Earlier today, we reported that KitKat updates for the HTC One on both T-Mobile and AT&T had received technical approval, meaning a rollout was imminent.

Anxious HTC One owners on T-Mobile shouldn't have long to wait now - the official rollout has begun, with confirmation coming from users on XDA and Google+ (1, 2, 3).

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Image 2 and 3 credit: Prasad007

If you've got a T-Mobile connected HTC One, now's a good time to start spamming your update button. AT&T users, the wait shouldn't be long now.

Thanks, Anand!

Liam Spradlin
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  • BlackAce15

    Downloading now!

    • alannah mcgrowdie

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      Coupe by working part time online. imp source F­i­s­c­a­l­M­a­z­e­.­ℂ­o­m

  • Zeus69

    Downloading right now!!!!!!!

  • Bonedatt

    563.3MB of KitKat goodness downloading now.

  • remister

    Got it, working a bit better. Hopefully the battery drain is also fixed.

    • remister

      That purple tint is still there on low light settings :|

      • KingofPing

        Exchange it. HTC has been doing free no questions exchanges for this issue for months now. Someone posts this fact in nearly every HTC article and forum post. If you are still dealing with this issue it's quickly becoming less HTC's fault and more your own.

        • remister

          Will do, Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    AT&T Finishes In Last Place!

  • Anthony Johnson

    Recently finished with the update! Looks like I have new Smartphone
    in my hand. I eagerly waiting for this update and now I got a new life for my HTC one by updating it.

  • Rick Komas

    Unimpressed so far with the enhancements
    Was really hoping fir better ui

  • Tim E.

    Receiving AT&T update now!!! 619+ mb. Woo hoo!!

  • battery draining fast

    The battery is draining much faster after the 'upgrade'. Slower to charge too. Anyone else experiencing the same?

    • Sid

      Yes my phone is taking really long to charge and hasn't gone above 58% for a while now!

    • Southern Charm

      Im having the same problem :(

  • remister

    Anyone seeing a hugs battery drain with Google Play Services after the OS update?

    • K


  • crat

    Battery life is worse....Htc have another update to fix it

  • nasoj007

    Don't update for tHE LOVE OF GOD! My desire went from easily lasting all day (15-17hrs) on a charge (with moderate use) to dying in less than 8hrs after I updated. Nothing I've tried seems to fix it. The google play services and/or android OS keep the phone 'awake' at all times and run the cpu constantly.