The guys behind Pushbullet always seem to be working on something new. This time it's a beta Windows app that you can take for a spin right now. This program is similar to the browser extension, but it includes some useful extra features.

window context_menu

Each computer you install Pushbullet on is now its own device, so you can push content from Android directly to a specific PC. The app already has support for pushing and receiving all the content the website can, but it also integrates with the Windows shell. That means you can right-click on a file and select "Send with Pushbullet" from the context menu. The 25MB file size limit still applies, though.


The program should be completely painless to install – it even detects your account automatically (presumably from the browser extension). Updates will also come through automatically in the background. The next step is to get notification mirroring up and running in the desktop client, but no exact ETA on that.

[Pushbullet Blog]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • John Malin

    I remember when this guy started on reddit as a small app and people went apeshit over it. I'm glad to see he has continued with it.

  • mobilemann

    If this was on mac as well, (as a service) i would actually use it.

    currently it just seems unnecessary. why would i need to send something to my browser, when my browser on my phone knows where the desktop browser has been?

    unless your talking large files, which this wouldn't be good for either.

    But being able to right click a document to your phone from finder or windows explorer is truly interesting to me.

    • psuedonymous

      Or you use chrome on android and a different browser elsewhere (because desktop chrome is massively unstable with more than 50-ish tabs, whereas Palemoon happily let's me hoarde a good 600+ spread between sevberal windows).

      • USSENTERNCC1701E

        Wha... why? 600+ tabs! I don't think I view that many pages in a week.

    • guzba

      We've already started working on a Mac app as well.

      One major thing a native app gets us having complete control over notifications (and integrating with desktop notification systems). Chrome (and even more so Firefox) have pretty annoying notification limitations that get in the way of improving what we're trying to build.

      Aside from that, another huge request we get is having a device per computer as we do on Android. We can't do this with our browser extensions since the browsers have security in place that makes identifying computers nigh on impossible (especially if you ever delete your browser data).

      As far as large files go, having a desktop app also unlocks WiFi Direct for large file transfers, which will be awesome.

      Anyway, that's just a braindump of some of our thinking :)

      • mobilemann

        I actually (through your website) found your guys subredit with the user based OS X app. No services yet, or ability to push files, but still works well. I_cannot_wait for you to be in the OS X services menu.

        I've never turned around my enthusiasm for a project as finding out about the native computer apps and the desktop smartphone notification syncing.

        Keep up the really epic work. You guys converted me hard today.

      • Mike Harris

        I absolutely love PushBullet and just want to say thank you. I asked in the comments section the last time AP wrote about you, but I never got an answer, so I'll ask again. Is there any way for us to donate?

        • guzba

          Ah, sorry, no we haven't gotten anything set up yet. We're working toward getting the service established and then self-sustaining so consider going pro if/when we have that.

          Oh and making sure your friends you think would like Pushbullet know how cool our app is goes a long way to helping us, too :)

          • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

            I'm eagerly awaiting for any way to help you guys financially =)

      • Ygor Vaz

        "As far as large files go, having a desktop app also unlocks WiFi Direct for large file transfers, which will be awesome." YES YES YES!

        • http://www.bloodflame.com/ Patrick

          I've been using Superbeam for exactly this purpose. I can't wait to see the same functionality with Pushbullet. Awesome is an understatement!

      • jm9843

        That stuff wouldn't be possible today in a Chrome packaged app with NaCl or PNaCl?

      • Freak4Dell

        Thanks for not ignoring the desktop. Too many developers (even large companies) think a Chrome extension will cut it these days. I was really happy when your FireFox extension came out, and the desktop version will be even better. Thanks for recognizing that the browser isn't the end all be all of computing.

        Do you have any plans to try and make the browser and desktop versions be able to respond to text messages or the like? Sounds like a good way to expand on the notification mirroring, but I'm not sure how complex it would be to implement.

      • Jason Brown

        love the app. thanks for the great work. I was wondering is there any way to shorten urls automatically before it being pushed to your phone?

      • theunknown

        PushBullet as it is right now, is AWESOME. and I think it's great that you are improving it even more.
        That being said, I have requested this in the Sub-Reddit and I'll make a repeated post here too - Dont forget Linux. I'm sure that the number of people using Linux will be lower than the Windows and Mac, however if you need help making a a client for Linux, post a blog article and I'll help in any way possible.

    • Leonardo Farage Freitas

      Well, I think it is faster pushing the url than searching it on browsing history. IMO, It's also great when you find in your pc a file you want to download on your mobile, just copy url - push to mobile - download.

  • http://www.baronsofbullshit.com/ seriosbrad
  • Slawootsky

    Metro app please!

  • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

    Pleeeeease please please please don't forget linux (I've been told you won't already, but just making a point ;D)

    • Histirea

      He's developing it in Python so it's cross-platform. He says it would've been easier with C#, but it would've been more difficult for anything that isn't Windows.

      • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

        Awesome! =)

      • theunknown

        Isn't Java a better choice for Cross Platform Apps. I work with java and so don't have muck knowledge of Python, however since the Devs have decided to use that, I believe they have a reason

        • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

          Java is bloated, at least from a user's perspective. I think Python is much better.

          Plus anything that keeps me from having to install Java is a plus, I hate how insecure Java is...I have to update it all the time!

  • NemaCystX

    can finally disable more chrome plugins, its a memory hog when you have a ton of plugins

    been looking forward to the windows app

    • Histirea

      Wait until Notification Mirroring is implemented in the desktop app before you get rid of the Chrome extension. That's been the second most useful feature to me, and not something I can use Pushbullet without now.

  • Guest

    Google should acquire theme.

  • pierx

    Google should acquire them.

  • Roberto Stefanini

    Finally! now PB is complete...

  • xnifex

    This is freaking awesome!

  • nothing

    Some company needs to buy up these guys! They totally deserve reward!

  • Justin Brennan

    I really like this from my Android to my Mac except the only issue I'm having is I can't have Chrome full screen to receieve notifications on the same page. I have to have it regularly sized and I prefer it in full screen. I would also like to see a system wide Mac version too :)

  • Rook HD

    nice.. I constantly send file back and forth from my pc to my phone using dropbox..which takes more steps to do. Now it should be easier with this. Other apps like Bump requires you to go to their website which is a real inconvenience.

  • JaMee

    I've tried to install the Windows beta several times just now, and it is being labeled MALWARE by ZoneAlarm, and will not install. Any help?

    • BNDT

      Can't really help you, just wanted to add AVG labeled it as a trojan horse just now too.