Last Updated: February 19th, 2014

HTC hasn't built up the best reputation when it comes to supporting its devices, but the company is working to change that. So far it has issued updates to the HTC One relatively quickly, getting KitKat out before Samsung. A few days ago, HTC took to Reddit to announce a new two year commitment to support new North American flagships with Android updates for two years. Now the company has made this promise official, enshrining it as part of its new HTC Advantage.


This offer kicks in whenever a customer picks up a new HTC One, HTC One mini, or HTC One max. Owners are now entitled to a free cracked-screen replacement for up to six months after purchase. The replacement process should take 8 - 10 days to complete, but people can pay $29 to bump things up to overnight shipping. New owners are also eligible for 25 - 50GB of Google Drive storage for two years, an offer that isn't entirely new in its own right.


The bullet point to keep an eye on, though, is the promise of two years of Android updates starting at the launch of the phone, as it's the only aspect of the HTC Advantage that applies to people who already own any One of these devices. The M8 may be making an appearance come March 25th, but last year's model should still have over a year of life left - assuming HTC sticks to its promise.

HTC America challenges industry standards with innovative ownership experience and new commitments to customers

First-of-its-kind HTC Advantage™ delivers one-time cracked screen replacement, commitment to future software innovation and content solutions for HTC One® family of smartphones

Vice President of Customer Experience to Lead HTC Advantage

BELLEVUE, WA — February 18, 2014 — HTC America Inc., a leader of mobile innovation, is building upon years of product and design firsts by charting new territory to redefine the mobile experience with today’s launch of HTC Advantage™, an unparalleled initiative that gives HTC smartphone owners in the United States the added benefits they need after investing in a new smartphone.

HTC Advantage marks an enhanced focus and commitment to customers who select the best and want to keep it that way, by delivering both hardware and software commitments for the HTC One family of smartphones – HTC One, HTC One mini and HTC One max.  HTC Americas is working to solve the challenges of today’s mobile lifestyle featuring a free one-time cracked screen replacement within the first six months of ownership, a commitment to future software innovation, and content storage and backup solutions that consumers need in today’s digital world.

“We recognize that people spend good money to buy smartphones. Creating premium products that offer customers the best and latest has always been the HTC way, and now we’re carrying that commitment beyond the handset purchase to ensure customers remain satisfied beyond day one,” said Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC Americas. “In line with our history of firsts, we want to be the first to protect the investment customers make in our premium devices, and have created a new position of vice president of customer experience to oversee this commitment as well as the launch and evolution of HTC Advantage.”

Ed Kuhner, vice president, customer experience, HTC Americas said, “Keeping customers happy is something we believe a premium product maker should do, so we commit to continually listening to our customers and developing new, innovative solutions based on customer feedback and addressing their pain points over time – that’s the HTC Advantage.”

Free Cracked-Screen Replacement

Even with ongoing improvements in manufacturing, more durable construction, stronger scratch resistant screens, and the addition of protective cases, broken screens are an unfortunate and costly part of mobile phone ownership. Starting today, HTC Advantage is doing away with that frustration by giving U.S. customers who purchase any of the HTC One family of smartphones a free one-time screen replacement within the first six months of ownership.

HTC Americas Commitment to Android Updates

When a customer purchases a smartphone, they can’t always be certain they’ll receive future software enhancements or performance improvements. HTC Americas is rectifying the issue and aspires to lead the industry in Android update delivery for the HTC One smartphone, evident by the speedy delivery of the latest version of Android (KitKat 4.4.2) and HTC’s latest innovation in HTC Sense 5.5 across numerous carriers in North America.  HTC was the first in the United States and Canada, outside of Google-owned companies and Google Play editions of devices, to begin delivering KitKat to its customers.

HTC Americas has also proactively committed to upgrade the HTC One mini and HTC One max to KitKat in the coming months, allowing consumers with the HTC One family of smartphones to receive continued support from HTC and the latest operating system (OS) innovation. HTC not only strives to deliver faster updates, but to provide full transparency to consumers on the process and status of each device update. In addition, HTC Americas is committing to support the HTC One family of smartphones in the United States with major Android OS upgrades for up to two years from the initial launch date of the phone.

