As a Glass Explorer, I'm always excited to see new apps, especially if they improve Glass' user experience. Developer Matthew Pierce delivered one such app recently, making Glass Master Control available to the public via Dropbox.

Essentially, Master Control allows users to change Glass settings in a new, more fine-grained way. It controls volume, brightness, and radios (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AutoSync). Until now, Glass hasn't had manual brightness controls, and volume control was buried in a settings card at the very left end of the timeline.

Where volume is concerned, Master Control allows users to turn volume up, down, or set it to maximum or mute. Users can also toggle auto brightness, and - like volume - choose maximum, minimum, or any step in between. Finally, users can toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AutoSync, or choose to toggle all at once. All of the settings can be controlled with voice commands and touch gestures, explained in Pierce's Google+ post linked below.

The app also has a Status screen, which will show (and read to) users the status of all the above settings, plus battery level.

Screenshot_2014-02-21-19-26-30Screenshot_2014-02-21-19-27-48 Screenshot_2014-02-21-19-29-47 Screenshot_2014-02-21-19-30-48 Screenshot_2014-02-21-19-27-54Screenshot_2014-02-21-19-24-40 Screenshot_2014-02-21-19-25-03 Screenshot_2014-02-21-19-30-34Screenshot_2014-02-21-19-28-15

If you're an explorer looking for a handy new app that, while still a little rough around the edges, provides pretty awesome control over your Glass unit, check out Pierce's Google+ post linked below for the download link and gesture instructions.

Source: Matthew Pierce via 9 to 5 Google

Liam Spradlin
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  • ithehappy

    What's the point?

    • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

      Of what, the app? The point is to provide more useful controls for the device.

    • alannah mcgrowdie

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    • Cj

      Did you even read the article?

      • ithehappy

        Completely. Still don't understand the point!

        • Mario E Hdez

          Currently there is no way to manually control the brightness of the screen, nor is there a way to manually disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Likewise there is no way to control the volume of the unit without going into multiple menus. This app let's you do all of that through voice commands or without accessing menus buried deep in the settings.

  • Pablo

    what is the main activity name?