Update: It never rains, but it pours. Evleaks has posted a silver render as well. Thanks to the Daniel Juranec who pointed this out.

If you thought that the golden HTC M8 seen yesterday was a bit ostentatious, then you'll be glad to hear that it probably isn't the only color option for "The New One." Evleaks (who posted the original gold press render) posted a second shot this morning, showing the new flagship phone in a much more typical dark gray color. There is still no official word on the M8, but it's expected at HTC's London/New York press event on March 25th.

The new render is identical to the previous One except for the color change, including dual rear cameras, a dual LED flash module, virtual navigation buttons, and body that's extremely similar to the original model. This dark gray option is distinct from the silver/aluminum look that HTC has used for the standard One/Mini/Max "hero" shots - in fact it's nearly black. Perhaps "gunmetal" would be a more precise term for the hue. We're expecting the new phone to be available in multiple color options depending on market and carrier. Earlier leaks showed a more typical light gray and a glossy silver, though one of those may have been a "New" HTC One Mini.


HTC is not expected to reveal a new flagship at Mobile World Congress next week, since the company has not yet announced a major press conference for the show. More general phones, like the recently-leaked Desire 8, may show up in Barcelona.

Source: Evleaks

Michael Crider
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  • Daniel Juranec
    • Frisi

      Looks. So. Good.

    • samosa legend

      This one is probably the best. Too bad there is no white version.

      • h4rr4r

        A google play edition would be maybe, but that bottom bezel is huge.

        • Frettfreak

          the entire bezel and the "buffer" space around the display is just WAY to big in this day and age IMO. At least on the origial one,the space where the logo is was used for buttons, now its a HUGE waste of space and realistically the reason i wont be buying it. The OG one was already as big as the s4 but only had a 4.7" display, this is supposed to have a 5" so it should be gigantic! PASS for me, and thats coming from a long time HTC fan

      • Cael

        I'm hoping for the red or that baby blue version (NOT BEST BUY BLUE)... I would consider it then...

  • Frisi

    Silver one is the best looking one. :D

  • samosa legend

    I'm loving the colour!

  • samosa legend

    LOOOL He mocked Jeff Gordon (some guy who works at HTC): https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/436453989928800256

  • TSK

    It looks like the power button is gone on the dark grey one, but I'm going to assume that the color is throwing it off.

    • Frisi

      I'm having my doubts with the authenticity of the black one. Look at the bottom speaker, is lower than the other two leaks. Power button IS gone. It kinda pops out on the other two.

      • TSK

        The more I look at it, it looks quite different than the other two. The glare line on the screen doesnt "cut" thru the FF camera, the back flash is different (flash LED's are square, not round), and both back cameras look different. I assume that the phone will come in that color, that render is just a bad photoshop job. However, it could be fun to assume that they grey one is "correct" and that the power button will work some other way.

        • Ricardo Kummel

          I just wish for a power button on the side of the phone. @ 5" the power button is too far away from my fingers. Heck, the original One is too far away too. (and I still loved my One)

      • Brendan

        The headphone jack spot that is present in the bottom right of the phone in other mockups is also not presne tin the gray render.

        Its most likely a fake.

  • http://www.allankintz.com ack154

    Give me a Google Play Edition with wireless charging and I'm in.

    • blumpkinator

      wireless charging and an aluminum chassis cannot be combined. The NFC coil has to live around the camera housing. A QI coil is simply too big.
      I feel the lack of wireless charging is a worthwhile trade off for having premium materials.

      • Dennis Persaud

        Hey yetstill HTC cannot get my money ..not with that screen display looking like that BIG BLACK STRIPE ACROSS and last year specs ... ...Hell noooo..They are making me turn to LG G3 I can wait a few mths

        • blumpkinator

          the G3 looks like a nice device.

          I'm concerned that the use of their proprietary "odin" cpu will hamper rom development. Hopefully they don't do what Samsung has done with exynos.

          Shame LG chose to use plastic for the housing. Hopefully its a good plastic housing like Moto and not a shitty plastic housing like Samsung.

          A GPE LG G3 would seriously be worth looking at. I won't use anything that isn't stock Android UI.

  • Sourabh Sekhar

    I really dig the black version but as another reader frici said "I'm having my doubts with the authenticity of the black one. Look at the bottom speaker, is lower than the other two leaks. Power button IS gone. It kinda pops out on the other two."

  • Tykin

    If you were going to use on screen button, why did you keep the bezel with the logo....

    • Michael Ward

      I wish there was something they could do to fix that before release. I want to love this phone so much, but dammit!

      • Frettfreak

        same boat.. just cant do it.