Peace of Mind

Smartphones have become the one thing that consumers can’t leave their home without since it’s their communication hub, primary camera and vital access to entertainment.  With the volume and variety of information and memories stored on smartphones, HTC One customers can have peace of mind that their content is accessible with 25GB – 50GB of free additional online storage*, along with the ease of transferring content from their computer to their phone, and back up and restore** options directly from HTC.

The HTC One

The HTC One smartphone launched to critical acclaim in 2013 receiving numerous awards for its innovations in design, imaging and audio experiences from the mobile industry, technology reviewers and consumer reporters. The family of smartphones expanded with the addition of the HTC One mini and HTC One max smartphones offering consumers more choice with pocket-friendly and super-sized options.


HTC Advantage launches today in the United States, where it is available with new purchases of the HTC One family of products.  For more information on HTC, the HTC One family of smartphones or HTC Advantage please visit www.htc.com/advantage.

HTC Advantage

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  • Vladimir Cuevas

    Sorry it's too late HTC no more

  • mrjayviper

    Apple has been doing the free cracked screen replacement for years. I know I got mine replaced years ago and from what I've read till last year, it was still happening.

    I got a note 2 now and no freebie from Samsung here

    • KingofPing

      $200 according to the genius at our local store...

    • ProductFRED

      It's Russian Roulette with Apple. It depends on who you get and how they're feeling that day.

  • Frekko

    heads up for HTC, better late than ever

  • Drago

    So the original HTC One will see two years of updates it seems. Impressive.

    My wife's has already gone from Android 4.1 to Android 4.3, and soon Android 4.4.2. Not bad at all.

  • Mystery Man

    That logo bezel though...

  • Eszol

    The question is, in 2 years period, what is the period for user to wait for android version update from the new release. For htc I guess user still need to wait 6months long just to get the update. Not as bad as LG though

    • Drago

      Uh. Where have you been lately?

      HTC has been cranking out updates rather quickly as of late. The first US carrier to get KitKat to the HTC One, Sprint, got it within the 90 day time frame, and Verizon not too far after.

      • mrjayviper

        ummm There is more to planet earth than US

        • AHWH

          Well the European and Asian markets have gotten it so I don't see what's the deal here.

        • socalrailroader

          Umm, no, really?

      • Rob C

        I think Eszol meant 6 WEEKS, not Months. My HTC One M7 has had so many Updates since I bought it a year ago I lost count but I think it has 6 Updates, certain it is more than 4.

        I just got Sense 6.0 on my M7 a few days ago, and I do not live in the USA.

        @bertelkingjr:disqus says: "HTC hasn't built up the best reputation when it comes to supporting its devices, but the company is working to change that."

        I kept hearing that (HTC bashing) prior to buying my Phone, and I was concerned by that fact/rumor, but their email Support and quick turn-around in replies had me convinced those facts/rumors were old or wrong.

        About the only thing "bad" I could say (about a Phone I do not own) is that I wish they made the HTC One _M8_ the same size as the M7 and that the M8 Camera had 150% better resolution; then I would have bought it -- so I'm sticking with my M7 for now.

        My M7 with the Sense 6.0 Update is noticably faster and 'heated buttery' smooth (smoother than buttery smooth). One swipe always unlocks (now) and a skillful swipe can scroll the whole BlinkFeed in little more than 1/2 a second (too fast). Would have liked a new Kernel Update too (with Sense 6.0) but we only got the UX (that is more an Android (Google) issue than HTC's doing).

  • David Li

    what about for those who have htc one's over 6 months old

  • rod

    Bs on Apple giving out free cracked screen replacements unless you have apple care

  • Gary Graf

    I'll believe when I see it.

  • Mvp

    Not fair for people who bought the phone before feb.18th they wont replace it. Wont be buying any htc products anymore