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New phones and tablets aren't the only thing that Samsung will unveil in Barcelona. A recent Twitter post indicates that the company will reveal a new line of Exynos mobile processors, cryptically titled "Exynos Infinity." The post from the official Exynos account omitted any other details, but a debut during the Samsung Unpacked event on February 24th (concurrent with, but technically distinct from, Mobile World Congress) is a safe bet.

We haven't heard anything about an Exynos Infinity, but SamMobile seems convinced that this is the Samsung GH7, an ARM processor with a 64-bit architecture spotted in a recent Linux kernel patch. With Apple running 64-bit chips in the latest iPhones, and both NVIDIA and Intel announcing plans for new mobile 64-bit designs, it's only a matter of time before Samsung follows with its own in-house hardware. Whether this is coming next week, or if it will be seen in the Galaxy S5 or other flagship designs, is yet to be seen.

Samsung's Unpacked event is scheduled for Monday evening in Barcelona. We'll be reporting live from both Unpacked and Mobile World Congress.

Source: PhoneArena via SamMobile

Michael Crider
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  • danishdhanshe

    I would love to see that chip on a 4gb+ ram device and not a 2~3gb ram device!

    • DJ Focus

      Nah 2s enough 3 heaps but 4 is just a waste of battery

      • http://404err0r.com/ Henry Park

        welll remember Samsungs touch wiz takes up a lot
        on my note 3 a good gig of ram is taken by the system

        • Jadephyre

          Which is one of the many reasons why Samsung should have gotten rid of Touchwiz back when they released the Galaxy S2. It has gotten better, yes, but not as good that I would want it hogging as much RAM as it does. Heck, even HTC's Sense is taking up less space, and it looks a lot prettier (although that also has its problems).

    • Protoss

      3gb of ram is probably the amount who are gonna rock the Galaxy S5, 4gb probably not

      • Jadephyre

        I doubt 4GB of RAM as well. I mean, the last few flagship phones from Samsung were ruinously expensive, and I think that an amount of RAM this large will also add a significant number to the price.

    • Grahaman27

      We need FASTER and more EFFICIENT RAM before spending on extra RAM. :P

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    Hey Michael, SamMobile writer here. We aren't actually convinced, but I personally do think it's a possibility. Samsung just wouldn't want to give Apple too much of a lead, but yeah, a bit of far-fetched speculation on my part!

    • http://thegumshoe.com/ Michael Crider

      Noted, Abhijeet. I've adjusted the wording slightly.

  • Stanley Chan

    My sisters iphone 5 with the ios 7 is 64bit? That shit is like a turttle, no way... Why 64 architeture? More ram? So well have more than 4GB of ram i a smartphone? What for? Only for multitasking?

    • Guest

      what the fuck are you talking about? the iphone 5 is 32 bit only

    • Protoss

      The iPhone 5's A6 chip is a 32bit one, and run an iOS 7 in 32 bit, but the iPhone 5S got the A7 chip with a different version of iOS 7 coded in 64bit, of course a 64bit OS without 4gb of Ram is useless but here there isnt the Ram who is benefic, we are talking about different versions of apps running in 64 bit mode eating less storage space, are more fluid and requesting less power comsuption

      • BBXiong

        lol, what makes you say that there are no other benefit other than the 4GB ram limitation. Read on anandtech, by utilizing 64-bit, they get wider bandwidth in memory and some other I/O, and actually makes alot of real world difference. Frankly, I read that article sometime back, but if you want to know all the detail, go read on Anandtech's iPhone 5S review. It explains why apple's move to 64-bit is not a gimmic but a step ahead

    • BBXiong

      define like a turtle? Probably caused by iOS 7 animations. Try google how to reduce the animation delays and see if it helps. Otherwise, I don't see how iPhone 5 would run slow on iOS7. Why 64bit? higher memory bandwidth, so that low level data can transfer faster. and more ram means more things can cache on memory, for instance, more of your browser tab can be cached into memory, more apps wont be terminated so u get faster resume time. Also means more service can run on background without interfering with your actual user experience

  • http://404err0r.com/ Henry Park

    Does Android even support 64Bit? I guess that is what the patch is supposed to do.... but Samsung needs to tone down it's firmwares.... If I was head of Samsung I'd be redoing all of their firmwares from ground up.. though I guess that is easier said then done

    • Adrian Meredith

      Not yet, expect this processor to be a armv8 32. In other words the latest arm processor but running in 32bit mode as it is fully backwards compatible.

    • BBXiong

      I recall reading somewhere that Dalvik runtime already have some compatibility layer for 64-bit hardwares, not very sure on ART. I could be wrong.

    • Christoforos Panos

      Both ARM and Intel have been submitting 64bit support patches to AOSP (android open source project) for quite some time now. I think the first submission by ARM was back in 2011.


  • Sir Perro

    Bullfighting is forbidden in Barcelona.
    Well done Samsung, well done.

  • Frei

    We need smartphone with better battery life..

  • Jadephyre

    So what? It will be just a new revision of a closed platform with no developer support. Is anyone even remotely looking forward to THAT?