Here in the US, Amazon offers video streaming bundled up with its annual Prime subscriptions, so anyone who wants discounted shipping gets to watch some videos on the side seemingly for free. Now the company is starting to replicate this setup in the UK and Germany as well. Today Amazon announced that it is merging Amazon Prime and LoveFilm Instant in both of these countries starting on February 26th, combining the speedy delivery and substantial Kindle library of the former with the 15,000-strong collection of TV shows and movies of the latter.


This action comes three years after Amazon bought LoveFilms. The final product will go by the name Prime Instant Video (sound familiar?) and cost £79 a year. For the first week following the merger, Amazon will offer the service for just £49 instead. Interested? Hit up the link below.

Amazon Prime UK

Source: Press Release

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Theratchetnclank

    £79 o.0 That's expensive.

    Also lovefilm instants selection sucks.

    • MarkG54321

      LOVEFiLM Instant and Netflix both suck, the lovefilm disks by post is where the service excels

      • Theratchetnclank

        Yeah I use the disk service and it is excellent. I also have prime and wouldn't pay over the £49 for the extra stream option.

        • Tony

          Given that this is android police I'd bet you have an android phone, in which case there *is* no streaming option. It's just a price increase.

          • http://www.krupa.me.uk/ Gerard Krupa

            It's a fair assumption you have an Android device. It's not a fair assumption that's you ONLY device.

  • Matthew Fry

    So is the LoveFilm catalog already in Prime Instant Video in the US?

  • RadarJammer

    In Germany, it is considerably cheaper than in the UK. 29 €uros for the first year, 49 € afterwards.