Chromecast not working? Now you can complain in an official place on the web – a Googler might even see and help you out. The official Chromecast product forums are up and running with plenty of general information and threads with specific questions.

2014-02-20 01_14_34-Google Product Forums

The landing page for the forums has links to some general how-to content – setting up the Chromecast, apps, and so on. There is also a thread in the product forums with the 12 (supposedly) most frequently asked Chromecast questions.

The threads can be sorted by category or date. There are already a few dozen threads to search for answers to your problems, or just start a new one.

[Chromecast Forums via +Paul Wilcox]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • edzuslv

    It`s ok but where is the link to forums?

  • Jephri

    Went and bought one of these the other day. Now I have 4 ways to stream netflix on my tv... Really hoping for true screen mirroring in the near future!

  • mrjayviper

    I've had both iOS and android devices and I find Apple's customer service is so much better than Google's. thankfully I rarely have to contact Google otherwise I'll probably move back to the other camp.

    • Stylus_XL

      Google's hardware support is absolute trash. It's a shame because I use their AdWords and Analytics support frequently when I'm at work and they're generally fantastic at providing help and guidance for those services.

    • Dominic Powell

      Does anyone ever use customer support these days to get answers regarding devices... Maybe its just me but i find Reddit or Android specific communities on G+ to be 1,000,000x more useful and faster at solving my problems than customer service numbers - Whether it be Apple, Google, Microsoft etc.

      • mrjayviper

        it's not about getting answers for those types of questions.

        some questions related to appstore sales can only be answered by Google. I've had to contact Apple several times about getting charged for apps I already paid for and communication was superb. Got my refund too. I also had to send back an ipod with a non-working camera and communication was superb too.

      • Jon

        Yeah, those are for questions or information you don't know. Problem is when you have an issue and you KNOW it's Google's fault. Like being billed twice, or a device dead on arrival.

  • krazyfrog

    Oh look. Another Google support forum where your complaints will be ignored.

    • WORPspeed

      Unless you are a customer (you do your marketing through Google Ads) or a developer (though that only slightly increases your response rate) you won't get any individual attention from Google.

      Google is all about counting the clicks. You have to be able to post status updates on G+ in 2 clicks or less, uploading a new video/photo/data to Google servers for them to datamine or put ads on is very easy and simplified and takes a minimal amount of clicks. In the rare case that you are lost in such a process, a quick SEARCH (what this company is renowned for) will get your answer extremely quickly.

      HOWEVER, if you are looking for support, whether that is through clicking around on links, or using the search function.....yeh you better have packed your dinner, because you'll be there for a while. Only after clicking every support link, following every turn and going down every alley (through the deepest darkest caverns that make you rethink your life's choices and just before your life starts flashing before your eyes) that is when you will find some place to voice your complaints....

      to be ignored.

  • http://franklinc.ca/ Franklin

    I am really surprised they are still using Google Groups. Won't be surprised when they get converted into G+ Communities (like the Google+ Help one did).

  • gmaninvan

    I absolutely love my chromecast! Such a simple and reliable device that I can't see why I would ever have a need to use a support forum. I plan on getting another one for the bedroom!

  • valeriy fishman

    I INSTALL CHROMECAST DEVICE and have delay video pictures on TV

  • Carol

    Visiting my granddogs... how do i turn on my son's Chromecast computer/tv set up. What step am I missing...He has it wired with the adapters already and told me to click the little icon at the bottom of the menu page. Where is it? Or what do I click on to find it.He has an apple computer. The TV screen is set to HDMI2 already and I see his name. What next?