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DotEmu has made a habit out of bringing beloved retro games to the Play Store in adaptations that are both faithful and technically excellent. The latest game to get their treatment is Gobliiins, a series of point-and-click adventure games that graced various platforms in the early 1990s. As they did before with the Double Dragon series, DotEmu has packaged three games together for $2.99.

Gobliiins is half story, half puzzle, tasking the player with controlling multiple goblin characters who have different skills and abilities. You progress through the story by solving the point-and-click puzzle in each area. In addition to the slapstick humor, the original games' popularity had a lot to do with art and character designs from French illustrator Pierre Gilhodes.

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The revised versions of Gobliiins, Gobliiins 2: The Prince Buffoon, and Goblins Quest 3 (US titles) include both classic and revamped controls for touchscreens, the original graphics and a video-filtered option for smoother animation, the original soundtrack, and a hint system that should help highlight the sometimes obtuse progression of the old adventure games. Emulation fans will be interested to know that Gobliiins trilogy is running under the open-source ScummVM. The game is compatible with Android 2.3.3 or later.

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  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    DotEmu seems to become one of the best game developers for mobile platforms, even if it's only ports of the classic games

  • godutch

    Looking at the graphics(they look crap) it seems like a pc port, is there an option to play with graphics like on the Amiga?

    • Leonardo Baez

      let me guess.... you are under 20, arent you?
      have a little more respect for old school video games

      • primalxconvoy

        Er, their use of the the term "Amiga" suggests that they are of sufficient age and wisdom to make comments with authority. Let me guess... you are American, aren't you? Have a little respect for non-American gaming systems.

        • godutch

          I have finished my twenties almost twice :D The Amiga was actually an american computer made by Commodore.

          The Amiga were great machines, it took the PC maybe 10 years to catch up on the Amiga's performace, graphics, sound and multitasking wise

        • http://cyanlabs.co.uk/ Cyanlabs

          im 20 and i know what a amiga is, my dad had one :), that said i agree with your point :)

    • primalxconvoy

      Although I'd like to see more games come out, this is basically scummvm with a ron. There didn't seem to be actual hd versions of the art so why not install scumvm and play the rom for free?

      I'd rather have more Amiga games released by these guys, as the Amiga is an absolute swine to emulate for noobs like me. Alien breed 3d!

  • schlanz

    I played these games back in the day. loved them. pretty hilarious

  • Gobbles

    YEEEEEEESSSSSS, instant buy!