Most of the Android Police team is strangely obsessed with the small vinyl Android collectables from Dead Zebra created by Andrew Bell and other artists. They're just the right size to clutter up a desk, but the same cannot be said for the newest Android collectable. The Mega Android is almost 10-inches tall and costs a whopping $70 for the standard green edition.

MegaAndroid_WithMini2_800__13690.1392852403.1280.1280 Android_Mega_DIY_WithMini2__84946.1392852191.1280.1280 MegaAndroid_WithBox_800__71545.1392839921.1280.1280

MegaAndroid_Action_800__44874.1392839944.1280.1280 MegaAndroid_DIY_Box_3Quarter_800__85300.1392838982.500.375 MegaAndroid_DIY_3Quarter_800__26186.1392838980.1280.1280

This thing is less a large figure and more of a small statue. The exact measurements are 9.75-inches tall by 8.5-inches wide. It comes with poseable ball jointed arms, a removable head, and an insulated internal chamber. Why insulated? Allow the following picture to answer that question.


The green bot is $70 and the DIY blank one is $65. The code MEGAMONDAY gets you $5 off the order through next Monday. It's actually valid on any order over $50, not just the huge Android. The big bugdroid should start shipping February 24th.


Pictured with Andrew Bell's head for scale

[Mega Android – Green, Mega Android – DIY]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Wazzifer

    $70 piece of plastic. Nuff said.

  • Jephri

    Am I missing something here? Does it do something? Is it a drink dispenser, or mobile speaker? Do the arms detach and vibrate? Does it come full of quarters? Will it analyze my urine for toxins? Does it fly or at least drive?

    I love these little guys as much as the next android fanatic, but 70 bucks seems a bit steep for a green cookie jar.

  • MelanieO34

    Too much obsession, there should be zero after $5

    • Eduardo



      As much as I'd like one of those, the price is just insane.

      • MelanieO34

        ;) no I mean discount, not $5 but $50 then the price will be 15 and 20 bucks

        • Eduardo

          :D yeah I, know, that would make more sense

  • Godspoken

    Do I get a free bearded guy with my order?

    • TylerChappell

      Oh man, I would love it if it did include one!

  • http://franklinc.ca/ Franklin

    I wonder how much $ it would be for one of the jumbo life size ones on Google's lawn.

  • si3ge

    REALLY want one of these but as other said... really expensive. i would pay this amount of money for a special edition one from comiccon though.
    perhaps a transluscent one and robotic parts are painted on the outside of the inner thermal lining. so you can see the robotic parts inside through the transluscent outer frame.

  • John Smith

    will it keep my left-over burrito warm until 3pm ? =)

  • TylerChappell

    I ordered mine from myplasticheart.com, since the shipping is only $5.99, compared to over $14 when ordering from DeadZebra. I also had a promotional credit from previous orders from mph, which was only $4.80 so I used it anyway, since it's near equal to the $5 off megamonday discount when ordering from DeadZebra.
    So my total was $71.18. Pricey? Yes, no doubt, I really think the large figure should be no more than $40-$50. Worh it? ...Yeah...if they sell out, then they won't be so easy to find like most of the Android mini figures do.