    • MeCampbell30

      HTC logic

      • Blaper

        You didn't hurt my feelings. I'm not a girl. But I will empty the clip of my .45 into your stupid f*cking head, c*nt.

    • Cael

      they could have split the bottom speaker grill and put the HTC logo between them. Not like size matters because the top isn't equal in size to the bottom like the ones on the One 2013.

      • Frettfreak

        hell they could have made "HTC" out of the dots IN the speaker grill!

      • JAD88

        Or they could have had no logo on the front since there's already one on the back

    • Dennis Persaud

      Yes I know it's a joke what HTC is doing .They will fail and fail real big on that HTC logo what that are about to keep on the bottom Bezel. And the specs on this phone is from 6 month ago it's nothing new .. Help This Company HTC . I have been a flagship HTC user for years but here is where I welcome LG G3 to be my next phone ..GOODBYE HTC

  • http://qiibo.com/ Xavier Montalvo

    Hi guys! the photos of the HTC M8 from evleaks are proven to be fake. They're mockups based on a render showed on february 10th. Link: http://www.qiibo.com/2014/02/20/htc-m8-fotos-filtradas-falsas/

    Sorry, I forgot to say that the blog post is written in spanish, but the images speak for itself.

    • samosa legend

      Are you high???¿¿¿

    • Frettfreak

      why would the presence of dual flash make it fake? Iphone has the same setup and honestly, i thought it was pretty smart (different color flash based on lighting conditions) I hope these are fake and HTC got rid of that damn logo or just put it somewhere NOT taking up a .25" of real estate!

      • http://qiibo.com/ Xavier Montalvo

        Is not about the presence neither the setup of the dual flash. It's just because look photoshoped.

  • Matt Posey

    If you compare the light silver / dark grey pictures (open each in a new tab and jump back and forth), the bezels and HTC logos are different sizes.

  • Matthew Fry

    The gray looks almost gunmetal grey.

  • GazaIan

    I just can't get over that bezel.. Seriously, HTC entirely missed the point of on screen buttons.

  • Severo Rivera

    Looks nice. I hope Google releases a gpe edition of this phone.

  • Scott Erckman

    it seems to me that the phone length with bezel is normal. It's that bottom speaker that adds the extra real estate. The bezel that is the HTC logo houses some integral components, I believe. I plan to pick up the silver one.

    • Ricardo Kummel

      I just wish for a IP67 (or 57). Lost my One to water damage. I don't care for the bezels at all. I care for a great overall experience. If they come up with a waterproof phone I'll be all over HTC again (using a Samsung S4 Active right now and this phone lags hard compared to the original One - TouchWiz, of course, being the culprit). Once I get the parts to fix my One the Active will be sold.

      One may say: but you have a micro SD port and removable battery, why would you sell it? Well, because could care less for those things. 32gb is enough for me and if I ever have a battery problem I'll just open the phone up and change the battery for a new one. TouchWiz is such a battery hog that while I got 18hs on the One I can't even get 12 on this Samsung phone.

      Maybe, after selling the Active I'll look into getting a new, S805 waterproof phone with a dedicated shutter button.

  • NemaCystX

    we don't know how big the phone is in comparison to the original HTC One, so the screen is likely bigger but the bezel might not be as big as it appears in this render

  • Hi

    I sort of hate the rounded edges.

  • drzfr3shboialex

    I could overlook the bezel, everything else just screams beautiful. Its seriously not that big of a deal in my opinion, definitely a gorgeous looking phone and since HTC has the best OEM skin I'm in that. March 25th could not come any sooner.

  • VinceBabin

    How the hell.... I'm looking at my 2013 one right now and this a tally appears to have more bezel!! And the damned HTC logo WITH NOTHING AROUND It is just moronic.

    HTC are you afraid that we might forget that you guys built the phone?? I really can't see this selling. To me it looks like reusing 2013 screens to cut costs.

    Nah this isn't the 2014 one, too many screw ups, the big black bar logo on the bottom, the unbalanced speaker grills, the wrap around bezel.. HTC just got huge pris for build, and finish for the 2013 model, no way are they going to backup and make that.. I call hoax, for their sake.

  • MSmith79

    I know it's been talked about ad-nauseam, but I can't get over that bezel either. If the LG G2 could have a bezel half the size, why can't HTC do it on the second generation of their flagship phone. If Sammy goes with on-screen buttons as rumored, looks like I'm going that route instead.

  • bob

    The bezel with logo looks really dumb and tacky. And makes the phone look cheesy. They should of focused on a 2k edge to edge display with at least 680ppi with NO BEZEL AT ALL. that alone would have made this device even better.

  • techy

    They should have had a 2k edge to edge display. Bezel is outdated and bulky and can cut size of phone of elimated