, hopefully 120 fps. As others have mentioned, likely water resistant/proof.

    • Roger Siegenthaler

      Yeah, the wet^5 instantly got me thinking about some sort of waterproofness, and then all the action shots and the outdoor^5 seem to point at this phone being really durable.