Baby monitors are useful, but they're kind of dumb. Think walkie-talkie dumb. But we live in the world of smartphones now, and these nifty little things are capable of replacing just about anything. With the new Dormi Android app, you can take two Android devices and turn them into a baby monitor that won't weigh you down.

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Dormi can use whatever network connection is available to connect a child and parent device together, and it can create a hotspot to connect them when one is not. The app should then be smart enough to differentiate between a crying baby and other background noise without you having to adjust microphone sensitivity manually. You need to sacrifice an Android device to your child's bedside at all times for this to work, but there is a plugin available that will forward any missed calls on the handset to your primary one.

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Four months are provided for free, after which users can either apply credits or buy a license. The lifetime unlimited license is over $6, but we have a promo code that will take 80% off, bringing the cost down to $1.39. Just enter ANDROIDPOLICE sometime before the end of February, which is when the code expires.

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