The list of cell phone carriers supporting bill payments for Google Play Store purchases is slowly (sloooooowly) growing. Today Google Play's official support page added Bell in Canada and Orange in Spain to the full list, bringing the number of compatible carriers in both nations to two. Previously only Rogers/Fido was supported in Canada and Movistar was supported in Spain.

This news might not be a surprise to some Bell customers - Canadian gadget site MobileSyrup reports that the carrier confirmed Google Play billing exactly one month ago, but for some reason it hasn't been added to Google's support page until now. As far as we know, Orange's Spanish customers are getting it for the first time today. To try it out, just purchase an app, song, video, or what have you, select "Payment Options," then select "enable Bell/Orange billing."

With today's additions, Google's payment partnerships extend to 21 countries, though most of them still have only one or two carriers to choose from. All four major American carriers plus US Cellular support Google Play carrier billing. 

Source: Google Play Support

Michael Crider
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  • http://AppsZoom.com/ Peter Warrior

    (Calling to carrier CAS): Excuse meee? What's this "Asian bikini live HD wallpaper" thing I have in my bill?

  • Diego

    So, Orange Spain adding more features and easy ways to expend our money, but still we are waiting for the Xperia SP 4.3 update (whinnig)...

  • http://duendedeloslibros.blogspot.com.es/ Belén Cebrián

    Well, at least now we have in Spain more options apart from Movistar. That's a good thing for sure. Maybe the rest will take that hint and making it available too, since Play Store Giftcards seems to be a not finished thought around here...